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Cris tine
Cris tine 2 hours ago
Ji hyo is like meeeee
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee 3 hours ago
Too bad this song is not by him
Rero Widodo
Rero Widodo 3 hours ago
Dihina karena hitam? Jangan ambil hati Ingat! Pogba lebih mahal dari Jungkook, bro!😎👊
Moka Moka
Moka Moka 4 hours ago
I cried because I’m so proud of song jihyo 😭❤️
princess green
princess green 4 hours ago
I don't like dae hee ,there's something to her she's plastic.don't go to running man ok
Kartika Herdiana
Kartika Herdiana 4 hours ago
waw is realy good dans runningman.. i like this
princess green
princess green 4 hours ago
I don't like dae hee. hahaha
Najiha Anuar
Najiha Anuar 4 hours ago
kang ha neul & park seo jon 😍😍😍
Talari Harika
Talari Harika 4 hours ago
Superb 💃🙇
faiz 86
faiz 86 5 hours ago
6:08 first time kwang soo win against jong kook
aynat sairf
aynat sairf 5 hours ago
Please invite BTS again 😢
afrilita wulandari
afrilita wulandari 5 hours ago
7:50 Baekhyun sweet banget sih, ngebenerin rambutnya si Henry yg barantakan uuuw cute kamu oppaa 🥰❤
에젤Ken 5 hours ago
YooA best dancer change my mind .
neymar barbosa
neymar barbosa 5 hours ago
at this time haha still haha jisukjin wanabe a leader lks is clueless..donno what to do
Mia Syahirah
Mia Syahirah 5 hours ago
Lol the question from Gary made me feel so sad😢😢
Lucky Life
Lucky Life 5 hours ago
Wow so fabulous team
Leyhang Gacusan
Leyhang Gacusan 6 hours ago
Even no English sub I love watching this episode
Leyhang Gacusan
Leyhang Gacusan 6 hours ago
Awww I really love her :) her voice is too sweet my jewel in the palace forever
Leyhang Gacusan
Leyhang Gacusan 6 hours ago
Hope the have English sub :) so pretty jang geum All time favorite
Sương Tuyết
Sương Tuyết 6 hours ago
Thủ môn bỏ khung thành đi dạo,đợi đồng đội gọi về :)))
Sương Tuyết
Sương Tuyết 6 hours ago
Tối rồi mà nằm coi cười như con điên .. chết vs mấy ông :)))
Andrew Suhadi
Andrew Suhadi 6 hours ago
Young jihyo looks so cute 😍😍😍
darth devil
darth devil 7 hours ago
i forgot what episode is this?
darth devil
darth devil 7 hours ago
got it
Thu Mỹ Đỗ
Thu Mỹ Đỗ 7 hours ago
thanks you korean ❤️❤️❤️
Nr Syiraa
Nr Syiraa 7 hours ago
4:54 what's episode ?
Lucas 7 hours ago
thầy park dễ thương thế
Febby KIM
Febby KIM 7 hours ago
Urii YooA💜
Alicia Tila
Alicia Tila 7 hours ago
1 park jiyho
jhopeangel 94
jhopeangel 94 7 hours ago
godnessssss so. sweet.. baekhyun want they both have a drama together one. day or. maybe next year for 2020
Bao Hoang
Bao Hoang 7 hours ago
Hài vãi
ukai heiraki
ukai heiraki 7 hours ago
7:31 is that Mr. Lee Seo-jin?
rmpbuyung 7 hours ago
YooA shining brighter after QueenDom
harika talari
harika talari 7 hours ago
Great 👍🏻
Aliah Hariz
Aliah Hariz 8 hours ago
When JYP said that they spent 2 million per yr, that girl at the back was shooketh 😂😂😅😅
Mia Syahirah
Mia Syahirah 8 hours ago
1:08 what song??
SANGAMING V 8 hours ago
DeathNote background music at 0:47 LOL
Mia Syahirah
Mia Syahirah 8 hours ago
It's so funny when jsj 🤣🤣
atejosh xxx
atejosh xxx 8 hours ago
Classic RM. Miss this old theme of Running Man :)
Ian Lee
Ian Lee 8 hours ago
Oh my daniel, poor baby,, look chanyeol thier legs so long to walk
Fika maratus sholihah
Wah ternyata ada a pajar disini, jadi salah fokus, kekekekeke
Barizana 8 hours ago
twsuju 2017
twsuju 2017 8 hours ago
العرب لايك برنامجنا المفضل😭❤️ ٢٠١٩,١٢,١٥الاحد نتمنى يوصلون حلقه الألف وهم متواجدين حابه يومي فيهم💗.
Veronica Stella
Veronica Stella 8 hours ago
I see the totoro bag on kwangsoo .. i realy want it 😢😢
Syifa Syamila
Syifa Syamila 9 hours ago
Thank you SBS for bringing this video! This is literally the definition for 'old but gold'
Oh! Gorgeous ladies
Yuri was so competitive
Akane Meyiza
Akane Meyiza 9 hours ago
Jee suk jin has his priorities straight: let me watch the skit before I go
V_P007 97
V_P007 97 9 hours ago
I like that team... they r amazing💓😂.. Global fan
シャラxxi 9 hours ago
Hahaha this is on my Recommended vids and watched it again and laughed at the comments saying that somin is selfish and how about the others [?] Like did you guys really believed that they havent eaten anything after this game? Plus have you guys watched latest eps? When Haha chose a katsu meal and JSJ chose Crab meal and Somin just choose to have an egg? Have we heard something from you about HAHA and JSJ's action? And regarding people asking why somin is mad and rude to kjk. People who cannot read between the lines. And obviously people are just relying on Eng sub but never really understood the context at all. Bec hey, koreans is not even bothered about this at all. They understood the context and how it was edited by PD's since the next scene here is( kjk choosing number 4 spoon) they showed and built the flow of the (bickering relationship of kookmin) And the last funny thing i saw is 'hey why people are just claiming that somin haters are from jihyo's fan? Im a etc fan and I hate her' ~ like u ok gurl? Proud and loud of being a hater? Hahaha But anyways people should just calm and stop dragging a member down. The downfall of one member can be a downfall of the whole show. So stop your useless comments and just keep it on your diary.
Pak Su
Pak Su 9 hours ago
Bukan kau sorang tgok ulang ulang 🤣🤣🤣 den pon brulang nengok.. Walaupon dah lamo 🤣🤣🤣
Neng Cantik
Neng Cantik 9 hours ago
so min too sassy and attention seeker of every handsome actor. just stopping it would be better just ji Hyo on that team. his natural attitude is more comfortable to look at
Diễm Thu
Diễm Thu 9 hours ago
Thấy thầy Park nên click vào coi thầy!!!
it's me
it's me 9 hours ago
5:48 12:07 it's joongki guys ❤ your welcome 😆
Oh! Gorgeous ladies
Oh! Gorgeous ladies 10 hours ago
Why I didn't know that ITNW is here till now Lol
Ailyn Librando
Ailyn Librando 10 hours ago
So proud of them!!
Exobaby 10 hours ago
Marry me kim Jong kook
ANISAH JOFRIN 10 hours ago
. .i dont Like sumin,
MiraYOOAcle 10 hours ago
MiraYOOAcle 10 hours ago
*YooA~ya 💕💕💕💕*
Zz YouLaterrr
Zz YouLaterrr 10 hours ago
Its really sad to see Ji Hyo silent, quiet and alone... I just want her to have more attention to the camera tho... (no offense if i do anything wrong in this comment)
Yoo JeongYeon Husband To Be
I find this ep a funniest
Syifa Syamila
Syifa Syamila 10 hours ago
Jihyo unnie is really really pretty!
Jushmin Tabora
Jushmin Tabora 11 hours ago
7:58 😍💚
Heloïse Chopet
Heloïse Chopet 11 hours ago
Who the heck put Jin's name instead of Taehyung in the English subtitles. Come on it's 2019 not 2013
Người Bạn Hiền
Chả hiểu nói cái gì cả nhưng vẫn thích xem từ đầu đến Mông :)) À .. đây là số tuổi cảu thầy Park nhé 👇🏻
Man Jawa
Man Jawa 11 hours ago
Do you know what nama at minute 9:40... This song sound just background... Please tell me.. thank u.
Suraya Ishak
Suraya Ishak 11 hours ago
Song song perfect couple... 😊
say no more
say no more 11 hours ago
So who got Haha?
WM Family
WM Family 11 hours ago
aizat ariffin
aizat ariffin 12 hours ago
Song Ji Hyo pretty 😍
Hasif Waridi
Hasif Waridi 12 hours ago
Invite gary as a guest please....
Viorenzca Lee
Viorenzca Lee 12 hours ago
Jihyo eonni daebak 😍😍😍😍😍
Baby Hero
Baby Hero 12 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 hâhhah i love this gameshow
skry krn
skry krn 12 hours ago
I love her voice
NoJamBros 12 hours ago
I knew key hates running but damn he is competitive, his eyes showing no fear, he did so well against hot blooded chanyeol
Jovin Xxxx
Jovin Xxxx 12 hours ago
It was so cute when so min hug jihyo
yi-sheng jiang
yi-sheng jiang 12 hours ago
5:17 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Cindy Lee
Cindy Lee 13 hours ago
Alis T
Alis T 13 hours ago
omg this is the first time i see her and im like her so much she is amazing cant deny that
Ciano Constantino
Ciano Constantino 13 hours ago
what is the background song in sana aegyo??
Nanik Wijayanti
Nanik Wijayanti 14 hours ago
Indonesia hadir
Alina Titenoc
Alina Titenoc 15 hours ago
5000 thousands dollars?woww?
Jessica Yu
Jessica Yu 15 hours ago
5:13 I still can't believe SUGA was the fastest runner.
Riski Ana
Riski Ana 15 hours ago
Gol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jongin's two moles
Jongin's two moles 15 hours ago
Gosh I'm so proud
Hyerim Yoon
Hyerim Yoon 15 hours ago
Why Haha so cute when he confess?
apink i love you
apink i love you 15 hours ago
CY 15 hours ago
As a RM fan for 8 years, it's impossible for me not to cry. I feel how they love their fans, how much effort they put in. I could never imagine how much I love them and how much they love us. RM is the best. I'm so proud of them.
carat imnida
carat imnida 16 hours ago
Jackson and ong bromance
Jasmine Umali
Jasmine Umali 17 hours ago
I know I'm late but all I can say is Thank You Running Man members for treating BTS well even if they're not that popular at that time. BTW, Kwng Soo is so lucky that he let Jimin hug him and let Jimin had a piggyback ride on him...so cute..!
coldplayer 17 hours ago
Poor kwangsoo 😂😂😂
Hadi Purwanto
Hadi Purwanto 17 hours ago
Jihyo was so pretty ...
황자쓰 17 hours ago
Wow, look at the hatred of the comments toward SJH lmao Not every SJH's fans are 'toxic' like y'all assumed. In fact, a lot of us understand that JSJ tried to took care of her. So, please🙄 And to those who thought JSJ is being annoying, guys, he just tried to help her and running man is this kind of show where the suspected tried to accuse the others, so chill 👏🏻
Dear my Dear
Dear my Dear 18 hours ago
Kang han na 😂😂😂😂
Hide well my lady, I can see your hair
YG AND JYP always battling on their rookies every rookies they had but what if YG VS JYP MEALS have battle too?🤣
Kim유진 10 hours ago
@Hide well my lady, I can see your hair I have tried JYP meals it's better then YG's
Hide well my lady, I can see your hair
@Kim유진 Im just talking on their meals battle not their ranking. Better read first before u comment
Kim유진 12 hours ago
JYP is better then YG, JYP gives their Idols many comebacks but not YG, for me the Big 3 should be 1. BigHit Entertainment 2. JYP Entertainment 3. SM Entertainment
vivian 18 hours ago
the way jessica did not contribute to the team, tells a lot about why she's no longer a member of snsd
key bear
key bear 19 hours ago
As much i like the old KJK, i very much prefer the newest witty funny teasing ass KJK. It's weirdly perfect
Nur Nsuha
Nur Nsuha 19 hours ago
Kang Hana is berry funny😄😄😄
Nur Nsuha
Nur Nsuha 19 hours ago
Hana in ,jeon somin out
nur syaheera
nur syaheera 19 hours ago
Jungkook say to jin ya panji panji...jongkook hold jungkook pants to make sure JK no run from him...😂😂😂😂😂
Valensia Suwarland
Valensia Suwarland 19 hours ago
Really miss the old RM