Maury 7 hours ago
that gods plan story is so damn ironic
Charlie Singleton
Charlie Singleton 9 hours ago
That beat dropped so hard my grandpa thought the Germans were back
Ari 9 hours ago
When youtube randomly brings you here 4 years later! Thanks, now I know when the hotline blings
T Danielle
T Danielle 10 hours ago
Aww Drake you are so good ♥️ Very sexy and talented ♥️
Nhen Ho
Nhen Ho 10 hours ago
This low key got bars. Slept on
Cant Deliver
Cant Deliver 11 hours ago
Cant Deliver
Cant Deliver 11 hours ago
Taco’s with everything
Cant Deliver
Cant Deliver 11 hours ago
Cant Deliver
Cant Deliver 11 hours ago
La Cabra
La Cabra 12 hours ago
Tottenham’s theme song after they win 5 Super Leagues in a row 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
CAS 12 hours ago
Why tf is this not in spotify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephen Jimenez
Stephen Jimenez 14 hours ago
Ruth at mental hospital has my brain as well cocurek and fbi
lofipimp 14 hours ago
Graduation theme
Jaylen Henley
Jaylen Henley 17 hours ago
Paul Z
Paul Z 17 hours ago
Keep it down like your day one and thanks for representing the city, just do your thing and stay true to who you are. Thats what Drake make me feel like.
Diior Holly
Diior Holly 18 hours ago
Need for more songs like this!!
Ian Stockwell
Ian Stockwell 18 hours ago
Who keeps expanding that thing
Ian Stockwell
Ian Stockwell 18 hours ago
Hide from me katia
Sergio Kitchens
Sergio Kitchens 19 hours ago
Omni Smiley
Omni Smiley 20 hours ago
Certified lover boy vibes I hope
joannie cintron
joannie cintron 20 hours ago
I Love Sticking.
Deen_squad 21 hour ago
Meybe I ❤u one day
forhad rudro
forhad rudro 22 hours ago
drake's got biggest crew in hiphop fr
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez 23 hours ago
When you win your 1v1 in the gulag
mellojb 23 hours ago
Hate to break it to you but if you think this is better than Party version, you’re the problem.
Trusty Shoes ♪
Moe Day ago
Man this flow at when to say when sound similar to Lil Wayne's My dawg ft Hoodybaby
Ramo / Artist
TWO weak wack rappers
Markel Thomas
“And a lot of wellllll wishes”
meg mur
meg mur Day ago
Yo every time I see this "mark can you tell chef to make me another wine plse" geeeezz what a flex
Stephen Jimenez
Roy r is the amber alert to kill kids that planned 9-11 with them .cocurek and fbi
Ta Minh phuc Lam
Triplet flow
MysteryPanda138 Channel
Damn Drake Got Your Beat From @AXL BEATS
Jonathan Crespo
Drake the best
Jake snake
Jake snake Day ago
This man smashed j lo he goated
Altamir Franco
drake need back to this vibe🔥🔥🔥🔥
Álvaro José Rodríguez Mirón
RUvid, What about uk drill? Check yourself Man... 😂
Boo Day ago
can I go hobo in t-dot? im dead broke ahaha
darvell lattimore
Bro I’m just now hearing this song for the first time wtf!
Jake snake
Jake snake Day ago
Need a drake x thug collab album
bube udeh
bube udeh Day ago
"had a lotta opportunities to fuck this up, and didnt"
CrazyBoy Rish
Legends listing this in 2021😎
Addisonraes intern
makes me sad and i dont know why
Sylvan Paul
Sylvan Paul Day ago
This has to be the worst song ive heard
Chad Bellamy
Chad Bellamy Day ago
plenty fish in the sea but i dont go fishin😭
Jeremy Medina
Still bumping this shit
VIVIDCLAp_yt Day ago
This is hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥
aaronkiss Day ago
Troy C
Troy C Day ago
Drake flow 🔥🔥🔥
bube udeh
bube udeh Day ago
2:13:27 this this this.
bube udeh
bube udeh Day ago
2:07:55 KEEM
Syril Brooks
Syril Brooks Day ago
Damn I slept on this
Trayon Petrie
It's a private party up in here 🎉 💃
Quinsolae Day ago
Imagine if timbaland linked with 40 on the production u wouldve had a banger. The beat is lacking.
bube udeh
bube udeh Day ago
h Reed
h Reed Day ago
Aaliyah was otherworldly. Her whole vibe. A BEAUTIFUL voice. The chorus is just her runs, it's insane. I miss her dearly
Shaqueal George
bube udeh
bube udeh Day ago
1:27:54 respect
Drake's Burner Account
Alot of niggas Pr Stuntin like thats the Movement and I'm the only nigga thats still known for the music. Still relevant in 2021
Drake's Burner Account
I Roll.... Big Body, Wide Body, Calabasas Road Winder, Sun Shining, Wax Tires. See Kris Jenner I Beep Twice And I Wave, The Rest Of You Boys I Blow Keesh Right In Ya Face... The Fucking disrespect is legendary
Ben Day ago
My bass bins are now farting
Din Lifestyle
bro safe big like my fridge
bube udeh
bube udeh Day ago
SuperCake 22
SuperCake 22 Day ago
Best 1-2 punch combo in rap history. Weezy and Drizzy
Amer Abu-Sham
Drake wants us to believe he didn’t announce his child because he was doing dna tests and didn’t want to tell the public yet but at the same time he said he had March 14th ready and showed it to Kanye way before the album and told Adidas about it for the Adidon line, bruh give me a break
meg mur
meg mur Day ago
He doesn't rly have to explain why he didn't tell strangers about his kid. Us regular ppl don't rly care it's his business
Lucqs Day ago
Okay I love drake but this is definitely up there as one of his worst songs🤣
DePro Francisco
Still listening this dope track...
Ammar Merhej
Ammar Merhej Day ago
The title of this video should be : "Why everyone loves drake"
Michael Vidal
I'm a simple guy. I hear Eminem's lines and I hit the like button. If you didn't know which lines are Eminem's, you're too young for this.
Ian Stockwell
I already mapped all the tools and I’m using them
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk Day ago
Ian Stockwell
Ian Stockwell 2 days ago
Seriously just send back one of my spaceships
رمسيس play Remses
من فيديو علي المرجاني علي المرجاني يفضح عمر دايلر
Teki Ministero
Teki Ministero 2 days ago
Chameleon Harris
Chameleon Harris 2 days ago
he really tried bite the uk 😂😂
Jayxx 2 days ago
Bryson tillers version🔥
Trung Hiếu Nguyễn
Nice ❤️❤️❤️
Spjuthinator 2 days ago
Still sounds as fresh as it did 10 years ago
doose mane
doose mane 2 days ago
This damn near repeat proof 👀 naw this fucking repeat proof