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Xxx Xxx
Xxx Xxx 10 hours ago
Every zombie movie has the same plot. This is getting disturbingly real. Also this is how umbrella started!!!
Abdur Rahim Matin
Abdur Rahim Matin 10 hours ago
There needs to be a statue of limitation on rape caseswoman should have to go to the police or and or a doctor within a certain time frame in order to accuse someone of raping them,due process is necessary!
dan snyder
dan snyder 10 hours ago
I think the quality of videos is what he was talking about.
zizimycat 10 hours ago
Stay aware America...this racist hatred can infect outside your borders as well. America influences reach far & wide. Stop it & root it out of the dark corners of your society. Thank you for your persistence.
John Suarez
John Suarez 10 hours ago
We had more more than Disney - we had salvation. Top that. You can still see the smug sense of arrogance that that dumb lump of shit still thinks he’s somehow more righteous than thou. Piss off you crook and take your smug smirk with you
Pinoy Heartbeat
Pinoy Heartbeat 10 hours ago
Set these brothers free.
Lea Chase-Haller
Lea Chase-Haller 10 hours ago
Oh wow....how long did he wait in the ER you think?! My last visit took 4-5 hours just to get to the exam room.
andrewjacksonbr 10 hours ago
How many crimes were committed while the police were “investigating” a black guy that feed 2 kids and took them to Walmart?
? 10 hours ago
Lol everyone's just rockin the default skin while some dude is flexing his battlepass level 100 skin.
JR T 10 hours ago
Go to hell democrats Go to hell media Trump 2020
Dalton Albert
Dalton Albert 10 hours ago
Bruh suspended? Fire that bitch!
Swapna Akku
Swapna Akku 10 hours ago
China is responsible for this . They wat almost all animals which is very dangerous.
dorian love
dorian love 10 hours ago
Always china or some weird Asian country gets this and spreads to America ..maybe they shouldn't eat bats rats dogs cats etc ...🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷
JRH 10 hours ago
First a prayer,then an oath to America and followed by the spewing out of non stop lies and gas-lighting,could you ask for anything more ? :)
KingGrooms747 Dwayne
6:20 she has a weird hat
person persona
person persona 10 hours ago
Nunes hypocritically works out sweetheart military deals for his ancestral homeland Portugal, but Vindman can’t help Ukraine? Nonsense. Nunes as always, a double talking, double dealing, mindless Trump drone.
ty Wins
ty Wins 10 hours ago
Why the fuck do deaf people need a service dog? This service dog shit is getting out of control.
JR T 10 hours ago
The impeachment sham is using tax $$ to cover high crimes ruvid.net/video/video-ll3ln1nUIOQ.html
RakkiDakki 10 hours ago
Whats wrong with that?
sir feed a lot
sir feed a lot 10 hours ago
fucking racist
Mean Greene
Mean Greene 10 hours ago
My Dr tried to put me on this drug when I said no he turned me to the drug rep who took an office next to his to tell me how safe it was. I still said no. I have ra not cancer. I almost lost my life when taken to er with stomach pain an treated like an addict and Drs found a ruptured ulcer
American Native Indian Jamacian Girl
We are in a war
Energy 10 hours ago
Alex Jones said something big was going to happen during the impeachment, Dems and the world order new they were loosing, so they released the Coronavirus. RELEASE THE KRAKEN were loosing. This is your master democrat's whom you work for all the way down to the protester. Don't piss your master off. There literally dripping like flys dead don't let them down play it.
Satan 10 hours ago
Asher Morris
Asher Morris 10 hours ago
I didn't think the death penalty was still a thing.....
Energy 10 hours ago
he exposed everyone who got off that plain lock down Seattle
Blue Friday
Blue Friday 10 hours ago
Royals are not allowed to earn independent income, but tax payers still call them scroungers. If you are born into that institution, it seems you cannot peacefully leave either… No win here lol
Yëęt 10 hours ago
Ok but the chilli cheese fries are so nice
Maestro 10 hours ago
And why is Dealership at guilt?
Anthony8851 10 hours ago
If any travel company should go under it should be united airlines.
Reloaded Cash
Reloaded Cash 10 hours ago
Some one needs to revive detective Deedee Megadoodoo and get her on this case.
Obress Guy Iii
Obress Guy Iii 10 hours ago
I don’t think asking for a massage is sexual assault come on grow up people
K D 10 hours ago
She looks like a freaking model
JR T 10 hours ago
We have all cancelled cable tv The MSM with the help of Obama destroyed a once great nation MAGA ruvid.net/video/video-vCSF3reVr10.html ruvid.net/video/video-fNBKAecsBOY.html ruvid.net/video/video-AV9-7R5or6w.html
Mike Dawes
Mike Dawes 10 hours ago
How did you prepare, mentally? Give me a break! How did you prepare mentally to PRETEND to be homeless and then go back to your mansions? For a whole day?!?? Oh the humanity! What a joke!
Rachel Dulude
Rachel Dulude 10 hours ago
Obviously people need to start accepting pain as part of their life Can't have your cake and eat it too
Randy Mystical
Randy Mystical 10 hours ago
She did that on purpose..
Jolie J
Jolie J 10 hours ago
Yeah...these f security people at checkpoint acts very demanding and forceful like everyone is a criminals. I know they are just doing their...but DAMN!!!
Dare To Speak
Dare To Speak 10 hours ago
I don't think those two girls were using Slender Man as a cop out like most people probably think. Yes they were probably jealous of her but they were clearly psychotic and the Slender Man ( which in really is an alien being) was manipulating these two mentally unstable girls to stab her.
JR T 10 hours ago
Here are the crimes ruvid.net/video/video-fNBKAecsBOY.html ruvid.net/video/video-vCSF3reVr10.html
Karen Rogers
Karen Rogers 10 hours ago
It’s none of Oprah’s business! Who really cares what they do!!
Rick Ray
Rick Ray 10 hours ago
Oh hell they gave it up thinking they would get brownie points for a better roll in the movies. Get real ladies you had much fun as he did.You gave it up like a prostitute for the Movie Money. . Now your whining cause you cant even get a roll in a porn hole site.
Sam Clarke
Sam Clarke 10 hours ago
Turns out they were wrong, it was al nussra not al nassar
KingGrooms747 Dwayne
1:50 that guy has a seal trident on
JRH 10 hours ago
Beautiful,playing on every human emotion possible, what a story you have to tell Mr Schiff,you certainly pull people in without even using fact and just your own imaginations to instill in the minds of the people exactly what you want them to think,you use historical writings to get right into the Psyche of the American people,truly Narcissism at its pinnacle !
GourmetGilda 10 hours ago
Leave them alone!
Obress Guy Iii
Obress Guy Iii 10 hours ago
I’m pretty sure there is more women outside of NY jurisdiction
JR T 10 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-AV9-7R5or6w.html What a joke ruvid.net/video/video-vCSF3reVr10.html
WestEgg 10 hours ago
She was chewing gum. Oh so definitely guilty 🙄
AvidiaNirvana 10 hours ago
Just a bunch of ambulance chasers. I hate lawyers.
grigsolve 10 hours ago
If I was Trump I would never let this have have access like that. Listen to all the condescending questions.
Dillon Green
Dillon Green 10 hours ago
So corrupt even cops hate cops and then they shoot up a random truck and act like they did nothing wrong
Edwin Karani
Edwin Karani 10 hours ago
America at it's best.
Yann Lee
Yann Lee 10 hours ago
Obress Guy Iii
Obress Guy Iii 10 hours ago
I mean if they’re texting things like I love you then obviously it was consensual, however that doesn’t excuse the other 7 women who have testimonies
stacey clayton
stacey clayton 10 hours ago
He grandmother had something to do with this!!
John Doe
John Doe 10 hours ago
Glad he wasn't put in prison
THE VOICE Not just a voice THE VOICE
A kid bullying- one day suspension or a little detention. A kid recording A teacher/student being rude- 5 day suspension. A Teacher Bullying A student- NOTHIN' Yeah right. This is Wrong.
Alfonso Soriano
Alfonso Soriano 10 hours ago
they will scam you out of your money so they can buy food to feed their children. those people are pure maggots.
jelly bean
jelly bean 10 hours ago
Well done cobra,no pity for the man
?,?, 10 hours ago
Oprah = toxic trouble makers
Bad Drivers Of Augusta Georgia
This is being made into a LOT more than it really is. I have never seen a black man driving around with two white children in the car. It’s not a common thing by any stretch of the imagination. Even the woman whom placed the call realizes that it could have been an innocent thing, otherwise we wouldn’t have just heard her say that she hopes she is wrong. Based on the comments to this video, “if you see something, say something” needs to be changed to “if you see something, say something - unless someone might think it’s racist”.
Sam Clarke
Sam Clarke 10 hours ago
Eric harroun wasnt working with ISIS or alqaida
WildOne KY
WildOne KY 10 hours ago
What’s going on here??? If you have had chickenpox as a child you have LIFETIME naturally Immunity! & The Church Should be ashamed of themselves... This has NOTHING to do with “public safety”.. if you want to know more, watch the Documentary “Vaxxed” Better wake up before it’s too Late!
Billy Poore
Billy Poore 10 hours ago
Is this why she lost? FFS we could have had a great congresswomen. Fuck the media and fuck whoever made this into a story.
Regina Moore
Regina Moore 10 hours ago
have we found the ideology of the virus yet...
Silly Boi
Silly Boi 10 hours ago
I lived in Mexico for 7 years, and this shit happens all the time. Only difference is this one happened to Americans
Legal Tyranny
Legal Tyranny 10 hours ago
Fucking retards caught up in this sports theater.
Kurt Corvite
Kurt Corvite 10 hours ago
Who's here after PewDiePie takes a break?
Spider Salticidae
Spider Salticidae 10 hours ago
Women want equality but not really..
honey nut cheerios
honey nut cheerios 10 hours ago
he kinda cute wit dat beard doe 😳😰🖐
Billy Marold
Billy Marold 10 hours ago
Wow! That Dr. Guy is an asshole. Glad he list his job.
cold45acp 10 hours ago
Over reaction.
Gio Corvino
Gio Corvino 10 hours ago
Noticing a common trend in the hires in these video clips.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 10 hours ago
For many years he like most reporters never put their 2 cents into it. You couldn't tell their party or beliefs. That went away 35 years ago as he followed the pack and stopped reporting and started preaching.
Big show
Big show 10 hours ago
I am Baptized Christian Indian and never lost my faith
Chris 10 hours ago
These Pharmaceutical Companies needs to be held Accountable and Should be Prosecuted and Jailed!!!
James Harris
James Harris 10 hours ago
Imagine if the seats unlatched 😱
Capt. George
Capt. George 10 hours ago
Not many reporters left these days. It’s all talk show hosts and actors.
Jennifer White
Jennifer White 10 hours ago
She is not alright. She should have let Iyanna fix her life when offer the chance. She was abducted and has love for the woman that caused that abuse. Pray for her mother and understand the hurt she feels and the disappointment that there for Kamiya not completely shutting out the woman that stole her.
florentina bradea
florentina bradea 10 hours ago
What can you expect from this woman.
Üf 10 hours ago
It’s insane opiates are still legal
AvidiaNirvana 10 hours ago
Yeah, because we know how since heroin is illegal it no longer exists... And nobody uses it anymore.... Ever...
Rick Schaefer
Rick Schaefer 10 hours ago
Fuck Bloomberg
Blue Squirtle
Blue Squirtle 10 hours ago
They should've never rolled out opioids.
Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy 10 hours ago
Here we go....it NEVER stops. Stop it.
mrtran22 t
mrtran22 t 10 hours ago
damn she looked pissed. and that made me happy. bill looks all good tho lol
Rick Schaefer
Rick Schaefer 10 hours ago
All y'all going to do is talk about it. Aint shit going to change.
Valrie Deware
Valrie Deware 10 hours ago
Bʀᴜʜ ɴᴏʙᴏᴅʏ ᴇᴠᴇɴ sᴄʀᴇᴀᴍ!! ʟɪᴋᴇ...🤨
LateNiteDonna Esposito DiSalvia
Airports have bucked down.Are we forgetting the products from foods - electronics and everything in between that was in contact with Chinese workers that are imported from China??Mail, personal packages etc. ??
Harrison Johnston
Harrison Johnston 10 hours ago
Idk why we keep these sorry excuses for humans alive. Guy cant even show his face, such a pussy
T. P
T. P 10 hours ago
ABC democrats owned
BaldDogM71 10 hours ago
They should have brought a gun and lots of ammo
Life Fruit
Life Fruit 10 hours ago
Plot Twist: The Boy is The Guard.
T. P
T. P 10 hours ago
the Framers was slave owners and did not have Nuclear bombs back then
lockandloadlikehell 10 hours ago
5:50 that girl has a *beautiful* voine and beautiful eyes
Timothy Crosby
Timothy Crosby 10 hours ago
why liberals should not be allowed to own weapons. Stand your ground ended when he approached the Party armed. That is intent! His feelings were hurt so he attacked them. What kind of neighbor shows up ARMED to ask you to be quiet. If he was in fear for his life then why did he go over to the party? You call Police and let them solve noise disputes, that's their job. I hope this POS gets the death penalty.
Maria Oneal
Maria Oneal 10 hours ago
Gloria is a wicked bich whose portion is hell. Kamiya is someone I would probably stay away from. She was raised by a woman who lacks empathy for anyone other than herself.
Your Lord Kermit
Your Lord Kermit 10 hours ago
God is so good for saving our baby! Well god also commenced the attack if he does really control this stuff which killed a lot of other kids soooooo.... Though I am happy that there are survivors. They did not deserve this
Alrafh Sultan alim
Alrafh Sultan alim 10 hours ago
But now, she's 25.
Snail Strickland
Snail Strickland 10 hours ago
You're going down FD!😡 Too bad it won't bring Jennifer back to the children,sadly. 😔