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Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.
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11 months ago
Persona Nongrata
Persona Nongrata 14 hours ago
*Tastes like disintegrating ozone layer.*
MadCraze 18
MadCraze 18 15 hours ago
Dear London, Being unique is wonderful. The weird buildings are cool. But please, please stop giving them informal names. It confuses everyone when you call buildings the Cheesegrater, or the Gherkin. Please stop.
jadebonsaitree blue
jadebonsaitree blue 15 hours ago
this was brilliant
dark 15 hours ago
wow, just wow
Whoor They
Whoor They 15 hours ago
You have to go 25000 miles per hour to get past the atmosphere so it was technically still on earth
Jackson Via
Jackson Via 15 hours ago
Bro It is 💯 accurate
bruno nunes
bruno nunes 15 hours ago
This video makes me happy and i dont know why. I dont program and i dont speak english
Dr. Zachatack
Dr. Zachatack 15 hours ago
rusminah sarbini
rusminah sarbini 15 hours ago
Is this how alien deliver cake to us by using that method
Cheenu Bansal
Cheenu Bansal 15 hours ago
Well now it has one more
YRQRM0 15 hours ago
It amazes me that there are people so scientifically illiterate right now they're peddling 5G coronavirus conspiracies, and meanwhile people are out there getting things like this done.
Golden GT
Golden GT 15 hours ago
I’m real late to this but: one generals army sends 2 messengers at once, and tells the second messenger to only return if they both make it through to the other general and deliver the message, and if they do not come back, send another 2 messengers with the same instructions. Then they will know if they made it through because the one messenger will have guaranteed seen the other messenger make it through, and also they will have made it back so both sides are aware of the plan and they are aware the other general is aware of the plan.
OwO UwU 15 hours ago
ana clara
ana clara 15 hours ago
uhm... I don’t understand it
Tyler Morales
Tyler Morales 15 hours ago
The plot thickens...
Gust4v0. 15 hours ago
It change the title from the miniature to the video
rusminah sarbini
rusminah sarbini 15 hours ago
To bad the aliens is to late to take the bread
Therapiist- 15 hours ago
0:03 I've memorized the Entire Rick roll Link, that's definitely it. 👏
Kaiokenkage 15 hours ago
Still accurate
Francisco José da Silva Pereira
Nice, but I could use some more examples and explanations
Sereinia 15 hours ago
Can we call this actual space food
X-Kid 15 hours ago
Is this on Spotify?
Havoc 09
Havoc 09 15 hours ago
Each army sends two messengers around the same time. Each messenger meets the other and makes sure the other survived by telling the army who sent it that Their messenger made it across. This riskiest part is that either of the messengers didn’t make it after meeting with the other. Another problem might be that they may not know the plan. It might have holes but could work.
Kevin 15 hours ago
When splenda is sold as a powder, they have to use dextrose as a stabilizing agent because sucralose is a liquid at room temperature. When you get pre-processed foods with splenda used as a substitute for sugar, though, they often don't have to use the stabilizer. This is why, for instance, diet sodas that use splenda really can have zero calories. I'm no Baker, but I understand that baked goods that use splenda can be a bit more iffy about whether or not they can use splenda as a liquid. From what I understand, it has to do with how they are leavened and how substituting a liquid for what's normally a solid affects consistency. This is why you sometimes see splenda used along with sugar and/ or other sweeteners (and also because using different sweeteners as a mix can create a more natural sweetness of done right)
Autumn Oakland
Autumn Oakland 15 hours ago
Like if the number is actually right
Pandoran Bias
Pandoran Bias 15 hours ago
language geeks: *"My time to shine!"*
benjervi 15 hours ago
That article at 0:24 mentioning "Boris Johnson, a Conservative Party Member of Parliament". This video is from a more innocent time, when Boris Johnson was just some MP you might not have heard of.
i like anime
i like anime 15 hours ago
That garlic bread experience something that i won't
Chase Ackerman
Chase Ackerman 15 hours ago
It’s exactly right for me
sponge gamez
sponge gamez 15 hours ago
Holy cow it’s 100% spot on its at 15,030,829 views
Samiur Rahman
Samiur Rahman 15 hours ago
Keren K
Keren K 15 hours ago
God, even though I really dislike jingles and christmas music, figuring out information like this is so fascinating!! seeing all the charts and graphs at the end is so satisfying
HyTalesFirstMoose !!
Not funny Too much forehead I’m kidding... well
Sieta Vora
Sieta Vora 15 hours ago
OMG I WAS THE EXACT VIEWWWW jk I guess everyone has it lmao
ARIVE lestxfo
ARIVE lestxfo 15 hours ago
Add another
Kris 15 hours ago
I'm so used to thinking about life in terms of force vectors, it's such a different way to approach it but makes so much sense I never had the inkling to consider it
Beanie Bear
Beanie Bear 15 hours ago
Hey. Sharing is caring ;)
Elite Troop
Elite Troop 15 hours ago
mine is completely right
woipion 15 hours ago
That wasn't even space if it was it sound be coming so fast it would burn up
hellohi216 15 hours ago
For me it was jingle bells batman smells robin flew away uncle billy lost his willy in the USA HEY
John Cameron Thomas
John Cameron Thomas 15 hours ago
I really like the "Fact Opinion Switch" transition.
Toaster Time
Toaster Time 15 hours ago
God I hate my country. We couldn't even use proper use of the entire stone
Thanos 15 hours ago
Imagine your in a plane and you see garlic bread just whoosh by
riley meggison
riley meggison 15 hours ago
I just created my curiosity stream account and I can't figure out how to connect it to my nebula account and watch your show. :(
Rogue Waffle
Rogue Waffle 15 hours ago
Im not british, im american but i still enjoy these videos
Barkeeper 15 hours ago
I wouldnt drive that simply because theres a tik tok logo
Exploding Nugget
Exploding Nugget 16 hours ago
0:09 oh... I know that RUvid ID
crazygame crafter
crazygame crafter 16 hours ago
Feel The Hertz
Feel The Hertz 16 hours ago
*HAL 9000* - Finally, my story was told!
EliotWL 16 hours ago
One part of (Mandarin) chinese I really loved when I was learning it was the word that in pinyin is "ma". It literally changes a statement into a question. So, for example, "This cat is orange." is a sentence, while "This cat is orange?" is a question. In writing, it's easy to know the difference because of the . or ? but in speaking, the difference is entirely based on intonation, which isn't always easy to get right. Non-native speakers sometimes have issues with this, and some forms of disability can make intonation hard, and for computers trying to do language enterpretation, the difference can be near impossible. But in chinese you say "Ni shi mei guo ren" (You am American.) and it's a sentence, while "Ni shi mei guo ren ma" ("You am American?") becomes the question form. Works for every sentence. Much simpler to parse and gets rid of a lot of ambiguity. (I may not be 100% correct on this. I only took a few years of the language and it's been quite awhile since then)
Cheese 16 hours ago
Jeff PESTA 16 hours ago
This Alexandra palace in London right? Been there, saw King gizzard
32rush 16 hours ago
"This is cannabis, we use it to start to explain to kids the dangers of drugs" I'm not sure weed is a good example of "dangerous drugs" 😂😂😂😂
Makujah 16 hours ago
We have same in Moscow, but our tiles have more distinct lines and dots, which is a bloody nightmare. Believe me, I *do* notice different patterns on these deathtraps when I try to roll on them with my skateboard or scooter. Because if I won't, I'm gonna end up lying on the sidewalk if I'm lucky
Eraz was taken
Eraz was taken 16 hours ago
Hey I can do it to this comment has 0 likes
lintang paramesti
lintang paramesti 16 hours ago
it’s surpassed the title tho😳💥🔨
lintang paramesti
lintang paramesti 16 hours ago
Kile 16 hours ago
BREAKING NEWS: Garlic bread proves earth is round...
EdjuBeans 16 hours ago
Someone refresh
The Gamingle
The Gamingle 16 hours ago
I saw blue on the left and purple on the right in the grey bar test, is that normal
i love netflix
i love netflix 16 hours ago
Lukey 16 hours ago
The other Will Klein
i swear this was at like 13m views 3 weeks ago
Alan Frank
Alan Frank 16 hours ago
This video by Tom Scott sponsered by Tim's gas n' go, "please, help out your cousin Tim, Tom" (yes I invented a new character for Tom)
BosanacJedan YT
BosanacJedan YT 16 hours ago
I'm the 15,028,432 viewer
TheBlarggle 16 hours ago
Shout out to Peter Cooper. You were all right.
Edward YT
Edward YT 16 hours ago
This video has 36,186,998 views
Christopher Gross
Christopher Gross 16 hours ago
Was anyone else hoping that the garlic bread might be toasted upon re-entry?
Kalos64 16 hours ago
the sad thing is i know what video the url at the beginning is solely based on memorization
Xavier Yeetus
Xavier Yeetus 16 hours ago
Crystal Hernandez
Crystal Hernandez 16 hours ago
You can like only if you didnt search
Gusdin is an absolutely a must
How are you good at sciene tom?
Bere18 Random
Bere18 Random 16 hours ago
I’ve been in something like this and I moved my leg and just span like a bayblade
TheGamer 456
TheGamer 456 16 hours ago
At this time, this video's number of views, is the same as his subscribers...
Maka's Right Pigtail
claiming my "exactly right" ticket
Sizwe Letanta
Sizwe Letanta 16 hours ago
I’m watching this in 2020 and this doesn’t scare me as much
9th Perspective
9th Perspective 16 hours ago
Jeez this is canada Just skate
Yes 16 hours ago
But why
bbg5000 16 hours ago
Canada had like 3 scottish born Prime Ministers.
CScout 412
CScout 412 16 hours ago
I feel like this less puts perspective on humans and more puts perspective on how ridiculous the media's representation of aliens can be.
TheCameronMaster464 16 hours ago
So you mean to tell me that a joke I've been making to my friends for years is actually a linguistic topic?
Daniel M
Daniel M 16 hours ago
In "Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul," Douglas Adams lamented the fact that Brits could not get pizza delivery, something that has been normal in the US for more than 50 years.
Moinsen 16 hours ago
It's working
Mark Grant
Mark Grant 16 hours ago
"Can I get uhhhh... BONELESS PIZZA"
Laureen Delgado
Laureen Delgado 16 hours ago
Kevin 16 hours ago
0:30 Red leader standing by.
Kevin 16 hours ago
Spiff is going to hunt you down for that ending, Tom.
Rhaine Garcia
Rhaine Garcia 16 hours ago
I recommend you to go to the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant in the Philippines. It is one of the oldest here.
Ok 16 hours ago
Thanks recommendations Okaychamp :thumbs_up:
Scooot Cheng
Scooot Cheng 16 hours ago
Earlier this video was titled- ohhhhhh my goodness
T Dub
T Dub 16 hours ago
It is not publicized because these lights can be seen well beyond the 8 inches per mile squared formula if we lived on a magic water ball flying through infinite space and they don't want you to figure out we live on a flat motionless earth, the heavens move around us, there is no space, no planets, no stars as they are described to us. CGI is no proof.
rockatu a
rockatu a 16 hours ago
This is a scam, tom is just coming back here and changing the title every few minutes. You all took the bait.
Ayatt And Ayaan
Ayatt And Ayaan 16 hours ago
It goes up like 1 mil everyday
Aslan Guseinov
Aslan Guseinov 16 hours ago
Great Scott! It’s still works!
GuyWhoGames21 16 hours ago
what if someone made a business/restraunt where the customer orders like, 4 hours before hand. the cooks make the food, then send it to the edge of space, catch it in a controllable manner, and serve it.
Sheffboys 17 hours ago
July 6th. Still works
T Dub
T Dub 17 hours ago
I just learned if I ever become blind, I'm never leaving the house.
soupman 17 hours ago
As someone who was a children, I can confirm I was a monster
5th - Mel Vasconcellos Gadea
now it has one more view
2009s 17 hours ago
It 𝗱𝗼𝗲𝘀
T Dub
T Dub 17 hours ago
I'm a crazy American, I get 5-gallon water containers delivered to my home every month because I cannot stomach the taste of tap water, and I don't mind paying for good tasting water.