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Tom Scott
Hi, I'm Tom Scott. These are some of the things I've made and done. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time.
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How Auto-Tune Works
10 months ago
GoteeDevotee 8 minutes ago
MK Electric plugs were by-far the best.
nathanthesnooper 15 minutes ago
Why am I still being recommended this? It's been 2 days
crazy t
crazy t 23 minutes ago
In my personal opinion I feel that excluding the initial printer I believe in only 1 electronic device being used in the election. for acssesibility maybe a vote printer where if someone is unable to use a physical ballet then they go into an assessable booth where they press a button on the screen and it will print a filled out ballet.
TheCartianu 24 minutes ago
The main problem I have with your video is that the exact argument of trust is valid for physical voting. I come from a country where there are thousands of fraud reports each election and videos of ballots being fixed leak to the media each cycle. The result of this is less than 40% voter turnout. Electronic voting would be preferable as at least it would remove some vulnerabilities of paper voting like: vote tourism (people voting in more than one location), ballot swapping during the transit, people won't be able to photograph their ballot in order to get vote bribes, you could vote in local elections from any station thus increasing turnout.
Slippy Slider
Slippy Slider 32 minutes ago
If I learn to teleport, I want the TFS Goku popping sound to occur every time
chesterlions 37 minutes ago
But how much does *absolute* anonymity really matter in a presidential election? We can make it illegal to share your vote or to offer incentives to vote one way or another. Also, we already trust companies like Google and Microsoft to keep our email information private (private enough). We trust Banks in the same way, and we don't expect the amount of dollars in our accounts to be suddenly changing, even though there could be great incentive to do so. Think about how much we are losing by not allowing electronic voting; huge percentages of people who are not physically able or can't afford to vote simply do not.
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 39 minutes ago
Not saying it is a good idea, but in brazil they do take the whole machine that's my two cents in this.
Artie person guy
Artie person guy 39 minutes ago
I love the three completely unwarranted slow-mo replays.
Hebl von Heblowitz
Hebl von Heblowitz 50 minutes ago
I can so relate to Tom's angry reaction at "what about blockchain"
Ben Dykes Art
Ben Dykes Art 52 minutes ago
wow ok then
Davi Ribeiro
Davi Ribeiro 54 minutes ago
Tom, I really thought that you were going to bring India and Brazil election system into the discussion... Have you made some study on how it's working and possible negative outcomes of those countries systems? I know that the process for the elections in Brazil is very bureaucratic, with everyone can request a audiction for the machines and it's software, for example
Arnold J Rimmer BSC
I am British and I still don't understand when people say "alright?" to me
Jay Williams
Jay Williams Hour ago
Sorry Tom I was hoping you wouldn’t do that. Push everything down to one point of security. Just the dash lane login. Come on. I really didn’t think you’d do that.
sin2pi Hour ago
Why not vote red AND regret it 😂🔫
Leonardo luiz leal
It works perfectly here in Brazil...
Yeti12 Hour ago
At 2:41 Tom makes it look as if there is no polling stations in Inverness
John Undefined
Well, no one can be trusted completely. For example, how do you determine when a "scientific consensus" has turned into a pseudo-scientific dogma? And don't assume it can't happen. Scientists are people too.
Nextracer1 Hour ago
"Facebook actually has excellent privacy settings" that didnt age well
Norm Hour ago
couldn’t the general of army a just wait until his messenger got back with a piece of paper that says “acknowledged”
Puddintane Hour ago
Security problems ignore this important question: Do you want your leaders picked by folks who can't be bothered to leave their homes to go vote? It's also not just promoting indifference, it's promoting isolation. Whatever limits there are on the ability of people to live in their own bubble and perceptions would disappear.
PCGeines Hour ago
Someone needs to share this video for Brazilian authorities
Mass Debater
Mass Debater Hour ago
Use dash lane so that if someone gets control of your devices they won't need to worry about cracking any passwords as they will be automatically filled in on every thing you use also because you are expected to believe you are important enough to be targeted by criminals or even that you are so incapable you cannot make a secure password that you can easily remember without paying someone to do it for you
Generality Hour ago
6 minutes seems long? Most brands I encounter recommend 5-7 minutes, so that's perfectly average. I generally brew for 8, but I use a higher ratio of water to tea than most (it keeps it from getting bitter).
GigaBoost Hour ago
"all three at the same time" a picture of BoJo flashes on the screen
TheSnydaMan Hour ago
Certain transparent implementations of Blockchain and DAG nullify a huge amount of the problems you've mentioned. Multiple this with several forms of multi-factor authentication and a fairly secure voting system IS viable, I just don't know how far off.
Paweł Furman
Paweł Furman Hour ago
xKandra 2 hours ago
*flex tape*
Drew Ridley
Drew Ridley 2 hours ago
block-chain would permit for safe votes with very few compromises, since it would only permit votes if the remainder of the decentralized network counts the vote as legitimate
Drew Ridley
Drew Ridley 2 hours ago
blockchain fixes nearly all of these problems!
EJAnonymus 2 hours ago
Although I understand there's perhaps no currently good solution, I think it's important to note that without accessible voting people with disabilities that mean they can't read and/or mark a paper ballot are being asked to trust the "whisper your vote to a guy in the voting booth" model. And in those big important elections, the need for accessible secure voting should therefore be even more urgent. (Perhaps the immediate solution lies in creating an accessible physical format - there's no reason a physical vote has to be print on paper.)
nathangelus 2 hours ago
This is so cool cuz it's like those like foam boards you see on like RUvidrs' rooms. That makes sense now
Dion Niessen
Dion Niessen 2 hours ago
Are we not going to talk about how the text in the outro is right to left? 4:39
MrProjet 2 hours ago
What you came for: 8:12
AL1K3D33G4N 2 hours ago
14 days in jail for ding dong ditching *what the hell*
Amazed Alloy
Amazed Alloy 2 hours ago
Still amazed that Apple decided to say no to unlocking a terrorist's phone. Maybe there is some hope in this world
J 3 hours ago
So many tech related content creators paid by Nord or whoever else to blindly push VPN services without having even a basic understanding around web security. At least online payment providers have to adhere to PCI-DSS - this is more then we can say for most retail locations found with malware on payment terminals just in the past couple years alone. I will trust my own firewall before I trust Nord, thank you very much..
Joseph Crisci
Joseph Crisci 3 hours ago
Imagine being stoned to the bone and doing this
The Retronians
The Retronians 3 hours ago
They could probably recycle vid ids from deleted videos
WillyoDee 3 hours ago
Hi Tom, quick question: do all of these arguments also apply to banking software?
Gloria McInerney
Gloria McInerney 3 hours ago
Im 36 percent northern, that's around Oxford. I was born and raised in the north, tho both my parents were born and raised in the south.
Guglielmo Ferranti
Guglielmo Ferranti 3 hours ago
I really want to thank you for this video. On another note, I know you probably can’t answer that, but doesn’t google chrome generate and save secure passwords for free? Never used it myself, but is it somehow less safe?
Ganesh Nayak
Ganesh Nayak 3 hours ago
India we are using electronic voting machines for years now. We even have a system that prints paper ballot for later cross verification. Till now no mismatch found. And yes, the machines are physically carried to counting centers. And you cannot stick USB or hack into it, because it does not have any ports. And no point in physically manipulating the hardware, because the order of candidates is not known till few days before the election. Very poorly researched video , to echo preconceived bias.
Eldik00 3 hours ago
Question someone pro-electronic voting asked: If online bank transactions works fine, why cannot voting system be build like it?
jdharm360 3 hours ago
Why not electronic voting, with paper receipts that are printed, reviewed/double -checked by the voter & placed in a ballot box? A random percentage of voting centers are hand counted & compared to the electronic vote to ensure the system is working properly. And if the election is ever questioned, a hand recount can be done, for close candidates or anyone who has a reasonable concern over an election outcome.
Leonardo Taufan
Leonardo Taufan 4 hours ago
What if you get drunk in a pub, then fly a kite made of defaced banknotes and doing ding-dong ditch while singing profanities, carrying plank on your shoulder and sliding the 8pm snow, while also shooting your salmon using a cannon to a mat?
Reflexez 4 hours ago
who reloaded their video @0:45 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
Ar71 4 hours ago
Norge gjeng
DeWorDeR 4 hours ago
Welcome to Finland. All the letters sound same when speaking :D
deepdata1 4 hours ago
A much bigger threat to democracy than electronic voting is misinformation, though. Why would you need to hack the machine that is counting the votes when you can just hack the minds of the people that are voting. This is what is breaking democracy right now. Even in countries who use paper ballots. The UK general election is a prime example.
Jonathan Vos
Jonathan Vos 4 hours ago
It even works with squinting one eyes
Neverland 4 hours ago
No turbulence, no seat belts. Simple.
I accidentaly traveled back in time again.
shroomologist 4 hours ago
Would be nice if I could go down to the polling station to play a bit of Doom, might actually get something out of it for once.
Big Sid Real Prison Talk
I’ve had offers to intimidate voters just because I’m an ex-con Democrats and Republicans desperately want to win elections it’s sad what people go to to win
Big Sid Real Prison Talk
I was in prison and I used to vote five or six times me and my dude from prison that’s how it works in California California so corrupt
Noochie XD
Noochie XD 4 hours ago
They tried...
ThatQuvintu 4 hours ago
You could do some more Welsh places, they're quite fascinating... Why not do Capel Celyn or Aberfan?
1qwertay 5 hours ago
“Laughs in iPhone”
tempodude 5 hours ago
Lmaoo 3 Israeli connections
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso 5 hours ago
Isn't there a boat with a bunch of unexploded bombs half sank right in the middle of the Thames in London?
Aaron Raufman
Aaron Raufman 5 hours ago
Thank you Tom Scott for making these short videos! I enjoy making them a part of my breaks from work throughout the day.
Pieter Maes
Pieter Maes 5 hours ago
I actually took a picture of an accessible USB port on a voting machine (that had a lock, but wasn't).. they took it way to light :(
blast resistance
blast resistance 5 hours ago
Baloon pops at 1:52:12
daniel c
daniel c 5 hours ago
hi Tom i have bearer bonds from 1931 its there any chance to claim the interest ?
Datamike 5 hours ago
But why dashlane? For one thing, I don't trust any one company with my passwords. Secondly it's actually relatively expensive and if I miss a payment, do I lose access to my passwords? A free desktop app is way better.
yoppindia 5 hours ago
Elections are fixed even before one vote is cast. How, because only rich and powerful people can stand and win election.And they don't listen to what you say!
Thrill98 5 hours ago
i don't even trust in traditional elections if my vote will be counted so i don't care
Maukustus 6 hours ago
Imagine if the camera dropped after the balloon popped
Bucky Bush
Bucky Bush 6 hours ago
When I rent DVDs, I don’t even rewind them. The way I see it, that’s the next guy’s problem!
Nikita Pavlovskis
Nikita Pavlovskis 6 hours ago
How is Estonia not the greatest example that this works?
Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson 6 hours ago
I'm surprised that you totally ignored ElectionGuard. It addresses many of your concerns about verification and anonymity.
Aiden Leahy-Crooks
Aiden Leahy-Crooks 6 hours ago
How have over 700 people already disliked this video?
DigitalYojimbo 6 hours ago
alien 1 : what on earth is that ? alien 2 : it's a nipple.
Ryan Moffitt
Ryan Moffitt 6 hours ago
Also consider how many state-backed conspiracies are attacking Estonia. Probably very few. China doesnt care what happens in Estonia, but it would in the US or any other major trading partner.
Snoopey0 6 hours ago
@1:52:14 is where a balloon pops and it starts dropping
TheWebCon 6 hours ago
R.I.P. Streets of America
Carlos Barzotto Wirti
Brazil uses electronic voting. Still. I don't see it changing any time soon. The government even advertised it as "safer than voting on paper"
burplesnurf 6 hours ago
Helio Official
Helio Official 6 hours ago
Doesn’t Sméagol speak with a constant glottal lateral? 😂
Mr Mohamed
Mr Mohamed 6 hours ago
Hello Tom what about Estonia system?
Bia Zarr
Bia Zarr 6 hours ago
Gay pirate assassins, unite!
Luke Taylor
Luke Taylor 7 hours ago
Tom's laugh is so wholesome.
eFeXuy 7 hours ago
This touches me closely because I had to work four times in vote reception commisions this year. I think it can be done in a way that it's as proper as paper, I was gonna write my tought but it was turning into a blog. I only gonna refer to the trust issue: you don't need to get the trust of all the electorate if you get the trust of the parties, by getting them to audit the systems and procedures. If they give you the okay before the election most of their voters will follow suit. You need to enforce the publicity of their ratification or negatory, tho. One thing of paper elections: they are incredible wasteful, in my desk right is a stack of not less than 500 A6 ballot papers from a referendum this year, and in my home I have another stack of A5 ballots used in the last ballotage, plus all the envelops which are chucked they day after, plus all documents like voters dossiers, manuals, minutes, receipts, etc, etc.
Davvee 371
Davvee 371 7 hours ago
I think it sounded like the godfather theme
bob chan
bob chan 7 hours ago
Real-life computer driver born
just some nachos
just some nachos 7 hours ago
I say this as a dane myself, but that dude had the most danish-speaking-english accent that a dane can have. Like seriously, go to denmark and ask a question in english and they *will* sound like that.
Mimhere 7 hours ago
So that’s why shirts characters wore were sometimes blurred out in American sitcoms here in the UK
TCJones 7 hours ago
Paper can be abused too, thou, i know you dont need them, but i live on Merseyside and no one i know has had their voting cards yet for the election tomorrow...
Thewhomaybehe 7 hours ago
a little disappointing and pessimistic.. Or maybe I am looking at it from the wrong opinion, as others have commented, its the system that needs to be changed, rather than how or what we vote on. biometric ID coupled with blockchain technology, there has to be a combination of these technologies that means we can move past paper based voting.
Crazee Lazee
Crazee Lazee 7 hours ago
"And the president of [insert country] is, with 99.9% of the votes, Gushing Granny"
Mr Nohbdy
Mr Nohbdy 7 hours ago
but what if my local government is so incompetent that I actually don't trust my vote to count and I vote anyway for some dumb reason. (also yes my local government uses those voting systems)
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Joe Mama
Joe Mama 7 hours ago
That Donald Trump-Joke really didn't age well.
Alexander999901 7 hours ago
After this video, is there any way you'd suggest we could make electronic voting viable? Or is it *doom*ed to be always a risky system?
chris smith
chris smith 7 hours ago
So, lets get this right. We shouldnt under any circumstances trust electronic voting due to the complexities in securing the data (which i disagree with to be honest as there are ways this could be done with comparable security to the paper voting), but we should trust dashlane with our own passwords? Bad advert to use on this video in my opinion. We all know what happened to NordVPN! Seems odd to say this now but the world would be a boring place if we all agreed on everything! However, love your videos, keep up the good work.
Jeremy Lloyd
Jeremy Lloyd 7 hours ago
You finally sold out. You deserve it :) Thanks Tom
josh none
josh none 8 hours ago
Imagine if instead they put Skyrim’s fight theme and feel like a dragon is approaching
Naþan Ø
Naþan Ø 8 hours ago
I'm not convinced the average voter needs to be able to understand the convoluted math that goes into electronic voting for them to trust it.
Quintinohthree 8 hours ago
But the average candidate does need to understand it, and the average candidate will be an average voter.
14vimalk 8 hours ago
Please review India's EVMs and election processes.
The Pigs Gamer
The Pigs Gamer 8 hours ago
I just tried the crashsafari website on my computer running windows and my chrome froze.