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And we’re not going to stop until we conquer the whole world ;)

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glugo playz
glugo playz Hour ago
Olivia almost all the skits
Allexea Suess
Allexea Suess Hour ago
What happened to Vicky please comment if now
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Abby&Emma Grab
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Dwangie Hall
Dwangie Hall Hour ago
Olivia my family watches that show too!
Gracie Bowers
Gracie Bowers Hour ago
The sleeping one is soo true
Jennifer Otieno
oooos cool I love it
Aizelle Revita
Jaynelle Gonzales
Who is the one that talks/narrates during every video?????
Zaharra Brown
Zaharra Brown Hour ago
Summer Skye Punzalan
Tap the like button if you love your mother
Oh Shequina
Oh Shequina Hour ago
And 7
Hadassah Brouard
“Woah Vicky”💎💻💸💰📱💵💶❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗💞💓💖💕💘❣️
Son hermana👍🍩🌲🎄🎂🧁🍰🙄🙄
Lauren Yvonne
Lauren Yvonne Hour ago
4:25. Umm you have celery stuck in the shirt 😂 lol
Melayah ave
Melayah ave Hour ago
It's not her tern to right on the board...
You are stupid
Amy Langille
Amy Langille Hour ago
sherley darius
Hey there are you going to school this week
sherley darius
Hey there are you guys coming to
Aline Crosby
Aline Crosby Hour ago
But you can prank them 😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aline Crosby
Aline Crosby Hour ago
No it's not
I am so poofy
Sita Upreti
Sita Upreti 2 hours ago
Who likes 123GO! Cause I need to go subscrib! Lol xd
The Fam
The Fam 2 hours ago
P.s. a wand would definitely beat a light saber
Addison Bermudez
Addison Bermudez 2 hours ago
Yeah I'd rather not do that to
Izzy Lazo
Izzy Lazo 2 hours ago
I did the shoe one and I LOVE my shoes now 🥰
Danna Patterson
Danna Patterson 2 hours ago
Y,all are amazing.⛽️🥰😍😘
Shantel Sheffer
Shantel Sheffer 2 hours ago
And who has colorful toilet paper???
Shantel Sheffer
Shantel Sheffer 2 hours ago
If Kevin's lazy then how is he supposed to put his keys on the ball
Kenneth English
Kenneth English 2 hours ago
sadtamale 2 hours ago
Kenneth English
Kenneth English 2 hours ago
Hey the teacher wachong
Myra Stenlake
Myra Stenlake 2 hours ago
Have you ever thought of putting your hair behind your ear so I won't get in your soup
Scith 2 hours ago
if launna say "there us like ten brushes in here" then i say'd " 5 brushes like manang."
Bryan Jephthah
Bryan Jephthah 2 hours ago
Cyber_pro001 on instāgrām helped recover my disabled instāgrām Account
Madeline Aragno
Madeline Aragno 2 hours ago
I feel your pain Amy
Amelia Vargas
Amelia Vargas 2 hours ago
Video: if you want to eat your fav gum in class.. Video: then your answer might be just under you're nose! Meh; wait wutt a highlighters under you're nose?
susan mc leod
susan mc leod 2 hours ago
can you talk
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez 2 hours ago
Ola soi zitlaly
Dwangie Hall
Dwangie Hall 2 hours ago
Lana how do you have so much hair I think your hair is longer than Lilly's hair
JOHN SNOW 2 hours ago
Cyber_expert01_on Instãgrām fix my disabled account ✔️
Lovely Lara
Lovely Lara 2 hours ago
I am unlucky and always left out
Mitchell Redepenning
soo funny
Indiana Briscoe
Indiana Briscoe 2 hours ago
2:35 well thats creepy
Kimberly Beltran
Kimberly Beltran 2 hours ago
I lo ve yo u
Mitchell Redepenning
I love gum
Bryan Jephthah
Bryan Jephthah 2 hours ago
Cyber_pro001 on instāgrām just recovered my instàgràm account that was hacked
Robert Wells
Robert Wells 2 hours ago
Hi my name is ruby i love you
Hafsah Riaz
Hafsah Riaz 2 hours ago
123 go make the best videos
Mitchell Redepenning
but I still think you guy aer funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mitchell Redepenning
you just like to eat food
Mitchell Redepenning
your not even foodies
Josh Vlahos
Josh Vlahos 2 hours ago
Pause you video right at 4:31 and the yellow line look like it’s going up her noise
Amelia Parker
Amelia Parker 2 hours ago
Can you use the pencils for lipstick
Jennifer Montemayor
12:28 they put something over her lips to make then look small
KRK400 2 hours ago
Cool school Cool school. And addd
KRK400 2 hours ago
KRK400 2 hours ago
Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma 2 hours ago
Ummm my sister is lazy
Kinwanna Shoulders
Kinwanna Shoulders 2 hours ago
So cool
Judy Tildaby
Judy Tildaby 2 hours ago
I got a long hair
Mitchell Redepenning
soo funny
Keisha Nkomo
Keisha Nkomo 2 hours ago
That's me and my little sister
Sheakeam Lii
Sheakeam Lii 2 hours ago
I. Miss. Bella
Xiu Li
Xiu Li 2 hours ago
Are they actually siblings?
Angie Canlapan
Angie Canlapan 2 hours ago
Mitchell Redepenning
soo funny
tHe CrAcKhEad
tHe CrAcKhEad 3 hours ago
Don't try the second hack because when you put the lipstick on your eyes, you have to rub hard to take it off your eyes start hurting a lot and you can't not take it all of
Anna's World
Anna's World 3 hours ago
I love your vids it’s so much fun
Love tete
Love tete 3 hours ago
Love tete
Tony dara
Tony dara 3 hours ago
That’s bad luck
Tony dara
Tony dara 3 hours ago
NightmareCutie :3
NightmareCutie :3 3 hours ago
This is telling kids that’s it’s ok to cheat
Tony dara
Tony dara 3 hours ago
I love to cheat
Shushie Sushi
Shushie Sushi 3 hours ago
Tony dara
Tony dara 3 hours ago
I’m a the shortest person in my classs
Tony dara
Tony dara 3 hours ago
I meant the shortest
Stacy Chmykhalov
Stacy Chmykhalov 3 hours ago
Samiyah Harling
Samiyah Harling 3 hours ago
I love 123 go
Ava T
Ava T 3 hours ago
That are the best😀😀😀🤑🤑
Zihirrs Mom
Zihirrs Mom 3 hours ago
Skye 🌈🌈💗💗💗💗🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Shushie Sushi
Shushie Sushi 3 hours ago
No offense but why is not of your teeth look like you never brushed the, in a few days? Like if you notice if you want
Francisco Tuazon
Francisco Tuazon 3 hours ago
More pranks
Enttu Wu
Enttu Wu 3 hours ago
I love this youtube channel💞💞💞im 13 girl lol
Alan Tian
Alan Tian 3 hours ago
If u love 🍫 then leave a like
Alan Tian
Alan Tian 3 hours ago
🍫 = Chocolate
Victoria L
Victoria L 3 hours ago
When olivia texted her mom by accident couldn't she just delete it??
Victoria L
Victoria L 3 hours ago
Like her text her mom??
Hannah Nguyen
Hannah Nguyen 3 hours ago
I don’t like all kinds of these students!
Evanka P
Evanka P 3 hours ago
i was one of your first subscribers
Mohamad Sahafi
Mohamad Sahafi 3 hours ago
I love that video 😘😘
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 3 hours ago
I’m on my bed
Cooper Reichert
Cooper Reichert 3 hours ago
I'm the open mouth eater but I'm on the spectrum and it makes me feel more comfortable than eating with my mouth closed but I get told to close my mouth while I'm eating and I tell them it makes me feel comfortable but they say just get used to eating with your mouth closed and it makes me feel really bad because they make me feel sad and mad at the same time.
Jennifer Mack
Jennifer Mack 3 hours ago
Анна-Никол Димитрова
Sophia: Hehe I will prank Lana Me: Sophia the shortie have a plan! 😂😂😂😂😂
Nymphadora Tonks
Nymphadora Tonks 3 hours ago
100 subscribers Without any videos
Not tryna be racist or mean, but Caucasian hair is easy to take care of because its lighter, idk why y'all make it look hard.
Rhonda Dines
Rhonda Dines 3 hours ago
123 more haks
Valdas Miškinis
Valdas Miškinis 3 hours ago
About The frecles YOU not need to wip them off your GONNA be bronwn you only need to wait for 2 hours beacus i have The same One at home
leon anglesey
leon anglesey 3 hours ago
This is good xxxx
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny 4 hours ago
This channel was make in 2019
Melissa Carruthers
Melissa Carruthers 4 hours ago
Who like 1 2 3 go like spoia comment ammy like vicky evryone comment