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Gear Up
2 months ago
Meditate | #WithMe
5 months ago
Cut Hair | #WithMe
5 months ago
Farm | #WithMe
5 months ago
Riegel Vega Аι.τ
Riegel Vega Аι.τ 11 hours ago
2020 RUvid rewind will be like : -PRC, and Covid
emrah gulerbasli
emrah gulerbasli 11 hours ago
Oghuz Warrior
Oghuz Warrior 11 hours ago
2016 world is changed
ramen-o 11 hours ago
it’s weird seeing people together and without masks
killerblood 11 hours ago
RUvid just can't catch a break with these rewind
coolcoolmm 11 hours ago
I bet RUvid rewind 2020 would just be 2019 V2 or canceled
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 11 hours ago
end of eva for rewind 2020
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 11 hours ago
end of eva for rewind 2020
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 11 hours ago
end of eva for rewind 2020
TopTidy Angel
TopTidy Angel 11 hours ago
Imagine RUvid rewind at 2020 😂
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 11 hours ago
end of eva for rewind 2020
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 11 hours ago
end of eva for rewind 2020
Percy WONG
Percy WONG 11 hours ago
end of eva for rewind 2020
WxrthyWolf 11 hours ago
Dang 18 million dislikes
Alexander Toyota
Alexander Toyota 12 hours ago
The best rewind no doubt
Manuqtix Manuqtix
Manuqtix Manuqtix 12 hours ago
Paper Mario
Paper Mario 12 hours ago
forgot just how awful this was. had to check again.
Ethan Brunelle
Ethan Brunelle 12 hours ago
The last decent rewind cause let’s be honest none of them were good
1000 Subscribers with no video challenge Honey
2%people who are reading this comment I wish you and your parents will alive for more than 💯 years☺️ ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️
G I T A B A N O 12 hours ago
5:27 Well that not 17 million people want
MKM 42
MKM 42 12 hours ago
RUvid you have messed up Mobile RUvid Please I'm fine with the comments but the description should be put back
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 12 hours ago
Mark robber
Devilproking 12 hours ago
I hate to say this but RUvid has to come to a end like everything else as much as I love this platform RUvid just needs to end they need to shut this platform down, at this point there's no fixing RUvid even if they fire Susan wabbajack RUvid's just to broken we need a new platform and we need to shut this one down I know how bad it sounds but it's gotta happen at some point and it's only gonna get worse from here if we don't shut RUvid down I love this platform don't get me wrong 2012 was my favorite year of RUvid that was the golden age of RUvid but now it's so broken and departed from reality that this needs to end and a new must begin
SuperXavier R
SuperXavier R 12 hours ago
RUvid why have you been so mean to me. not reading my comments.>:(
Devilproking 12 hours ago
I'm crying it's so sad to see they people who have everything in life have a terrible day it's just so sad seeing all theses rich wealthy have a bad day just so bad clearly they deserve more she couldn't afford her multi million dollar make up kit it's so sad she just has a terrible life I mean how could anyone hate on them especially how they flex there money on us and talking about how they are better then us just so sad to see them like this they clearly deserve more
Animal Crossing Fan 07
Why is there so many dislikes more than likes
Devilproking 12 hours ago
I love how they show some of the most hated and failing youtubers on RUvid thinking this would help them
Devilproking 12 hours ago
I love how RUvid tried so hard to start this tiny face challenge hoping it would be trending but instead failed miserable
My Ellie
My Ellie 12 hours ago
Zz 9oooz P
CL GAMING 12 hours ago
"Sees PewDiePie" Me: YES FINALLY AFTER 3 YE- "Shows T series" Me: where's my refund?
vo jo
vo jo 12 hours ago
Some dude with guitar skills
Sad that so many great youtubers got into this piece of trash
Misho Gobejishvili
Misho Gobejishvili 12 hours ago
RUvid can't touch pewd
selrr 12 hours ago
even tho this was terrible i would still go back to this time
PandaCircle 12 hours ago
This is where it all went wrong
DiamondRanger8 12 hours ago
I never heard of the "Tiny Face Challenge" until now but it's one of the biggest RUvid trends of 2020.
Plasma Sloth.
Plasma Sloth. 12 hours ago
Yeah, cool, but the nose is supposed to go under the mask soo....
Misho Gobejishvili
Misho Gobejishvili 12 hours ago
Not funny.
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 12 hours ago
The freak is this
Misho Gobejishvili
Misho Gobejishvili 12 hours ago
andrew 12 hours ago
Why people hate this idk please tell me Edit: iknow why.theres no Minecraft thats why people hate this
Jesse Ocepek
Jesse Ocepek 12 hours ago
You made sure to hit your diversity quota. Pathetic
ItzErickOfficial 12 hours ago
Thankful for the teacher side of youtube and quizlet for keeping me in college.
Misho Gobejishvili
Misho Gobejishvili 12 hours ago
YiniiChan :3
YiniiChan :3 12 hours ago
Noob The Gamer
Noob The Gamer 12 hours ago
Rewind: * doesn’t put any memes like shrek or sans in rewind* Me: DISLKE GUYS GOGOGO!!!!
Ahmed Ariyan Khan
Ahmed Ariyan Khan 12 hours ago
RUvid Rewind 2018: Tried too hard RUvid Rewind 2019: Didn't even try RUvid Rewind 2020: Tried Google Meet calls
AwesomeFX 12 hours ago
why does every one of your videos have so many dislikes
GamerIWillBe 12 hours ago
Why is RUvid rewind logo levitating?
Make 2020 rewind better
Issac Dunham
Issac Dunham 12 hours ago
God this is irritating
🤔🤔🤔🤔 lmao
Killed_By_The_Architect -
Creepy AF
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro 12 hours ago
*Q* is for *Questions* My question is “Why does RUvid become corrupt? It’s not the RUvid I knew and loved. I missed the RUvid where cats were king, now entitled Karen’s forced there way to the top and that is wrong.
Rager 12 hours ago
oh. so this is why there were 2 world wars.
Jane King
Jane King 12 hours ago
I hate you yt because you should be indicted for censorship. Hate is to put it lightly.
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro 12 hours ago
*M* is for dat *Money*
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro 12 hours ago
*C* is for *Copyright Claims*
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro 13 hours ago
*M* is for *Manipulated Media*
Minen 13 hours ago
youtube must’ve thought “ah yes, this is the MOVE.”
SarimNotFound 13 hours ago
hahaah most disliked vid in the hole youtube
Supporter of youtube this is better than 2018Rewin ❤️❤️
Ch Jr 3420
Ch Jr 3420 13 hours ago
Welp still the same
Jake Yatta
Jake Yatta 13 hours ago
Eduardo Castro
Eduardo Castro 13 hours ago
*A* is for *ADS*
EpicCoolManRoblox 13 hours ago
Ik this sucked I do still have a favorite part: 8:13
Shahjehan Khan
Shahjehan Khan 13 hours ago
I like the meow at the end of the video
Kyrillos 13 hours ago
Living Days
Living Days 13 hours ago
I hope we as developed and mature society, one day realize the redundancy of these people’s action, and thoughts. A realization that they’re nothing more than Apathetic individual, that reply on the worst of us for views.
Angel Olguin
Angel Olguin 13 hours ago
lo mejor que la cansion esta en español
Ultimus Primus
Ultimus Primus 13 hours ago
give us felix damn it i want to see pewdiepie
Riggertron Supreme
Riggertron Supreme 13 hours ago
Juan David Hermosillo
Pasaron 4 años de esto y ni de pedo youtube volveea a ser la mitad de lo que era en 2016 QUE PASOOOO???
Optimal Sugar
Optimal Sugar 13 hours ago
Why tf is this in my watch history?
BlackBerry 13 hours ago
Why RUvid....
حسن الايسكريم
ديوان خرجت عن السيطرة
The HeavyBladeVideo
The HeavyBladeVideo 13 hours ago
When the hell was this a trend
HawkBoi08 13 hours ago
wtf everytime i rewatch this it gets cringier
Scribbli Chheery
Scribbli Chheery 13 hours ago
Why did they disable comments on their Juneteenth video? Get rid of disabling comments! If you can't take criticism don't upload 💩 in the first place!