Jim Browning
Jim Browning
Jim Browning
Tracking and identifying scammers who knock my front door, call me or shove popups onto my computer screen.
Dismantling a scam
4 months ago
The Refund Scam
2 years ago
Scammer Bingo
4 years ago
lpo267 2 hours ago
i wish he would hear me call them back to just call them everything but the child of god i.e. just cuss at them till they hang up as soon as possible i only do it when ive had a long day at work but i love doing it
AKASH GUPTA 2 hours ago
I'm from Kolkata the location he told in the video is 100% correct but the police are gonna be mum about this.. I've heard even the police is involved with these scam centers and they take bribe in return to not harm them...the state government is dumbfu*k they ain't gonna do anything about it. They mostly employ dumbfu*ks who just barely passed secondary/higher secondary. I feel ashamed because of these idiots You're doing a great job brother keep it up
Morgan Bence
Morgan Bence 2 hours ago
You have to do more of these!!!!
MikiKiki 2 hours ago
Stick it to ‘em, Jim!!!
Techno Karen
Techno Karen 2 hours ago
5:45 *I N F O R M A C I O N*
Lilac T
Lilac T 2 hours ago
D R 2 hours ago
Can someone explain to me why every indian scammer says "each and everything"? Is it like something that can't be translated from Indian to English or is that some imperial English that remains in Indian school?
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 2 hours ago
I feel like Jim was hacking my phone while I was watching this. Edit: I rolled over in bed and he was holding a picture of my phone with my family as the background.
jac fire emoji
jac fire emoji 2 hours ago
i really hate when the scammers just...yell like that lmfao like youre gonna have way way WAY more success if you arent yelling at your "customer" yanno? i guess in the end its probably better they continue yelling, but holy shit is it infuriating. on top of everythin theyre doing that is just...so rude lmfao
chimp 2 hours ago
the scammers are always from India a.k.a street shitter country.
Peculiarities 2 hours ago
champoo 2 hours ago
why do they always call them “honey,” it’s so gross
andy lucas
andy lucas 2 hours ago
Jim.. you are among the best...!!!!!
Zevhara 2 hours ago
You're really a hero, man. Hope I can help boost your vids a bit by commenting, they're really educational
Akil vau
Akil vau 2 hours ago
You're doing a great job , good luck man , may Allah bless you 🙂
Socially Acceptable Pi
I feel so fucking bad for these people.
KAI BIGBANG 2 hours ago
Lord Jim
dorsetwarrior 2 hours ago
I was sure something like that would happen
Václav Nikl
Václav Nikl 2 hours ago
Silent guardian, protector of bank accounts and savings, lord of the webcams and microphones, vigilant defender and master of internet. The Jim Browning! Man, you'd deserve the noble title from the Queen.
O K 2 hours ago
"Kolkata is apparently in washington state" lmao that killed me
Johnathan Lee
Johnathan Lee 2 hours ago
This channel really inspires me to learn coding and stuff to help out
Pedro 2 hours ago
great video
Doktor Krümel
Doktor Krümel 2 hours ago
Great Video, as always!
Priyabrata Sahoo
Priyabrata Sahoo 2 hours ago
Thanks for ur support for everyone who is not aware of cyber frauds.
Ronnie Chatterjee
Ronnie Chatterjee 2 hours ago
1st guy is shouting and trying an accent 🤣 i m proud with my indian accent
Screamer 2 hours ago
It made me so angry and broke my heart at the same time when he said "go and rest in peace". They just have no heart.
Kreed Downing
Kreed Downing 2 hours ago
I wish i could like this more than once this guy is incredible
Mr. Mistoffelees
Mr. Mistoffelees 2 hours ago
These are scumbag parasites. I salute you sir for screwing them up.
Alessandro Msk
Alessandro Msk 2 hours ago
He's a hero
mosher2001 2 hours ago
Scammers probably tell their kids "you better be good or Jim Browning will get you."
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
nxva cane
nxva cane 2 hours ago
These scammers can't even speak correctly. They sound absolutely stupid. These poor elderly people that don't know any better ): Jim Browning, yet again doing God's work!
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Temple of Ridicule
Temple of Ridicule 2 hours ago
The irony of all of this is that while Western governments fret, with some justification, about the threat posed to IT integrity by China and Chinese tech firms, the reality on the ground for most Westerners, is that India and Indians are the very real, present danger to their financial security. Well done Jim, and please keep up the good work.
JAMIE JOKER 2 hours ago
What a nasty person
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Pranav Bulbule
Pranav Bulbule 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
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Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
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Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
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Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
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Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
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Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Uqbah Kabir
Uqbah Kabir 2 hours ago
So many sweet Edna's in this video. Really makes you appreciate the work that the likes of Kitboga do despite it seeming ineffective at times.
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
Tambles Jambles
Tambles Jambles 2 hours ago
Grant Bruno
Grant Bruno 2 hours ago
I'm gonna comment to boost this video
aarthy ramasamy
aarthy ramasamy 2 hours ago
Thanks, Jim for your work. You are a superman in real. I am an Indian and totally ashamed of how my fellow countrymen are cheating vulnerable people across the globe. Hope the Indian govt is working on such scams. Let me also inform you that even in India we are facing such scams. I even got a phone call for my account details to my parents and since my father is a banker, he quickly found out and saved my money.
Thijs Marquering
Thijs Marquering 2 hours ago
Would be funny if he listened in to kitboga lmao
Estela Banegas
Estela Banegas 2 hours ago
we appreciate all the work and time you put into these videos! It can be very tasking to keep up with these scams 😔 You are so wholesome 💕
Burtieee e
Burtieee e 2 hours ago
I’m starting to believe that Jim is either a scammer himself, or he’s part of Anonymous. He’s the kind of guy to stalk his stalker.
Globe255 2 hours ago
Good job Jim.
ArcanineBr 2 hours ago
I sincerely thought that “Bessie” was Kitboga doing his grandma voice, I thought it was gonna secretly be a collab
Efe Zaladin
Efe Zaladin 2 hours ago
How not to get scammed: Answer Phone | ________||___________ | | Indian Accent Else | | Hang the phone IDK, don't give them your credit card info or something!
Jube 2 hours ago
At some point he's just gonna reach out from the scammers screen with a hammer and break the computer
Brew LeBeau
Brew LeBeau 2 hours ago
2:26 that sounds like my grandmother-- ??? uhh
EDHOLLA 2 hours ago
My mom just got a call saying someone made a 500 dollar purchase on your Amazon account. I told her that’s not how Amazon works and it’s a scam. Amazon wouldn’t be calling the credit card company would be the one calling. She was nervous because I have an Amazon account and didn’t know if it was my account. I hate scammers lol.
Vitya 2 hours ago
You sir, are doing a great job! I hope videos like yours will get more attention.
Te Chan
Te Chan 2 hours ago
112 dislikes🤭 The scammers are on RUvid watching jim😂😂😂
Simon Nelson
Simon Nelson 2 hours ago
anyone able to translate what they were saying once he deleted all their contacts?
Jenice 2 hours ago
Jim is like the batman of scamworld
frank torres
frank torres 2 hours ago
Mr Jim you do a great service for all thank you
Guruvardhan Jagannath
Being an Indian, watching this is so infuriating. Hope the authorities wake up and do their job.
Jim Wheaton
Jim Wheaton 2 hours ago
Bessie and Nancy sure sounded a lot like Kitboga and the voice change software he uses
Dionysus 2 hours ago
I got a message saying that I need to confirm my billing address and account password and it said if I didn’t do that it will delay the order and seriously his email wa gydjdjdhejekekdjdjdieoehejdjd@hotmail.com it was obv a scam but my mother might have fallen for it if I didn’t tell her
Robin Brennan
Robin Brennan 2 hours ago
When is it ever a good time to give anyone remote access to your PC? Is the answer never? I think it might be.
Hotaru 2 hours ago
I saw this and hoped to watch it with family who invited me to dinner tonight, but I was too late and they started movie night. So, here's hoping that tomorrow you'll gain at least one new fan/follower.
SenpaiJake 2 hours ago
Amazing content as always Jim!