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Video Channel
Video Channel 17 minutes ago
The only phone that makes me kinda wanna switch to an android.... Apple for life but who knows
JalenM 6
JalenM 6 18 minutes ago
Still ugly. It just looks like a tv remote when it’s folded. It looks like an outdated iPad when it’s opened
taniel cawaling
taniel cawaling 18 minutes ago
Vivo nex 3 plssss
Victor otero
Victor otero 19 minutes ago
That what she said cracked me
electrosec 19 minutes ago
Make smaller fukn phones!
JSK MULTISHOW 19 minutes ago
Beautiful scenery color Green...
Ja Libi
Ja Libi 20 minutes ago
Uses android phone in an apple event *absolute madlad*
Sayed Hasan
Sayed Hasan 20 minutes ago
waiting after 9 year
Hypster 20 minutes ago
Ha. In Florida, it's "no fault." If that had happened here, the truck driver wouldn't be held responsible.
kysofly563 20 minutes ago
Mark ass brownley
Manu Moorthy
Manu Moorthy 21 minute ago
having theme's are cool. Makes it nicee
Nguyen Vo
Nguyen Vo 21 minute ago
I would love to see a comparison new iphone camera with other flagship brands
WRB-Berto 21 minute ago
This entire video made think of Skeeter from Doug.
Khurshid Marwat
Khurshid Marwat 22 minutes ago
You should call yourself MKB4K or whatever
archeyangel1 22 minutes ago
RUvid decided randomly that everyone needed to see Marques’ baby face and I’m here for it.
NotSukhmeet singh
NotSukhmeet singh 22 minutes ago
I think they have paid more attention to colors this time
Sajal Dadsena
Sajal Dadsena 22 minutes ago
Camera comparison with p30 🔥
Sykeu 26
Sykeu 26 23 minutes ago
how is the iOS 13 on the new phones?
Riddhiman Banerjee
Riddhiman Banerjee 23 minutes ago
RUvid is on weed. Why in 2019?
iH8BEAN 23 minutes ago
The color pallets you chose for each phone’s background though >>>>>>>>>>
Gee Dee
Gee Dee 24 minutes ago
I have been bouncing through so many phone reviews ranging from the iphone 11/Pro/Max, Oneplus 7/Pro, Samsung every-single-phone, and it's this video that has finally given me a solid solution for my next phone. Thank you for being so goddamn good at this!
Aaron Woolhiser
Aaron Woolhiser 25 minutes ago
Camera review for 11 vs Pixel 3.
Chaig Tin
Chaig Tin 25 minutes ago
The link in the description seems to be for a Chinese version of the item from Tencent Games, whereas your review is for the version with quite a lot more memory and storage. Do folks in the USA have any safe way to purchase that one, or is it only available in Europe?
Galaxy Gamers
Galaxy Gamers 26 minutes ago
it’s like a minty blue green.
Darshan Hegde
Darshan Hegde 26 minutes ago
Is there any great reason to go for iPhone 11 over android flagships?
Shailendra Rai
Shailendra Rai 27 minutes ago
bro match your with that colour box lol...
Aung Htet Nay
Aung Htet Nay 27 minutes ago
Nice review \
Samton Gina
Samton Gina 27 minutes ago
Face ID is better or should one wait till iPhone has in glass fingerprint reader
gilbert 27 minutes ago
green is apples nod to the poo brown Zune.
Anthony Nieves
Anthony Nieves 27 minutes ago
That matte finish on the back is for the people who wanted the iPhone 5 body to come back.
Prateek Maru
Prateek Maru 28 minutes ago
2:20 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Nghia Nguyen
Nghia Nguyen 28 minutes ago
Apple SUCKS!!!!! Im still waiting on the 5 camera system. they are still on 3. Psh SLowpokes.
Black Magician
Black Magician 29 minutes ago
Others talking about RUvid's video recommedation. I for one can't wait until he upgrades his video quality to 1080p!😀
Aung Zan
Aung Zan 30 minutes ago
display please!!
Sahil Kulkarni
Sahil Kulkarni 30 minutes ago
hikmath AM I
hikmath AM I 30 minutes ago
Is that apple watch 5th gen ?? That u are wearing in this review ??
Full Name
Full Name 30 minutes ago
which one has the best battery life in real-life use?
I like turtles
I like turtles 31 minute ago
Why the hell are they cutting costs??
Eric Martel
Eric Martel 31 minute ago
Still my favorite intro beat
Device Mundo
Device Mundo 31 minute ago
Hummmm I see potential. Subscribed. :P
Reign DiGrazia
Reign DiGrazia 31 minute ago
Had a XS, started getting really slow, got a “new” replacement from apple and still had issues and no it wasn’t my carrier. Didn’t want to downgrade to an XR so I just went straight to Samsung galaxy s10. Great phone. But I miss apple. Snapchat is horrible on galaxy. I miss the simplicity of IOS, the simple interface, imessage, and the emojis on android kill me....today I bought the XR. Excited to have iPhone again. And yes on Android you can do more, but for me, I prefer it simple.
himssendol 31 minute ago
I really would have loved to see a side by side comparison video. But you’ve sent yours back. 🤷‍♂️
Ramayana Roxas
Ramayana Roxas 32 minutes ago
It looks disgusting.
ÄWĶWÄFÏNÄ 32 minutes ago
Might as well just buy a damn tablet right?
Enoch John
Enoch John 34 minutes ago
the most ugliest phone ive ever seen
Aryaraj Banerjee
Aryaraj Banerjee 34 minutes ago
*I'm not much of a green person..." 👀 RUvid might take this video down because of that 😬
phil reitmajer
phil reitmajer 34 minutes ago
I guess its more of a tear down question but Ive read there is supposed to be a module for reversed charging implemented in the iphone even tho its not able to do reverse charging. can you dig a bit deeper into this rumor, please? could it be they werent able to figure out how to make it work proberly by the time they released the phone and so they might bring it later with a software update to boost sales half way through the life of iphone 11? Thanks :)
THE PINEAPPLE MAN 34 minutes ago
Will you do any giveaway i want a device to stream games. 😅😅
Ratilal Lohar
Ratilal Lohar 34 minutes ago
1. IPS LCD with Super Accurate brightness Control 2. 5000mAh battery 3. Snapdragon 712 Or Mediatek G90t 4. 12mp main+12mp wide+10x optical zoom 5. USB type c fast 20w charging 6. Led notification light 7. Ufs 2.1 storage 64gb,128gb 8. Sony imx 586 both front and rear 9. Headphones in box 10. Fast charger inbox 11. Back cover inbox
Faiz Rehman
Faiz Rehman 35 minutes ago
Main purpose of the vdeo is GREEEEEEN GREEEN GREEN
R3AP3R 36 minutes ago
Talked about the color waaay too much.
Devil Gadgets
Devil Gadgets 36 minutes ago
RUvid wants to know the "K" more than anyone else, so it keeps recommending all his old videos
Sagar khatuja
Sagar khatuja 36 minutes ago
A 6 minute video about colors! Didn't expect that.
Jose MTZ
Jose MTZ 37 minutes ago
I like this guy bright future .
Tushar Khan
Tushar Khan 37 minutes ago
The biggest draw back of iPhone is call log limits. Only 100 call lists are available! Shame on iPhone. I've used iPhone 8. And can't use much more time due to this problem. And there is no option to inform the software developer regarding this problem. Any attachments of mail cannot be saved in the phone storage! Only one option to save in icloud (5gb only!) so the internal storage will be used only photography/music /other downloaded apps! Apple developer should listen the user's needs.
Jimmy Robinson
Jimmy Robinson 37 minutes ago
I remember when I got the iPod touch 3rd gen 10 years ago. No one really had smartphones and it was a nice device to have.
Michael Aivaliotis
Michael Aivaliotis 38 minutes ago
Hey boys and girls, can you say Greeeeen? What is this, Sesame Street?
Joshua Britain
Joshua Britain 39 minutes ago
His video quality has always been so high.
Bean Counting
Bean Counting 39 minutes ago
It will buff out
Abraham 39 minutes ago
My request: a giveaway plz 👍👍👍👍👍
theacp127 39 minutes ago
After a 2 years of using my Pixel 2, it was a very reliable phone. The only thing I got kind of tired of is the screen size and resolution.
Omar Khalid Shohag
Omar Khalid Shohag 39 minutes ago
Excluding all the psychedelic colors and fancy glass back shifting colors, to me, only Xperia does the color thing correctly, all of their colors are so beautiful and classy. LG comes close after that.
Damion Walters
Damion Walters 40 minutes ago
I just need to know if Jose Canseco wrote about this phone in his book on roid users...cuz uh...those specs just arent natural bruh
Fateh Sharma
Fateh Sharma 41 minute ago
11 unboxing 11 on trending
JonSnow 41 minute ago
My XR recently just broke. Took it to a Apple store that fix phones. Long story short guy said it can’t be fixed it it should be replaced under consumer law etc etc. It took me 1 whole month for them to accept this report To get and acknowledge it. Sent it back last week they got it yesterday and I asked when will I get my refund they said it can take up to two weeks ! 😳 legit I’ve never had this problem before with a broke phone. Apple are useless. Worst company I’ve ever dealt with
Stephen King
Stephen King 42 minutes ago
Samsung Galaxy Note 2- 2012: $299 Samsung Galaxy Note 10- 2019: $1000 Flagship phone prices have got out of hand.
Hasina Akter
Hasina Akter 42 minutes ago
Does the iphone 11 support the 18w fast charging technology ? If yes then i will buy the 18w charger separately.
nyw adenalliro
nyw adenalliro 42 minutes ago
people who voted have different phones, laptops or whatsoever. so the output may differ in their perspective while viewing the file.
Jow Ti
Jow Ti 43 minutes ago
me, I want :P
Kieran Gee
Kieran Gee 43 minutes ago
No one is going to mention the iBook G3 in the background?
Sohel Ahmed Ansari
Sohel Ahmed Ansari 43 minutes ago
Caught you red handed. Or may be green handed? 05:24 you do have an xperia but never review it. Why?
Dan Rustle
Dan Rustle 44 minutes ago
I need to know what his shirt means. Dump truck baby swing?
LokeTheMaster 45 minutes ago
y in life would u buy all those phones u have like 50 phones or something i cant even afford an iphone 6 s plus lol
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez 46 minutes ago
I feel pain everytime he folds the phone
Farzam Imani
Farzam Imani 46 minutes ago
This video really made me realize how colorblind I am
Pokeandhan 47 minutes ago
Dang 2009
Katie Zhong
Katie Zhong 48 minutes ago
Could you please include other older iPhone colors in the video so we’d have a better idea of the lens and lightings’ effect on the colors?
Bogdan Mircea Stanciu
Bogdan Mircea Stanciu 48 minutes ago
- 4:37 : don't press it way to hard !!! - two seconds later : folds phone by pocking the screen.
Sienna아미 48 minutes ago
Thinking about switching to Samsung for Christmas and I think I’ll get the s10+ after this! Apple has been hurting me lately so I think it’s time to change up 😂
Harish Lives
Harish Lives 48 minutes ago
Asus rog 2 vs iPhone 11 and 11 pro battery test!!😯😯😯
Nick Loss
Nick Loss 48 minutes ago
Dude I would love a Galaxy fold but I don't do twitter 😓
Seek Show
Seek Show 49 minutes ago
this time its all about colors :D Lol
Faheem Sheikh
Faheem Sheikh 49 minutes ago
now i got the answer
dreamxpaili 50 minutes ago
the iphone video i never thought i needed, but greatly appreciated and enjoyed!
Elbert Osorio
Elbert Osorio 50 minutes ago
S9+ or S10e? might buy a new phone this month.
Rafie Turjyo
Rafie Turjyo 51 minute ago
Who's watching this on September 2019?
Ryan Cowan
Ryan Cowan 52 minutes ago
Market demographics probably show mostly men buy the expensive iPhone so they tailored the color that way
Sumanth Kumar KR
Sumanth Kumar KR 52 minutes ago
Please make a video about the photos taken in different cameras of the iPhone 11 pro max and compare it with the best camera phone. Please.
Not Qoure
Not Qoure 52 minutes ago
Wireless charging on any of these?
Sri Balram Das
Sri Balram Das 52 minutes ago
When he was standing near the stairs for a moment I thought he was gonna do a durability test for the phone😂😂
Abdallah Safdar
Abdallah Safdar 53 minutes ago
Alternate title for this video: "How to find different shades of green in your surroundings"
oPhzo 54 minutes ago
Size comparison between the phones
Veggie 54 minutes ago
mark ass brownie
SierraSmiles 54 minutes ago
Green and teal colors normally don’t attract me but I really have a thing for these colors🤩
Faris Dibouni
Faris Dibouni 54 minutes ago
dumbest phone of the year ... waste of everyone's time
AbombingKING77 54 minutes ago
Ugh it looks so good! I want to upgrade from my galaxy s8+ but I think I'm gonna hold out till the galaxy s11
Radomir Pejovic
Radomir Pejovic 54 minutes ago
For Android 10 for Apple 2 ( 2015-2019)
Shay Davis
Shay Davis 54 minutes ago
I love that you left the original sound. It’s very ASMR lol
Carl Capulong
Carl Capulong 54 minutes ago
RUvid teaches youtuber to remember where the came from lol
TheOriginalPoopBalls 55 minutes ago
Thanks RUvid recommendation. Just to see this guy 10 years ago