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Apollo Princely
Apollo Princely 54 minutes ago
I think it's gonna be the Thunder
Apollo Princely
Apollo Princely 55 minutes ago
Oh this is super legit!
María Victoria Mota
Una máquina aaaa
Peter Chad Henniker
0:31 music to my ears
Stefan Barendse
Stefan Barendse 4 hours ago
No Triton????? But Why???
alex zois
alex zois 5 hours ago
Very nice Mr.. I loved it and all the story of the beginning! I imagine the cylinder head is also upgraded..( From personal experience talking) You can easily Rev it 8.500rpm and on pump gas 100ron+water methanol 3bars of boost.. The nitrous kit will simply make it airborne.. Good luck!
Bokang Legoabe
Bokang Legoabe 5 hours ago
Can u please review the haval. H6
Amit Ramkisson
Amit Ramkisson 5 hours ago
I want one just to embarrass the vrrr paaa morons
Njabulo Gee
Njabulo Gee 6 hours ago
Sleeper 🙊🙌
Terenzo Esau
Terenzo Esau 6 hours ago
The Ford Ranger is the best
Fessy Amukambo
Fessy Amukambo 7 hours ago
I would love to see how the v6 version of the GD6 does against the Amarok v6 because the Amarok is always going to win against the 4 cylinder bakkies
Tumelo Mojela
Tumelo Mojela 8 hours ago
I strongly feel that the Xclass should have featured here also for an overall FUN
eva may
eva may 8 hours ago
Is,it safe to turn in a curve?
Rundel Gisalan
Rundel Gisalan 8 hours ago
That's why isuzu is the fastest drag diesel in Thailand
kano morojele
kano morojele 9 hours ago
Chad Wheeler
Chad Wheeler 9 hours ago
THATO MALEMONE 10 hours ago
Yaris won't give you Stock 😋😋😋😋😋
Chuene Ramashala
Chuene Ramashala 10 hours ago
That stutututu sound😭😭by the way, what's the 0-100km/h? Safe to increase boost to 1.8bar?
Musa Mathevula
Musa Mathevula 11 hours ago
I had to re-watch this review, just to double-check the demon,stration of the lane keep assist, I realise this is the longest car review you've ever done and it seems to me if you're given time you gonna go for more. I'm just loving the Chinese
letsrockza 11 hours ago
it means absolutely NOTHING!!! to a smallbrain-minded individual, yes! This is not why consumers buy cars and never was and never will be, This is for stupid little men struggling to grow up!
Murdock Kobe
Murdock Kobe 13 hours ago
Isuzu was a bakkie king from 2000-2002 version 21series after that they let Nissan take their crown ,then Hilux, ford and VW.
Weekend warrior garage? Do it yourself
All that to lose to a stock Tesla S Plaid. Jk jk love the car
WVC 15 hours ago
BEST mk5 thx for driver.
GTI Junkie
GTI Junkie 16 hours ago
Over a decade later he's still pissed about the GTI? lol 1000hp with that weight he should be under 10sec tho. I bet he's 7-800whp max on a Mustang dyno
Evan Acey
Evan Acey 16 hours ago
Personally, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Mk4 R32. Mk5 is obviously 🔥 too, but something about the lines of the Mk4 just puts it on another level for me. The Konig seats and manual gearbox option help a bit too lol.
Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins 16 hours ago
2.3m Ran works out to be 113 punds I thought it might of been cheeper for some reason 😂
Sam Meni
Sam Meni 16 hours ago
That Datson Go is honestly the ugliest car I've seen on the market. What the hell were they thinking?
scuderiaye 16 hours ago
Ahhhh nice car!
lh 311
lh 311 16 hours ago
..i was about to say what kinda of DSG transmission you running lol
Lebogang Walter
Lebogang Walter 17 hours ago
Where is the race 🤔
Lebogang Walter
Lebogang Walter 17 hours ago
Just wanted to know jetty vr6 and golf vr6 , I know they both have same power output which is faster ?
Little B
Little B 17 hours ago
Depends on your needs. Cayenne/Macan: better steering, better finish, posher yet subtle BMW/Alfa Stelvio: more sporty, more angry Bentayga/Cullinan: more comfy Land Cruiser/Jeep: offroad Merc: a bit of everything For my own requirement, a Macan GTS/turbo is the sweet spot. I wish there is a Macan Turbo S/Turbo GT though.
TheHayabusa09 18 hours ago
And it cost how much?? That's nothing..We've got Golf's with a 30k APR Stage 3 kit(500BHP) running low 10's here in OZ...
R C 18 hours ago
Almost double the hp of my R32T! Nice!!!!
Abdurrahman Suner
Abdurrahman Suner 22 hours ago
My dream :(
msa bunguzana
I wouldn't waste my money on that yaris - there's more to a car than just it winning a straight line race - the most craziest thing is the price for it, a whole 800k just because it's faster than the gti 8, hell no, it's a yaris at the end of the day.
PJ B 11 hours ago
Dealers are selling them for R820 000 second hand now
Ivan Swanepoel
This Golf should challenge the 900bhp 4wd corsa opc
mzuvele Day ago
Am still here in 2021
Cars.co.za Hour ago
Thank you so much!
Mohammed Mas'ood Akhalwaya
But why the fake OZ Racing wheels? Spend all that money only to go cheap on the wheels
Jack Parker
Jack Parker Day ago
Anyone know if the bonnet is a custom job or can be bought? Looks awesome
Cheval Nektosha
The question is ,is it better than a RS6?
Nawane khomo
Nawane khomo Day ago
I wonder what happened after the Mk5.
Rankadi Setati
This car is heavy
I've got this car and I absolutely love it
Kris Smith
Kris Smith Day ago
Can someone find me this hood? I’m currently building my mk5 r32 as well and I NEED that
Reid Steph
Reid Steph Day ago
This same car beat up a r32 skyline and rs3 hatchback
Zach Rawlings
I have an '88 cressida with a seized engine after the oil pump failed going down the highway.. bless those motor mounts, eh? I cant Not put a 2j in it.. stillwater, oklahoma eat your heart out
Aj G
Aj G Day ago
Ernest Lukheli
LMFAO WHAT!!!? "about 15 minutes"!😂
Mandilakhe Njajula
I had a stage 4 of it yho it was flying I regret selling it
Prakash Narismulu
Compared with the Audi q2 this is a bargain . And you don’t get lousy Audi service
Sheldon Pentz
I want to know what vehicle they were using to film the drag race..... It was keeping pace from the side 😉
Marcelo Garcia
Nothing better than seeing a shitbox Ford loosing. By the way. Who the hell races in Fourwheel Drive off-road mode?
Daniel Smit
Daniel Smit Day ago
Logo on the grill looks 👌
can i use the clip on my video?its not a paying video
kopano khumalo
Yoh yoh 🥵🥵🥵
TT. K Day ago
You are a Real Petrol head . Inspired man. ❤️ 🇿🇦
Lesego Mojelele
What a beautiful project🤝
Banele Maseko
Well built car and it sounds so nice😍
Yuran Gudo
Yuran Gudo Day ago
INSANITY!!! I hit like as soon as I heard the turbo spool up...Lovely stuff Jacques!
Bradley xulokisbrad
I've never wanted a car so bad in my life
L.Ximberton Day ago
Would the Superboss outrun an e36 328i?
Mthokozisi Malaza
So it's a sleeper..
Such an amazing build, super clean too. You wouldn't know you were racing a 1000 hp golf unless you heard the turbo noises
JB86 Day ago
The 86 journey is crazy so kool I’m trying to swap a beams one day too !
Kobus Engelbrecht
Now there we go big thumps up for mazda and Isuzu now the tables have turned gonna share this with my toy friend still stay a hardcore BT 50 guy
Marc Nobel
Marc Nobel Day ago
When the Rev-Counter goes slower than your Speedo.
Respect man
Khathulation Videos
Can you also review the Tucson N Sport? Please