Hey y'all
I am a 25 year old Texan born and raised. I have always had a passion for spreading love and joy to others and I am so excited to do so by joining the RUvid family! I have the most amazing cactus husband in the entire universe, a love for Christ and a mind that is constantly searching for new knowledge and service for others being that I come from a background being a nurse.
"Kindness is free sprinkle that stuff everywhere"
Lorence Manalo
Lorence Manalo 17 seconds ago
Salama Play-in
Salama Play-in 3 minutes ago
III rally love u
Anna playz
Anna playz 8 minutes ago
I was. a player in there
Tiffany Parker
Tiffany Parker 14 minutes ago
Sarah Dhillon
Sarah Dhillon 15 minutes ago
So so so so cool
Madeline Rasmussen
Madeline Rasmussen 16 minutes ago
Your cool.
Noisy Music PH
Noisy Music PH 17 minutes ago
name her strawberry
Veronica Tan
Veronica Tan 18 minutes ago
yes it can do a tack far away by the way he fack tack
XD Gamer
XD Gamer 19 minutes ago
I love you Bri
Irene San Agustin
Irene San Agustin 19 minutes ago
My name is ian
Kid Firth
Kid Firth 21 minute ago
20 children
Jesse Joy
Jesse Joy 22 minutes ago
Boy name Jimmy girl's name briana
Gianna Ferrarese
Gianna Ferrarese 23 minutes ago
🙋‍♀️ I love you’re video’s
mrsjones379 24 minutes ago
Madeline Rasmussen
Madeline Rasmussen 26 minutes ago
I have best fiends starts.
PRISHA BATRA 5C 27 minutes ago
Min Zhang
Min Zhang 30 minutes ago
Team Bree
Zenaida Galicia
Zenaida Galicia 31 minute ago
Casandra Sumpio
Casandra Sumpio 31 minute ago
Hi brianna I love your vids, ecen though my mom saying that cook your food, I always want to watch you both first
Jaqueline Bardolaza
Jaqueline Bardolaza 31 minute ago
I'm going to both
Haley A
Haley A 32 minutes ago
I love Briannas chuckles ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jhyn Ecolango
Jhyn Ecolango 33 minutes ago
no no. No
David Phillips
David Phillips 33 minutes ago
I saw it in your inventory
Paupauaeooilepea Faiva
Paupauaeooilepea Faiva 34 minutes ago
Lizz Hernandez
Lizz Hernandez 36 minutes ago
👶 🚼 🍼 🤱 🤰 👼
Call a duty god Tommy
Call a duty god Tommy 37 minutes ago
A vr for 399
Bryan Mccurry
Bryan Mccurry 38 minutes ago
You're just offending me I boy and I am a Gemini you offended me how you don't offend anybody who geminis
Vanna H
Vanna H 39 minutes ago
it is Lizzy
Gogeta 69 Gokage
Gogeta 69 Gokage 40 minutes ago
It's naruto pronounced:nu roo to
Cole Swindler
Cole Swindler 40 minutes ago
Cole Swindler
Cole Swindler 41 minute ago
My favorite color is irange
Bianca 41 minute ago
i love your show
Atchyut Kasturi
Atchyut Kasturi 41 minute ago
Why do you play in 3 rd person.
Wolf Galaxy Gaming
Wolf Galaxy Gaming 41 minute ago
Thats herobrine
Montano Masangkay
Montano Masangkay 41 minute ago
Zenaida Galicia
Zenaida Galicia 42 minutes ago
I think it's from mr beast
Mya Audrina
Mya Audrina 43 minutes ago
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson 44 minutes ago
Occupy up and put them in school
Enchanted Platinum studios
Bri wow diamond cars!
Furious invincible Gamer
Don't say a word about naruto😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Enchanted Platinum studios
Hi Brianna i love your videos
Gacha_Pig 46 minutes ago
bri those animals are from a horror game, movie, and series. They are from fnaf(five nights at Freddys)🤣
weinces sofia Virtucio
weinces sofia Virtucio 48 minutes ago
i love leah s video s and bri
Bing Oliva
Bing Oliva 49 minutes ago
Naruto is akarak ter is my fan
Rayven Kinzer
Rayven Kinzer 49 minutes ago
Name him Skelly
Paloma Sanudo
Paloma Sanudo 51 minute ago
yaneli valdez
yaneli valdez 52 minutes ago
bad Preston
Legend Lion37
Legend Lion37 52 minutes ago
He is totally better than you
Legend Lion37
Legend Lion37 52 minutes ago
Way worse than Preston!
Stacey Battell
Stacey Battell 52 minutes ago
Nick Pick
Nick Pick 54 minutes ago
Nathan is a mega idiot
Epic Tisokay
Epic Tisokay 54 minutes ago
I LIKE EVERY COLOR YOU KNOW DAT Edit; pls sub o my channel BTW Me: i game ONLY
Mewnicorn Kitty
Mewnicorn Kitty 55 minutes ago
OmI APHMAUUU IS MY LIFE Ps:OMI stands for OH MY IRENE because Aph says it ❤️
Carter Visser
Carter Visser 56 minutes ago
maria 57 minutes ago
the reason why the house is fancy is mods
Legend Lion37
Legend Lion37 58 minutes ago
Preston is better!
Banana cube
Banana cube Hour ago
did anybody else see a random guys in a yellow shirt when brianna was saying, "am i having a boy or a girl!??!!? where is the nursery gonna be?!?!?!?"
Desiree Mills
Desiree Mills Hour ago
I love ur vids!!!!
Jhen De Lazo
Jhen De Lazo Hour ago
Bri did you just say lick
Mike de Ruyter
I think the face is cuter
Abby Desrosiers
Noob1234’s mom
funny fun bland
I love aphmau
kappunda yeat
kappunda yeat Hour ago
hi brianna am your favourite fAN OK AM JOKING
Christy Mathew Abraham
How can we break bedrock!!!!!!
Stacey Battell
Baby Preston: Wat up you dirty peasant
Brayden The Jokester
@Brianna Arsement I would buy every Game Consule, Nentendo and video and Mobile Things
Elenisi Tuioti-Mariner
save the babes and shout me out
Tara Foster
Tara Foster Hour ago
IDK prob spend it for charity and family
Mya Audrina
Mya Audrina Hour ago
I hate bri
Brayden The Jokester
Nu roo tow
Shiela Amor Dacanay
is baby proston
ian carl salva
more video
Sam Nathu
Sam Nathu Hour ago
I love your skeleton brianna😍🎀
Mia Bia
Mia Bia Hour ago
You should have 2 kids
Lightning Wolf
bird bri 🤔
Andrea Hart
Andrea Hart Hour ago
You are a princess
Andrea Hart
Andrea Hart Hour ago
Artsy Dog500
Artsy Dog500 Hour ago
So you say to write who the imposter we think it is buuuuuut it goes to other peoples screens soooo we can see who it is
ronhiel sapuyot
My Favorite color is blue