John Manalo
John Manalo
John Manalo
Watch me revive the most atrocious looking shoes back to new! All of the shoes have added mud for clickbait! It's no secret.
Run it
2 years ago
3 years ago
unboxing #6
3 years ago
virginia omoniyi
Wow they look great ,they look new ,excellent job 😀👍
Константин Сушко
10 us ig: kos_the_cat
Tommy Bull-Edwards
Tommy Bull-Edwards 2 hours ago
video starts at 2:46
Thomas H
Thomas H 2 hours ago
update on your snakes?
Yamz Skatchooka
Yamz Skatchooka 2 hours ago
@yamzskatchooka Size 9 US
sledge 3 hours ago
i love the work i never really got into the shoes but since i started to watch you i got it to it and i have a Size 12.5
EuraDopted 3 hours ago
he could of just bought some cheap air max 90 then just detailed It lmao
Yeshi Zangpo
Yeshi Zangpo 3 hours ago
Miguel Jocson
Miguel Jocson 3 hours ago
San ka nakaka bili ng tracker ng sapatos? HAHAHAH
Miguel Jocson
Miguel Jocson 3 hours ago
San ka nakaka dampot nyan? Dadampot din kame🤣
Kasper Sørensen
Kasper Sørensen 3 hours ago
It's not about fancy sneakers. It's about craftsmanship, skills, patience and restoration through creativity. Love it.
teethdesign 3 hours ago
I’m Size 8/8.5 😭 Insta: DatBoiFromWaco
Daymyen Lopez
Daymyen Lopez 3 hours ago
9.5 go follow me on duh gram @daymyen_official and daymyen_officail
ben ben
ben ben 4 hours ago
I heard the soap and water works just fine.
Baroc Garza
Baroc Garza 4 hours ago
anyone who calls him out for faking finding these shoes well obviously it’s for the bit he buys theses shoes messed up and cleans them
kirkland jayden
kirkland jayden 4 hours ago
11 @kirkland.jayden
kirkland jayden
kirkland jayden 4 hours ago
11 @kirkland.jaydem
P H 4 hours ago
Why do you bother faking like you found the shoes somewhere in the wild, who gives a shit?
Armin Mastour
Armin Mastour 4 hours ago
Size 11 @armin.m83
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 5 hours ago
9 n 1/2 or 10
ǰąɲƹŁŁƹ ɦɨŁŁɨąřȡ -
I don't even think roaches would want to be _inside_ closed shoes in closed mud without oxygen, and if they were they would not be that clean
OTB iNC 5 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ruvid.net/video/video-akeobrUS83g.html
trentin ferguson
trentin ferguson 5 hours ago
This might be the best restoration I’ve ever seen. IG: 1.trentinferguson, I wear sizes 10-11.
ESTOCK Q60 5 hours ago
10.5 @estock_q60
Adrian Ariosa
Adrian Ariosa 5 hours ago
Bro you know how many times wired headphones saved peoples phones
Kamarviun Brown
Kamarviun Brown 6 hours ago
10 @615.Kamarviun
ShawnTheHooper 6 hours ago
Can I send you my shoes to clean?
Jimmy Montez
Jimmy Montez 6 hours ago
Jordan's are trash
Joseph Beltran
Joseph Beltran 6 hours ago
size 9.5 or 10 is my size
Krys 6 hours ago
I knew it was gon b a snake😭😭
Ahmet Eren
Ahmet Eren 6 hours ago
If i win theese shoes i will be very happy My shoes size 10 insatagram: ahmeterenozcelikk
Meonk Uzi
Meonk Uzi 6 hours ago
Mukamu seperti uya kuya.. wkwkwkw
Rashid Salvador
Rashid Salvador 6 hours ago
Galing mag ayos basta pinoy masipag
Isaiah Morris
Isaiah Morris 6 hours ago
Size 12 insta @luvzay_
Affendi Samsudin
Affendi Samsudin 6 hours ago
9.5us hereeeeeeeee! Ig kikclick. Wait, it hasn't been given away raaaight?
Willy Barbosa
Willy Barbosa 6 hours ago
Size 10.5-11 Yungwill4
Sneaks Reviews
Sneaks Reviews 7 hours ago
Wooooow Just beautiful 😎
Frenchfrieking chris
My fav jordan ever and i wear sie 9.5-10 in mens
David Alvarado
David Alvarado 7 hours ago
Size 10 Ig: yktv.david_15 btw I love the music so calming and also the way the shoes turns out from old to new👌🏼
The sneaker closest
size 10 Jos_got_kickz23
lxckdown-_ sweatz
lxckdown-_ sweatz 7 hours ago
“Failure is your best teacher”💯 ig: wavvy_cam sz:9
Alina Andronova
Alina Andronova 7 hours ago
чувак ты в себе? ты разобрал новые кроссы чтобы починить старые? XD
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma 7 hours ago
Man just had to flex with the Hennessy bottle 😂‼️💪🏽
tearuayl 7 hours ago
Looks like Sonics shoes lol
Brian Watts
Brian Watts 8 hours ago
US10 @ogmerlin
guccimaine 8 hours ago
What’s the name of tht sewing machine
Ste lopez
Ste lopez 8 hours ago
IG: slopezz.10, US Size 13 Men's
Ryder Hyuuga
Ryder Hyuuga 8 hours ago
Where I live the roaches are really small
YuhRetro •
YuhRetro • 8 hours ago
I wear a 10.5, my ig is @yeshirski
Kelstine Nnawuba
Kelstine Nnawuba 9 hours ago
Imagine finding dirty shoes, cleaning them and wearing it. No hate E P I C
YuhRetro •
YuhRetro • 9 hours ago
Not the fire reds 😔😔😔😔😔
Mexí Cano
Mexí Cano 9 hours ago
Casey Preston
Casey Preston 9 hours ago
To get the paint off of the new midsole you can use “dads easy spray”
Trey's Way
Trey's Way 9 hours ago
9 @yaboitre456
scRUAM 9 hours ago
Raycons are just Chinese headphones slapped with his name. You can buy the exact model on amazon for $40.
Jeff GoldTeeth
Jeff GoldTeeth 9 hours ago
You are the G O A T. Been watching for a couple years now, keep up the fire restorations brother
Debate is a game
Debate is a game 9 hours ago
I was so confused by that video pause lmao
Hype House
Hype House 9 hours ago
Are those size 9?
Katoboka B
Katoboka B 9 hours ago
Size 8’5 I Instagram name is KATABOK_KB
Totally Tide
Totally Tide 9 hours ago
size 10 ig: matthew.siarkas
Cyber Phantom
Cyber Phantom 9 hours ago
Corona virus
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 10 hours ago
DRB Tray
DRB Tray 10 hours ago
8 in half IG @ drb._.tray
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 10 hours ago
Badazz btw
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 10 hours ago
Mann I had those . I bought the package it came with them and in like reflective black size 9 bro 🤞
Brad Boring
Brad Boring 10 hours ago
Next Video: Found $7,000 custom air Jordan’s inside a vault in the core of the earth while walking my pet tiger...... like actually tho how bad are these gonna get😂
John Manalo
John Manalo 6 hours ago
*taking notes*
Steven Ramirez
Steven Ramirez 10 hours ago
Emyers 1205
Emyers 1205 10 hours ago
I'm mens size 11
Jasmine Lawson
Jasmine Lawson 10 hours ago
Exatraness_77 and size 10 1/2 I love this restoration and I was literally looking for the same pair of shoes the other day to go with a few new shirts I just got
Mymindtatted Already
Great call not using the frosty white netting makes big difference
Anonymous alright
Anonymous alright 10 hours ago
That’s funny how you had it loading
TheSpokenTruth 10 hours ago
The setup is so corny but the cleaning process is very satisfying lol
Albert Salazar
Albert Salazar 10 hours ago
Awesome restore good job size 13us
Eric Bermudez
Eric Bermudez 11 hours ago
Thanks man this really helped me with my custom 👍🏽
Famous Kil
Famous Kil 11 hours ago
Aye dawg. If I sent u a pair of CAV 4’s could u restore them for me. It’s nothing too bad wrong with them
J__mass zamora
J__mass zamora 11 hours ago
Idk much about shoes but when you messed up the other shoes to fix the red one allmost made me cry I’d rather ware the white ones 😭😂
Instinctx 11 hours ago
9.5 ig Tyler._.rr
Landan Gillespie
Landan Gillespie 11 hours ago
Size 13 IG: landan_325
Evan Davis
Evan Davis 12 hours ago
@kid_evy_ev and size 14
Lucy Griffin
Lucy Griffin 12 hours ago
Their meal worms
Malik Ibrahim
Malik Ibrahim 12 hours ago
uk 10 @malik_ibrahim61 plus or minus 0.5 a size
Kasper Knutsen
Kasper Knutsen 12 hours ago
They look like something i wanna eat
Jajuan Benton
Jajuan Benton 13 hours ago
I wear size 9 or 9.5
ExtendedMagsSuck 13 hours ago
Everyone just going to not say something about the skeleton right before he finds his shoes?
Devo 13 hours ago
9.5 Devin.Meas
SJ Vids
SJ Vids 14 hours ago
DAVID S 23 14 hours ago
Goddam dude how much shit u have to learn for this stuff like damn u started with like getting the mud off yeezys but at this point u building the whole damn shoe Dabis.is.vibin Us 9.5
Jizzle_i_Am 716
Jizzle_i_Am 716 14 hours ago
Hey can you restore mine. Size 13. 8/10 condition
lopez_ BMA
lopez_ BMA 14 hours ago
Quien le pone ketchup a una banana 😂 ig: lopez_bma Size: 8
Jeff Rosparka
Jeff Rosparka 14 hours ago
Things look mint
Jeff Rosparka
Jeff Rosparka 14 hours ago
What's the paint mix ratio? I have one scuff to fix on mine