Rubi Munoz
Rubi Munoz 16 hours ago
There. So. Cute. Together.
Duru Gül
Duru Gül 16 hours ago
20 million views!!! this song is so underrated
Kristal lenx
Kristal lenx 16 hours ago
Is it rude cause I broke up because my bf doesn’t like Taylor Swift ?
Jodi Suchard
Jodi Suchard 16 hours ago
It took me 10 years to realize his girl friend is Taylor swift in a wig
Victoria Kaaya
Victoria Kaaya 16 hours ago
Sometimes you need to be brave with you love story
L Upton
L Upton 16 hours ago
"People throw rocks at things that shine." At least we know where she's getting her stones.
《Dragos 》
《Dragos 》 16 hours ago
This was a mass i colab Selena gamez KENDRICM LAMAR AND OTHERS
Victoria Kaaya
Victoria Kaaya 16 hours ago
She looks cool in all outfit
BOOS MY NAME 16 hours ago
اني واحد من 2.4 مليار شخص شاف الاغنية 🤣👆هل من عربي هنا ❤️😝
ana yan
ana yan 16 hours ago
I still don't know why the guy ran after Taylor in the end !!!!
Angelina Mackenzie
Angelina Mackenzie 16 hours ago
when taylors music wasnt half bad
TOMMO__WAY 16 hours ago
This music video is per-fect
divarramadhanti 16 hours ago
I'm officially fifteen now
Archana Parate
Archana Parate 16 hours ago
I scared to see the ending petter losing Wendy well this rhymes!!!
Selene Zaragoza
Selene Zaragoza 16 hours ago
so perfectttttt
Chocolaty Girl
Chocolaty Girl 16 hours ago
Seriously every comment- That "girlfriend" Is taylor swift with wig
Jacky Regalado
Jacky Regalado 16 hours ago
Those wensies are such a mood
Jesse Gamboa
Jesse Gamboa 16 hours ago
Did anyone else do a quiz on this song or was that just me
RemyMarlandJ 16 hours ago
Happy LWYMMD Season everyone 🧟‍♀️🖤🕸💀👻🧙🏻‍♀️🥀📞
ayman ujjainwala
ayman ujjainwala 16 hours ago
"I like shiny things but I'd marry you with paper rings" 💍💛
Lee Aysel
Lee Aysel 16 hours ago
I heared this song when I was 8 but that time I don't know about Taylor Swift It's so beautiful and I am happy to have this song again
Rohan Vartak
Rohan Vartak 16 hours ago
Taylor Swift is constructing bridges better than engineers.
EYSHILA LIMA 16 hours ago
Y love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Kelman Fulgencio
Kelman Fulgencio 16 hours ago
Spencer Hughes
Spencer Hughes 16 hours ago
I love the story behind this, its really amazing and your singing voice is amazing. I saved this to my favorite songs cause this is so outstanding
Kaneki Kun
Kaneki Kun 16 hours ago
Please don’t let the tiktokers find this
tri puji astutik
tri puji astutik 16 hours ago
Swifty ..
Grace Marchello
Grace Marchello 16 hours ago
Alongside the evolution of her music, I love to go back and watch her changing taste in men 😂
Emerson Silva
Emerson Silva 16 hours ago
Não se preocupem com os deslikes Foram os fãs da Katy Perry 😅
HoneyBee •ω•
HoneyBee •ω• 16 hours ago
3:03 Dude's face when he saw Taylor 👁👄👁
Grassy trader
Grassy trader 16 hours ago
at this point she admits to her break ups
kelsey Newell
kelsey Newell 16 hours ago
I watched the over and over again
Pickle Juice
Pickle Juice 16 hours ago
Robbers to the east, CLOWNS TO THE WEST. 🤣
Aldrin Lp
Aldrin Lp 17 hours ago
That awkward moment when a bearded man talks like a girl
Santiago Altamirano
Santiago Altamirano 17 hours ago
This is what the 2020 needs
Dhara Pai
Dhara Pai 17 hours ago
What’s the strumming pattern here?
HORSE TIK TOK-ER 17 hours ago
It's creepy so i don't like it!!!
infires man
infires man 17 hours ago
this mv deserves a billion views
Anna-Zara Hancox
Anna-Zara Hancox 17 hours ago
Anyone else gave a gigantic crush on Taylor
Ash Campbell
Ash Campbell 17 hours ago
Taylor is a furry. Confirmed.
mansi mohan
mansi mohan 17 hours ago
Life is too short to pretend that you hate TS ❣️
Selkie Hearts
Selkie Hearts 17 hours ago
I use to be a fan but now after this masterpiece I’m a whole air conditioner
Mónica López
Mónica López 17 hours ago
2020 and Im still coming back to this
Tty yxx
Tty yxx 17 hours ago
I remember this song become song on of ads ice cream in my country
keeley demers
keeley demers 17 hours ago
I am at work for 8 hours a day just replaying this song over and over again to get the video to 300MIL!! :) Go Swifties! :)
Brent Christian
Brent Christian 17 hours ago
For the record google is a pedophile calling everybody pedophiles
Brent Christian
Brent Christian 17 hours ago
Dont touch this comment if you dont want to know the truth
שירה אופנר
שירה אופנר 17 hours ago
Kiki 17 hours ago
Amelia 17 hours ago
Taylor will forever have the best music videos!
Hima Barman
Hima Barman 17 hours ago
OMG I'm just pausing the vedio just to see her outfits closely😉
TC Durmuş Deveci
TC Durmuş Deveci 17 hours ago
Süper music thank you Taylor swift
Einer Armuelles
Einer Armuelles 17 hours ago
October 2020
Einer Armuelles
Einer Armuelles 17 hours ago
Alien4resurrection 17 hours ago
This is one of my favorite songs!
Hector Raul
Hector Raul 17 hours ago
The best álbum of taylor swift
Rita Naimi
Rita Naimi 17 hours ago
lil chemms
lil chemms 17 hours ago
that song is GOATED
karen moran
karen moran 17 hours ago
omg alas justa ntengo 25 y ella tiene un millon
Brent Christian
Brent Christian 17 hours ago
When anons send you their baby pictures and ask if your into them
Wellinton Ambrósio
Wellinton Ambrósio 17 hours ago
Quem veio do video das meninas brigando no aniversário?😂😂
Vanshika Mudgil
Vanshika Mudgil 17 hours ago
8 years later, still my fav breakup song
Mary Jozzeth Tiu
Mary Jozzeth Tiu 17 hours ago
Odeth Gamboa
Odeth Gamboa 17 hours ago
Los que hablan español. Ya sabemos de donde Ami Rodriguez saco su Roast yourself challenge
Connie Depositor
Connie Depositor 17 hours ago
Hahahaha really the other girl is still Taylor???I knew it just now😅
Maritza Johanning
Maritza Johanning 17 hours ago
Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear 17 hours ago
Taylor during the pandemic is a hero we don’t deserve but the hero we needed
Yuvraj Singh Raghav
Yuvraj Singh Raghav 17 hours ago
50 millions
SpiritCircle 17 hours ago
The first bit reminded me of Daniel and Luce though- where my fallen fans at? No just me ;-;
Caroline Dickinson
Caroline Dickinson 17 hours ago
This was the anthem of six year old me
Like Brawl Stars
Like Brawl Stars 17 hours ago
I Love Taylor Swift
Haider Entertainment
Damn! Kanye was right
Alexander Common
Alexander Common 17 hours ago
Am your bigist fan one-day am comming to see you on stage
Umair Studios
Umair Studios 17 hours ago
The beginning of 3:49 remind me one of her song which I LITERALLY CANNOT REMEMBER . Only the music i remember can some1 tell me wht it is
Anshit Thakur
Anshit Thakur 17 hours ago
That transition from IKYWT to Blank Space gives me chills
CHΔRM ШRITΣS 17 hours ago
Why does the boyfriend remind me of Jacob Elordi....
TeoAcosta 17 hours ago
I didn't know cyclops brother was still in highschool
Valentina Muffolini
Valentina Muffolini 17 hours ago
Moto Moto
Moto Moto 17 hours ago
who's also waiting for her to get married and having kids?? they'll be like another version of her, a younger one..
Harsh arora
Harsh arora 17 hours ago
But I loved the car you destroyed 🙄🙄
Sıla Buse Güler
Sıla Buse Güler 17 hours ago
i relate this so much