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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2018 American Idol, Maddie Poppe!
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lifeasanup 11 hours ago
Nepalese are proud of 3 things Mt Everest Lord Buddha Arthur Gunn
Ric Groenendal
Ric Groenendal 11 hours ago
Editing S U C K S! But she so pretty!
Molly J
Molly J 11 hours ago
Demi has a better voice
DC Loves
DC Loves 11 hours ago
I really dislike Katy ...
PurronuffSTYLE 11 hours ago
1.7k jealous people LOL
nicholas perez
nicholas perez 11 hours ago
His Hawaii performance was AMAZING but this is still my favorite
Nepalko Health&History
Idol is the different thing..... He is the winner of many hearts ❤️
J Wright
J Wright 12 hours ago
Like this guy.
seventeenmaro 12 hours ago
The boy is nervous that he can't memorize the lyrics quickly. The girl is so confident with her voice but she didn't know how to use the guitar so I think, I should talk to Zach If what song he prepared to sing and make to sing a song compatible for us. If the both of them talk and listen for their thoughts I think the Problem that time can easily solved.
Kamryn Plaisance
Kamryn Plaisance 12 hours ago
Katy is so rude, why is she talking bad about his girlfriend in front of him...that is so disrespectful.
Alister Tate Anderson
It's like someone keeps telling them to give him the bs complaint about opening his eyes so it wouldn't seem so much like he's the clear frontrunner in the competition that he obviously already is at this point. Jeez, man, just leave my dude alone, he's *_literally_* just vibing rn.
cincai cincai
cincai cincai 12 hours ago
Katy really beautiful girl
Kamryn Plaisance
Kamryn Plaisance 12 hours ago
who is here after watching her video about this day?
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 12 hours ago
I think voice would really suited to a bing Crosby tune. I hear it in his voice. Someone introduce this kid to Bing PLEASE.
Rocky Saber Scott
Rocky Saber Scott 12 hours ago
Kim will win it all
riley treadwell
riley treadwell 12 hours ago
why is nobody addressing the fact that she said she choreographed this herself when it's the OG proud mary dance created by Tina Turner herself and she probably learned it from Just Dance lmaoooo
Joanne Holmes
Joanne Holmes 12 hours ago
So happy Makayla smashed it. Can’t believe Cyniah walked off trying to get a new partner!!! Not disputing she can sing but she showed her crappy attitude here.
Inutsiaq Petersen
Inutsiaq Petersen 12 hours ago
Watching this over and over during quarantine😉
Pedro C
Pedro C 12 hours ago
Luke Bryan face at 00:27
Sijab Thapa
Sijab Thapa 12 hours ago
Wow awesome
Sabin Damak
Sabin Damak 12 hours ago
Congratulations 💖💖🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Jill Walker
Jill Walker 12 hours ago
Johnny is my favorite when I hear him sing I get emotional.. idk he’s just so talented !!! If he and Margie aren’t together forever than love isn’t real.
Mark Conway
Mark Conway 12 hours ago
I do love him & so happy that he's Top 20 ... I do still think Genavieve shouldve made this Top 20 as well ... but if nothing else ... She did Shine & I'm Happy for Genavieves Experience on American Idol. ❤🎵⚘
PA Acharya
PA Acharya 12 hours ago
Wow very nice
nabindra Gurung
nabindra Gurung 12 hours ago
Arthur Gunn taking the show to the next level ...
Bhuvan 12 hours ago
Can you see the cat ? here is the solution ruvid.net/video/video-EmnmfGjClBk.html
Shee Kimotho
Shee Kimotho 12 hours ago
Oh my goodness my heart goes out to this girl... I can’t imagine life without her sister. She sounds like an angel! Travis on the other hand 🖐 oooof! his voice is out of this world!
Siraj sinnen
Siraj sinnen 12 hours ago
What was the second song name??
Jonathan Baccus
Jonathan Baccus 13 hours ago
jung Thapa
jung Thapa 13 hours ago
jena lu
jena lu 13 hours ago
How is Katy gonna be so fuckong rude to his gf and then flirt with him
Misty 13 hours ago
Madluv4ya 13 hours ago
Ryan should never be allowed to dance. Can we make this a law right now?👨‍⚖️⚖️👮‍♀️🚓😂
Angelique love
Angelique love 13 hours ago
She is a 🌟
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson 13 hours ago
She sang that song!!!
Arthur Dino
Arthur Dino 13 hours ago
Katy perry always mention about Arthur eyes..but Arthur looks good when his eye's close.. 😉😎😍
kudos premier
kudos premier 13 hours ago
Beautiful energy he plays from the heart he radiates like the sun and his audience feels his words and voice.His voice tells the story
Proximarick 13 hours ago
Hes definitely tapping into his 3rd eye with them roll backs! Absolutely incredible unique advanced voice right there! If he was about the same time as Bob Marley Garanteed they'd be best mates
the7esla 13 hours ago
People will vote for this guy just so they get to see the next performance.
Carmen Wise
Carmen Wise 13 hours ago
This is your American Idol FOLKS...she is definitely it! If she doesn't win ...something is wrong.🇺🇸🌷❤
kudos premier
kudos premier 13 hours ago
This brother has sole te rarted
Aashish Rai
Aashish Rai 13 hours ago
From Nepal,🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
kudos premier
kudos premier 13 hours ago
I love the chorus change it's sick that slight change has made me through my nickers at the stage. Voice so sexy
isabella kira
isabella kira 13 hours ago
its so awesome how i watched her solos at the highschool shows
Kimy Moss
Kimy Moss 13 hours ago
Baby Johnny Depp <3
Gigi Lovedale
Gigi Lovedale 13 hours ago
"I've been a good man my whole life" I felt that
Luka Hudopisk
Luka Hudopisk 14 hours ago
Didn’t know David Dobrok is so good at singing ;)
Jm Jm
Jm Jm 14 hours ago
I just started crying 😭
Jm Jm
Jm Jm 14 hours ago
Thank you American idol
Jm Jm
Jm Jm 14 hours ago
Truly appreciate the hard work
viviana santos
viviana santos 14 hours ago
what song is it
Ringtones 14 hours ago
I love Lea so much. She is amazing.
Lazy Journ
Lazy Journ 14 hours ago
goget.fund/2V8bZhI Poorest of the poor.
Bigvayyy GzzFree
Bigvayyy GzzFree 14 hours ago
Anyone know who’s song starts in the background at min 3:45??..
Raato Army
Raato Army 14 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-p1UZqFQQDI4.html He is next
Cress 14 hours ago
I wont be mad at all if he wins.
Bigvayyy GzzFree
Bigvayyy GzzFree 14 hours ago
He is one of this worlds top 20!!!
Zunee Thapa Magar
Zunee Thapa Magar 14 hours ago
Not only his voice but his soul seems so pure...love from Nepal ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mr.RowBean 14 hours ago
All the best Arthur From nepal 🇳🇵 🇳🇵
Paige 14 hours ago
I love his voice and his daughter is so beautiful!
milan sunar
milan sunar 14 hours ago
Thanks man thanks alot thanks alot for making all Nepali proud at international level ❤️
One Dollar Bleach
One Dollar Bleach 14 hours ago
I can’t believe they laughed in her face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 that was so disrespectful
Big Dawg
Big Dawg 14 hours ago
At least him and Bob Dylan had something in common.i couldn't understand either one. His second song was awesome!
Levi 14 hours ago
What is the point if we can't hear them sing damn
Tiffany Sorey
Tiffany Sorey 14 hours ago
Decisions like what the judges made with Amber is why I stopped watching American Idol years ago. I just happened to come across her audition on social media a few weeks ago and decided to go on RUvid to follow her...her voice and story captured my heart. The judges messed up letting such an immense talent go
Lazy Journ
Lazy Journ 14 hours ago
goget.fund/2V8bZhI Poorest of the poor.
Lazy Journ
Lazy Journ 14 hours ago
goget.fund/2V8bZhI Poorest of the poor.
ABIK 14 hours ago
Nepali honi♥️💯
Natalie Chacon
Natalie Chacon 14 hours ago
Katy sounds like that bitter divorced aunt who can’t stand other people happy and in love lol. Which is surprisingly where she is in her life. But I guess I understand she wants him to understand he’s an individual, just came across so bitter and hateful.
YoutubeNepal 14 hours ago
He's the only reason i watching American idol 🙈🙈🥰😘
Larissa Cunha
Larissa Cunha 14 hours ago
I fee like he’s empty, I don’t connect to him but I love his voice. I feel he has the potential to be a great pop star, he just has to find his lane.
Bishakha shahi thakuri बिसाखा शाहि
shining star💓❤️🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Sam Webb
Sam Webb 14 hours ago
He’s putting on his accent even more on this show just to pull people in.. Being from the U.K. you can tell! Smart move though.
Blondie V. Serna
Blondie V. Serna 14 hours ago
She is amazing, God bless her. Arthur and Sam my favorite. God is good <3
Gavin gems
Gavin gems 14 hours ago
David Hill
David Hill 14 hours ago
Kimmy Gabriela is this season’s Jessica Sanchez. Arthur Gunn is this season’s Phillip Phillips. Just Sam is this season’s Joshua Ledet.
One Dollar Bleach
One Dollar Bleach 14 hours ago
Tbh the performance wasn’t even bad. Sure the behind the scenes was a mess but they put on a good show
Crystal Valencia
Crystal Valencia 14 hours ago
There’s something with Katy as soon as she sees Margie 😠🤣 Idk what it is but looks disgusting to watch her be that rude and hateful on such a successful couple ! ❤️ #ProveKatywrong
Zarya 14 hours ago
Zarya Devavi Lalit Thanki
Manoj Chapagai
Manoj Chapagai 15 hours ago
WoW 😮 Nepalese lovely 😊
David Hill
David Hill 15 hours ago
Based on full potential, Kimmy Gabriela is my pick to win.
Charlie B
Charlie B 15 hours ago
Bruh Margie is an amazing singer wtf is wrong with all of you saying he’s better than her? She’s amazing as well but in different ways.
Ali M.
Ali M. 15 hours ago
The rest of the 21 didnt know. They were confused when Ryan announced it 😂
Zunee Thapa Magar
Zunee Thapa Magar 15 hours ago
Proud moment for our country Nepal🇳🇵 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
One Dollar Bleach
One Dollar Bleach 15 hours ago
This made me cringe..... they really tried to force a storyline
Ali M.
Ali M. 15 hours ago
They are both great. But Grace's performance was better. You know. The tiny clip they showed us🙄
Virginia Collins
Virginia Collins 15 hours ago
She's my favorite I think she might be the next idol
shibam swagatam
shibam swagatam 15 hours ago
We know all now he will be a great singer upcoming future 😍
Kaitlyn Jaramillo
Kaitlyn Jaramillo 15 hours ago
She’s so adorable and talented 🥺❤️
Reina Santiago
Reina Santiago 15 hours ago
Just wow!!! 😍
sidou lion
sidou lion 15 hours ago
Men he is so talented and he is so humble I think he deserves the award ahead of time
fabian 15 hours ago
the best form of revenger is success 🙏🏻✊🏻🙌🏻
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash 15 hours ago
I miss corrin 😭😢
Brighterman And His BROS
Hell yeah cypress Texas folks!!!!
Bev Ann
Bev Ann 15 hours ago
I get Selena vibe so much from her. She’s really good!!
Dayuhn Wright
Dayuhn Wright 15 hours ago
That's a Beyonce' clone....wow
Adorable Wildlife
Adorable Wildlife 15 hours ago
Great performance and I love her showing.
Julio Video TV
Julio Video TV 15 hours ago
Rajangurung545 Rajangurung545
Wow Arthur gunn !😮