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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2018 American Idol, Maddie Poppe!
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J M 3 hours ago
He knows leaving he wants more than just a couple of compliments.
Charlie boy
Charlie boy 3 hours ago
She is good ... But there is something missing here for me... her voice is not as powerful as Whitney's or as agile and bright as Mariah's...
Gabi Elizabeth Rondo Chiclayo
I don't like his voice at the beginning of the song....but he is a good performer.
Calvin Thabethe
Calvin Thabethe 4 hours ago
Danny Kliewer
Danny Kliewer 4 hours ago
Most beautiful song she done a amazing job she should've won the show very soulful A+
Trinity Livingston
Trinity Livingston 4 hours ago
Just love Phillip Phillips so much!
Trinity Livingston
Trinity Livingston 4 hours ago
This guy is so good, hope he goes far with his singing career! <3
MCI_RAYD 5 hours ago
I’m from Louisiana so this was great
Starsinger_1234 #singerforlife
If someone watched this without crying they are a very cold hearted person I didnt make it 2 seconds before crying
Ninahbell 2002
Ninahbell 2002 5 hours ago
My dad proposed to my mom with a ring pop as well
Tommie Thompson
Tommie Thompson 5 hours ago
wilfredo941 5 hours ago
holy shit!
nella parker
nella parker 6 hours ago
Love this
McKenzi Miller
McKenzi Miller 7 hours ago
I love the husky voice
Dominic Vargas
Dominic Vargas 7 hours ago
I’m sorry but way better than Coldplay’s version
McKenzi Miller
McKenzi Miller 7 hours ago
She sounds a little like Miranda Lambert
Dominic Vargas
Dominic Vargas 7 hours ago
Americans idol just got 1 million views from this kid A M A Z I N G
Tre Wilson
Tre Wilson 7 hours ago
Oh his voice is something else I love it. Keep singing bro 😀😀😀😀
Krauk Snack
Krauk Snack 7 hours ago
w kira abdul
william marcia
william marcia 8 hours ago
Wow 😮 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😃😃😃😃😃
emmeline banks
emmeline banks 8 hours ago
Me: *googles pink skittles*
Yadana Oo
Yadana Oo 8 hours ago
I got it from SA idol "Happy Birthday"
Sherylan732 8 hours ago
Waow i would like to listen it in live..
Patty Chato
Patty Chato 8 hours ago
Katy Perry is a wanna be
Butt Crusher
Butt Crusher 8 hours ago
라이브 진짜 잘한다
Elijah Perry
Elijah Perry 8 hours ago
I never cry when watching a video or a movie. But this almost got me. It’s been the closest so far...
Egg with 50k subscribers
This guy came to my school yesterday. He's a great guy. I got to talk to him and learned a lot about him. Very wholesome :)
Þorbjörg Björnsdóttir
Hira Irfan
Hira Irfan 9 hours ago
What’s the background song in the video????
TựTin Le
TựTin Le 9 hours ago
Why judging her so fast, deep down on your heart, you guys are bias, Admit yourself and don't deny that you are judging her as she is in the top5 or top3. Wake up this is the top 40 , must compare with the 39 other candidates. She is far far far better than at least 30 or 35 other candidates. Shame on you. You are ruining someone's career. God will punish you !! Whoever close the door of anyone's opportunity then someone else will close the door at you. Believe in Karma.
kelsey sewell
kelsey sewell 9 hours ago
Little did he know❤️
Joe Framo
Joe Framo 9 hours ago
I'm a big fan of Tyler Mitchell yeah he's really good man he's got everything going for him he's got good looks he's got a lot of charisma he's got a great voice man you should make it big put them through put them through helping make a record let him go in the studio and cut an album is that good help him out out man
Cody Shields
Cody Shields 10 hours ago
Jesus she is gorgeous
Lindaaa Pham
Lindaaa Pham 10 hours ago
She has such a beautiful voice. Moved me into tears.
Yanina Brizo
Yanina Brizo 10 hours ago
1:24 se le olvida la.letra 😂😂😂
Bianca Dominicci
Bianca Dominicci 10 hours ago
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renée elizabeth
renée elizabeth 10 hours ago
Who kicked her stick? I just wanna talk 😤
Sall Davi
Sall Davi 10 hours ago
Damn... That cute smile at the end!!!! Yummy!
Sall Davi
Sall Davi 10 hours ago
I Love hearing 1st auditions, you hear all the hope, dreams, confidence,and of course; spirit! Of All the artists!
david burke
david burke 11 hours ago
luke you are truly a good person i liked you before but now i am a huge fan
Marya D Light
Marya D Light 11 hours ago
you should be on the masked singer
Dean Durrant
Dean Durrant 12 hours ago
Riddick 12 hours ago
Chris Isaac is best..
Miss Sweet
Miss Sweet 12 hours ago
Katy Perry seems like a spun out tool ...Lol
omar nasr
omar nasr 13 hours ago
was it just me or was katy perry talking exactly like an android
Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez 13 hours ago
Guitar solo in a singing competition you just gotta love it
Gautam Mishra
Gautam Mishra 13 hours ago
Jenefer lopez well said..... That song so well.....RIP CHESTER
Marc Nil Basilio
Marc Nil Basilio 13 hours ago
Beth Kelly
Beth Kelly 13 hours ago
This is so sad 😭
Fattah Al-R
Fattah Al-R 13 hours ago
He deserved the last yes.
Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude 14 hours ago
God be with her ♡☆
Sean Collins
Sean Collins 14 hours ago
I've heard better
Dwarfie Beredo
Dwarfie Beredo 16 hours ago
wow very handsome and good look😍nice viice men
CHUMZTER BUCKET 16 hours ago
Jessica Sanchez We all Proud of you here in the Philippines 😍😍😍 and also Adam Lambert are the best singer for me in American IdoL 🖤🖤🖤🖤 #ILovePhilippines #ILoveAmerica #ILoveYou 😘
Zinab Mohamed
Zinab Mohamed 17 hours ago
Kit dance is everything. 😂
Zinab Mohamed
Zinab Mohamed 17 hours ago
I don't care what u say this is his song.
Luis Castro
Luis Castro 18 hours ago
"Fue como ver mi película favorita... No quería que se terminara nunca" jajajaja excelente...
Applegate T. Tun Oo
Applegate T. Tun Oo 19 hours ago
Hello 2020
Hello 2020 19 hours ago
Love u babe Dani is cute af omg every time I see his face I can’t help but smile ekk mah baby ❤️💞
Ron Breaux
Ron Breaux 20 hours ago
Keep the Faith Nick, your brothers are there, just look over your shoulder.
Michele Pace
Michele Pace 22 hours ago
What a great duet!!!
beatzloaded 22 hours ago
Wow she can sing...and she looks like Kate hudson.what a talent.god bless her
Lantana Barakat
Lantana Barakat 23 hours ago
And have know more coffee not even a drop
Steve S
Steve S 23 hours ago
Is he ever going to record this rendition of this song? Because the world needs this masterpiece...
She look like Ariana grandi
Austin Alfred
Sounded reminiscent of a late 90s early 2000 trapic r&b
flscott Day ago
I love It.
Sara Boo
Sara Boo Day ago
If you close your eyes she kind of sounds like Miley Cyrus
Brenda Gil
Brenda Gil Day ago
La arruinaste
Erwin Manurung
WoW ...sounded like shade Loving it ❤️👍
Luke’s facial expression when hes impressed is so funny in the best way
Indiana Walton
She can sing
Demonetized Day ago
I feel so bad for her. She is so young and had to go through something so horrific. God bless her and her family.
Claudia Sayuri
katy perry no vídeo: :D katy perry em casa: :'(
T SPOKEN Day ago
Elton john vibes
Mitsuki's Games
Shakira who??
Samantha Cardona
He doesn't look at 15🤔
Daniel Taylor
Don’t follow American Idol at all any more but I just found this in September 2019. This guy is pure talent and these songs have such a strong groove to them. Saw it randomly on Facebook and had to look it up after it was stuck in my head for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT. Drop an album and take my money please...
Ed Villarreal
He gay
Larry Salen
Larry Salen Day ago
Caroline Pelfrey
Im standing next to him. RIGHT NOW. he performed at my school
Caitlin Cone
Caitlin Cone Day ago
This is so beautiful 😍😭
MSara F. K.
MSara F. K. Day ago
Im proud being from Denmark!🇩🇰🇩🇰 (Lukas is from Denmark)
Patricia Hayashi
I can never stop watching and melting everytime I watch this.🤗💕🙋🏻‍♀️
Mary White
Mary White Day ago
Beautiful ❤️
MomComePickMeUp ImScared
Katy's face @ 3:03 & 3:04
Den Rey Ramiscal
2019 anyone
Mae Bell
Mae Bell Day ago
How good can one guy get............
Counselor Quinn
Ok, can ANYONE figure out how he’s playing this and post a tab or chords or something?! I would love to learn his version!
Gimme A Break
Yes Dennis!!!!!! Beautifully done
luis felipe rubio plaza
Que asco la versión!!
April Chow-chee
Rihanna where have you been? We miss you. New music please!
Coach Garcia
Coach Garcia Day ago
Never tire of seeing this audition. It's inspirational and a reminder to push to be the next level of something special :-)
HannahRachel Xo
HannahRachel Xo
She sings so effortlessly. Like it's so easy for her. Amazing!
espaghetti99 Day ago
Is it bad I stare at her legs 🦵 a lot, unhealthy amount of time 👀
Marcelo #803
Marcelo #803 Day ago
Katy P is a horndog bro
Conscious Energy
Where did they come from? Them 2? They keep planning a good show 4. I'm thinking about them hurricanes and that prison system.
mari0b03 Day ago
I just realized, he sang "times" and probs forgot the rest of it awhhh