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5sos: Best Moments
2 months ago
BTS Interview
5 months ago
LVIX BLOX 8 minutes ago
angelina-grace h
angelina-grace h 49 minutes ago
12:34 shady
Eilidh Lewis
Eilidh Lewis Hour ago
Love u ariana my idol I saw her 3 times
julie botero
julie botero Hour ago
DailyLifezz Hour ago
17:35 AHAH this is why I love her😭💀
Nomi Shanya
Nomi Shanya Hour ago
She aint no robot she look like the new cyberpunk character... probably animated with white dots on the real persons body
preciosa do jungoo
a voz da ariana é tão relaxante e ela é uma pessoa tão calma e engraçada que às vezes parece que ela ta marolada kkkk
JohnFromPhilly Vlogs
Have Poppy on again
JohnFromPhilly Vlogs
Dan’s poem sounds like something a classmate would read in third grade
besamemucho5 2 hours ago
All he has to do now is learn english...
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 2 hours ago
I love Hailee
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 2 hours ago
Woke Up Late is really an amazing song, so awesome!
natasha romanoff
natasha romanoff 2 hours ago
Don't take it personal, personally I think you'd be better with somebody like me😂
Nina Ankrah
Nina Ankrah 2 hours ago
her and liz say word a lot lmao
MezzyD 2 hours ago
This isn't s real convo it's scripted and rehearsed
Chloe Chau
Chloe Chau 3 hours ago
dan is so funny in this interview
Jocelyn 3 hours ago
I'm excited to see what a Josslyn has to do with it all... obvious reasons, and discover a new artist new music or just new to me atleast
Judas Joe Manson
Judas Joe Manson 4 hours ago
They need to fix the levels in her speech
Lauryn Sneeze
Lauryn Sneeze 4 hours ago
If I were to ever be in the room with a French speaking Felix... Let's just say, Zach's response was very appropriate.
María José Botero
29:56 my favorite part of the interview.
Kyle Tarrao
Kyle Tarrao 4 hours ago
When you say the word parameter, I think you are actually looking for the word restriction.
Lauryn Sneeze
Lauryn Sneeze 4 hours ago
I LOVE watching Zach's interviews, particularly with K-pop groups because he seems to always get past those same basic, generic, stereotypical questions that everyone tends to gravitate towards.
FBI OPEN UP! 4 hours ago
Bryce: no group has been together for more than 2, 3 years. Faze: tf Sidemen: tf dude
Fety Octavia Niza
Fety Octavia Niza 4 hours ago
"Haluuu" instead of "Hello" 😂
FBI OPEN UP! 4 hours ago
Where's kio????
Jana Wang
Jana Wang 4 hours ago
when gurls say that its ok its NOT OK when gurls say its fine its NOT FINE
María José Botero
5:19 “most people” *cough* *cough* Simon Cowell *cough* *cough*
Oreo lol
Oreo lol 5 hours ago
Oreo lol
Oreo lol 5 hours ago
Miss Ella
Miss Ella 5 hours ago
I watched the whole thing! This interview was amazing!!
Lauryn Sneeze
Lauryn Sneeze 5 hours ago
I love Jackson, and I love this bromance that is forming between hime and Dan lol :)
Blakethe Godzz
Blakethe Godzz 6 hours ago
Miss Ella
Miss Ella 6 hours ago
When the guy said that Two of us could mean anything to anyone, I felt that. Two of us is a beautiful song, I can’t relate to it but it makes me feel closer to Lou and it gets me on an emotional level. (Idk if it makes sense, English isn’t my first language)
Su Seekins
Su Seekins 6 hours ago
hi! not loving that you guys set up that very shady question and how olivia answered it. seems like youre trying to jump on the trend of sending hate towards madison. hopefully in the future you all will do better. i really love this channel and seeing you guys being shady towards people you call your friends is extremely unsettling and upsetting. otherwise, loved this video.
Annalise Andrews
Annalise Andrews 3 hours ago
@Olivia O'Brien thank you for addressing this. It's so important that we all support each other at this time. I'm a huge fan of you & Madison. As a Madison Stan, it can get pretty annoying with people constantly saying she has had plastic surgery, when it has been cleared up & proven she has not had surgery. I have so much respect for you, for being so open about your nose job, I think it's really empowering. Love you Liv💕
Megan S
Megan S 4 hours ago
Olivia O'Brien QUEEN OMG!
Olivia O'Brien
Olivia O'Brien 5 hours ago
also i just realized “i’m so sorry u took this that way” sounds so passive aggressive oh my god. i didn’t mean to sound that way! i genuinely am sorry that it sounds like that. i just am v passionate about the topic of plastic surgery and i have a lot to say about the subject.
Olivia O'Brien
Olivia O'Brien 5 hours ago
hi!! i’m so sorry you took this that way. madison is a close friend of mine and i know for a fact she has never had any plastic surgery. i was stating my opinion on the matter of whether or not people should admit to surgery, which has always and will always be my personal opinion as someone who has had plastic surgery myself. i also said that no one should feel bullied into admitting that they got work done and no one should be forced into talking about that stuff unless they want to. i would never single someone out like that, especially not someone i call a friend. again, madison has never been under the knife regardless of people tryna talk shit so nothing i said about that matter applies to her 💜
Enis 6 hours ago
me knows the account lmaoo when she said confences
Miranda G
Miranda G 6 hours ago
Even though I like this new replacement for heather she’s cool but I miss heather what happened to her ? Why isn’t she there anymore on the show ?
Antônio Pinheiro
Antônio Pinheiro 6 hours ago
Valentina Esguerra
Valentina Esguerra 7 hours ago
Please always have Olivia interview. Love her interviews
Ana Júlia
Ana Júlia 7 hours ago
i love HER
JTB The gamer and vlogger
Why does Zach look like xiaomanyc
Miranda G
Miranda G 7 hours ago
I love his realness Jason is a legend love him so much best interview ever by far thx for interviewing my favourite singer
Cameron Jeffrey
Cameron Jeffrey 7 hours ago
A paegent of the bizzare only true sia fans know
Amy Stylinson
Amy Stylinson 7 hours ago
did she not just basically confirm the 1D reunion..............
Amy Stylinson
Amy Stylinson 7 hours ago
why is ashe such an icon
Samuel Restrepo
Samuel Restrepo 8 hours ago
She’s makes such relatable music
Rea Z
Rea Z 8 hours ago
he is literally the beat ppl need to give this man the hype he deserves
Valentina Esguerra
Valentina Esguerra 8 hours ago
I love olivia💕💕💕
Kendyl Wadell
Kendyl Wadell 8 hours ago
Wait he's gay???????
Kendyl Wadell
Kendyl Wadell 8 hours ago
Wow Billie I'm sorry
Nicole 8 hours ago
If you don't believe in Astrology then explain why is Chris Martin like this soajfdjsoig
Michelina Perfetto
Michelina Perfetto 8 hours ago
Beautiful young man a breath of fresh air
Clouddi_ 8 hours ago
Real question does she social distance 🤔
Lobna Rubiaan
Lobna Rubiaan 9 hours ago
Do madisonbeer again please
gabrielle torresola
i really felt when hyunjin said: .....
Hale Dach
Hale Dach 9 hours ago
So is there like a real person there then they put Miquela there or is there space and the interviewers just have an audio there of Miquela sparking or whoever voices Miquela
Tabi 10 hours ago
i love this man...
suga yoongi
suga yoongi 10 hours ago
Is dat digital, edited? Or an actual robot?!
abbey o neill
abbey o neill 10 hours ago
2020 anyone?
Kelly 10 hours ago
I don’t think Olivia is a bad person, or problematic but she is definitely overhyped and reminds me of half the girls I went to hs with
Megan S
Megan S 4 hours ago
So iconic confident impowered cool girls? Ok love that!!!
Lauren Gabrielle
Lauren Gabrielle 10 hours ago
Love Olivia O’Brien
i cant rlly function without coffee
He’s cute he’s cute he’s cute don’t know him. *THROWS HIS HANDS UP*
CHLOE STRAIN 10 hours ago
wait so is she real? like im so confused now
Coc o
Coc o 11 hours ago
The only thing that I wanna do is crush the guys in the background on the floor
Cheyenne Kayla
Cheyenne Kayla 11 hours ago
Omg what is this real
Pambel 11 hours ago
Are you excited for the tour? Yes! And then coronavirus
J C 11 hours ago
Ugh...I used to like Jackson Wang tho not my bias (Go! JB) but now that I know he is against the Hong Kong protesters who are risking their lives fighting for their freedom, I can't even look at him :-( And he is from Hong Kong! I am so disappointed! I used to follow Lay too..not anymore...
Miss Riss
Miss Riss 11 hours ago
Is this real?
moonstrukk 12 hours ago
She's CGI..🤦‍♀️
carl cleveland
carl cleveland 12 hours ago
social media stunting facebook fronting
Melissa Velasquez
Melissa Velasquez 12 hours ago
Where is the green screen from ? I could see it from the glasses Lol
Álvaro Ruiz
Álvaro Ruiz 12 hours ago
someone tell olivia that soundcloud exists so she could leak old music that she won't release
charlotte lorenz
charlotte lorenz 11 hours ago
Álvaro Ruiz She can’t do that because of the contract she has with her record deal. At least I think she once said that on Instagram ??
Grace Lily
Grace Lily 12 hours ago
i could listen to olivia’s voice all day
Cynthalia Ethany
Cynthalia Ethany 12 hours ago
I swear Zach Sang has a crush on Hwasa. Well I guess, I just can‘t imagine how somebody could not have a crush on Hwasa after meeting her...
Daily Madison Beer
Daily Madison Beer 12 hours ago
she looks SO good omg !! an angrl
ceo of being a disappointment
The fact that they're STILL underrated irritates me-
idkwhattoput !!
idkwhattoput !! 13 hours ago
their best interview so far, ty zach <3
Ya.Fav. Nishia
Ya.Fav. Nishia 13 hours ago
I’m a Taurus born in April also😃
Zaina Nasser
Zaina Nasser 13 hours ago
we stan a shiny and healthy hair
Carrie S
Carrie S 13 hours ago
WTF......?...I getting too old for this world.
amy anderson
amy anderson 13 hours ago
My favorite artist 🧚🏼‍♀️
walnes blanc
walnes blanc 13 hours ago
hello zach sang have you thought about livestreaming on twitch
H 13 hours ago
That poem was deep
Lau Lau
Lau Lau 13 hours ago
That poem is so good ! Dark or not
ncncncc 13 hours ago
zoo 13 hours ago
Jossylyn is such a boooop
Tallulah Darling
Tallulah Darling 14 hours ago
This girl and her air miles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ME
Tallulah Darling
Tallulah Darling 14 hours ago
There’s no relationship quite like Liz and Dan 😂🤧
Reda Deroua
Reda Deroua 14 hours ago
Why is this only 360p lol??
stella_ once_blink
stella_ once_blink 14 hours ago
Please have interview with kpop twice too please i beg you
H 14 hours ago
Yes olivia is back 💜
Marilou yaeso
Marilou yaeso 14 hours ago
I loveyou lisa,lisa is the best,talented
BTS VibEz 14 hours ago
104.3 ZYP
BilliePlanet 15 hours ago
49:50 Omg😂😂
hiba mohammad
hiba mohammad 15 hours ago
so like i dont get it.. can they touch her? like is she really there ? can they see her face to face? does she have a battery? like does it get low? is someone talking for her?
Ishita x
Ishita x 15 hours ago
stream THE RESULTS OF MY POOR JUDGEMENT for clear skin🧚🏽‍♀️✨
Ishita x
Ishita x 15 hours ago
Yes Queen! I’ve been waiting for this one!!!!
Indya Rose
Indya Rose 15 hours ago
please have sabrina carpenter back!💖
Nataly Flores
Nataly Flores 7 hours ago
Martina M
Martina M 11 hours ago
yes omg
tracee terry
tracee terry 15 hours ago
I absolutely love her personality & watching this hour long interview made me like her more & more as a person than just a character on Victorious.
koookiex 15 hours ago
jisoo is me seeing bts talking