Beyoncé - 7/11
4 years ago
Beyoncé - Ghost
4 years ago
Nora Asda xo
Nora Asda xo 4 hours ago
I’m white but I love black/brown skin girls and boys they are so nice and some of the most amazing people! When I have kids they are going to listen to this song! Xx
Piratealo 5 hours ago
xxDat_BOiii_stick_MAx xx
White chicks?
Miss Martin
Miss Martin 5 hours ago
Dust to sidechicks!
Phenduka Literacy
Phenduka Literacy 5 hours ago
Beyonce you're the best When I Grow Up Beyonce I want to be like you a Singer that's my favourite and when I grow up I wanna be a singer💓💓💓👌✌✋💗💖💞👰👯😻🙌
Desmond Erran
Desmond Erran 5 hours ago
Dammmnnn ❤️
TARIK YAVUZ 5 hours ago
19 september 2019 🥳😇
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Loading Loading 5 hours ago
Why couldn’t she include all races and skin tones?? Why only strictly people with brown or darker skin? Why only embrace people with brown skin? Why not everyone? Why not a song about accepting whatever color you are?? Why strictly brown skin? It kinda excludes people whom are not brown or dark
Richard Chartier
Richard Chartier 5 hours ago
Happiness is a state of mind. One where anything almost can happen and bounces off. Car dies no prob. Lost your job. No biggie. Only a smile BEGINS to fade. Something or someone usually makes us happy.
Bianca Reis
Bianca Reis 5 hours ago
Alguém 2019 ?
Yolandas Channel
Yolandas Channel 6 hours ago
Listening to this on Wednesday, September 18th 2019
Jennychikii BeBe
Jennychikii BeBe 6 hours ago
Loved it❕❤️❤️
Iattacku 6 hours ago
I remember when this song came on twice in two hours on the radio
Vexed Spirit
Vexed Spirit 6 hours ago
Watching Bey sing the opera background vocals was heavenly ❤
Olrac Roma
Olrac Roma 6 hours ago
It's better that i have a brain than a beautiful body. Someone called me ugly cause their more beautiful than me but the problem is that the person who call me ugly can't even spell beautiful.
Ram Garza
Ram Garza 6 hours ago
Rose G Chin
Rose G Chin 7 hours ago
Never liked your voice, so are you telling people how your kind saw themselves as Creo? I remember your grandmother telling my mother she was not negro, she was French. And I hope you didn't make money off these people and if you did you have to their cause.
Afnan Naeem
Afnan Naeem 7 hours ago
I love you Beyonce’😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💋😘🥰
Alcindor Jenkins
Alcindor Jenkins 7 hours ago
#illuminati forever trillionare empowerment
mila marzec
mila marzec 7 hours ago
Tes la meilleure du monde love❤️😘
Alejandra Roma
Alejandra Roma 7 hours ago
2:46 - 3:17 OMG 😍
Lucas Quitral
Lucas Quitral 7 hours ago
Nobody : Literally nobody : Me at a maths exam : ALL THE SINGLE LADIES , ALL THE SINGLE LADIES
Analine Andrew Ryan
Rainha soberana , que clipe maravilhoso! 😍❤️
Jacque WOG
Jacque WOG 7 hours ago
I weep every time i hear this
Sana 7 hours ago
Jessica Vaughn
Jessica Vaughn 7 hours ago
Yall alright? I dont know but im here in 9/2019
Thembelihle Masina
Thembelihle Masina 7 hours ago
Good girls gotta get down with the ganGstAs**
Kawaii Mango
Kawaii Mango 7 hours ago
I have little weird deja vu that i seen that music video before... Oh wait.
Sophia Idek
Sophia Idek 7 hours ago
Who’s here in September♥️♥️♥️
לילך גורגי
Juuzito Zayn
Juuzito Zayn 7 hours ago
El cover de LP es mucho mejor.
Ubah Mire
Ubah Mire 8 hours ago
Black beauty✊
Ubah Mire
Ubah Mire 8 hours ago
Wow...we people black came a long way even 2019!!
carmela tinago
carmela tinago 8 hours ago
Similar with move your body... But still love it
RJ Gilbertson Francisco
when you in a relationship and you saw your girlfriend dancing all the single ladies 2:25
Yogesh Khade
Yogesh Khade 8 hours ago
Joanna Britt-Yellen
I really needed to listen to this tonight. 💔💔💔😪😪😭
leanne l
leanne l 8 hours ago
this is literally so iconic
theo Anderson
theo Anderson 8 hours ago
2020 anyone
Khyati 2102
Khyati 2102 8 hours ago
Why so many dislikes....what for????...for this beautiful piece of art
Mariam Elomari
Mariam Elomari 8 hours ago
This was our walking in the hall graduation song yesterday !!
Ruddy Perez
Ruddy Perez 8 hours ago
Esta escuché cuando era virgen 17 años y me desvirgó una de aplee bees
Beauty's Guess
Beauty's Guess 8 hours ago
I like a nice party song. 💯😎
lavinia duke
lavinia duke 8 hours ago
baby pyramid got first.
kaeval pisavadia
kaeval pisavadia 8 hours ago
Hot tune here
Alexis Madlock
Alexis Madlock 9 hours ago
My dad and granny died 😭😭😭😢😰😰😥😪🤧😇
brinaya suttles
brinaya suttles 9 hours ago
beyonce's friends who are in this video are lucky
brinaya suttles
brinaya suttles 9 hours ago
when your parents leave and its saturday xD
TheYouthquaker 9 hours ago
Beyoncé needs to do another full R&B. Her debut album was amazing.
TheYouthquaker 9 hours ago
I was obsessed with all the outfits in this. And the bomber jacket I was fucking OBSESSED. Bomber jackets RIP
Lord Tetsukage
Lord Tetsukage 9 hours ago
Imagine if u a nigga watching this video, done smashed B and had to sign an NDA 😭😭😭😭
Stephen Waller
Stephen Waller 9 hours ago
I'm kind of guessing I don't even have to explain what I am asking here. I hope things don't go in that direction but if they do I definitely don't want to live my life in that way. If I could actually do it myself to escape that fate I would.
Janay Webster
Janay Webster 9 hours ago
Frida Gonzales
Frida Gonzales 9 hours ago
Halo la amo me encanta la cancion
한myung yun
한myung yun 9 hours ago
I love you♡
Marie Mars
Marie Mars 10 hours ago
1:38 is my favorite part
pakalu papito
pakalu papito 10 hours ago
Who knew this song from John Mayer???
Go home Anthony Richardson. Heaven called you out of all your pain and suffering.
TacticalBeast24 10 hours ago
This is the real Halo ring
Giovanna Guiliano
Giovanna Guiliano 10 hours ago
That detective looked at Beyonce & even tho she maybe killed a mf he just looked at that body & that dance & then at those photos on the desk & turned into Keke palmer I dont know who this man is I could be walkin dwn the street I wouldnt know a thing. Sorry to this man 🤣
NadiBRUH MM 10 hours ago
Love Bey
Amoy Roy
Amoy Roy 10 hours ago
Who's listening now.. Sep 18, 2019 Drop a like
Amanda 10 hours ago
axing, foundation, eye shadow, mascara, blush, highlighter, concealer, fake lashes, lip liner, lip stick, lip plumper, lip gloss, eye liner, lash growth serum, anti aging serum, face oil, night cream, powder.. honorable mention: fake tanner, Botox, fillers, teeth whitener, cool sculpting, personal trainer, push up bra, heels, spanx. The pain and cost of doing all of this after hurts and it tells us we’re not worthy as we are. Why do we need to do this to be pretty? We can do all of this and no matter what men will tell us we’re “expired” at age 30 or ignore us and treat us different if we don’t do this. Our value is based on how we look and a ladies, if we want to have a family, we will more than likely fail. Our bodies will change. Pretty hurts. Before, during, and after. #fightback
phyllis atandi
phyllis atandi 11 hours ago
Beyonce you inspire me so much !!! I love you
Cydippida 11 hours ago
anyone know what music box track is thats playing in the background? I had a music box that played that song.
Noah’s Channel
Noah’s Channel 11 hours ago
All brown skin girls rise up! My African queens, my Polynesian queens, my Hispanic queens, my Asian queens, my Melanesian queens, etc. ❤️
XxMarbles SidneyXx Games
The queens song was on my birthday lol yay!
Queen Hart
Queen Hart 11 hours ago
👑 Long live the king 💜
Carlie Way
Carlie Way 11 hours ago
I just love the dance they perform since 2:05 cause it makes it look like they're mirror reflections aaaaah, that's really cool.
Socrates Ribeiro
Socrates Ribeiro 11 hours ago
Socrates Ribeiro
Socrates Ribeiro 11 hours ago
Hino atemporal! Amo, música da minha vida!
hscorpius 11 hours ago
Her stripped version of this was just... everything
KIN6 EL MUSIC 11 hours ago
Nothing more sexy than the JUST perfect blend of sophistication and ratchet in a beautiful woman
Jacqueline Manuel
Jacqueline Manuel 11 hours ago
This song makes me believe in myself and confident
김김 11 hours ago
love her all the time❤
Skyla Trinidad
Skyla Trinidad 11 hours ago
This my favorite from the album
Anthony Rizo
Anthony Rizo 11 hours ago
How to get more than 1 view ? After watching, log out your RUvid account 💗
Brea Allio Shay
Brea Allio Shay 11 hours ago
imagine 40years from now and grandchildren could say, *my grandparents ruled the world*
Malachi Oquinn
Malachi Oquinn 12 hours ago
Creoles and blacks united
LovelyGacha 12 hours ago
I can see your HALOOOOoOooooOoiuuoi
Thiago Marinho
Thiago Marinho 12 hours ago
I am a-a diva 💕
wintter cake
wintter cake 12 hours ago
BRAH that was ba u looked like u was dieing ther dieing
Ariana Bravo
Ariana Bravo 12 hours ago
Is it me or her body shiny af!?
Emina Awi
Emina Awi 12 hours ago
Gather here for a selfie if you are listening in September 2019..
Majd Alyo
Majd Alyo 12 hours ago
Is it just me or is she clearly saying “Bow Down Witches” instead of “Bow Down Bitches”?
camron davies
camron davies 12 hours ago
Plz can I talk you plz just need a second
bolt 537
bolt 537 12 hours ago
I fell like I'm the only guy listening to this😐
Kaylane Santos
Kaylane Santos 12 hours ago
Quem acha que essa mulher é a melhor cantora do mundo? Só os brasileiros vão saber responder😍👏👏
Neshia’s Life
Neshia’s Life 12 hours ago
I’m stupid asf tryna put vaseline on my teeth 🤦🏾‍♀️😂
Jose Briones
Jose Briones 13 hours ago
To the right to the right..she was better ways..haha true players
Sasha Hamlet
Sasha Hamlet 13 hours ago
This makes me miss my daughter.
chokomasawua cruisse
quien hoy 18 de septiembre 2019🙌🙋💃💃💃💃💃
Charlotte Mbatha
Charlotte Mbatha 13 hours ago
Honestly obsessed with this song 😍
Chukwuchebeanyi Onuorah
Beyoncé FORGAVE her husband.. Y'all need to get over yourselves.
Ekran Mohmed
Ekran Mohmed 13 hours ago
Do u see my halo do I have true fans
MediaWatchDawg 13 hours ago
I'm old enough to remember when this was called "My Umbrella." o.0
BATOOL or ALITA 13 hours ago
Who's come after dinah ( fifth harmony) C factor 😘🙂👇🏼
YoYo Jano
YoYo Jano 13 hours ago
bartier_ zari
bartier_ zari 13 hours ago
My wedding song!!!