Beyoncé - 7/11
5 years ago
Beyoncé - Ghost
5 years ago
Carlos Daniel
Carlos Daniel 12 hours ago
Gabe sj
Gabe sj 12 hours ago
Who’s here 2020????
Brittany Fryar
Brittany Fryar 12 hours ago
I don’t wanna b without u bae, I don’t wanna broken heart🙌
Elena Häkkinen
Elena Häkkinen 13 hours ago
Nyabera Evette
Nyabera Evette 13 hours ago
This song makes me question all the decisions have ever made and everything have ever done😭❤️
Rebecka Rbk
Rebecka Rbk 13 hours ago
Yan Yan
Yan Yan 13 hours ago
I just missed chungha pd 101 omg
Fun and learning zone
A big fan of Beyonce
letget! 13 hours ago
Em-lectricty 36
Em-lectricty 36 13 hours ago
❤😇 im wow
Amaka I
Amaka I 13 hours ago
Beyoncé is the best!
nae nae.
nae nae. 13 hours ago
sounds much like the record .
Montse Aguilar
Montse Aguilar 13 hours ago
#ListenTheCloobaRemix #CloobaRemix
Ebenezer Osasona
Ebenezer Osasona 13 hours ago
Beyonce is Overrated 😊
Valentin Bueno
Valentin Bueno 13 hours ago
How tf did Jay-Z bag Beyonce.
Khalyl Aayary
Khalyl Aayary 13 hours ago
Black lives matter ❤
truebeefae357 13 hours ago
MysticKnight 13 hours ago
halo best game
Facundo QUIROGA 13 hours ago
Holy trinity💕💕: Beyonce Rihanna Nicki
Mr Tylaak
Mr Tylaak 13 hours ago
Faut croire que je te plais paaaas Parce que tu me rappelleuh même pas
Saw Dust
Saw Dust 13 hours ago
Nyabera Evette
Nyabera Evette 13 hours ago
When the world is falling apart, at least some reminder❤️
Elizabeth Martinez
Elizabeth Martinez 13 hours ago
Now let's get in formation! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
Aï CarpeDiem
Aï CarpeDiem 13 hours ago
My favourite work out song!!!👌🎆
Saw Dust
Saw Dust 13 hours ago
This is exactly what's going on now. #BLM
Jasmine Kimani
Jasmine Kimani 13 hours ago
Legend has it that the dress she’s wearing is blue
Margaret Corcoran
Margaret Corcoran 13 hours ago
I still love this song! She is so beautiful, talented and timeless.
Krystal Klear
Krystal Klear 14 hours ago
last night was indeed like a zoo, but for justice to be served just.
Tim Williams
Tim Williams 14 hours ago
Black 😁😁
joylson alves
joylson alves 14 hours ago
#BlakeLivesMatter "Numa sociedade racista, não basta não ser racista. É necessário ser antirracista." - Angela Davis #VidasNegrasImportam
Louis king LTK
Louis king LTK 14 hours ago
watch from here... ruvid.net/video/video-FUbX0UieDQ4.html
Miss Giselle
Miss Giselle 14 hours ago
I feel you Bey.. I feel the same towards my son.. I try to treasure everyday as he gets older..
Candice Houttemane
Candice Houttemane 14 hours ago
Its basique ❤️💕
LWaruguru Mwangi
LWaruguru Mwangi 14 hours ago
2020 I think everyone who sees this year is leaving a mark.
Milena Chevalier
Milena Chevalier 14 hours ago
The Queen knew #2020
ლTia Hyungლ
ლTia Hyungლ 14 hours ago
Amo essa música kkkkkk
Jemia Cador
Jemia Cador 14 hours ago
Litterly our world rn
Larissa Teófilo
Larissa Teófilo 14 hours ago
Anti NW0
Anti NW0 14 hours ago
Predictive programming. People wake up!
иголка 14 hours ago
Black lives Matter ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
XxGolden GoddessxX
XxGolden GoddessxX 14 hours ago
Still don't know what she mean by ego
Julia Braga
Julia Braga 14 hours ago
Elizenil Dos santos
Elizenil Dos santos 14 hours ago
диля маматкулова
ШАКИРА ты всегда элегантно. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋🌹
Miss Kaufman
Miss Kaufman 14 hours ago
Her best song 😍
Penelope Dyke
Penelope Dyke 14 hours ago
I like it
Manu Oliveira
Manu Oliveira 14 hours ago
lowkey jadee
lowkey jadee 14 hours ago
No one: The people protesting for George Floyd:
Osandi Kodagoda
Osandi Kodagoda 14 hours ago
I love you so much Beyonce, I wish I could be a artist like you.
Sarutobi Hokage
Sarutobi Hokage 14 hours ago
Mood after the quarantine
Lil Kerek 101
Lil Kerek 101 14 hours ago
I AM Stela
I AM Stela 14 hours ago
2020 Stil the best!
I AM Stela
I AM Stela 14 hours ago
Turn the left Trump
CONWAC & GMVISION 14 hours ago
Its time already, yes you know, it's either you are for the creator or you loose to long suffering with lucifer or better still satan. Jesus is coming soon. Be wise. This song is a proverbial song to them that knows.
Maria Luíza Macedo de Souza
Gorge Floyd in the Usa João Pedro here in Brazil. In less than 1 month dead for being black. A man and a child dead for being who they are😢😢😢
Kelyese Mayfield
Kelyese Mayfield 15 hours ago
Her hair is beautiful💕💖
I AM Stela
I AM Stela 15 hours ago
2020 Still the best
Domimii Star
Domimii Star 15 hours ago
V dnešní době je třeba vzdát Ti Díky Beyoncé za to::: 1) ,,Prostě že Jsi 🙌🙌🙌". 1),, Žee existuješ v Naší přítomnosti 😊 😚". 1) Už tak narušené, křehké rovnováze! ;-( ..A Zemi zdědila💖 Žena 😄💖👆.
Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson 15 hours ago
I really enjoy this video each time I watch it! The guy in this video is grooving!
Rosy Posie
Rosy Posie 15 hours ago
I may not be black but I am here for you all. Let’s make a change in America and stop all this police violence and the injustice!
Cristina Trifan
Cristina Trifan 15 hours ago
Those legs and vocals tho...
Domina Ferro
Domina Ferro 15 hours ago
Había olvidado esta joyita👌🏾
BbyKayy 15 hours ago
Can someone please explain why everyone is here because of George Floyd?
Éder Alkimim
Éder Alkimim 15 hours ago
Perfeito! Bravo! Bravo!!!
Linda Meehan
Linda Meehan 15 hours ago
I don’t have a boy friend yet but I love this song iplay it every hour of every day
Cessa Lopes
Cessa Lopes 15 hours ago
Essa música, mostra a atual realidade! Em vários cantos do mundo...a desigualdade racial. Quando isso vai mudar! Senhor! Paz para Humanidade!
Olivia Fraser
Olivia Fraser 15 hours ago
I remember listening to this over and over when I was younger, nothing’s changed
Chris topher
Chris topher 15 hours ago
I don't know much about dirty hair but i know all you gotta use is shamPOO
Supernove diana cabral sofie
Dina ma tata di ce ser ele ci chante druk love
Real Gems
Real Gems 15 hours ago
Bee hive sting for Beyonce but not Floyd death
Heart in Love
Heart in Love 15 hours ago
and that’s how I knew I’m bi
Urena Aldo
Urena Aldo 15 hours ago
HEIDI PENAFIEL 15 hours ago
black lives matter <33
Aderinsola Adesida
Aderinsola Adesida 15 hours ago
And people say Formation visuals came out of nowhere 🤦🏾‍♀️
lili bronw
lili bronw 15 hours ago
Kouakou Naomie
Kouakou Naomie 15 hours ago
Marley Ex
Marley Ex 15 hours ago
Video is almost like Justify My Love by Madonna. ☺
Shreyans Sethia
Shreyans Sethia 15 hours ago
Beyonce is beautiful
Sequoia Spencer
Sequoia Spencer 16 hours ago
Only thing I have to say to 2020 is: “To the left, to the left!!”😷
Delphine Rebecca
Delphine Rebecca 16 hours ago
Delphine Rebecca
Delphine Rebecca 16 hours ago
papa maman
Mariline NORMILE
Mariline NORMILE 16 hours ago
Vincent Jordan
Vincent Jordan 16 hours ago
My joint still bangin in 2020
Delphine Rebecca
Delphine Rebecca 16 hours ago
Delphine rebecca
Bella Emmons
Bella Emmons 16 hours ago
I love this song
Zachah TV
Zachah TV 16 hours ago
C Cxxz
C Cxxz 16 hours ago
C Cxxz
C Cxxz 16 hours ago
sailor moon
sailor moon 16 hours ago
Me: It's not like I'm sleeping with the guy! Me everytime my boyfriend gets jealous
Atrain973 main4life386
I'm not a Beyonce fan but this girl looks good as hell in this video.
Muireann Greaney
Muireann Greaney 16 hours ago
I can’t be the only one listening in quarantine
Aaron Michael
Aaron Michael 16 hours ago
Beyoncé once again proactive to the cause
João Victor
João Victor 16 hours ago
George floyd
Glauber Pereira
Glauber Pereira 16 hours ago
George Floyd 😭
Moses Lalvenhima
Moses Lalvenhima 16 hours ago
Got me twisted ... 🤗🤗🤗
Eileen Miller
Eileen Miller 16 hours ago
My obsessed again😂😂🧐
Beatrice Elena
Beatrice Elena 16 hours ago
Griselda Gray
Griselda Gray 16 hours ago
shrtlink.ca/426hot1ovesxxx She'd been in for less than two seconds. In that time her heart had started
Alma Lopez
Alma Lopez 16 hours ago
#ListenTheCloobaRemix #CloobaRemix
cherrylipcase sweety
Am I the only one saying who run the world God