Beyoncé - 7/11
5 years ago
Beyoncé - Ghost
5 years ago
Priya Iyer
Priya Iyer Day ago
1:41 Houston Texas baby
lela tsiklauri
It's the first free black art in the Louvre. Not only the creature at 5:37. You realy made it. You are creators.
bla bla
bla bla Day ago
not particularly fond of beyonce (I don't think her voice is that great), but this song is a masterpiece in my opinion. I can listen to it on loop for hours every day and never get tired of it. If she keeps up with this style she'll be a real competition to pink in my rankings. Currently Pink - even she also doesn't have that great of a voice - has been releasing hit after hit after hit over 2 decades, and this is something that very few artists have managed to do in the recent (in the last half-century) history of music, so yeah... Anyway, great song.... the chorus and the piano parts are simply amazing
Caio Oliveira
987.155.641 4.321.534
kayla ramirez
Used us
kayla ramirez
By he is by
Gail Brown Weasel
My Sister Stephanie Plaited Hair favorite song miss you and I love you now you have your own Halo 🦅❤️💋💖🦅
Dominika Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim
Yeas I know this choreography yaaay finally!!! 2020😎✌🏿❤️👌🏿😃💪🏿💪🏿
Mona Beider
Mona Beider Day ago
Beyonceeeee how do u hit chat note
Shumsheia Johnson
Bigger starts at 5:10 your welcome best beyonce song ever soooo underappreciated so take the pen and rewrite it
emigrate Day ago
The only ring they wll get is rng worm!
kofil uddinsk
Who's here after #IRENE RED VELVET?
Kenyerra Weaver
12 year old me singing this like I’ve ever been in a relationship
Marina Perić
Fabrizio Iannarella
Love this❤️
Danic Santsa
Danic Santsa Day ago
K.R.S Day ago
I love you bey
K.R.S Day ago
Beyonce i love you
Nadine Rich
Nadine Rich Day ago
2020 🤷‍♀️
Cenas de Fimes
Melvin Tejera
Classic!!! This era of Bey was too fire
Antonio Law
Antonio Law Day ago
Kelly and Beyoncé
So So
So So Day ago
Beyonce love you
So So
So So Day ago
Beyonce i love you 20 years your voice in m’y Life i m french algérian from Marseille i love you bey
cash on nails 232
Husband and wife 😍😍😍You just gotta b drunk in love bhut more drunk then love 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🇺🇸🍸🍸🍷🍹🍹🍸🍷🍾🥃
John Lister
John Lister Day ago
She could have me if she played her cards right .
Elaine Mendes
Congrats to Blue Ivy for her NAACP award for this song! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🥰
Liý Fé
Liý Fé Day ago
Who's listening in 2020,?💗💋
MixTube Vídeos
Beyoncé ta branca aí viu
Iris Dos Santos
I love you beonce okey ceep doing this music because your the best singer i n our life like i dont no but i now your beautiful face don't cheyj your self 😊😘😙
Iris Dos Santos
Gigi Gudani
Gigi Gudani Day ago
If Beyonce came out with Shakira during the Super Bowl performance BEAUTIFUL LIAR-heart attacks would be going on.
Laurina Ndassebe
krystel mcneil
I love u beyonce u are like a sis to me
Luxcas Day ago
remember born to die, just the start
PunkMonkey81 Day ago
She is sooo horrible. Every song sucks
Naz Alkan
Naz Alkan Day ago
Türk yok mu yaw
Sophie Xenos
Sophie Xenos 2 days ago
Tay Star
Tay Star 2 days ago
Lets get this to a billion in 2020 people!!!
Alainia .Roberts
Alainia .Roberts 2 days ago
9 year old me had no business singing and memorizing this song.
LoveYourself 1st
LoveYourself 1st 2 days ago
2:40 my favorite part of the video and song 😍😍 yasss Bey drop and pop that thang back! He can’t handle it 🤣
Innocent Makombe
Innocent Makombe 2 days ago
Pretty hurts 💔💔😭
Peyton Weeks
Peyton Weeks 2 days ago
Al Amal Diémé
Al Amal Diémé 2 days ago
2020 ???
Kujkh Oijjj
Kujkh Oijjj 2 days ago
ic why u tilted it that now
jjkqazolp 2 days ago
I think this is the problem with some modern day women. Some try to be men though they'll never be one. Women will never be able to do things a man does.
Ray Luis William
Ray Luis William 2 days ago
The black chick dance better than both of them she got stop stick moves
Asim Ghaffar
Asim Ghaffar 2 days ago
Not heard many songs from Beyoncé but from the ones I've heard, this is my favourite.
Al Amal Diémé
Al Amal Diémé 2 days ago
Who still watching in 2020 ???
Kelly marie
Kelly marie 2 days ago
Nim Noyyah
Nim Noyyah 2 days ago
I can See Many Jay Z haters here
Joshua Caffee
Joshua Caffee 2 days ago
Chat Canaille
Chat Canaille 2 days ago
Tellement d'arts mélangés dans un seul clip..... 🙏❤️🌞
Саша Бэст
красиво на самом деле, и музыка хорошая
Nando G
Nando G 2 days ago
Perto de completar 10 anos essa música 🎼🎵
Louie Walton
Louie Walton 2 days ago
1:10 for tiktok😁
Kujkh Oijjj
Kujkh Oijjj 2 days ago
Queen of England will be gone soon enough
zunguproductions 2 days ago
bigger IS JUST SDAMN GOOD! like, wtf!
duda _tudo ok
duda _tudo ok 2 days ago
Essa música e 10/10😁
J K 2 days ago
Blue snapped here
Gisselle Guillen
Gisselle Guillen 2 days ago
This song made me so emotional T,T
J K 2 days ago
This deseverves billions of views
Kujkh Oijjj
Kujkh Oijjj 2 days ago
U must of dropped YOUR first born on HER head
J K 2 days ago
Best female collab ever ft When You Believe by Mariah and Whitney
myt k
myt k 2 days ago
Just left my husband to be. The marriage was supposed to happen this July. I am so scared to leave but I have to leave all this toxicity...
sousou sabah
sousou sabah 2 days ago
Frankeli Galcia
Frankeli Galcia 2 days ago
Todo loco
Chloe belieber
Chloe belieber 2 days ago
She so beautiful love you 😊❤❤
omegaplays 28
omegaplays 28 2 days ago
Lady anthem
Nobuhle Nokubonga
My mom died when I was 7months ..I don't have a picture of what she looked like I miss her everyday I guess heaven couldn't wait for her💔
Alancienne 2 days ago
Such a bad song
TASER77 2 days ago
кто с ган 13
Ignacio Alemán
Ignacio Alemán 2 days ago
Estoy limpiando mi casa escuchando esta canción.
Lourene Botes
Lourene Botes 2 days ago
Theory: (Be)yon(ce) = Bece "becky" And she has good hair, duh! What if that was what the side chick called Beyonce to Jay Z?
Satvinder Matharu
Why is she white?
Odesta Singh
Odesta Singh 2 days ago
This never getting old‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️💥💥💥💥💥💥💥❤️
Laja Larknai
Laja Larknai 2 days ago
Is that the Ivy Park collection?
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels 2 days ago
Leandro Batista
Leandro Batista 2 days ago
Mulherão da porra
ivan fernandez
ivan fernandez 2 days ago
Who after watching NIA’s performance?? 👑👑
Cory Yohani
Cory Yohani 2 days ago
Still thinking, this concert it's so huge for this damn two Queen. I'm very happy to see this duo. Need collaboration please :D
Luis A
Luis A 2 days ago
New edition."if it isn't love"
WhereIsYourBev? 2 days ago
Beyoncé: 2:18 _Buzz Lightyear just called. He wants his line back._
aurivan ou santos
Uma Deusa Amooooooo ❤❤❤
Bobby Baker
Bobby Baker 2 days ago
Beyonce Featuring voltio Get me boiled Remix (Tmdalamd) E.l.E In the Zone Def Jam Records and J Records a DIr: Lil X and Benny boom/Paul walker
Shy Shy
Shy Shy 2 days ago
Isso é tão nostálgico! Me lembra quando eu tinha 8 anos voltando pra casa em um dia nublado na van escolar, e na rádio sempre tocava essa música. Bons tempos
X. Simmons
X. Simmons 2 days ago
Fun fact: This video was released on her 35th birthday.
Matias Guarda
Matias Guarda 2 days ago
DJ: arriba las maracas Tu vieja:
Sariyah Phillip
Sariyah Phillip 2 days ago
Who would cheat on Beyonce???
Amateur Gacha
Amateur Gacha 2 days ago
im here from the "I miss you daddy" thing
Saulo Eustaquio
Saulo Eustaquio 2 days ago
Letícia Silva
Letícia Silva 2 days ago
#brasil leticia 😍 ❤ love #2020 23/02/2020
CrLazymInTx 2 days ago
GIRLLLL, I thought that was Tyra Banks 1:02
Chou Tzuyu
Chou Tzuyu 2 days ago
Back there I thought this will be the end of the world
Robert Villalpando
Harnessing dark energy no joke # 🤝🤝
Clarice 2 days ago
Tirulef tirulef
Lara Gomes
Lara Gomes 2 days ago
Minha deusa💕
Estevan Hernandez
Where is King Crimson when you need him most. I need to see that beautiful face those eyes. Michael Garza ! !
skankhunt42 2 days ago
Like si crees que tengo mas dinero que ellos dos.
Avocado 2 days ago
The fact that the comments are still rolling in after roughly 10 years is proof Beyoncé really is the Queen 🐝