Good Videos are like hitting a bullseye so if i hit the bullseye give me some likes so many people miss the entire target keep it real gamers aint no bumming
Marcone Antelius
Marcone Antelius 7 hours ago
Imagine walking up to the arcade cabinet with this music bumping through the speakers as you put your coin in against someone who's been standing there all day whooping everyone's asses.
Shelby Wu
Shelby Wu 15 hours ago
Where my scorpion fellas listening to ost?
池田好弘 16 hours ago
サイクロイドをファイティングレイヤーシリーズの練習台として、再登場して欲しいです。 サイクロイドαをファイティングEXレイヤーで初登場して欲しいです。
Marshall Law
Marshall Law Day ago
Lee chaolan
This is one of the coolest interface design in game history.
paul doake
paul doake 2 days ago
Namco in affect !
NJG 2 days ago
This would be my team.
Polar 3 days ago
not a girl but i feel akira has the power to turn women gay
onirockman 3 days ago
adam zarbon
adam zarbon 4 days ago
Seth_Nile 4 days ago
I am so confused about what's going on here 😕
eevee 4 days ago
I used to play this
THE EQUALIZER 4 days ago
What a good guy, I know tekken stories are about a lot of grey characters but I consider king to really being a good guy.
Luis Azpilcueta
Luis Azpilcueta 5 days ago
Juan Manuel Juárez
Juri is stiil Cold and ruthless and he hate Violence as ever like iori and k. And still living with hatred and rage vengence to kill Ryu and m.bison and all killed the shadaloo
Elias Torrilla
Elias Torrilla 5 days ago
el mejor juego de pelea!
Juan Manuel Juárez
This is like sfv and tk7 ryu vs final boss m.bison.. kazuya vs heihachi mishima
Juan Manuel Juárez
Hey can you do a video juri with chun li ken xiaoyu vs hwoarang with Guy and cody and law scrambelle battle
boltun 6 days ago
0:18 carson crying.mp4
RashadZ 6 days ago
Why does the Angelus looks so ugly
Yuhjer Tsai
Yuhjer Tsai 6 days ago
SHIRASE is a powerful character
Jean Marie Cabaylo
When Jin doesn't know how a woman feels. Damn! 😂
Luis Azpilcueta
Luis Azpilcueta 7 days ago
Vvhjuhhhhuhhhvvvhivvhuvhhihhhvvvhuhvhhihhhohhjojjjohhhjhhhvvhuhvhphhhh Hhhhhhhivvhijjihjook
The Best Performer in the Cosmos
royale high?
RipsharkTV 7 days ago
T7 has the absolute most subpar n generic sounding soundtrack within the Tekken series (excluding Revolution) but yet, I still fuck with it. Its not bad. Just when I think Tekken I think like “day before the glass matrix” type of sound
Juan Manuel Juárez
I want you to make another video jin and juri vs ryu and lars in cocmic elevador four rounds this time Another will be ken and guy vs Hwoarang and nina four rounds with normal clothes without seleck ting colors
Juan Manuel Juárez
I i respond in normal cotumes without alterate and swat betwell ryu and lars vs juri and Jin oh well Whatever. And lets see if you use nina with Xiaoyu vs guy and sakura
Luis Azpilcueta
Luis Azpilcueta 8 days ago
Your Average Joe 2
This was probably a tribute to Michelle since this was the last canon game she would be in.
Juan Manuel Juárez
The new trailer of the game august 26 2013 saga balylon pandora garden story dlc new title game ryu and lars vs juri jin kazama Ken vs Hwoarang Campaign team: mishima zaibatsu team. (Jin juri hwoarang xiaoyu nina steve) tekken forces (lars) G Corporation (kazuya)
Juan Manuel Juárez
Lars vs juri august 2013 dlc qoutes. Lars: complete unforgiven . you will pay for attacking my combras juri! 2 qoute Did you finally get it now juri? You never defeat ryu never! 3 qoute: juri this place shall become your grave! 4 qoute: now i shall take your feng shui engine eye! Juri! you gotta regret this day you team up with jin kazama Ryu vs juri qoutes august 2013 dlc Ryu: Those eyes you still have not giving up are ya? I gueeg i undestard why are you decide to team up with the mishima zaibatsu Ken: we thout You're not instersting Team up with seomeone and then you team up with the mishima zaibatsu!? I gueec that piece shit is better is better Right? Ken vs Hwoarang qoutes. Ken: Sorry bubdy but we finally know who is the better rival of Those two Right? Hwoarang: see!? You see that shit!? Ken!? Who is the best rival huh Fucker!? Huh!?
Juan Manuel Juárez
Can you do more vídeos of street fighter x tekken scramble battle please. the segond is ken and guy vs Hwoarang and nina. And the thirh is cody and alisa vs xiaoyu and steve. The four is Chun li and lei wulong vs law and sakura
Juan Manuel Juárez
Thank you
Evelyn Cumbie
Evelyn Cumbie 8 days ago
Evelyn Cumbie
Evelyn Cumbie 8 days ago
Yes I found it may god send good luck for life your way
Evelyn Cumbie
Evelyn Cumbie 8 days ago
Yes I found it mat God send good luck your way for life
Evelyn Cumbie
Evelyn Cumbie 8 days ago
Yes I found it mat God send good luck your way for life
Jason Leslie
Jason Leslie 8 days ago
Make a point never to make her mad
Oscar Hernandez
Oscar Hernandez 8 days ago
Marvel vs capcom 2 is still the best by far in the series man great memories playing this game in the early 2000
Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas 8 days ago
Thanks for this!
Eddy #1
Eddy #1 8 days ago
Guess We know who's next🎯🎯🎯
photondebuger45 8 days ago
ielya tehrani
ielya tehrani 9 days ago
Imagine if such person like her was in real life
John Lomuscio
John Lomuscio 9 days ago
He dies
Armando Hidalgo
Armando Hidalgo 9 days ago
Kazama vs kazama in 1:58
Daniel Chan
Daniel Chan 9 days ago
s s
s s 9 days ago
where I download this complete sountrack?
Humberto Tr 29
Humberto Tr 29 9 days ago
Hi . Do u play this game in the console itself or any emulator ???
onirockman 9 days ago
@Humberto Tr 29 console
Humberto Tr 29
Humberto Tr 29 9 days ago
onirockman 9 days ago
why? the gameplay or graphics?
Hetty 10 days ago
loved it
фокс баха
фокс баха 10 days ago
Ты russkn
DynoMike 10 days ago
fun fact they used this music in the wait area of a ride in Disney World. I think it was "Soarin'"
Smo 7 days ago
You gotta be shitting me lmao
my iq is 2
my iq is 2 10 days ago
Why’d they get rid of the thing at the end “Jinpachi’s mind is consumed by the devil as he reaches his final transformation The world will never be the same”
Wailyn Vele
Wailyn Vele 10 days ago
Juri and sakura are so good
Juan Manuel Juárez
Uppate november 2012 Juri and sakura Special tag intro. Juri: this is my fight don't stan in my way stand back okay?. Sakura: no juri you can,t beaten all by your self i going to fight too and do my best too!. Juri activate the feng shui engine say Juri: You're dead!
Blazing Roy
Blazing Roy 10 days ago
This slaps and sounds awesome asf coming out of a top notch audio system.
Aggressive Attitude Era
Feels like Heat Haze a little bit.
Obed 264
Obed 264 11 days ago
My heart 💔 :')
bub777 11 days ago
What really amazes me is that this is PS1 game. I get the intro is CG, but that's the thing! It looks so sharp and detailed, I'd swear it's an FMV for a PS2 game. If you ask me, in comparison, Square's pre-rendered cutscenes for their games during that generation didn't seem this vibrant.
Awais Akram
Awais Akram 11 days ago
Paul > kazuya if you know how to play him
Ayano kitamura
Ayano kitamura 13 days ago
To 36 Xiaoyu didn't like that vídeo xD
Darkdragon699 13 days ago
My only favorite ending in the game
Froggie 14 days ago
i remember thinking as a kid that this scene was King looking at his own children trough the window and ex wife who had thrown King out of home cause he was a drunkard. damn my mind was dark
bloody spartan
bloody spartan 14 days ago
Who hate s god of war? No body😎😎😎
Zeku Of Bushinryu
Zeku Of Bushinryu 14 days ago
The SFEX plus alpha version is the best period.
Aloysius Cher
Aloysius Cher 14 days ago
onirockman, is Yoshimitsu and Kunimitsu husband and wife?
EpicNinja218 15 days ago
Who are you?
Mauricio Rodríguez
nathaniel gil
nathaniel gil 15 days ago
Need the name
Benson Wang
Benson Wang 15 days ago
Is this game is for tekken:blood revenge?
Emotionless Bun
Emotionless Bun 15 days ago
1:03 Alisa : pain noises
Zedrik Allen
Zedrik Allen 15 days ago
Tekken 2 easily has the best soundtrack in the entire series.
Yeetus Delete This
Yeetus Delete This 15 days ago
Good to see they finally fave okuyasu a better backstory
reuben redentor reyes
I need some help ,please ? How to fit the screen for this game on pc ?There is no command except windows mode ,borderless mode and full screen mode but still not fitting the pc screen.
revolver 16 days ago
Make devil jin look devil again Tekken 8!
Blockhead 16 days ago
Not hating on this game or anything but why does it get lots of attention?
Repita Game Over
Repita Game Over 18 days ago
Round 8: Trilha mudam . Exceto no Caso do Roger e Alex no Arcade Mode.
Repita Game Over
Repita Game Over 18 days ago
Legal trilha do Lee e o Foguete.
jasmine banks
jasmine banks 18 days ago
jasmine banks
jasmine banks 18 days ago
pizzicatesque 19 days ago
The random Foot Locker subliminal ad...
Nick *
Nick * 19 days ago
Dragunov is THICC!
Ryan O'Mullan
Ryan O'Mullan 19 days ago
Getting really big Plini/Sithu Aye vibes, I really like it
Super Unsafe
Super Unsafe 19 days ago
Took this one for granted.. I loved version 1 but now that we're stuck 3 I wish we had this one back..
Nicolás Sabbatini
Nicolás Sabbatini 19 days ago
I love how Tom describe the situation and the info about Kirk. This game is so serious from the beginning.
Poru 777
Poru 777 20 days ago
The Demons from shun goku satsu!
Prototype Jack From Tekken
1:55 so that's where Claudio got his hopkick... interesting
Dragonblaze 20 days ago
This mode i like, it's OG as a mode, since it appeared in the first tekken tag tournament.
No compromise in menu graphics
I am watching this on 2020.
I still need this type of music for the future also
Bimbel Kamila
Bimbel Kamila 20 days ago
Paul tekken 6
Almond Milk
Almond Milk 20 days ago
Sheva is the most badass character in resident evil you can’t change my mind.
My favourite female character from RE!
Mohd Redhuan
Mohd Redhuan 20 days ago
So we can change the original bgm to the tekken tag 1 bgm.
onirockman 20 days ago
playstation was the vid ok ?
Hassoum Badji
Hassoum Badji 20 days ago
Welcome to the kumite
Hassoum Badji
Hassoum Badji 20 days ago
Xangfei on Shanghai stage background Hey guys how's the going Yeah that's me by smiling yay me!!!
Hassoum Badji
Hassoum Badji 20 days ago
May i join in that tournament??
Dima Rebaz
Dima Rebaz 21 day ago
LEO is girl
UNKNOWN_BAKURA ! 21 day ago
Redd Animations
Redd Animations 21 day ago
*sounds like endgame to me*