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momentinpassing 14 minutes ago
What if upon trying the shampoo you would have had a transformative hair experience? Hmm?
C A 23 minutes ago
Excellent topic to break down and elaborate on.. 👍👌😎 Thanks for sharing!
Caitlin Miller
Caitlin Miller 25 minutes ago
Spoken like an Englishman;-)
Alexey Saranchev
5:29 for those "RUvidrname but out of context" compilations.
Steven Patrick
I love your channel Indy, but you seem to have forgotten the early years of the war when the Wehrmacht drove the BEF out of Belgium & France; & Rommel’s Africa Corps pushing the British out of Libya & back into Egypt.
Alsadius Hour ago
I suspect that the choice of which to carry was mostly dictated by the rank you fought in. The guys at the back would likely carry the light ones, and throw them over the heads of their allies. The guys at the front, with a direct shot, would use the heavy ones. Seems logical, at least.
Argie Hour ago
Portable blanket.
Neil Evason
Neil Evason Hour ago
lindy a recent convert after watching you on little wars tv, i have to say a really considered and thoughtful watch. human life no matter what colour, race or creed is precious, I also think we tend to forget about the 20++ million russians and the 15++ millions of chinese killed by the japanese in WW2
Florbengorben Hour ago
Oh lord I just thought of something potentially unsettling... If half-breeds cannot have children, wouldn't that make them the ideal sexual plaything? I can see the majority of prostitutes in a fantasy setting like this being half-breeds because you can have sex with them without fear of pregnancy. It would give half-breeds a whole new level of stigma if that were the case; if you recognize a half-breed, they might carry a cultural and societal funk with them because people are familiar with the common profession and stereotype of half-breeds being prostitutes. Plus, in terms of attraction, I can see them being appealing to a wide variety of people because depending on what they're a cross between, both attributes are seen in them.
hognoxious Hour ago
Never heard a muzzle break called a barrel break before.
kieran franey
kieran franey Hour ago
Rattle snakes , rattle and it freezes you to the spot. I was actually shot in the head with a high powered slug gun , it was in my head for 6 months before they dug it out , my mother was mortified, she thought she was a much better shot than she was , or I am not that good at balancing an apple on my head , hard to tell really why she was so upset.
Máté Reichardt
"Takatakatakata" Never gets old
Brian Dublidi
Brian Dublidi Hour ago
6:00. i do not speak british. i speak føroyskt/feroese
Samurai Fool
Samurai Fool Hour ago
Love the Digressions Mr LB. So much history crammed into this Story. Really enjoy your work Thx. Kim in Oz 😎
Blackhawk 1463
So today I watched a middle-aged man belly dancing on a sofa whilst wearing a suit of armour. How was your day?
dhruvingr8 Hour ago
Normally cannons have insane recoil and push backwards. Crazy how these guns were so stable by the 18th century.
Basil II Makedonas
By burning the bracken and cultivating grass and other plant that animals eat in order to go there and hunt them humanity had made it's first steps at agriculturalism
Hippo 2 hours ago
The title and thumbnail is brilliant. 😂
Richard Short
Richard Short 2 hours ago
Smells of paint... You laugh. When I taught in Papua-New Guinea in a school that was a former hospital, they told me the place hadn't been painted since the Royal Visit.
Alberto Barreto
Alberto Barreto 2 hours ago
According to WW1 and WW2, ALOT.
Frank Hoffman
Frank Hoffman 2 hours ago
Too much unnecessary prep. It's supposed to be about an ambush, not a frenetic, disjointed history of Rome. Can't hang with it
Red Rooster
Red Rooster 2 hours ago
LOL! I'm going to share this to all my friends on Facebook. YEAH!
Joke Franic
Joke Franic 2 hours ago
i think this is the first video of lindy i watched
Alexey Saranchev
Alexey Saranchev 3 hours ago
Stronghold has taught me that in medieval times to be able to pour down boiling oil from the castle walls you have to had an engineering degree.
namn 3 hours ago
no one in american colloquial would speak so clearly and properly
Paul 3 hours ago
One question I have about this is how the metallurgy of the modern armor, and the modern arrowhead for that matter, compares to authentic period armor. An arrow might not have a chance against modern steel, but it might fare better against the relatively primitive metallurgy of middle age armor plates... maybe.
Will Geers
Will Geers 3 hours ago
Say what you will, but my drunk college roommate's katana was very effective at stabbing through my bedroom door and getting me 100 dollars in repair fees
Kaung Sithu sett
Kaung Sithu sett 3 hours ago
In the BEF during WW2, 20mm autocannons were called "Ack-Ack" because... Well, you guessed it.
Martin Čelko
Martin Čelko 3 hours ago
Permanent breasts for permanent porn.
Mod 66
Mod 66 3 hours ago
Car tracks in Roman times
Sam S Lomas
Sam S Lomas 3 hours ago
Taxation is government spending they spend we pay period
David Hollins
David Hollins 3 hours ago
Lloyd - channelling the spirit of Keith Floyd.
Just Frank Just Dank
Make a video about boarding ships
Galaxy PL
Galaxy PL 4 hours ago
Thanks for advice!
Wanna Play?
Wanna Play? 4 hours ago
Great story, great storyteller. Subscribed.
Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins 4 hours ago
Aside from the stress soldiers have to deal with having done something so incompatible with the moral system most humans have, conditioning a shoot to kill reflex likely also causes more civilian casualties and makes it harder for soldiers to re-integrate into society when they come home. Maybe the first step in recruiting infantry should be to find those 2% who don't need to be reconditioned. Either those who can shoot to kill without provocation are dangerous people and we should prevent them from signing up, or not needing to recondition them would prevent the issues caused by our current methods.
The Ha-Go was a very good tank. It was not designed for taking on other tanks, it was designed to support infantry in attacks on Chinese positions. The Chinese, lacking anti-tank equipment, and the terrain not being suitable for heavy and large tanks, so they chose to use a small, light and fast tank. The Japanese were never actually prepared to go up against other tanks, however, a Ha-Go can easily destroy an M3 Stuart. The best Japanese tank that actually saw service could take on a Sherman. However, during the battle of Tarawa, a Ha-Go disabled a Sherman tank by actually knocking out the Sherman's gun. But when you look at what the Japanese designed the Ha-Go to go up against, and it's performance in what it was designed to do, it was a great tank.
TAoW John Wick
TAoW John Wick 5 hours ago
It takes way less energy to step back and avoid parrying at all. Large sweeping blows require recovery time where you are extremely vulnerable. The vast majority of swordsmen would have a shield as well to block with. A shield was far cheaper and easier to make for the common soldier so that would be the go-to defense. Sure in a pinch someone would use their swords to defend, but they would use other defenses. And for many smaller blows, armor was more than sufficient to block it. Bronze weapons and early iron/steel weapons were much weaker and prone to chipping than the swords of the middle ages/Japan, the army compositions also forced men into densely packed areas requiring all out attacks to survive and this is why so many swords of the ancient world are chipped.
the soldier from team fortnite 2
....a coffin, ay? -astronomia fades in-
Edgunsuk 5 hours ago
I would pay to see you give this talk in a social club in merthyr where i was born lol half the women are still neanderthal lol you just said they are all mutants and all designed to cheat , prob true and the audience i mention would prob not notice but my god if there was maybe one slightly bright one youd be lynched , but this was thoroughly entertaining lol
Roman's DSGF
Roman's DSGF 5 hours ago
First time? Your a natural! Thats a good distance for first time nice !
Xan Ben
Xan Ben 5 hours ago
boris johnson liked this
Snowy Maximus
Snowy Maximus 5 hours ago
Love ya Llyod, any video you make makes my day a bit brighter. Keep it up!
Balázs Fazakas
Balázs Fazakas 5 hours ago
Yeah but what's the deal with the three TV remotes?
Joseph Borek
Joseph Borek 5 hours ago
Didn't the Marder use captured Soviet 76.2mm guns?
radarlovedr 6 hours ago
Who here is a gamer and already know what mana is?
Dave Crystal
Dave Crystal 6 hours ago
Thank you for keeping me abreast on this topic.
Big Mike Edge
Big Mike Edge 6 hours ago
why was this recommended lol. nice video though. im excited to get a cloak now
Paul 6 hours ago
@8:52 I’ve hunted a broad or two in my day as well.
Don Bean
Don Bean 6 hours ago
We're lucky that rain is rare in England.
nikto2000 6 hours ago
The asphyxiation could be true. In the book The Destruction of Dresden...they spoke of bunkers full dead civilians..without a mark on them..that were asphyxiated by the firebombing of the city
Hexlafenif 6 hours ago
7:33 In every language there are orthographic rules, very few languages are written down with the regional dialects, it's not only a characteristic of English, for example, a sentence in Spanish: - Me gusta mucho ir a la playa por las mañanas - Me guta musho i a la playa po la mañana The last example is the dialect of Andalusia, in southern Spain (probably not very accurate). The first one is the one that is use in all the Spanish speakers countries, and the same happens with french, German, Russian... Then, you said that English has a very useful way of reading because the ambiguity of the words doesn't exist, for example two, to or too. Well, sorry but that's a very stupid argument, if, for example 2 is written as "to" if you read "I will go to a house" your are not going to think that "to" is refering to 2, because the sentence will have no sense, most of the words that sound the same refers to totally different things, and anyone can know that. A writing system needs to be easy and practical, we don't need to know the history of the language by reading it, because the only thing I want to know is what the book, web, message, letter... Is telling me, I don't care about the story of the language at this moment, and If I were interested in the story of English I would to Wikipedia or I would study linguistics. The written language needs to be easy and precise, and English is not. English is not the best writing system in Europe, in fact I think that is one of the worst of Europe as far as I know.
Kevin Coombes
Kevin Coombes 7 hours ago
My Dad was trained as a Bren gunner. He considered the point about area denial as risible. Yes the Bren was very accurate, but it was light enough to move around to spray rounds for area denial.
Leto Alexander
Leto Alexander 7 hours ago
i love this dude! hope he makes more ancient war vids, stay safe and healthy!
Tsar Nikolai II
Tsar Nikolai II 7 hours ago
Tsar Bell: are you kidding me friend?
jaeoskyldig 7 hours ago
You can also use a sword to untie difficult knots, as Alexander so famously found out!
Munen 7 hours ago
I too would like to penetrate Frenchman
cook1645 7 hours ago
have u tried both toghter
Gazza660 7 hours ago
I am so glad RUvid recommended me this channel this is great stuff been watching your videos all day and I am subscribed!
Robert Tomasik
Robert Tomasik 7 hours ago
i gus noticed this guy has a broken tooth
John Chestnut
John Chestnut 7 hours ago
They are working on what you describe. If you have lots of moving pictures, then you can use time to map changes and guess at what's going on. The faster the movement the better to a point. To fast and the camera can't keep up. Too slow and there's not enough information for a guess. But it's still a guess.
Mr Jimmy
Mr Jimmy 7 hours ago
It's not a 'christian' message in any way, it's a humanist message which doesn't come from any myths or fairytales but from human nature and intelligence. This message was old long before the christian 'god' was even invented.
Henry Jacobsen
Henry Jacobsen 7 hours ago
German was 7.92mm ×57, generally known as 8×57mm Mauser.
Emilio Chavez
Emilio Chavez 8 hours ago
It’s only cheating if you get caught... up until then it’s just good defense
Maximilian Pohlmann
Kudos, I learned a lot, really appreciate this type of content
DAZelioni 8 hours ago
Many many contradictions in this story. Nonetheless it was entertaining
BigBenny Hewy
BigBenny Hewy 8 hours ago
I love that even the old videos teach me so much!
MUHROMATIC 8 hours ago
The Colt SAA was actually preferred by soldiers due to the fact that you could top it off, unlike others.
Bres 8 hours ago
Great knowledge and information, but what the hell is with your jumpers?
Mino Trombetta
Mino Trombetta 8 hours ago
If the name "Spandau" or "MG34/42" causes such a controversy, why insist on calling it by a name that is controversial and technically incorrect? Wasn't the original intention to compare the MG34/42 with the Bren gun? Instead you undermined what might have been a reasonably informative video. Say slowly after me... "MG34"... now "MG42"... it's not too difficult, is it? Forget F***ing "Spandau" already. Please! :D
king kuro neko
king kuro neko 8 hours ago
Dusan Acimovic
Dusan Acimovic 8 hours ago
GEORGEE T Boom 8 hours ago
You could work in an old person home or a hostipal. Like Dr Sleep in stephen kings novels, he knows when people are going to die and they know he knows, so he helps them cross over
Dusan Acimovic
Dusan Acimovic 9 hours ago
0:48 sub'd
Theo Heinrich
Theo Heinrich 9 hours ago
Got this in my recommend.
Pivot pictures
Pivot pictures 9 hours ago
American school shooters: WRITE THAT DOWN!
Booker TheTwit
Booker TheTwit 9 hours ago
I know all this, but your voice is so calming I enjoyed this alot
elisirfly 9 hours ago
That mid-video ad was immersion breaking I have to say. Sure it can be skipped but it wasn't nice to be completely honest.
luke hyde
luke hyde 10 hours ago
"women aren't attractive just because of boobs, they can also cook!"
Zach Smith
Zach Smith 10 hours ago
In a few thousand years someone will make a video about our houses like this
Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great 10 hours ago
'Oh the albedo!'
Murray Scott
Murray Scott 10 hours ago
We all have these moments, in life. Brought tears to my eyes, thinking of mistakes I've made, the things I should have said and the things I've said that I wish I could take back. Such is Life. Learn to forgive yourself,then you ( maybe ) can begin to forgive others. Best of Luck ! ! !
The One Millionth Roger
They invaded England! They burned English villages! They plundered English treasure! They settled English land! They bore English children!
The Knight of Green
The Knight of Green 10 hours ago
This is an inspiration to media critiques all around
Varano Analfabeta
Varano Analfabeta 11 hours ago
Cool vid, but there is one only one error Byzantium is not only the name of the empire, but is the old name of turkey, btw an overall great vid.
Skye Walker
Skye Walker 11 hours ago
I love Lundy, he's got such great content
Will Patterson
Will Patterson 11 hours ago
Americans are terrible drivers and most of them drive automatic.
The One Millionth Roger
Sad Kirk noises
David JR
David JR 12 hours ago
Game of Thrones is a massive piece of feminist propaganda
Evan Harrison
Evan Harrison 12 hours ago
First ever armour? So was I the only kid who went to elementary school with a pair of phonebooks and six rolls of newspaper taped to him?
Mahdokt Walter
Mahdokt Walter 12 hours ago
My forebears were held in a british concentration camp. I grew up hearing the history at the knee of my late great grand mother and grandmother. To this day I sit and watch the sun sinking over the oh so inglorious empire as they sink under their imports. There will beva payday and that is set in stone. You have your opinion and us entitled to it so am I. Edit adding link. ruvid.net/video/video-vEBTTQw0j-4.html
Blackhawk 1463
Blackhawk 1463 12 hours ago
The sound of war is to Sir Sidney Smith as the word squirrel to an untrained dog 🐶
Jacob Buxton
Jacob Buxton 12 hours ago
Welding the numbers on would’ve probably been easier than casting or stamping. It’s done quite often on logging equipment
supermeneer 12 hours ago
Mike Ritchie
Mike Ritchie 12 hours ago
Great video - thanks. The 1958 Dunkirk movie was superior in almost every way to the more recent movie served up at our cinemas. In fact the latter was so bad that I was desperate for the Germans to break through the British rearguard so the pain of watching this alleged masterpiece could end.
John Smith
John Smith 12 hours ago
Interesting but could have been 5 minutes.
marc humphrey
marc humphrey 13 hours ago
couldnt they have used boats or rafts
Allison Sinclair-Jones
Sure i'm a woman but I used to be a teenage boy so sure I like tanks
Michele P
Michele P 13 hours ago
ha ha, did you hear the joke in the Stone Age, it was the women and the feminists who lived in caves....the men had wooden hunting lodges out on the plains, dens.
DIAZ52 13 hours ago
Lindy if you're going to use such foul language as 'blinking flip' then I'll take my viewership elsewhere. I'm not accustomed to such coarse language as used by truckers, sailors and convicts. Good day to you sir! Good day!!....lol