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Wish 9 hours ago
Seppuku%Carnival 9 hours ago
I just want brand new operators that's not from the campaign or some random weapon youtuber who got a video game guest role
ARMMED GAMES 9 hours ago
And soup ?
KEV1N 9 hours ago
I really want soap as a OP but it don't fit the timeline 😩
Wish 9 hours ago
This call of brazzers parody looks sick!
Joe Rigano
Joe Rigano 9 hours ago
This was an underwhelming trailer
Kysri 38
Kysri 38 9 hours ago
Coming Farah in Battle Pass?
Joe Teller
Joe Teller 9 hours ago
Farah best girl
Christian Salazar
Christian Salazar 9 hours ago
I look 300gb
VIRUSNinja 9 hours ago
Nikolai and farah lets goo
xxdarkxxgamer Ilic
xxdarkxxgamer Ilic 9 hours ago
Wolvie X
Wolvie X 9 hours ago
i just start play again yesterday with 55 gb update ,and now should update again ? great
Oakbass 12
Oakbass 12 9 hours ago
Wheres ghost?
DirtyGrove 9 hours ago
Not worth reinstalling the game again
Mashdor 9 hours ago
Can't wait to the new season!!!
Bouncy 9 hours ago
Where is zombies for warzone?
Aidan Rameaka
Aidan Rameaka 9 hours ago
they should make a clown operator pack
Delta 5_10
Delta 5_10 9 hours ago
Gabrel 9 hours ago
I expect Farah on BP mobile too.
Dylan 666
Dylan 666 9 hours ago
Just want soapppp
xxdarkxxgamer Ilic
xxdarkxxgamer Ilic 9 hours ago
Yeah biy
Trots97 9 hours ago
we need nightmode !!!
Justin Winn
Justin Winn 9 hours ago
Farrah's face in the thumbnail looks weird
Jerin Isac
Jerin Isac 9 hours ago
My 2TB Barracuda is coming in handy
Wish 9 hours ago
Why they do my russian specnaz soldiers like dat
Weaves YTs
Weaves YTs 9 hours ago
Phara? You???
Thomas O.
Thomas O. 9 hours ago
My hard drive is like Death Row. Which game gets it next?
J Rossborough
J Rossborough 9 hours ago
I’ve got 23gb left pls don’t be big
mrkiiprototype 9 hours ago
Me looking around for who asked for this character
odin 1
odin 1 9 hours ago
100 gigs later and 9 hrs of updating .........muuuuuurrrrr
Wish 9 hours ago
Cant wait for Farahs 4 year old character beeing added slaughtering specnaz soldiers with a revolver Worst overrated cod character ever I would rather play as the robot from infinite warfare ffs
Last Strand
Last Strand 9 hours ago
I'm kinda getting tired of deleting stuffs now... I hope Warzone becomes an add-on afterwards when Cold War comes out.
Kirk Wahmmett
Kirk Wahmmett 9 hours ago
Hold up, was that an AS Val in Nikolai's hands?
The Legend
The Legend 9 hours ago
Too many women. Smh
Marxman 9 hours ago
AS VAL, I dig it
Max Douse
Max Douse 9 hours ago
Give me r700 or give me death
Ninjowski Gaming
Ninjowski Gaming 9 hours ago
Farah=the best character from the campaign .
Sina Hashemi
Sina Hashemi 9 hours ago
Where is soap?
SaurabhRitu 9 hours ago
Storage down I am clear...😒
Lord Chanka
Lord Chanka 9 hours ago
I can't believe the voice actor who plays nikolai is actually Colossus from the deadpool movies bruh
panda 9 hours ago
so does this mean you guys finally fixed the ak barrel?
Sina Madani
Sina Madani 9 hours ago
R700, please. And add more Allegiance operators / skins, they're mostly terrible compared to Coalition.
Maximus Rodriguez
Maximus Rodriguez 9 hours ago
That first guy deserved to get cut, using the model 680
triynizzles 9 hours ago
Honestly I hate Nikolai. He is my least favorite character in The modern warfare franchise. He's like this mythical, convenient, always saves the day character. I hate it. it's like every time they can't explain something in the plot they just say oh Nikolai fixed it...
DabTHC 9 hours ago
No map changes, lol
Ben Geiger
Ben Geiger 9 hours ago
Activision: Download season six now early. Me: Just finished downloading season five.
Dangerous Freedom
Dangerous Freedom 9 hours ago
@1:08 you can see the AS VAL in the burning soldier’s hands.
Tris M.H
Tris M.H 9 hours ago
Whats the song
ThisisDan 9 hours ago
Definitely means we are getting Nikolai as an operator. I wish we cod get a decent campaign. The cinematics and story are awesome but we barely get any story in warzone
Aj Jackson
Aj Jackson 9 hours ago
Download gonna take forever 🤦🏻‍♂️
Exotic Monkey
Exotic Monkey 9 hours ago
Only 10GB of 500 😔 every like gives me a GB on my Xbox 😊
Sayed Afroz
Sayed Afroz 9 hours ago
So there will b metro now....
Jsik 9 hours ago
Ight, what games are getting deleted🙃
John Sumera
John Sumera 9 hours ago
I’m ready for season 6
JOHN MATHEWSON 9 hours ago
She looks similar to Mr. Bean
Stokque 9 hours ago
Next Call of duty game comes with a 1TB Hard disk
Diss is sleepy
Diss is sleepy 9 hours ago
hopefully a new meta is added
Pejkov 9 hours ago
Oh no please don't make the update more than 10 gb i only have 150gb left and im planning to install Rdr2
Gopnik McBlyat
Gopnik McBlyat 9 hours ago
Is it bad to eat cake with knife?
KING 1 9 hours ago
Underground trains?
Dr. Wraithwolf 2077
I was hoping to see Farah and Alex to see each other again and have some banter, it be a bonus if that were the case.
MT1120 9 hours ago
Season 6, going Dark.
mega gamer
mega gamer 9 hours ago
So, the as val is gonna be main weapon instead of the AA-12?, cool.
Samuel C.
Samuel C. 9 hours ago
Orlando Perez
Orlando Perez 9 hours ago
Where’s soap?!?!?! We need soap!!!!! We want soap!!!!
Thicc Diq Flex 0w0
Thicc Diq Flex 0w0 9 hours ago
I was hoping for soap But Nikolai and Farah are alright
Username 9 hours ago
I want a new gulag
This is Roberry
This is Roberry 9 hours ago
At NASA space facility: Security: tell me what is your motive to steal the computer? To sell it to black market? Are you a russian spy? Me: to download the season six warzone
ItsYaBoiMDT 9 hours ago
it's about time Farah joins the fight
Mayank Rathore
Mayank Rathore 9 hours ago
287k views in 2 hours after launch of video. Impressive call of duty, I praise to the lord to forget their sons of creating bad games and bless them with a bright future. By the way ACTIVISION: can you give me a gaming pc and Call of duty modern warfare so that I could play😭 PLEASE?
Nunyo Biznes
Nunyo Biznes 9 hours ago
SilvercobrA 9 hours ago
Now the subways
DB7410 9 hours ago
Call Of Data: Warzone
Yoss 9 hours ago
is that the VAL?
Francescoodz 9 hours ago
how tough isn't nikolai?
Izar 9 hours ago
New molotov animation 500 more GBs everyone!
Diego Rodriquez
Diego Rodriquez 9 hours ago
Silver 9 hours ago
Trrains LMAOaoaoaoAO
Sahil Prakash
Sahil Prakash 9 hours ago
Farah is back in Season 6