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3 months ago
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Glance Hello
Glance Hello Hour ago
If he knows how to type the lyrics, WHY DOES HE GET STUCK WHEN SINGING IT?!?! Edit thanks for one likes so quickly! Oh wait... That was me
Sherley Desu
Sherley Desu Hour ago
Roomie's reaction Is so wholesome 😳.And as we,Filipino's,are flattered with dat
Sam Hour ago
MrBananaPlayz Hour ago
Fake voice autotuner lol prove me ur voice is real
Andreas Lo
Andreas Lo Hour ago
What the hell im watching?? Ahahahah
Doge The Dog
Doge The Dog Hour ago
5 second challenge I nailed one because that's where I live ;_;
Emma Honnef
Emma Honnef Hour ago
OMG the doll robot thingy is scary....
Jac Denn
Jac Denn Hour ago
F*ck mainstream crappy everyone like same similar repeated boring music...I will even die to see Foster The People live one day. Really talented group and check out their other songs too they have a lot of variety good indie genre related music. They are really a soooo underrated group. And since pumped up kicks went so big doesn't mean they are one hit wonders. They have lots 50 million + viewed songs ( I mean in RUvid) and more importantly millions of true real fans. That's more important than fake ones who are behind "mainstream hits".
Loading Ruby
Loading Ruby Hour ago
Has anyone else noticed that sometimes when Joel blinks one eye goes down before the other like a reptile??
Aries _
Aries _ Hour ago
I love how he says apple juice instead of beer
A. Stab
A. Stab Hour ago
MAGIC - Rude Passanger - Let Her Go Hozier - Take Me to Church Train - Soul Sister Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance Tones and I - Dance Monkey*
•_ David_•
When People From Other Countries Says That "O Zone - Dragoastea Don Tei" Is From USA And I'm From Moldova And That Song Is From *Moldova* And That Pisses Me Off So Much.
Doge The Dog
Doge The Dog Hour ago
Actually vanilla Ice became a villain in jojo's bizarre adventure
Diamond DemonKit
A luric suggestion to this tune : So welcome to the brotherhood Where you won't be misunderstood... totally not from julie and the phantoms
Kers Gaming
Kers Gaming Hour ago
Poor Jonas editing this
Allen Hidea
Allen Hidea Hour ago
I have a horror story Every 60 seconds you lose a minute of your life
Celestrike Hour ago
What a powerfull voice :(, i'm so jealous and the work behind this is clean ! Nice one dude (french comment ;))
I forgot all about Pachelbel Canon. We used to play it in band class, holy cow. Ironically that legit brought back MEMORIES. I don't know if I can even be mad at Maroon 5 now to be fair.
Official MrSticky
May I know who is ur editor
Shakida Moosazadeg
WoW when I first heard the song I thought ok this cannot be saved no matter what you do or how much you try but damn you just made a masterpiece out of disaster
thomasennaa Hour ago
3:29 I thought cheerleader wasn't his only hit, if I'm right off the top of my head he also has Hoola hoop
Audrey Williams
Don't come for "A Horse With No Name" Its a CLASSIC
Madravle Gaming
*apple juice*
Steven Saunders
People talking about Foster The People not being a one hit wonder because another song got to number 42 in America, but not raising the fact that Wheatus had two big hits in the UK since A Little Respect for to number 3
Tasya Tasya
Tasya Tasya Hour ago
Dude, seriously my first impression of you was "this boy is under 19". But then I searched in internet, they said you're 32. Wewww. Such a baby face boy
Gabriel Roque
Gabriel Roque Hour ago
Foster the people arent a one hit wonder tho lol
H of The Stage
I love Foster The People. Sure, they never had as a big song as Pumped Kicks, but they had big songs - Houdini, Call it What you want, Are you what you want to be...
NeciaHeda Hour ago
Foster the people got some nice songs!!!! not just pumped up kicks! I promise ;-;
Jiayi Li
Jiayi Li Hour ago
9:20 so guys i dont know if youve SeEn this? voicecrack.
Mike Messiah
Mike Messiah Hour ago
Sorry your editor is wrong- 11:30 . Who Let The Dogs Out is actually about men (at clubs) who catcall women and call them names and are disrespectful and the women respond by calling them dogs.
LaserTiger 99
LaserTiger 99 Hour ago
Wait I already heard Crazy town- Butterfly, Pretty Little Ditty by RHCP maybe?
SpiralCee Hour ago
FYI the girl at 5:58 JFlaMusic has 16.2 million subscribers. So....yeah. I think she's doing okay for herself.
M4RK 05
M4RK 05 Hour ago
slapp like now
33jedi Hour ago
Klaus Nomi be looking like the shinigami from death note hahahaha
Dorina Kapaj
Dorina Kapaj Hour ago
I never knew that I was drinking apple juice the entire time, so where are the adult beverages then 🍺🍻
C Furniss
C Furniss Hour ago
Joel when the guy comes out with donut I don't need sleep I need answers.
Jaymin Zeller
Jaymin Zeller Hour ago
I hate you dumbie
Mates lvae
Mates lvae Hour ago
1 point
exapioz Hour ago
Do old songs instead, not these modern stupid songs that sounds more or less the same
Camilizer Hour ago
I'm hearing " your lip stick stinks " and laughing, seeing the actual lyrics " your lip stick stains" still laughing on 'Hey, soul sister'
Explorista Hour ago
This is such a single man's house. Sir, have you heard of decorating? :-P PS: I've listened to some of Gotye's older stuff, it's actually really good!
яαмѕєѕ Luke
Adrian Blom
Adrian Blom Hour ago
vanilla ice is a 2 hit wonder go ninja & ice baby
Sylvester Cash
how everyone was talking that BlackPink about Lady Gaga sampeled the song Maneater
Antonio Sáez
Antonio Sáez Hour ago
Why did you delete my comment?
Robert Rusoiu
Robert Rusoiu Hour ago
Is that train song talking about the guy getting a brain blowjob or is it just me?
The Iojo
The Iojo Hour ago
O-zone: sings in Romanian. Joel:*GERMANY*
spoon Hour ago
black gripon is cringe we all know
FoxxisT Codm
FoxxisT Codm Hour ago
665 Is The Most Clear one I heard
Ellie-Hope Suzanne
Oh my god, Cheerleader was the bow song for about 3 years at a show I used to do twice a year... and Somebody That I Used To Know!!! I listened to that ALL the time!!!!!!
Noonga 831
Noonga 831 Hour ago
If roomie reading this please give this post a LIKE..
Nicole Watt
Nicole Watt Hour ago
Download fortnite or you are a bot
Minhyuk Kim
Minhyuk Kim Hour ago
what did I just watch... the perfect wedding..?
P Diddy
P Diddy Hour ago
Noone should ever eat upside down peas.
Squishy Need UwU
roomie use the axe it deals more damage but it recharges slower but dont make the iron one or diamond cuz it all deals 9 attack damage and u can enchant it and then its almost one HIT
NUGGET Hour ago
Lip roll
Maxine Prothero
I'm sure the guy who said so much autotune has a roblox guy profile picture
Daniel kytonen
Me the whole video: o_o o_0 0_0 :o :0 :D
Blurry Fac3
Blurry Fac3 Hour ago
You should make video where you make music or do something in vr
Christoffe Tajale
quality camer
Jomari Garcia
Jomari Garcia Hour ago
Freddie: I saw another one bite the dust Michael: SO BEAT IT
Ethan Merric Uy
Mia Vargas
Mia Vargas Hour ago
This.... This right here is what I signed up for. This is an absolute masterpiece
Janne Christiaens
Call It What You Want by Foster The People is great!
Independent Thinker
No one talking about Justin Bieber and pedos 🤷‍♀️
Siri K H
Siri K H Hour ago
Omi had hula hoops. It's a pretty song. Not a hit but it's good
Sh! Sch?
Sh! Sch? Hour ago
That made me laugh and slap so hard! I don't know what I was expecting, but I Love it.
binod tharu
binod tharu Hour ago
cody mamo
cody mamo Hour ago
I love I love rock and roll I never heard the oher one