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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable
Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.
I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.
Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!
The subject matter of the content on this channel is intended for audiences 13+ and in some cases 17+
Viewer discretion is advised
A Halo Video
8 months ago
Filip-play z
Filip-play z 3 hours ago
This channel is nothing without the Minecraft vids
Corbin Beeferson
Corbin Beeferson 3 hours ago
5:40 that got me mad im home schooled and i know how to spell tyrannosaurus rex
Megan Rogers
Megan Rogers 3 hours ago
One way you can get the leads from the trader without killing it or the llamas is making the trader go into a doorway and close the door with the llamas on the other side.
Oreo_TheCat 3 hours ago
pls make part 2 plssssssssssssssss
Erik Kissman
Erik Kissman 3 hours ago
2:28 You Mean *1000-5000 Blocks Away From 0, (y=?), 0 End*
jhon escudo
jhon escudo 3 hours ago
ion avram
ion avram 3 hours ago
can someone calculate the seed for the ocean mountain world plz? looks really cool
looney blue
looney blue 3 hours ago
Eww I accidentally clicked on fortnite
Saahil Noronha
Saahil Noronha 3 hours ago
She could use water buckets
janice nieves
janice nieves 3 hours ago
the best minecraft SUVIVAL! :D
Colin 3 hours ago
Well now he has to do it again for a challenge
jhon escudo
jhon escudo 3 hours ago
Hey i am big fan i just wanted to play minecraft with you survival please i am good player i am big fan And i am using tlauncher please Let's play i want to play with you cause your voice cool and your good surviver
Naela C
Naela C 3 hours ago
1000 days
Saahil Noronha
Saahil Noronha 3 hours ago
Do u reproduce on a full stomach
Kaidyn O'Dea
Kaidyn O'Dea 3 hours ago
Next you should do I survived 100 days in Minecraft vr
Vortex 3 hours ago
*BoNeR hOrSe* 20:58
hakimgamerpro 3 hours ago
Grian: god of deco & building Mumbo: god at redstone Python: god in flowers LTN: god at harcore and survival;)
Familie Verbeke
Familie Verbeke 3 hours ago
Good video
Daniel Dick
Daniel Dick 3 hours ago
Luke: battling monsters and demons from the depths of hell. Tors: c h i c k e n s
Corbin Beeferson
Corbin Beeferson 3 hours ago
sorry luke but i watched all of your minecraft vids and this one is the best
Corbin Beeferson
Corbin Beeferson 3 hours ago
best minecraft vid ever
Junior Aberion
Junior Aberion 3 hours ago
next pls 300 days play minecrafy
AtlasCube 3 hours ago
First of all: Y u playing casual as a beginner? Newcomer good, but casual is a place where the toxic players hang out
Hannah Fussell
Hannah Fussell 3 hours ago
Do you guys think her favorite band is the tors
hamad oof
hamad oof 3 hours ago
lol tors at day 70
tord red leader
tord red leader 3 hours ago
Mining my busenis
Jayden Ferreira
Jayden Ferreira 3 hours ago
All wat im thinks is awwwwwww
Jugpug1509 4 hours ago
goto 1000:1
weary beret
weary beret 4 hours ago
28:54 talking and planting
I am a predator
I am a predator 4 hours ago
When is 1000 days hard core coming out
othmane madani
othmane madani 4 hours ago
i really play by my own and sometimes i cant do it by owne :(
Quý Nhân
Quý Nhân 4 hours ago
i like how he call milk is white stuf
Hüseyin Soylu
Hüseyin Soylu 4 hours ago
10:04 "I understood that reference"
Karma Thinley
Karma Thinley 4 hours ago
Azzam Jaya_sejahtera
I ma just firts day of a hardcore i ma just found a 6 diamond real ok
Cook 4 hours ago
Tors is literally a female LTN
Yosh Bosh
Yosh Bosh 4 hours ago
cashmaking 4 hours ago
I can’t tell if Tors is a girl or little kid in the beginning
Isaac Norton
Isaac Norton 4 hours ago
you need to put a campfire underneath the nest so the bees will evacuate and for the honey achievement you need to slide down the side of the block
Soldier Boy
Soldier Boy 4 hours ago
I like this one she is cool what no very cool the coolest just like you
YMGacha 4 hours ago
‘It’s only on PC’ B-but... what about MCPE?
Jonah Graham
Jonah Graham 4 hours ago
Yes It's Corn
Yes It's Corn 4 hours ago
Please make a server. I swear I would play it everyday
krish bhawrani
krish bhawrani 4 hours ago
when will the 200 days with tors come!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭
Railway creator bo2fl
If you say creeper oh man in your 1000 days i’ll buy your Murch
Lalitha Sekar
Lalitha Sekar 4 hours ago
what??? you do not play fortnight
jisooturtlerabitkim UwU
me too
Mees Proo
Mees Proo 4 hours ago
Im a boy but I am good boy yay 😁
Coolantish 4 hours ago
They added back the minigun
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen 4 hours ago
anddreij 4 hours ago
This is How Many People want a 200 Days with Tors Video | V
AnAbsolouteMoron _2
luke uses y to jump cuz he played halo and also people just have different keybinds so stop judging
Azwan Yahaya
Azwan Yahaya 5 hours ago
fun fact: youtube recommend this to you
-Ramen Chicken-
-Ramen Chicken- 5 hours ago
Build and AFK fish farm
Ukko 5 hours ago
I droped 240 fps 240 times
ps67ps 5 hours ago
Good jobb
Birk DeBruin
Birk DeBruin 5 hours ago
“Got to say strapped”
GR gameing
GR gameing 5 hours ago
I dropped in bot severs 100 times and this is what happened
Tim Dwyer
Tim Dwyer 5 hours ago
very well, not very good
Ethan Loughlin
Ethan Loughlin 5 hours ago
Cats protect you from phantoms and ocelots scare away creepers
vPhoenixGGv 5 hours ago
“On day 69 it was wet. B-because it was raining.”
NOLAN KELLY 5 hours ago
Lukes rule #1 BUILD A WALL
Yousef Hosam
Yousef Hosam 5 hours ago
Ricardo Orengo
Ricardo Orengo 5 hours ago
Land salty spring LTN. Epic that a good challenge
Yankee Doodle
Yankee Doodle 5 hours ago
Luke:(right clicks bed) Me: DONT DO THAT IF U DIE YOULL HAVE TO RIDE THE WHOLE ROAD BACK TO WHERE YOU DIED Me 5 seconds later: ohhhh.... its hardcore
Spongemattb 5 hours ago
LTV (love the videos) of LTN doing LTM's
Ssundee Fan
Ssundee Fan 6 hours ago
If you look at 2:05 on the pressure plate, a block is on it. Just might be the Switch/Mobile version but that thing should explode. You tell me
Punished Link
Punished Link 6 hours ago
"Day 69 was wet" After that talk about "seeds" before, I'm not surprised.
Reece Morneau
Reece Morneau 6 hours ago
10:52 Gay 35??
justin justin
justin justin 6 hours ago
How many times did LTN say “Shotgun”?
Labbit 35
Labbit 35 6 hours ago
How dafuq u get full iron at day 3
Cynnos 6 hours ago
Man please change your skin it's like watching twins have a romantic relationship.
AnAbsolouteMoron _2
on the thumbnail TSP looks like james charles
Sylvia Sheral
Sylvia Sheral 6 hours ago
follow the granite-brick road.
Daniel boi
Daniel boi 6 hours ago
I love you both so much this is funny
More !!!!
Easton Smith
Easton Smith 6 hours ago
But this is not hardcore
Taiju Saarni
Taiju Saarni 6 hours ago
Luke: Day 69 was WET 20:01 Me: hol up
MysticPorg 6 hours ago
I love his videos, they’re just so down to earth and don’t use crazy mods like most you tubers. They’re also funny.
Momba121505 6 hours ago
Me: nerdpoling to the highest point to find who cares
Dash Farbro
Dash Farbro 6 hours ago
20:56 just watching tors kill cows and get an egg
Ryan Cassem
Ryan Cassem 6 hours ago
He Bred His Cats On Day 269. Coincidence I Think Not.
Salvador Sanchez
Salvador Sanchez 6 hours ago
1,000 days better be an hour and a half or I'm gonna lose it.
Enrq Crtz
Enrq Crtz 6 hours ago
i request fish farm
Winter 707
Winter 707 6 hours ago
Fortnite made a reference to you it’s a maya challenge drop salty springs 100 times
Anna Shinigami
Anna Shinigami 6 hours ago
Im surprised i watched this all the way through without skipping. I was truly entertained 😀 *great job*
20:00 thank me later
Rungz H
Rungz H 7 hours ago
they were not playing on hard-core mode you know how I know because of the heart that I look different when they playing hard-core mode but I'm guessing I can't shut I'm not trying to be rude I'm just saying there was a plane in hard-core mode I'm getting ready know that because I just watched a video before and when you already watch it doesn't take you to the beginning it takes you to let you know but I'm guessing they wasn't gonna play hard-core
Montage Boi5578
Montage Boi5578 7 hours ago
This is so cute I love it please make another
Dual Blxde
Dual Blxde 7 hours ago
I want to know this seed -_-
Random Act Of Kindness
15:23 I was not ready for that intense moment..
Tabarnackie 7 hours ago
Uploaf Four00 days of meinkampf plz
Jenaflor Tulod
Jenaflor Tulod 7 hours ago
Wait tor say honey omg
Ditdit Dee
Ditdit Dee 7 hours ago
My dog just died
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson 7 hours ago
Do more with tors
James Games
James Games 7 hours ago
best Luke TheNotable vid ive ever watched
SunDriedHumor 7 hours ago
Day 69- “ day 69 was wet”
literallyyourmom _my
Day 69 it was wet. Interesting
Random Act Of Kindness
1:02 Did you just mined staight down? 😂
Srinivasan Sundaram
tors actual name is THE TAURUS