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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable
Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.
I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.
Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!
The subject matter of the content on this channel is intended for audiences 13+ and in some cases 17+
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A Halo Video
Year ago
Fearless Fox
Fearless Fox Minute ago
End of fire work show Phantom: hello there
Abdurrahman Mohammad
Abdurrahman Mohammad 4 minutes ago
Elmodi 5 minutes ago
U guys didnt know that the 100 days is meant on the minecraft time sun to night not irl
Amanda Morrison
Amanda Morrison 5 minutes ago
Korrin Traska
Korrin Traska 8 minutes ago
Wow, Tors made a penis joke
Collin Nguyen
Collin Nguyen 9 minutes ago
She said Hell but it was the nether!😂🤣🤣😅
nicarao505 10 minutes ago
Go change ur horse there’s others thst are much much faster
Pmoney 5827
Pmoney 5827 11 minutes ago
Bruh I got ranked bronze with a 1.8 k/d
Adizia 12 minutes ago
Idea: Make a bad video. Fun fact: He can’t.
6dig-S 61
6dig-S 61 14 minutes ago
24:26 *Horse is casually on fire*
Szymon Sobuś
Szymon Sobuś 15 minutes ago
7:07 this made me jump
Natalie Albanese
Natalie Albanese 18 minutes ago
LukeTheNotable should play hermicraft
Abdurrahman Mohammad
Abdurrahman Mohammad 20 minutes ago
In the description he said this video is for people over 13 but Im 10 so who cares
Emma H
Emma H 20 minutes ago
Hey pro why are you sad to say I love your hair I love it you do it again I don’t tell me anything is better then you can tell them I love it I don’t call you I can not tell them how yyuutuuuuuutuuuuuuu is the day I want to play royale high school and I don’t want to play royale high school and I don’t want to play royale high school and I don’t
Emma H
Emma H 21 minute ago
Hey pro why are you sad 😞 was a sad game that you can play royale high and you get a good one game and you play royale is a good way of winning a high
Ahsan Yasin
Ahsan Yasin 22 minutes ago
When's 2000 days coming of playing hardcore minecraft
Erty Fortnite
Erty Fortnite 23 minutes ago
I hate deafault
OWYN GOMEZ 24 minutes ago
Reaper art
Reaper art 25 minutes ago
timestamp 19:28 I didn't know you could brew swords!
Gaming army 19
Gaming army 19 25 minutes ago
He sounds drunk
Ashlyn Harwood
Ashlyn Harwood 29 minutes ago
‘Thanks to some sheep who unfortunately are no longer alive’
Jeffrey Salmeron
Jeffrey Salmeron 29 minutes ago
They reveal his face in halo 4
Gaming army 19
Gaming army 19 33 minutes ago
🤣🤣🤣 my name is Aiden
Top 10
Top 10 36 minutes ago
In his videos sometimes it sounds like he's rapping go to time 1:35
Noodles Ya Boi
Noodles Ya Boi 37 minutes ago
Having Tors drop in for a second on game 50 is like ear candy
Low IQ
Low IQ 37 minutes ago
My favorite time was when he went in the ocean.
london 38 minutes ago
Whats the seed
thexbat 124
thexbat 124 39 minutes ago
Bro look at how proud he is during the fireworks show
Sophia Couto
Sophia Couto 40 minutes ago
Fat cat
Γεωργία Φερίζη
Iam sad i dont have ps plus and bough the gold edition 🤬😓
victor gradeanu
victor gradeanu 42 minutes ago
1:25:38 just put one at the top!
Oomer Sheriff
Oomer Sheriff 43 minutes ago
9:52 he broke wood so fast with pickaxe😨😨
Super cookie 5304
Super cookie 5304 43 minutes ago
Btw sugarcane grows better on sand
Maximus Gardiner
Maximus Gardiner 43 minutes ago
How are you surviving for 200 days
Stuart Smith
Stuart Smith 47 minutes ago
200 days
Pixel Bro
Pixel Bro 49 minutes ago
we are waiting for 200 days on minecraft with tors
Patrick Mcgrath
Patrick Mcgrath 51 minute ago
7:37 Luke I need give of em Me: Lazarbeam and Luke the notable crossover😂
CAP C 52 minutes ago
Finally the collab whe wanted
Grace Daversa
Grace Daversa 53 minutes ago
Luke: And now we will build a wall! Trump: write that down!
David Hudson
David Hudson Hour ago
Did anyone notice he used golden Apples to breed horses
Mihai-Andrei Ruiu
The real mvp
Linda Lucatorto
Jonathan Martinez
What happened to the cat in hell? DAY 61
Marshall Peter
Luke: WALKINGS FOR THE POOR Next scene: *luke walks* Me: bruh
iPod Touch
iPod Touch Hour ago
If i download it on mobile will it be hardcore and will I get everything in your inventory and chests
uglyasianIRL Dao
6:30 scared me cause my name is Hayden
GobbzzFN Hour ago
Mr beast has watched this video if you did not know
Achu Ashish
Achu Ashish Hour ago
granite is in minecraft is just like polished dirt lol
Oznek90000 roblox
i dont udnerstand what he means with survived 100 days... - i mean he died lots of times check his lvl like... as the days goes u can see his newer lvl..
Super DragonTM
Super DragonTM 31 minute ago
He enchanted books
Renegade rebel
Luke i don't care if the armor id disgraced now its something to do during quarantine. I'm getting that armor
MR. JOEBEN Hour ago
Do 2000 days pls ive always love ur vids
CPG Gamer
CPG Gamer Hour ago
Make a 1000 days Minecraft with tors video
Conn O'Byrne
Conn O'Byrne Hour ago
First again dude
CamsOnline Hour ago
aww, light machine gun. I cry every time. edit; also, is that seriously what the org used to look like? It’s not even an org.
Ian Byrne
Ian Byrne Hour ago
Does anyone want to tell him that dried kelp blocks make really good furnace fuel?
Gu1Coelho 1412
Luke, go to 1000 days w/ Tors
Galexy Diamond
Day 56 SLEEP my children sleep 16:11
Shy Guy Gamer
Shy Guy Gamer Hour ago
Me: yay a stack of iron ingots. LTN: *uses emeralds and diamonds for decoration*
that_guy06 Hour ago
Oh so your quitting
Sebastian Reyes
You are Minecraft pro
Fortnendo Hour ago
200 Days!!!!
Uncle Thick
Uncle Thick Hour ago
''i almost had some children escape good thing they fear me'' -Luke TheNotable 2020
Cxlirlie YT
Cxlirlie YT Hour ago
How old were you then ( you sound like a teenager) 😂😂😂🇸🇪
Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly Hour ago
Or the massive planet next to the ring?
Cactie man
Cactie man Hour ago
I thought socksfor1 worshiped this man and is not about to beat him to 2000 days
superpigalot Hour ago
is it just me or does this guy seem to be a bit mad
1:10 gave me anxiety
Shawn Jones
Shawn Jones Hour ago
Nobody is born cool, Ecxept of course, That one villager that trades emeralds for rotten flesh.
"Atriox wants to chat" "Hey bro can I get some help, some old Spartans won't get off my ark and keep destroying my stuff"
Mediocre Sam
Mediocre Sam Hour ago
29:30 COWARD! from Tors
r4ge_epicblin Hour ago
"I hope they add a new vehicle, like planes" Me: say hello to Creative and season 7.
Leo Santillan
Leo Santillan Hour ago
Do 200days
iOS Gaming
iOS Gaming Hour ago
Joshua Muyselaar
Did she tors just say i mined all the way to bedrock like a real man 3:49
Joshua Muyselaar
Rusty Skittles
Cobblestone is life
techno creeper playz
Pls do 2000 days in minecradt hardcore or 200 days with tors plssss
Trevon Gayle
Trevon Gayle 2 hours ago
Everybody gangsta till the creeper comes a knockin
landgaming 2 hours ago
Here take this L....town (this is the most Knowledgeable joke I could make I’m pathetic)
atlantic_ghost 64
atlantic_ghost 64 2 hours ago
Almost 1 mil likes
Marko Strmole
Marko Strmole 2 hours ago
100 groto or fortilla?..
Mg302cxnnxr 2 hours ago
Luke: I am the melon god Lazarbeam: what did you say
ReboundX 2 hours ago
2k likes away from 1 million , congrats LTN
Parker 2 hours ago
Personally I feel like 1 through 5 is easy but reach is Heroic
Jameson Manning
Jameson Manning 2 hours ago
awatara saka wira Aji
And thus a Minecraft icon is born