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The Squad Ride
17 days ago
LikeMike294 3 hours ago
I like Draymond’s take on the situation. Everyone else said the same obvious shit the past couple of days.
arjay canaman
arjay canaman 3 hours ago
aw don't predict chuck . haha Go lakers
Mr. Pointman
Mr. Pointman 3 hours ago
And Draymond, your forever a 100 million dollar scrub, period.
iyus agun
iyus agun 3 hours ago
that freakin backboard layup...
Anwar Compania
Anwar Compania 3 hours ago
Its mis match game nuggets doesn't experience championship league
Ivan Senorin
Ivan Senorin 3 hours ago
1:10 there is 1 impostor among us
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce 3 hours ago
curse wont work on alex the balding eagle caruso 🦅🏀
Butsoy Supercrazy
Butsoy Supercrazy 3 hours ago
Nice to see rondo back his kind of playing style and i also love the way the Lakers players move the ball so smooth
jools Qzak
jools Qzak 3 hours ago
my strange addiction
Jsalcedo23 3 hours ago
It’s crazy to me how quick and athletic Dwight can be at times even at his age. Just imagine he was 4-5 years younger this series would be a wrap
j never
j never 3 hours ago
we just need 2-3 more good games out of rondo. he's been showing up when he needs to.
RayneHeart RBH
RayneHeart RBH 3 hours ago
Homeless to Greatness
JR Smith predicted that Miami will win it all.
Ishe Maruma
Ishe Maruma 3 hours ago
Oh Oh!
RFM Recordings
RFM Recordings 3 hours ago
"I dont know what you smoke pookie! That crack be callin you??"
locknight 3 hours ago
7:23 take a shot everytime shaq says "you know"
BennyOars 3 hours ago
Morris, howard, rondo, kuzma, carusso. Solid bench players in a starter level.
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce 3 hours ago
dwight, rondo, mcgee etc were playing against lebron's miami heat many years ago. looking like they will play against miami heat in the nba final
Patrick Generoso
Patrick Generoso 3 hours ago
Nivender 3 hours ago
Well, the Heat always calls out everyone on the team even when they win. In game 1 i saw Spo calls out Duncan from the sideline because he shoot a bad shot. This altercation is actually good for Celtics, especially with a 4 day rest before game 4.
Eduardo Manalili
Eduardo Manalili 3 hours ago
Lakers is so much for Nugget
telepathic759 3 hours ago
Shaq tore Chuck a new A hole.
emilio palac
emilio palac 3 hours ago
Draymond is an idiot.
Ted Graham
Ted Graham 3 hours ago
Shaq lol did not have to say draymond no disrespect but you were not the best player on your team lol. Even though it’s true.
Alec Escarcega
Alec Escarcega 3 hours ago
100% agree with Draymond.
Sipho Mkhize
Sipho Mkhize 3 hours ago
Draymond is really a good analyst
Cage Edwards
Cage Edwards 3 hours ago
Lmfaoo Cp3 got Bitched
f kk
f kk 3 hours ago
Cool thumbnail!
KRS Afoa
KRS Afoa 3 hours ago
AC fresh learning/playing along side RONDO can only elevate GAME to the next LEVEL...GOON 101 in session...
Orjo TV
Orjo TV 3 hours ago
Draymond will be a Hall of Famer here in TNT 😂😂😂
Arazorblade 3 hours ago
Shaq goes again- you don’t know what it takes to win 4 championship” Draymond cuts him in the middle - can tell you for sure, I missed the 4th one.
HighLifeBeatz 3 hours ago
Just cigars America
alain kaizer
alain kaizer 3 hours ago
Draymond talking real shit right there at the end.
Be kind Understand human nature
Please chuck dray and Shaq all exploded in the locker rooms. Them 3 are hot heads and will destroy a clipboard in a heartbeat lol. Kenny would just defer to Hakeem.
Philip 3 hours ago
The brow in full effect
Christina Clark
Christina Clark 3 hours ago
A I would be proud rt now of A D lmao
Jester Lord
Jester Lord 3 hours ago
I really like Rondo to be paired with Kobe when the super stars in Celtics got tradet to the Nets.
hooligan _714
hooligan _714 3 hours ago
back to back champions Lakers this year n next year🔥
Waleed Ahsan
Waleed Ahsan 3 hours ago
0:06 Was that will smith??!!
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang 3 hours ago
Barkley is ready for curling .
Reza P
Reza P 3 hours ago
Draymond green is so ready to retire and sit there with the guys.
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee 3 hours ago
I wonder if these guys would like Donald Sterling back. Sterling said his racist stuff in the comfort of his own home. The nba players made a big deal about it who are majority black and/or minority. And by the way rightfully so. But now they complaining about the press for doing their job. Bunch of hypocrites. I love inside the nba but don't complain about the press, the problem was Sterling and in this case the problem are these nba millionaires who can't control their cool.
FreshvY_- FreshvY_-
Mayun draymond loving that tnt set I’ma tell u now either he gonna apply to join the tnt family with shaq and them or he will have his own show sort of like this I’m in for all dat draymond entertaining with this tnt crew😂😂😂
somi park
somi park 3 hours ago
K C 3 hours ago
Dwight caught that alley-oop with the tips of fingers, that was crazy.
C Breezy
C Breezy 3 hours ago
Rondo's passes are goated
WavyyTJ 3 hours ago
great mentality
K C 3 hours ago
Reggie saying its totally fine for Dwight to sneak into Nuggets huddle. Haha.
Reza P
Reza P 3 hours ago
The way he read the court and make choices of play. So effective. True point guard. Really on point play.
K C 3 hours ago
Dwight Howard deserves a TON OF CREDIT!
I AM HAPPY 3 hours ago
I want rondo to do fade away dunk.
Henny God
Henny God 3 hours ago
that music is super annoying
noli juliana
noli juliana 3 hours ago
better to break that broom..see what happens to the blazer,,,just saying,,,
Gabe Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar 3 hours ago
Draymond bringing up good points
Patrick Hoey
Patrick Hoey 3 hours ago
Draymond is awesome on this show!!
Markoh Salgueiro
Markoh Salgueiro 3 hours ago
After retiring, Draymond should consider work as analyst... 👏🏽👌🏾
Terrell Campbell
Terrell Campbell 3 hours ago
Lakers going all the way
TANK USER JAMES 3 hours ago
I think AD is disrespected by the league tho. He is better then bron. The numbers dont lie. He probably win the award if he is the candidate
Dre Cristo
Dre Cristo 3 hours ago
Rajon got my madddd respect!!
DNL275 3 hours ago
"Smokin what?" 😂😂😂😂
M T 3 hours ago
Lol Kenny is the least entertaining host here
BEAT MAN 3 hours ago
Wait a minute Anthony David’s rondo and Dwight has their nicely done,, some girl is sneaking into the bubble 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
TANK USER JAMES 3 hours ago
Harden got 0 votes ahahhahah
Thulani Mogafe
Thulani Mogafe 3 hours ago
Amazing episode
HashOnTheTrack 3 hours ago
Lebron doesn’t look like he’s slowing down anytime soon. Go Lakers
Kenneth Jose
Kenneth Jose 3 hours ago
Chuck successfully changed the subjucy from why is it 2-0 to the locker room scuffle
Meta Beta
Meta Beta 3 hours ago
Replace the word dominates with the "disastrous foul calls" by the referees Shamefull!
Lowell Genon
Lowell Genon 3 hours ago
jimmy butler said it best when he said that it doesnt matter whether you get cussed out or being yelled at, what matters most is that what is being said in that argument
Sample Channel
Sample Channel 3 hours ago
That's the right word..." So Easy"...
Harrison Hubbard
Harrison Hubbard 3 hours ago
its the stats of an individual that wins a mvp not record
K J 3 hours ago
We have to go 3-0 and not 3-1 so the nuggets can’t come back
It Log
It Log 3 hours ago
1:57 *eyebrow
Anfmethodjor 3 hours ago
The officials are simply from a different generation. Have no respect for OG and are too much im their feelings.
kanishk kashyap
kanishk kashyap 3 hours ago
Draymond already realizing he needs to change jobs cause he ain't good at the one he's got now....😂😂
Sean-David Enelamah
what narrative does Giannis have?
Dr. Flacko
Dr. Flacko 3 hours ago
And we call Draymond bricks
shadowking1226 3 hours ago
Warriors should miss the playoffs every year so Draymond can be on the show.
T C 3 hours ago
The Superman has now become the Batman. The Joker is finished.
Apple Zxxx
Apple Zxxx 3 hours ago
He knows lebron is pissed .
somi park
somi park 3 hours ago