The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Heather Wang
Heather Wang 13 hours ago
Julia Michaels voice is AMAZING wth and she is hot af
Gemini Jets Hub
Gemini Jets Hub 13 hours ago
I thought Shaq said "hoeboe" at first
shadowhunters 13 hours ago
Haha my daughter swollen her tooth and the next time she just yanked out of her mouth and mommy and daddy both physicians 20 mins away from nyc could not be prouder except for daddy that had to go fishing for the tooth when it re-emerged to make sure the whole tooth did come out. I donated to several hospitals in the area as well and through omaze for feeding America, getting youngsters wireless and computers for educational and two organizations that get other medical professionals and patients what they need. It’s so bad like their are not even gowns. Thank you to the russel family and the Fallon family for make this insane call and insane quarantine routine that makes a person serious blend the days together bearable! Sending everyone love 🙏❤️please be safe
ram29jackson 13 hours ago
pointless propaganda by a puppet of the system
TD Welch
TD Welch 13 hours ago
I’m laughing 😂😂😂😂
Donna Hill
Donna Hill 13 hours ago
Thank you Jimmy for sharing this great video and Adam, thank you for singing this awesome song. It was very uplifting for me and I am sure it was also to many others. The sound was a little distorted, but I could understand it mostly. Thank you for trying to keep our chins up and provide us with much needed laughter during this difficult time . I love all your movies. My favorite was "Water Boy" ☺ I certainly hope that you and your family stay well. Jimmy , I wish the same for you and your family. 😇 💖 Keep bringing us the laughs. 😆
nenad pantic
nenad pantic 13 hours ago
sabriii_ my_smile
sabriii_ my_smile 13 hours ago
È così che si rimorchia ragazzi😂😍
ram29jackson 13 hours ago
she's just a dumb ass script reader.. another dumb newscaster idiot
Heather Joy
Heather Joy 13 hours ago
I wish Alicia keys would sing the Abc song to me.
TD Welch
TD Welch 13 hours ago
That’s so sad, we hope we don’t know anyone who has Covid 19 and don’t even want to think about the worst of knowing someone whom has died from this horrible decease . 🙏🏻
FTM 13 hours ago
Actually...can't stop...
Kosta Mangos
Kosta Mangos 13 hours ago
When the music teacher tells as to make a song Me and the boys:
Will Bergman
Will Bergman 13 hours ago
Mr. Blonde is smiling somewhere
PastelGuts 13 hours ago
For anyone in these comments wondering why people are making BOI jokes, I'll quickly explain Sunny Suljic plays a main character in 2018s game of the year, God of War. A common joke is how the character's father calls him 'boy' frequently instead of using his name (Atreus). this game is very famous in the gaming community but I understand some people are completely unfamiliar with it.
Marlon Martinez
Marlon Martinez 13 hours ago
Great MURDER HOUSE FLIP callback!
希望 13 hours ago
Your kindness deserved much better organization but not WHO
希望 13 hours ago
No WHO please
Ahmad Sarwari
Ahmad Sarwari 13 hours ago
it was 6655
Clara Vaccari
Clara Vaccari 13 hours ago
I'm so sorry for your loss Jimmy. I'm sending you all my love <3 you're amazing!
Rashid Mhina
Rashid Mhina 13 hours ago
Cardi has the brain of her own..... To
希望 13 hours ago
WHO is corruption and misleading, Please don’t cooperate with them
Alana Michelle
Alana Michelle 13 hours ago
Black mirror vibes for sure
Rianne Frencken
Rianne Frencken 13 hours ago
Justin! Omg that was your brake out single song! I’ll always remember that. EVERYBODY was talking about that amazing performance!
Mileena Ossman
Mileena Ossman 13 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about 3:14 this part had me CRYING
Practitioners of Prosperity
Wonderful couple
G Hervey
G Hervey 13 hours ago
I'm in stiches 🤣🤣🤣 laughing in excitement with her choice of songs. Her performance is FLAWLESS. I love the part where she she throws throws her cape back when dancing and Jimmy jumps back n when the man puts the cape on her at end. Great show.😊 Jimmy did his thang too.
Baraldi Gnegne
Baraldi Gnegne 13 hours ago
Fuck me running,they didn’t aged at all! I’m younger than them but look like their uncle..except Nomi Malone’s Showgirls 🙃 By the way,Mario Lopez and Pharrell Williams look like no more than 25 each..
Julliana Rodriguez
Julliana Rodriguez 13 hours ago
This was hilarious 💙😂😂
Sasha 13 hours ago
you get me you kill me
skidoo for life
skidoo for life 13 hours ago
Bernie's tweet didn't age well!!!! Bernie is out!
Zakariyah Shah
Zakariyah Shah 13 hours ago
One of the many reasons trump is the goay
Keith Bittinger
Keith Bittinger 13 hours ago
My top 5 Sam Jackson performances: The Negotiator Long Kiss Goodnight Die Hard: with a Vengeance A Time to Kill Pulp Fiction
Kelley Nicholson
Kelley Nicholson 13 hours ago
Okay how they do this. And I swear whenever I see Justin Beatbox I swear that dude gives me life
A L 13 hours ago
Such good people
달Cynthia 킨티아
y'all should tictoc together ;P
nudnikjeff 13 hours ago
Go Billie Joe!
Curtis Stapleton
Curtis Stapleton 13 hours ago
Travis Butler
Travis Butler 13 hours ago
I send my deepest condolences I'm so sorry for your loss Jimmy.
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 13 hours ago
What's worse than donald trump?...... anything jimmy Fallon has ever done!
Anty Vlog
Anty Vlog 13 hours ago
Taaaa, dobra komercja pod publike
Katrielle Layton
Katrielle Layton 13 hours ago
So that's the opening for a comedic TV show. Where the characters interact with each other. (my fantasy)
Modern Idiocracy
Modern Idiocracy 13 hours ago
They’re playing this game wrong😂
TG 13 hours ago
The world seeing the power of this song
Zombie Gaming
Zombie Gaming 13 hours ago
Her man had to hold the fakest smile.
Angie Briseno
Angie Briseno 13 hours ago
That was amazing to watch! We all need a smile and this was a great way to get one!
I'm 13 and 1 belt belt away from black belt! =D
Brandon polin
Brandon polin 13 hours ago
Guys, we have another crocodile hunter
Jack Sandler
Jack Sandler 13 hours ago
Ciara is 34 She looks 16. Beautiful!
Moheeb Ashi
Moheeb Ashi 13 hours ago
Rudi Mcdowell
Rudi Mcdowell 13 hours ago
1:01 that’s a tortoise
E the Brin
E the Brin 13 hours ago
Benedicts words are so weird but so perfect
Mel V
Mel V 13 hours ago
Diana ross is somewhere looking for her powers...doja took em for the night sis
Apuii Ngente
Apuii Ngente 13 hours ago
Chimmy fallon so cute hahaha💜💜😃😃😃
Nick Baillargeon
Nick Baillargeon 13 hours ago
Thanks for that. Big Green Day fan, always have been!
skiski1983 13 hours ago
Ay7aga 13 hours ago
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallin
maranooka 13 hours ago
My cat loves the sound
Iliana Romo
Iliana Romo 13 hours ago
baila mejor @domelipa
Sally Chaney
Sally Chaney 13 hours ago
I look forward too shows everyday. They make me happy😀😀😀😀😉😉😉😉😍😍😍
Andy Cst.
Andy Cst. 13 hours ago
She's like a QUIET girl version of James Charles
exo's mainone
exo's mainone 13 hours ago
3:15 yes yes yessss
exo's mainone
exo's mainone 13 hours ago
Bts run 6 minutes
Rue Zimmerman
Rue Zimmerman 13 hours ago
God bless Jimmy
budfr 13 hours ago
Did anyone notice a fat Screech at 5:17 ?
Lisa S
Lisa S 13 hours ago
Tiffany did it best, but I'll take it
Bluth 13 hours ago
Winnie looks like her mom
Alicia Stratton
Alicia Stratton 13 hours ago
I think they wrote and recorded this song together: ruvid.net/video/video-I1NV97UYtCQ.html
Iva B.
Iva B. 13 hours ago
Tessa Mahardhika Sugiarto
Now that's a laugh !
Павел Дружинин
Justin looks like some SAS officer in his outfit XD
Ethan Stratton
Ethan Stratton 13 hours ago
The science part was funny
Robert K
Robert K 13 hours ago
holy cow!!!!!
Brene Style
Brene Style 13 hours ago
How does Al stay so youthful looking?
Wayneasiam60 13 hours ago
Ateeq 13 hours ago
Now they are Backstreet Dad's.....!!!🤣
Siete Ardillas
Siete Ardillas 13 hours ago
Joanna’s husband
tahira idrees
tahira idrees 13 hours ago
See through
Meat city. 1951
Meat city. 1951 13 hours ago
Bravo !
loubna loubna
loubna loubna 13 hours ago
Lol iam the only thatdoesnt know who the other guy is
william tomblin
william tomblin 13 hours ago
Shame on you for stealing his fire jimmy
oliwia pawlikowska
oliwia pawlikowska 13 hours ago
EmirGamesLD 13 hours ago
This guy looks like housekeeper from home alone 2
JJJade2468 13 hours ago
Two Garnets and a Rose Quarts😍🤩
Sandra Lopez
Sandra Lopez 13 hours ago
I love Jimmy Fallon but when he gets together with JT it is SOOO GOOD!!! Thanks guys
loubna loubna
loubna loubna 13 hours ago
Lmaooo they didnt know jimmy was until obamas wife came
Gansito 13 hours ago
This was awesome!
Carolzinha Silva
Carolzinha Silva 13 hours ago
o comentário br que vc estava procurando 👌🏻🐤
Roddie Savage
Roddie Savage 13 hours ago
omg, thanks for that
FREDDY PERDUE 13 hours ago
Luke Bryan Is Awesome! I Love The Catfish Farm He Has!
Leah Young
Leah Young 13 hours ago
They are the cutest!!
Kenda Wyatt
Kenda Wyatt 13 hours ago
“Cus my life is dope and I do dope shit” [hangs up phone] lmfaooooooo only one Kanye 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brian Lloyd Nelson
Brian Lloyd Nelson 13 hours ago
Thanks Al , I like the new version , Nice job , Long time fan
OAO 13 hours ago
That hammer hanging on the wall is weak bro.
MechaRandom42 13 hours ago
Jimmy, if I interview you for my youtube channel, please get a better mic and web cam.
Courtney 13 hours ago
I'm home. You home?
lynlovescake 13 hours ago
Out of all the ON performances I’ve watched today, this one is their best performance hands down. It’s the only one with the dance break (unless i missed one then my bad) and the hype the back up dancers give brings up the energy ten times more. And the filming of it is great because it doesnt miss a beat. I understand that the other ones are live performances and this one isnt really but still. It’s just amazing. Those floors were probably really hard to dance on. You can see jimin almost slip in one part but they still did an amazing job 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼