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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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TNT BDN 25 minutes ago
Michael Cera and Jim Parsons in a movie. Could you imagine? What would be the title? 😂😂
Nathalia Brandão
Nathalia Brandão 25 minutes ago
Omg!! I didn’t know she is 17 years!! This is crazy 😯
NaniSings •
NaniSings • 28 minutes ago
30 minutes ago
ariiiw _sh
ariiiw _sh 30 minutes ago
Look at my page 😊😊🤘🔥
ariiiw _sh
ariiiw _sh 31 minute ago
از پیج ما هم دیدن کنید 😊🤘
Metallic Hound
Metallic Hound 31 minute ago
That click bait though
Freddy Ramos
Freddy Ramos 31 minute ago
Jimmy Fallon is on the universal tour
Evey P
Evey P 31 minute ago
I haven't heard of this person but probably have heard a song or two on the radio or whatever. Sadly, I felt like they went WAY too fast with this skit and should have done a lot more of the song because some of the impressions? I couldn't tell the difference between "singers". The first two sounded the same to me until she got to Shakira.
Vika 32 minutes ago
I needed this, favorite actor from favorite movie series in mad libs. Woo-hoo! 😄
JOE DADDY 32 minutes ago
Why does today's youth comment what i just saw and heard...
fatima huq
fatima huq 33 minutes ago
This was so painful to watch. Jesus
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton 33 minutes ago
My favorite actor in Tropic Thunder.
Gibson1961SG 33 minutes ago
Im officially as good a singer as old-age Steve Miller. Its taken decades, but now I too can sorta carry a tune.
Not Cool
Not Cool 34 minutes ago
6:42, I’m itching my balls rn
Bailey Kittle
Bailey Kittle 34 minutes ago
Is that Jimmy Fallon
Andrew Glass
Andrew Glass 35 minutes ago
Congrats on beating Questlove at 5% power......
Deadly Oof
Deadly Oof 35 minutes ago
dang, he sounds like joker
tipihihi 36 minutes ago
So over Fallon and his sissybitchas laugh
juan kelly
juan kelly 37 minutes ago
The best man alive
Nocturnalzyx 37 minutes ago
This got me laughing like Arthur Fleck
BlackHawk10000 37 minutes ago
cyka blyat
cyka blyat 37 minutes ago
jew hunter
Cheslie 38 minutes ago
Gosh Gal Gadot is very stunning!
Truth Teller
Truth Teller 38 minutes ago
Bill Burr bombs all the time. That's why it's fun to watch him. It's like he doesn't care.
life great
life great 39 minutes ago
honestly nick created one of the best shows of all time!! super talented and funny
Andy Nguyen
Andy Nguyen 39 minutes ago
i love this movie and ed is still going
Guard Me
Guard Me 39 minutes ago
Put ya uh hands up
Jonathan 40 minutes ago
LoL funny sketch xD
Moosa Khan
Moosa Khan 40 minutes ago
That awkward smile on the lass face!.. Bumped into a cushion of Shaq-Bac...
M S 40 minutes ago
Amazon the company she works for is one of the reasons of gentrification in many cities, one of the reasons why young people are homeless.
Renz Esparza
Renz Esparza 41 minute ago
This is a tire fire of an interview
Conversa com Math
Conversa com Math 41 minute ago
Essa perfomance é tão perfeita que nem sei ... 🤤
Sandra Eli
Sandra Eli 41 minute ago
Hey Malone!! Budweiser gets you Wiser!! Ja.ja..💝
and r
and r 41 minute ago
OMG HE SOUND LIKE ROMAN IN REAL LIFE LMAOOOO i thought that was the character's voice
John gatti
John gatti 44 minutes ago
76 years old.....un freaking believable.
Joh’s Life
Joh’s Life 45 minutes ago
She’s so beautiful 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Shenni 45 minutes ago
Nicki came to eat
Starchat team
Starchat team 45 minutes ago
Aju Joseph Kailath
Aju Joseph Kailath 47 minutes ago
why his teeth looks like my roomates??
A B 47 minutes ago
He was the Gangster of love at age 11.
mahorn83 48 minutes ago
nannygoatj 48 minutes ago
She is gorgeous.
Mario Hernandez
Mario Hernandez 49 minutes ago
You can’t turn a reckneck into a hillbilly.
Marcus Raysor
Marcus Raysor 50 minutes ago
I honestly never knew that Andy Cooper was gay. And they say that you can’t learn anything on cable tv. Lol.
Mary-Ann Richter
Mary-Ann Richter 50 minutes ago
Did anyone notice the One Direction picture on the wall😱😱❤️❤️
Yo Boy Andy
Yo Boy Andy 50 minutes ago
Bts is good at fortnite for real
Jason Dominguez
Jason Dominguez 51 minute ago
Damn it’s been five years and now I’m watching this
s marz
s marz 51 minute ago
First female artist with male genitalia. Show em meg
Orlan Castillo
Orlan Castillo 52 minutes ago
Is that real?
Austin B
Austin B 52 minutes ago
How awesome is it that Steve Miller is a fanboy? He had Buddy Guy sign his guitar!
Tony Gilbert-Davis
Tony Gilbert-Davis 53 minutes ago
I'm so excited for Chicago hip hop right now it gives me chills. But, more importantly, I have that shirt the drummer's wearing.
butiz 54 minutes ago
Dead game
Reem Khalid
Reem Khalid 54 minutes ago
He is so rude to Joaquin...
48lilly 55 minutes ago
Insidious passion in your voice is incredible 💙🥳😇😇😇😇🥰😘
Jonathan 55 minutes ago
Why didn't Glenn Close receive an Oscar? I don't understand.
The Real MFWIC
The Real MFWIC 55 minutes ago
Best one ever was Natalie Portman. She wasn’t that good but her line where she said “there will always be a special place for you in my butt” has to take the cake
lisa Leah
lisa Leah 55 minutes ago
They all seem Stoned ,Drunk or Both 😅😅😅😅😅😅
MrPoosRopper 56 minutes ago
Please sub to me so I can feed my childrens children
ro ot
ro ot 56 minutes ago
Harrison look like he want to leave asap
buddhadev92 58 minutes ago
I am from the older generation.... and want Shawn Micheals or Triple H or Rey mesterio to come out..... and All I know was Kofi kingston
Nick Hughes
Nick Hughes 58 minutes ago
This shit lit!!
Mr Man
Mr Man 58 minutes ago
Her voice has changed too much
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull 58 minutes ago
How is Jimmy not exhausted from looking like he is ready for a joke that may never be told? Can we skip to the part of US history where people can be president without being elected? Because it’s exhausting pretending to care about politics. We all know that is where the US is heading. Where we are heading is Oprah for high ruler of the US. You should have Ben saving for retirement before the universe began than again that would probably not be enough to retire on. You are never to old or young to save for retirement. Or at least have backup plans from A to Z. Bad grammar and spelling are the least of your worries especially if the world can end any time.
Richard Broski
Richard Broski 59 minutes ago
Funny how he likes the red sox, but in the Office season 9 he doesn't.
Orella Minx
Orella Minx Hour ago
Fat, disgusting, worthless piece of shit.
Cheslie Hour ago
Kate Beckinsale still looks gorgeous at the age of 46! She's been gorgeous the first time I saw her in Pearl Harbor.
Joaquin Calla
Joaquin Calla Hour ago
Music Soul
Music Soul Hour ago
Nice that Jimmy recognizes Canadian songwriting talent.
Sir Swagalot6969420
This is the most awkward episode ever wtf
Kat Brudzinski
The glitter hands are queer culture
FUN WORLD Hour ago
No boys no Dont stare at her chest😂😂😂
Awesome Sauce
Awesome Sauce Hour ago
The *giggle*
Bubba The Gamer
Good Burger 2?
ImN MnS Hour ago
I just lost my 3:52 minutes for watching a big guy eating candy
Ella K
Ella K Hour ago
I’ve never screamed “DILL” so loud in my life 🤣 *EDIT: or MALARIA!!!
CDog223722 Hour ago
Tom Karasch
Tom Karasch Hour ago
OMG THAT WAS EPIC!! Gunna have perma-grin for days now! More Cowbell!!!
jakedizzle Hour ago
He’s having a much better time on here than on Kimmel.
Joaquin Phoenix has the best drugs
Elisa Morales
Elisa Morales Hour ago
Not to be mean but ari is soo skinny
My Life As Jaelin
i don’t get why y’all don’t like her
Tua Loyola
Tua Loyola Hour ago
U know wat? For me he's a great actor..back wen he was protraying COMMODUS i actually hated him..as in literally hated him..the portraying of the character was hateable..and for that he is a good actor..
Anurashri Yadav
He's the one who behaved politely with her but other host like jemmy kammel, Ellen and many others so rude with her.
at times it appears as if he hasn't completely detached himself from the role of the Joker yet, or maybe that happens to be just who he is actually....
The Black Arsene
The thumbnail is scary
Eymeric Seven
Eymeric Seven Hour ago
This is way funnier than Kimmel
Mayank Joshi
Mayank Joshi Hour ago
He sounds like "he is on sleepy mode" well I can observe he is such a humble and kind guy. .so much respect and love to Pitbull from India 😊💖💖❣️
Ella K
Ella K Hour ago
Someone tell Jimmy this isn’t charades 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Tejah Hour ago
Lol poor kid looked like Professor Marvel.
Lucas th
Lucas th Hour ago
Ele é lindo de MAIS
Omar camrren
Omar camrren Hour ago
Priyanka looks fat wtff
Jor el ninio
Jor el ninio Hour ago
Un genio el negro! Un campeón de verdad! Saludos desde Argentina! A ver quien entiende jajaja
Jorge Omar Jaimes Viafara
Who is she?
sevuel 777
sevuel 777 Hour ago
uranus d.bah?
Phansies Hour ago
I’m fucking obsessed with nick JSJS
miss42310 Hour ago
Half indian liza didnt even drink one glass of water...
thug life
thug life Hour ago
Yo he fucking him up with that water that shit hurts foreal he is tbrowing that with force
Meu Diário Thamy
1:46 muito fofo o jeito que a iggy olhou pra Anitta 😂❤️
Ghostflower Hour ago
okay what the heck? why all the hate? ruby rose almost entirely broke her spine to make this show. even if it doesn't match the comics, why can't people just enjoy the show and if not, THEN DONT WATCH IT. no one is forcing haters to watch this show. it's rude to disrespect someone as nice as she is.