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2 months ago
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Hexxies 6 seconds ago
It might actually be the M40A3, the Remington 500 was converted to the M40 for military use and the name in the datamine was the “Romeo 500”
Joshua Mariscal
Joshua Mariscal 6 seconds ago
Challenge accepted day15: Be a camper for the day
MajorGamer 6 seconds ago
All I want is the intervention high rise & terminal is that a lot to ask for
Seplux 16 seconds ago
Does anyone else not watch ufc but still listens cause it’s jev
AD 13
AD 13 24 seconds ago
Please ask KSI for a rematch on UFC 4
Stormy Yt
Stormy Yt 26 seconds ago
Is it sad that in the first match he drops 77/best play and was not really trying 😂
100,000 Subscribers without video challenge
Challenge excepted: Try to get the absolute worst movement speed with any weapon
Black Knight
Black Knight 59 seconds ago
Jev: Im not gonna do all the Obsidian weapons, ill probably just do like 3 of them Also Jev: obsidians Every single gun including DLC guns
Tray BTW
Tray BTW Minute ago
He always says what's goin on guys but no one comments that it's been a good day or a bad day :(
Spaz Minute ago
Nobody: Jev: New sniper leaked as my life withered away
All the developers have to do is add the best of the old maps like terminal dome etc and the old guns like the intervention and stuff then people would love the game
Landon Schmidt
Landon Schmidt Minute ago
Challenge accepted: play subnautica
Im Joma
Im Joma Minute ago
If the R700 comes out, I’ll do a swap class with the kar98k
Michael Ruiz
Michael Ruiz Minute ago
im pretty sure the r700 is a hybrid sniper quick ads like the marksmen rifles but the stopping power of a F.U lol should be the quick scope equivalent of the new sniper without the explodyness lmao
NathanFN Minute ago
Challenge accepted: make a vlog
Jose Muniz
Jose Muniz Minute ago
Upload a different gameeeeeee
Lil Shrkyboi
Lil Shrkyboi Minute ago
nah the play of the game guy just has a gaming chair
Kobe Austin
Kobe Austin Minute ago
Just got off work, my nutsack is extremly sweaty, and Jev uploaded. Life is okay.
Caleb Vlack
Caleb Vlack Minute ago
Jevs the realest faze member
iitsnotabe Minute ago
“oh we had a cheater 😲”😂😂
Muhammad Siraaj
Muhammad Siraaj Minute ago
What shotgun is that
Andy Sun
Andy Sun Minute ago
Nobody: Jev: becomes a non profit ufc commentator
Yvng Domineus
Yvng Domineus 2 minutes ago
Jev: “I’m not doing it, I’m not getting obsidian on every weapon in the game, it’s not happening.” Also Jev: we have almost got obsidian on all the shotguns, next is the ARs.
ARX 2 minutes ago
are we not gonna talk about that quad feed 1:39
Sticky Stick
Sticky Stick 2 minutes ago
Who the hell is “ousbin”
Ravinn 2 minutes ago
Now it’s not often that jev gets the 10 minute mark to get the adds, but when he does I sit through all of them to experience just 0.1% of the torture jev goes through with this game
Brandon Pascua
Brandon Pascua 2 minutes ago
Jev: I dont get involved with this dangerous stuff with guns Also Jev: Has a closet full of swords and knives
Ellioty Ripley
Ellioty Ripley 2 minutes ago
how come he doesnt have a hud scale
Fuze Opiki
Fuze Opiki 2 minutes ago
You can tell by his face when he starts mentioning the new sniper hes super happy
MTZ Boys
MTZ Boys 2 minutes ago
The Remington is a assault rifle from cod Ghost
Kelvin Stewart
Kelvin Stewart 2 minutes ago
U talk too much
David Aceituno
David Aceituno 2 minutes ago
I would rather have the M40A3 than the R700
Dominic Wilkinson
Dominic Wilkinson 2 minutes ago
Masvidal is gonna drop him in round 3 if not earlier
Mike Oxbig
Mike Oxbig 2 minutes ago
It’s a R700 variant, Remington makes a fuck ton of them
Keith Walker
Keith Walker 2 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: quick scope with the 725 slugs and sniper scope Attachments: slugs, slight of hand, tac laser, sniper scope, short/sawed off barrel
Black Knight
Black Knight 2 minutes ago
I think the remington is going to be an OK sniper, not the best and not thw worst, But it will do the job i hope
Mint E
Mint E 3 minutes ago
Challenge- win juggernaut Royale with all 3 juggernauts
inplx 3 minutes ago
lmaooo i haven’t even unlocked the kali sticks
Jamie Bredesen
Jamie Bredesen 3 minutes ago
Wait jev plays Fifa?
zack surratt
zack surratt 3 minutes ago
Challenge Accepted: Walk around your house kiss your pets and tell them you love them. (You can include people in your house)
Milind Parwani
Milind Parwani 3 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: do challenge accepted
Jacob Ferge
Jacob Ferge 3 minutes ago
Question from the midwest: Is JEV's pronunciation of "recreate" an east coast thing?
CrashingCoyote 3 minutes ago
challenge accepted: Bring back REQUIS
Captain Proice
Captain Proice 3 minutes ago
J V 3 minutes ago
The black ops one famas was a freaking beast
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 3 minutes ago
For the next cod they should give you a option that if you only play multi-player you should receive updates for it and not for warzone
Barrett Sendrowski
Barrett Sendrowski 3 minutes ago
How do you not get bored
Antonibro 3 minutes ago
I just bought ragin gummy fish, best flavor ever. Love your vids btw.
Gold Voltage
Gold Voltage 3 minutes ago
I love how the bad thing in the title is just "24/7 shipment"
WreZZi 3 minutes ago
Challenge Accepted: Beat my best time on Season 1 Risky Parkour, 36.7s
my dude hi
my dude hi 3 minutes ago
No challenge accepted no firs no fastest click in the west just a comment
ApleJuicce 4 minutes ago
Jev can you please play more minecraft i watch your minecraft videos a while ago they were soooo good please play more
magma don
magma don 4 minutes ago
Pbot9 4 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: drop a nuke
Long chicken Long egg
Long chicken Long egg 4 minutes ago
oh god
Giovanni Lombardi
Giovanni Lombardi 4 minutes ago
Shipment 24/7 is bad for the heart.
Myystiicz 4 minutes ago
Amazing vid
Jamie Mortimer
Jamie Mortimer 4 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: Play Friday the 13th again. I’ve been watching those videos recently and you seem to have a lot more fun
Marcus Skinner
Marcus Skinner 4 minutes ago
I had also heard the intervention was found but idk the truth behind that
Soap 4 minutes ago
I’m pretty sure that the Remington 700 is magazine fed
sabez babez
sabez babez 4 minutes ago
tupac shakur
tupac shakur 4 minutes ago
challenge accepted: try meditating for 1 hour
Gucci Gaga
Gucci Gaga 5 minutes ago
I'm the first person to see this video 5 minutes in so come at me people who go "first"
Rodolfo Ordaz
Rodolfo Ordaz 5 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: play a horro game
Thekiller4987 5 minutes ago
you got ham legs you got hammon legs
The fact that I just went threw that shity storm
Zackary Aquil
Zackary Aquil 5 minutes ago
Jev challenge accepted most inaccurate fennec build
Sil3nt 5 minutes ago
jev you probably won't read this but I just want to thank you for actually making me smile every day, life this summer has been kind of shit and the pandemic isn't helping so I just wanted to thank you for actually letting me have fun watching your vids.
Usl Aura et Angel God
Usl Aura et Angel God 5 minutes ago
Please play Mk11.. there’s the joker, the terminator, sindel and fujin now
Donald’s Mc
Donald’s Mc 5 minutes ago
Ok but at 1:24 what kind of shotgun is he using?!
Chaos 5 minutes ago
me when i see the leaks: this is not joe who are you and where is he
Slonkee 5 minutes ago
How do you get hardcore shipment?
Jair Zelaya
Jair Zelaya 5 minutes ago
Hes gonna struggle after tomorrow its dirty old house boat. (Shipment, Shoothouse, Rust)
Fuly Semi Auto
Fuly Semi Auto 5 minutes ago
I would love to see a AWP.
Prodigy 5 minutes ago
It’s nice that we might be getting a new sniper, but lowkey it’s too late for us. I’m just waiting on the next CoD and hoping sniping is better on there. We need less flinch, and better rewards (Reticles and Variants)
Weston Richardson
Weston Richardson 5 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: get a nuke on shipment with a knife
chris 5 minutes ago
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 5 minutes ago
Jude Kirby
Jude Kirby 5 minutes ago
awq 5 minutes ago
As soon as you said “you here that thunder” it thundered outside my house 😳
bigman_bigmac 5 minutes ago
i wanna die
Panda 5 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: go to a shooting range irl, and vlog it
Eli Cobb
Eli Cobb 5 minutes ago
Challenge Accepted: Do TikTok Dances
EZOLO 5 minutes ago
no matter how mad jev gets there is one thing he will not destroy...
LIL SAMMY VERT 6 minutes ago
Literally its just black camo lmao. All that grinding for burned sticks.
Hunter N
Hunter N 6 minutes ago
Bruh id have Damascus right now if IW didn’t take away my hardcore shoot house
Anthony Wakeling
Anthony Wakeling 6 minutes ago
Challenge Accepted: play rust 2v2 with some viewers as a throwback to the good days
CJ Lane
CJ Lane 6 minutes ago
Congrats Jev
Majestic Beast
Majestic Beast 6 minutes ago
I noticed a bug with the explosive rounds with the Rytec. With it equipped my weapon level wouldn’t progress then when I took it off my weapon level started going up. Has this happened to anyone else?
Deenells Thewiz
Deenells Thewiz 6 minutes ago
Just hearing thunder by me now 😂
SVPREME 6 minutes ago
i really hope the r700 is like a in between kar98 and ax-50
TurdMan Jones
TurdMan Jones 6 minutes ago
Please go checkout my recent Jev video please 🤧
Fire Hazard
Fire Hazard 6 minutes ago
challenge accepted: onlyfans
Dj Phildeez
Dj Phildeez 6 minutes ago
WhO ClIcKeD oN... Plz stfu... Need a mod Jev?
Keutio 3 minutes ago
Dj Phildeez Youre the same thing as them😂
Pdam67 6 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: unlock obsidian bread on I am bread
StoneApollyon 6 minutes ago
obsidian kali sticks look like metal rods
[ToX] Styraxx
[ToX] Styraxx 6 minutes ago
Jev use a hand cam!!!!!!
Dizzy Recordz
Dizzy Recordz 6 minutes ago
Challenge accepted: clout chase like me
Tyler Dore
Tyler Dore 6 minutes ago
Sometimes i feel mad for jev than I thought to my self and think at least it gives us content so I don’t care at the end of the day
pryce whitney
pryce whitney 6 minutes ago
Bruh they need to add the DK Bongos