Sel Pyar
Sel Pyar 23 hours ago
Please make a video about S4.
min lucman
min lucman 23 hours ago
hits different after reading last chap. farewell AOT.
Dark Past
Dark Past 23 hours ago
0:25 can someone tell me the sauce of this one?
Wolfie Lim
Wolfie Lim 23 hours ago
Spoiler Warning: The series started with Eren and Mikasa under the tree and ended with Eren and Mikasa under the same tree 😥
Dark Past
Dark Past 23 hours ago
8:36 your gonna need to pause the video for you to process on what he just said
Krystal C
Krystal C 23 hours ago
I'm here after finishing the movie that I've been planing to watch for 4 months. I didn't cry, but that still hurt. <//3
Transposed Tesseract
I have read ch. 139 and I believe this video will continue to age as fine wine. Ch. 139 was just a kick in the face for all the toxic haters, so there.
Transposed Tesseract
I really don't really understand all the hate the ending's getting. Seems like more than half the readers were just 13 or 14 year oldish teenagers choosing sides, wanting eren to win by being a badass villain, get more of alliance killed off, or magically bring peace, or shipping this person with that. The conflict of humanity was central to the story, and it remains at the end. Titan powers gone, but human conflict remains. As true as reality. An unsatisfying, tragic and traumatizing ending, just as it was meant to be. AOT remains a masterpiece in my eyes. From around ch. 112 it was just evident the ending would just be a pessimistic (which is actually realistic) version of the Zero Requiem. Eren was just the protagonist, not a hero, not a villain. A tragic character who gave up his own freedom for the freedom of those he cared about. A person who became the demon the world feared cause the world pushed him to it. Those who are taking Eren's words as something "romantic", that isn't it. It's just that, at the core of it all, he just wanted to be a normal human and live out the rest of his life with those he cared about. But the cruel nature of the world, his titan powers and everything that pushed him up to make the choices he made, wouldn't allow it. He sinned, he can't live a free life. That's the point of those words. Regret. Not merely romance. Helplessness. In the end, AOT is the story, the truth that Armin will tell the world when they reach Paradis... "Sono hi jinrui wo omoidashita Yatsura ni shihai sarete ita kyofu Torikago no nakani torawarete ita kutsujoku..." You are free not to like the ending. This is my opinion, I think it's beautiful. Maybe when you grow up you'll appreciate it more.
Gamer Guy2019
Gamer Guy2019 23 hours ago
"You said you were a swordsman, not a suicide bomber" Me when I suicide bombed with a grenade in bo2
Daniel Tan
Daniel Tan 23 hours ago
What is that intro song at 0:05? Sounds familiar but i can't recall
Simon Reseigh
Simon Reseigh 23 hours ago
We’re about to have to wait for 5.0 longer than how long we waited for 3.0 + 1.0
Dark Past
Dark Past 23 hours ago
Watching this right next to my parents is Dangerous good thing i have my headset on
Sebastian Vulpe
Sebastian Vulpe 23 hours ago
WHY ZERO TWO ISN"T S TIER?!? ;-; rlly... and is that DIo on the S RANK!?!?! tf
TheUsoSaito 23 hours ago
... haven't seen Fullmetal Alchemist? crime against humanity.
Luis Pesina
Luis Pesina Day ago
4:25 is underrated bruh
Hannah Van Buren
this show is very educational, its educational because it basically says if you add quantum in front of anything it makes you sound smart like quantum computer or quantum _toilet_
Coмяade Blaze
Music at 0:53?
Rachel B
Rachel B Day ago
Can someone plug the song when the title screen popped up
Subham Das
Subham Das Day ago
It's type of anime I absolutely loved, but probably won't re-watch very soon.
AG Cast
AG Cast Day ago
Zo Funnyz
Zo Funnyz 23 hours ago
Why did you do it? I dont know why...i guess i had to TATAKA TATAKA
Gmac YT
Gmac YT Day ago
2:40 potato!!!!!!!!!!
Darshan sivakalai
Gigguk your vedios does magic.every time when I watch a vedio of yours it make me watch more anime and to understand what can anime do.i will never stop watching anime no matter what any says.it is my hobby and it will always be.
Oscar Zheng
Oscar Zheng Day ago
10 seconds in the video and I already know Gikkuk is going to make me laugh
UT Mish
UT Mish Day ago
Idaten jump is a gr8 isekai nobody knows
Marcello Silva
Maybe you really should watch FMA, Garnt.
B W Day ago
Watched this as an anime viewer and then a year later as a new formed manga reader and then another year later as a light novel reader. You're not wrong.
Victoria Garcia
5:00 5:24 5:31 5:42 6:07
gang del bosco
Singing and Other Stuff
I got an add about an app called lolli and at first i was really confused
A R U Day ago
Roman Calvino
The way he says Evangelion is so painful to hear
Ish Moore
Ish Moore Day ago
How to fix live action anime adaptations: Don’t do em.
-Xero- Day ago
4:37 Felix : "if you don't want Emilia you can always have me! " Subaru : "well hey i didn't know the nights had hot cat girls too! " Felix : "actually im a boy!" Subaru : "no you're fucking not." Felix: " No really i am a- " Subaru : "I said..No You're Fucking Not."
Slepe Day ago
My take on why they're so enjoyable, not because they're anime avatars: - They're wholesome and they don't curse every 5sec like normal youtubers. They have good personalities too. - They belong to 1 company. That means there's rules and they're all mostly equal. They're not just friends playing together. - Collabs happen a lot - They have a community no other streamer team has; like the huge minecraft server that they have. Normal streamer teams only play among us together - Being avatars, they get to roleplay different identities, like magical creatures or whatever - They all have very distinct personalities, they all have their own memes and identities. Especially true with the more crazy members - They're very talented, hosting karaoke streams a lot, drawing, making music videos etc - They read chat quite a bit, some are even trying to learn English - The community is also nice and respectful. There's some exceptions but they're negligible
Demone Dante
Demone Dante Day ago
Most manga adaptations are better than anime but there are exceptions like AOT, Conan, DBZ, one punch man S1 and many more
Synthy Day ago
1:00 yes gigguk, we get a season 2 :)
Driver wolf
Driver wolf Day ago
Is there anime good as this video?
the bard
the bard Day ago
You forgot about touka
pyro226 Day ago
Well, this can't mislead me any worse that the number of people that said Jujutsu Kaisen is a good anime...
Oops the video got age restricted😕😟😑😐
Sushi gal XD Gal
Tony3821 Day ago
This is exactly how I feel trying to explain the kingdom hearts timeline
Nothing to see here
The hell
Simply Pingu
Simply Pingu Day ago
(set playback speed to 0.25 to see this frame) nO *pauses exactly on the frame 2nd try* This is a useless victory I feel proud of.
Sushi gal XD Gal
Kaneki is like so weird at first when I watch it at the first epꛌꛌꛌꛌꛌꛌꛌ
Naveen Day ago
Manga readers know what's coming in season 4 part 2
UnikoU ARMY Day ago
8:05 couldn’t agree more T-T XD.
Brian Malloy
Brian Malloy Day ago
funniest shit ive ever seen
btw in the thumbnail is from the game called "Princess Connect Re: dive" (also has an anime with the same title)
Penguu Day ago
Predictable animes? *cough* POKEMON *cough*
A Nondonor With a Rank
the rush i felt when he ended off with the opening is something I will never forget
Cabbage Is cool
Not fan girls screaming for Levi 😭😭😭😭
The ETMA Channel
nozoki ana murdered my emotions. The manga actually made me age like 20 years.
_ThatOneTwitch Bum_
That kingdom hearts music though 😳
Kurt Domingo
Kurt Domingo Day ago
4:43 this rl adaptation is actually good
Kloo Paw
Kloo Paw Day ago
Why isn’t sao dead already!? My opinion 1. It’s the story between kirito and asuna 2. Asuna was in trouble for something and kirito was going to save her. 3. If asuna died and kirito saved to late. Kirito would already be dead. Due to asuna memory. He met asuna in aincard While they were trapped in s1. To this journey they got married, kirito saved asuna. 4. If there is no quests then the sword art online is safe. How can sao end 1. Asuna died 2. No quest (mission) If there is mental health like Sickness Heart attack (Yuuki) asuna bff Heart failure Poison (kirito got it once due to death gun) If there is disaster then idk
The_Ultimate_ Duck_Guy
I love this anime because it got me into playing guitar and without it, I wouldn’t have discovered my favorite hobby. I can see how people might not like it though. Also, I loved how calm it was.
Ms. Sly Flox
Ms. Sly Flox Day ago
When ARMIN says when ANIE and EREN were fighting it looks like forced TITAN sex, I thought that FROM the beginning 🤣🤣
Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd Day ago
Too bad we aren't funny
[T H E W O R L D]
Here's why Fate franchise has the greatest fight scene of all time: 2 by 4 about a three the espn by the xbox 360=to xbox live therefore xbox x by the 1 2 3 and the logical by the fire the ISO cohidron isosceles and the diameter by the 3x4 equals to (ps) 5 (X=Y) therefore 420 is greater than 69
squares Day ago
gigguk in the thumbnail ._.
Mohammed Fayaz
art艺术 Day ago
In the mother eating scene, I still can’t believe Eren Yeager did that for his squad mate....
DMT Infinity
DMT Infinity Day ago
My Top 28 Favorite Anime: (I'm Almost 24) {In No Particular Order} Deadman Wonderland Hell Girl Chaos Child Parasite The Maxim Death Note Devil's Line Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate Black Blood Brothers xxxHOLiC Kurozuka Bakugan Battle Brawlers Angel Beats Highschool Of The Dead Naruto/Naruto Shippuden Elfen Lied 18if Dragon Ball Z RosarioXVampie Assassination Classroom Yu-Gi-Oh (Season 0) Attack On Titan (Seasons 1 And 2 Only) Shiki Soul Eater One Punch Man Coppelion Black Butler Death Parade
11-Biyo Tadifa, Raphael John G
Transitioning from gacha addition to hololive addiction is like tripping then face-planting yourself . . . . . . . . . btw anyone knows the first song? background song?
nmikk10 Day ago
The second arc of that 2nd season is by far my favorite part of the show and none of my friends every got there. After GGO they thought it was more "boring shit" and stopped watching. That arc is actually one of the most influential arcs for me personally and I'm so sad no one I know has been able to experience it.
Joshua Reynolds
Everyone be talking about why Isekai is super overdone, but honestly after reading SO MANY sci-fi books with the same freaking tropes, and getting magic and freaking anything other than a girl who is FREAKING EITHER MENTALLY INSANE OR INSIDE A LOVE TRIANGE
Cypher Soc
Cypher Soc Day ago
Kyoani studio isn't burned enough for me
Gabriel Martínez
I would to see Gigguk's view on the end of the manga
Kaito Day ago
Why do you have to be Japanese? You can just learn the language
Gabriella Leander
Yep.. that's pretty much it
Arslan Malik
Arslan Malik Day ago
Violet Evergarden in 2018 I was in the worst mental health state . Every day all i wanted was to died an leave this worlds an never come back . But watching episode 10 in the first every i broke down into tears from a tv show .
Artem C.
Artem C. Day ago
"That time I got reincarnated as a struggling artist in Austria."
Queenbabylayah 9
I feel like the main reason why people watch stuff on illegal site is because a lot of the time the legal sites don’t have the anime that your looking for
Sina Lindseth
nicholas rolyat
I actually like the darker aspect of Redo. People can break and heroes aren’t safe from that. In fact lots of armed forces members can be susceptible to turning to some pretty fucked shit to avoid their PTSD. Seeing a good person that craves revenge and give in to his lust is actually relatable. Life is fucked up and seeing animators that are willing to express that is kind of nice. I hope they make another season.
Lion are Cool
This is awesome