-Name : Stefano
-Surname : Bolis
-Born in : Brescia,Italy 🇮🇹
-Living in : Manchester,England 🇬🇧
-Date of Birth : 1996

-Favorite Teams :
⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫ Juventus ⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫
🔵⚪ 🔵⚪ 🔵⚪ Brescia 🔵⚪ 🔵⚪ 🔵⚪
⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪ Real Madrid ⚪⚪⚪⚪⚪
🔴🔴🔴🔴 Manchester United 🔴🔴🔴🔴

-Favorite Player :
🌟🌟🌟🌟 Cristiano Ronaldo 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Hamtor Joseph
Hamtor Joseph 4 hours ago
This guy....proud face can act so much....
Sarahmabell Sayn
Sarahmabell Sayn 5 hours ago
Lol that stupid player in 5.56 what's wrong with him ?😂
Uptightspidy 12
Uptightspidy 12 7 hours ago
Arjuna Yoga
Arjuna Yoga 7 hours ago
Alessia Lunime
Alessia Lunime 8 hours ago
Ti faccio vedere il film di erripotte
Alessia Lunime
Alessia Lunime 8 hours ago
N non riecso aaasccrivvereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Alessia Lunime
Alessia Lunime 8 hours ago
Ti regalo una pizza vera non quella come con il formaggio
Alessia Lunime
Alessia Lunime 8 hours ago
Apena ariana fa un video di 12 minuti fa a 35468645667763211233445554223456 di like
Alessia Lunime
Alessia Lunime 8 hours ago
zsdm channel
zsdm channel 10 hours ago
100/Dybala 50/Ronáldo
Saurab Subba
Saurab Subba 11 hours ago
Ronaldo was so clever fight
Palak Kumari
Palak Kumari 12 hours ago
It's really lovely how the team of Ellen's Show surprises the fans and make their dream come true. I really love their work! ❤️👏
عمر المختار
⠀ “he Egyptian King Mo Salah Mo Salah, Mo Salah, Mo Salah he’s running down the wing! Salah lalalalalalala The Egyptian King” ❤👑 🇪🇬 " Mohamed Salah 🇪🇬- - فخر العرب "Liverpool - You‘ll never walk alone ❤
William Clark
William Clark 16 hours ago
Doesn't back down from anyone. Sergio is the big brother that everyone secretly wants.
William Clark
William Clark 16 hours ago
1) Poor Marcelo. Always his job to pull Sergio out of the scrum. 2) Interesting that the guys Sergio got into it most with were his national team teammates, who clearly know he has a little rat in him. Fascinating dynamics.
kouame manou
kouame manou 19 hours ago
Love CR7
Davis Idehen
Davis Idehen 19 hours ago
ibrahim Dalha
ibrahim Dalha 20 hours ago
Ramos is one of the worst football players , If I were his coach , he won’t play a football but I would teach him as a goal keeper
PoVEльYtell PomyДоRoV
Де росси получил по заслугам
Kashish Bhooshan
Maria Martin
Maria Martin Day ago
Sade for Cristiano Ronaldo .😴
Destiny Rocker
The start of the goat
hisam youhana
1:17 how on earth can you respect an iconic player if he has no respect for other players. But if you see on the other hand Messi did show respect after the fight by an smile
manou bia
manou bia Day ago
Le train de 08 : 00
Wellington Fernandes
Love Music ????
Gianluca L
Gianluca L Day ago
Bunch of losers
irvan rebelution
5:58 Where there is noise there is ramos, i love ramos so much, this guy has no chill :V
Zuraina Alam
Zuraina Alam 2 days ago
Girly let me tell you his hair don't look like that no more.....
Emil Nackaerts
Emil Nackaerts 2 days ago
thed is so cute
elif kaya
elif kaya 2 days ago
Zahira Sahnoune
Zahira Sahnoune 2 days ago
A me è stato bravo dybala ha fatto uno stupendo gol perché noi è stato il migliore fare un gol più bello del genere un applauso
Irmas Gemeas
Irmas Gemeas 2 days ago
Eu quero conhecer te amo te😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩
Peter 2 days ago
No way to get it without the music?
Yoosaf kuttoor
Yoosaf kuttoor 2 days ago
Anamul Haque
Anamul Haque 2 days ago
There haven’t male fan🥺🥺
MIX_ STUDIES 2 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-R6687NOBS9U.html Liverpool defender solo goal☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️😱😱😱😱😱😱⚽️⚽️⚽️💥💥💥💥💥
Feral Fan
Feral Fan 2 days ago
Adele lowkey hood! I LOVE IT!! LOVE that she showed respect to Nikki!
Electro Gaming 57
why not any boys?
Electro Gaming 57
LOL He's A Human Though -.-
Texas is cool Nibba
Marianna De Luca
Marianna De Luca 2 days ago
Bram Wisnu
Bram Wisnu 2 days ago
Karena ini iklan nike jadi tim barcelona nggak ada messi Yg ada disini adalah para bintang brand ambasador nike
Deepak Kumar
Deepak Kumar 3 days ago
He foul to iniesta and helped him because they are in same team (Spain) Who all agree with u 👇like here
Elena Lazzarotto
Elena Lazzarotto 3 days ago
Ti adoro ari
Monkey Sage
Monkey Sage 3 days ago
I LOVE HIS HAIR I LOVE HIS EYES I LOVE HIS VOICE I LOVE HIS ABS justine:girls non of yall like ma music oh hell to the no
Cloud9 3 days ago
It could've been a big fight if that roma player turned against messi according to other football fights.
Shay yogeswaran
Shay yogeswaran 3 days ago
Its Van Persie because he played for arsenal and holland
Jean Alexander Souza Santos
Se o imbraimovic fosse um jogador em ganhar títulos quando ele jogava em auto nível , tenho certeza que ele seria um terceiro nome hoje em dia na boca da mídia entre Messi e CR7 , mais na minha opinião o imbra inviduamente é melhor que o CR7 só vão discordar porque o Cristiano tá em auto nível hoje em dia . Mais a prova tá aí o imbra com 36 anos despertou o interesse do Milan e tá lá na equipe italiana.
Tristen Streeter
Tristen Streeter 3 days ago
Omg what a queeeeennnnnnn !!🔥🔥❤️👸🏼
SingMc YT
SingMc YT 3 days ago
These refree so stupid not even giving free kicks or cards to the one who get fould
Hlutea 15
Hlutea 15 3 days ago
Legend ramos🇪🇸🦁
Eurotool 3 days ago
Italiani, che pensate di lei? Da un italocanadese 😂
Mudiaga Otojareri
the title should be Ronaldo being fouled and best dives
Neox 3 days ago
Geez he took like hundreds of bullets and still survive to post one more selfie
dkahmedkhalaf 3 days ago
Wheres messi?
Muhammad Athalla Holden
He Puked
Muhammad Athalla Holden
Justin: *Says Continents* everyone: *Claps* me: *Says Continents* everyone:.............
Jameer Reigns
Jameer Reigns 4 days ago
Bale is power star 🔥🔥
nathan 96
nathan 96 4 days ago
Lo scudetto più bello ❤️ Record di imbattibilità di gigi e dybala e pogba stratosferici
Kyle Timbers
Kyle Timbers 4 days ago
ilove justin biber
virus 4 days ago
2:27 NANI??!?
Mimi Ose
Mimi Ose 4 days ago
The guy's a gladiator 🔥🔥
Austin King
Austin King 4 days ago
I feel bad for him because you can tell he just dosent like having all that fame and I do respect him for that
Samurai Sanchez
Samurai Sanchez 4 days ago
Wenger with his uWu at 0:18
Erick Alcantara
Erick Alcantara 4 days ago
Football is war Made up!
Jerrelle Jefferies
Rude guy
Jerrelle Jefferies
Bad guy
x 4 days ago
I’ve seen her speak more french 😭
Arup Das
Arup Das 5 days ago
Please helpruvid.net/show-UCM-BhSbhf7VF3BnecP6zK7Q
BorrussiaCore Futbol TV
Luca Magnacca 5L
Luca Magnacca 5L 5 days ago
Moonlight Gomez
Moonlight Gomez 5 days ago
What did neymar say at the beginning, please reply
Sahil Kapoor
Sahil Kapoor 5 days ago
Why all these fans are girls, why are there no boys
Heroviusss 5 days ago
Theres no guy fans in the video? huh weird.
Abdul maalik Soeker
Is it weird that the second song sounded like a remix of the coffin dance song😅
bjoe joe
bjoe joe 5 days ago
Mbape 🖕🖕
Oliver Mezquita
Oliver Mezquita 5 days ago
7449 super
kebron Getahun
kebron Getahun 5 days ago
I wish i can came he the best he is my best best fan ever
katoka shammah
katoka shammah 5 days ago
Why not u come in South Africa we also want to see him my daughter is ur biggest fan
2:05 girl : scream Justin : WAS UP
sassy norris
sassy norris 5 days ago
Ian Roseo
Ian Roseo 5 days ago
Che anni stupendi
I love this guy man
Ryan Hewitt
Ryan Hewitt 6 days ago
Hate this prick only bitch@s spit in faces, unprofessional fouls, you can see he is trying to hit people on purpose! When u cant play like a pro you start fouling. Hope more red cards will come your way.
Denis Dimitrov
Denis Dimitrov 6 days ago
The worst person in football. Complete sociopat.
Rishaki 03
Rishaki 03 6 days ago
Shoaib Afridi
Shoaib Afridi 6 days ago
what is this they are dieng fk
Micaela Mazzoleni
Bello Fabio Pisacane 19 😍🇮🇹
sprntrl spntrl
sprntrl spntrl 6 days ago
Sergio Ramos is your daddy bitchessss
Yannis Barrow
Yannis Barrow 6 days ago
fucking annoing music
Hari Shyam
Hari Shyam 6 days ago
@0:27 the guy be like, give me some time to get some air... legend says that he's still recovering
Melina Galano
Melina Galano 6 days ago
I love how he's famous and has lots of money and doesn't know the 7 continents
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos 6 days ago
2:15 best part of the video
Zakareya ALShalaby
Out the champion leage haaaaaaaa
Shepherd the llama A
He just had to take one more selfie before he died🤯
Manu 6 days ago
Si ma guardate che lui entra per prendere la palla...e dessena voleva calciarla forte contro di lui, quindi non so chi dei due voleva entrare peggio...poi sarò ciecato io boh. C'è si vede proprio che dessena va' e carica per calciare forte...solo che è stato anticipato e gli ha preso la.gamba. io l'ho vista così.
Hemant Gurung
Hemant Gurung 6 days ago
Gangsters come in a group. And here comes the one man army.. Monster Sergio Ramos
Damian Debinski
Damian Debinski 6 days ago
Fuck messi