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uh oh... | RAFT
6 days ago
help... | RAFT
23 days ago
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Lårry dx
Lårry dx 16 hours ago
19:39 ok, this part almost gave me a heart attack bc i wuznt expecting that to happen😂😂💨
Charlene Garcia
Charlene Garcia 16 hours ago
the no no square
the no no square 16 hours ago
thanks for that
Taylor White
Taylor White 16 hours ago
Lyxian's editing career is becoming a thing of legend it seems, going by the comment section. (Haven't seen the video yet.")OL>
CthulhuFhtagn 16 hours ago
I actually really liked that last one. While there are a lot of genetic lab horror games, this was a creative one. It had a unique and weird feel - the weird little embryos in tanks, the monster that isn't humanoid for once in its life, people that sounded like actual scientists instead of insane maniacs with no idea what they were doing...yeah. Pretty good.
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson 16 hours ago
Fun fact the name Damien mean demon
BurnickFury 16 hours ago
I hope you will be better!
itsmealphajbeast m
itsmealphajbeast m 16 hours ago
Bear clip annoying and hilarious come here after you pepper spray it ?
Game Draws
Game Draws 16 hours ago
Oh no! How could you do that to Lixian Mark xD
_-Sir-_ _-PlaysAlot-_
If i see adds does it means he didn't swear
The Money Thief
The Money Thief 16 hours ago
I bet u cant even beat the evil within 2 on akuma mode
Purple Guy
Purple Guy 16 hours ago
If you thought the video of mark was just precious watch it with subtitles on. 10/10 recommended
Prophet of Profit
Prophet of Profit 16 hours ago
Mark: I’m short Everyone: 🗣🗣🗣🗣 🆂🅷🅾🆁🆃
Jamia Dinkins
Jamia Dinkins 16 hours ago
i love how mark 'interacts' with lixian, and vice versa. 21:45 to 22:13 for reference. it's obvious they have fun with it, and lixian's editing style and little inserts he does makes it all the more funnier
Angel Gab_
Angel Gab_ 16 hours ago
did mark start the same way pewds started dying be a sponer
Kingh_smārta 16 hours ago
I’m upset, the first jumps are was more at 0:34 than 0:33
Andreas McCullough
Andreas McCullough 16 hours ago
Mark: “I’m Blind” Stevie Wonder : “Welcome my friend”
Bengt 16 hours ago
cool kid ghostcraft lover 247
I wish there was a horror game that took place in light.)
Kass The Bird Daddy
Kass The Bird Daddy 16 hours ago
mark, when you spam swing, you only do 1 damage, they made a combat update to fix PVP, so auto-clickers cannot abuse high damage...
Kass The Bird Daddy
Kass The Bird Daddy 16 hours ago
you have to time your swings, that's the icon below the crosshair
Joshua Cooke
Joshua Cooke 16 hours ago
TLDW: cop murdered man, racism is deeply rooted in the country. Why is it a act of racism? Idk the cop was white and the guy was black so obviously so duh.
Sapphire Wolves
Sapphire Wolves 16 hours ago
NOHEMI MCRAE 16 hours ago
umm thats to exetreme
NOHEMI MCRAE 16 hours ago
its 2020
NOHEMI MCRAE 16 hours ago
Duncan Donuts
Duncan Donuts 16 hours ago
13:33 23:33
Gary McHUGH 16 hours ago
Thank you for being my rock during this lockdown, you've been someone who was there for me when I felt alone
DEADLOCKED 27 16 hours ago
Sally looks more like a Looney Toons character than a Sonic character I honestly don’t even remember her
Transonicfob22 16 hours ago
uh oh... | Stinky
acousticbeast9 16 hours ago
Ok wow I DO NOT like that thumbnail.....
Kingreijiren360 16 hours ago
omg i lose {33 Second]
FearCat 16 hours ago
17:29 i doesn't help if you reverse the music btw, still just as confusing (What i hear is "im thinking ye a nun" so idk lmao)
Jeff A
Jeff A 16 hours ago
All Lives matter because we are all equal even if we are different race, even if we speak different languages, even if we dont agree with each other all lives matter.
CyberXD 16 hours ago
I thought this video was gonna be about covid
Trevor Crowley
Trevor Crowley 16 hours ago
0:34 oh hi there
fathony akbar
fathony akbar 16 hours ago
I love 3 scary game again
Ivania Hernandez aspuac
I like how old chica is always T-posing
IskuriTube 16 hours ago
Disgusting preaching
RoxasZy98 16 hours ago
13:33 actually got spooped.didn't remember. NICE 23:33 did not and i didnt remember. but nice regardless 27:31 nope :D a short documentation. ur welcome
PJ McJamma
PJ McJamma 16 hours ago
I love how the cart scene from Skyrim has become the new Rick rolling.
Jose Ruiz
Jose Ruiz 16 hours ago
Imagine if another random video, he just put a jump scare. No build up, no warning, not even a spooky game, but he does it anyway
Lockwood The Scientist
Congratulations. In the marathon that you have either decided to watch due to the pandemic or challenged yourself to do, you have reached video 19/85. If you are not aware of the Fnaf extended lore, you might not know that this is a reference to the year 1985, an important year in the Fnaf timeline. If you are watching this in the distant future, you might be at the milestone of 19/87, witch anyone who’s aware of the lore knows is a reference to the bite of ‘87. If you’ve noticed this without reading this comment, you must be aware of Fnaf lore in its entirety. This is a place where you can stop and look back on when the lore was a lot simpler and had a much more satisfying ending. You are now entering into extreme lore territory. From Fnaf4 and onward, you will be going into not only more recent games, but you will also be in the realm in which Scott hides scraps of lore in dates, colors, and un-openable. Good luck on the rest of your binge, and enjoy watching one man turn into a king. ;)
Gregg Mc Farlane
Gregg Mc Farlane 16 hours ago
14:05 You know when you forget a game like that one, you have to go back and prove your worth by playing it and beating it again.
Gee Bawing
Gee Bawing 16 hours ago
That guy was so mean at the cat cuz its not blinking and it looks creepy
Raivon 16 hours ago
Ah yes, the start of the rabbit hole
Timothy HHH
Timothy HHH 16 hours ago
*Sigh* Mark I love most of your content! but if you're going to do serious hard hitting discussions like this then for the love of god please do some research. Your factually wrong on so many thing in this video that I cant even figure out what your trying to say or even argue for. Maybe hire a researcher? That might help make your argument be more coherent and less jarring with the all the erroneous statements.
Ponsock Gaming
Ponsock Gaming 16 hours ago
Reinhardt Wilhelm
Reinhardt Wilhelm 16 hours ago
Mark has a Beautiful voice
ScarGaming 1999
ScarGaming 1999 16 hours ago
Mark, I know its been five years since you've played the demo of slendytubbies 3, but a few years ago the official release came out. Theres a story mode and multiplayer mode. Please play it. Like so mark sees this
Random Vids
Random Vids 16 hours ago
Are Teletubbies German???
DIO THE UNO CARD 16 hours ago
Why fire or looting connected with protest to achieve peace and the end of racism?
hozzy erie
hozzy erie 16 hours ago
10:40. If it's like a futurama thing where the universe will eventually reset and everything will happen again then yes, absolutely
Darwin Valladares
Darwin Valladares 16 hours ago
Start all over again in 26:05
Christian's Content
Christian's Content 16 hours ago
I'm from the future seven years in the future markipler
Gabby Milk T E A
Gabby Milk T E A 16 hours ago
2:30-2:34 "At tHe EnD oF thE dAyyy" that note tho lol
Toaster Bunny
Toaster Bunny 16 hours ago
I don't care if he's the night guard; I'm just trying to get my hands on those SWEET, SUCCULENT, BUTTERIES
Captain v07
Captain v07 16 hours ago
I forgot the first jumpscare 😅
Laura Theiss
Laura Theiss 16 hours ago
Don't worry Mark I figured it out. It was a tree.
hung ngoc
hung ngoc 16 hours ago
bannana squad
bannana squad 16 hours ago
I lost the same time mark did... wth pregernet
BANANABEAST BOY 16 hours ago
21:14 corona in a nut shell
GalaxyKat sss
GalaxyKat sss 16 hours ago
siren head is just a walking siren
Overseer Oreo
Overseer Oreo 16 hours ago
It’s a tree
Bread Cat
Bread Cat 16 hours ago
Mark playing fnaf: screams and freaks out* Me playing fnaf: oh hey guys y’all are cool....oh ur comin to kill me ok
redd 16 hours ago
Nobody: X ae a-12 when he gets water spilled on him: 19:04
Aric Shadow Dragon
Aric Shadow Dragon 16 hours ago
1st game spooky phone... 2nd game Yuck XD 3rd game don't go towards the noise...Anyways keep up the amazing videos Mark
YamatoXAssassin 16 hours ago
Mocking of the Trinity nice touch
Darwin Valladares
Darwin Valladares 16 hours ago
daddy duke
daddy duke 16 hours ago
I want the demain soundtrack please
Danny Ortiz
Danny Ortiz 16 hours ago
Markiplier the rock player
Tamer games
Tamer games 16 hours ago
no mumbo jumbo? did he said that?
Damien gaming Zen
Damien gaming Zen 16 hours ago
The funny thing is that I actually made a markiplier suit in animal crossing
Aku From the future
Aku From the future 16 hours ago
Dementia should be you playing as an elderly person going through various moments of their life, inception style, trying to remember their loved one's names, faces, etc. I could make a really emotional game with thst premise..
eleni !
eleni ! 16 hours ago
You know what, kudos because knowing there’s going to be a jump scare and waiting for it is much worse
Jahmier Malone
Jahmier Malone 16 hours ago
3:55 springtrap no mask no doors now I am here
hozzy erie
hozzy erie 16 hours ago
9:30. Your thinking about your crush at 3am and all of a sudden your watching her sleep. Or even worse, you start thinking about a porn star while they're recording a video
Nicholas Christensen
dang this was friggen fun to watch
Mataya Winburn
Mataya Winburn 16 hours ago
You are the best
Cleveland Brown
Cleveland Brown 16 hours ago
Jesus Mark, that gave me CS Flashbacks when the bomb was planted on the other site.
Chadd Sidener
Chadd Sidener 16 hours ago
Dude 2020? Why is this exactly like 2020 just without organ failure
Eyann's Travel Vblogs
Jumpscares: 0:33 13:33 and 23:33
Alessa Harris
Alessa Harris 16 hours ago
i dont remember drunk minecraft that much because i was really young but if you encounter an enderman lean up against a wall so they cant get you from behind
Noraasti its_åaron
Noraasti its_åaron 16 hours ago
I remember
Reblia 16 hours ago
The interactions between Mark and Lixian are super entertaining (and creative). Bless you Lixian with your god tier editing and sense of humor
tim orque
tim orque 16 hours ago
You imagine if he made it to second dream
Leonardo fabrizio Bautista cabana
Hi good vídeo
Vinci The Great
Vinci The Great 16 hours ago
The second game's outro can somebody play that in reverse?
O҉z҉z҉y҉ G҉a҉c҉h҉a҉
I agree 100%! I mean, it’s not only people being treated wrong. It’s animals, and even the world in general! We’re hurting the Ozone, and the life on earth by littering and various other things! We need to take care of ourselves, others, animals, Earth, and the Ozone! Take some time one day to just do good. Maybe pick up garbage, or give money to the poor and homeless! Every little thing helps! Let’s stop injustice! Let’s take care of the world we have!
Smoke Smith
Smoke Smith 16 hours ago
The peaceful protesters can’t even voice their opinions because of the rioters.Most of them are just taking advantage of a situation to act crazy and steal.And some groups are saying they will start assasinating white families until justice is served. To anyone who believes or supports that,you’re no better than the cop that killed Floyd.
entomologist maximus
fckk maeve
fckk maeve 16 hours ago
the first jumpscare made me almost shit my pants-
Maxim10 AR2009
Maxim10 AR2009 16 hours ago
0:00 Markiplayer it's YOU
I always Win, always
Jump scares at 0:33, 13:33, & 23:33 No need to thank me, just doing my work.
Angel Milkovich
Angel Milkovich 16 hours ago
This video has been in my watch later for over two years now. I wanted to save this video for a extremely difficult time. Well, my depression had gotten worse with this whole virus and watching you is all that truly makes me happy. I lost my best friend last week. Congestive heart failure. I was in a bad car accident recently and I sat my sad ass down and plugged my headphones in. This video made me fucking cry. Thank you, mark
Gordo Rivera
Gordo Rivera 16 hours ago
Me: Spinning a fidget spinner Nightmare: STOP SPINNING! Mark:screaming!
Draig Dragonflame
Draig Dragonflame 16 hours ago
Lixian is awesome his editing is phenomenal.
Soul Morphine
Soul Morphine 16 hours ago
I swear the jumpscare was a second too soon! XD
elise brito
elise brito 16 hours ago
who else was frantically checking the time stamps so check when the jump scares were coming?
Jahmier Malone
Jahmier Malone 16 hours ago
1:42 : markiplier: well it works for bonnie Puppet I'm not dumb now wind up my music box
courtney timmins
courtney timmins 16 hours ago
2:57 *n o o o o*