By the way.
5 months ago
The Quack Song
2 years ago
3 years ago
「Lime Pastella」
「Lime Pastella」 2 minutes ago
BLITZ 123 3 minutes ago
Shut the f up Steven had every right to say that you betrayed him
ender wolfie
ender wolfie 4 minutes ago
wait- but i wanna know, in epi 4, they were side characters, waht happened to teh evil uncle? ._.
London Hernandez
London Hernandez 4 minutes ago
People: *committing kms* Blind people: huh ;-;
Hooligun 7 minutes ago
This is basically undertale but if it had multiplayer and friendly fire is on.
garry hutson
garry hutson 8 minutes ago
when the title says Final episode it was right which is annoying i liked it but why stay subed if its now an inactive channel so by
i Was a silent and sleepy baby so just hope if your in the situation just hope it will be born like me and stay like it. i did not
The Lean BusinessMan
The Lean BusinessMan 12 minutes ago
DanPlan isn’t a good DM, he should let it flow naturally, also Dan was being a complete idiot in this completely fabricated & imaginary situation/ scenario
David Bradford
David Bradford 18 minutes ago
The more water you add to something, the wetter it gets, so if you add water to water, it gets wetter, so water is wet
lucifers angel
lucifers angel 24 minutes ago
I renewed me. Did you renew you? Do you need a new you? I needed a new me, i,, renewed me
CupKitty GG
CupKitty GG 24 minutes ago
I'm so glad Elias is still here, I friggin LOVE Elias
The Lean BusinessMan
The Lean BusinessMan 25 minutes ago
0:54 A legend is born
That guy
That guy 25 minutes ago
Man danplan has really changed from 2mil views per video to at least 400k a video
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 26 minutes ago
Is it just me or does Dan sound like dream ?
nothing nothing
nothing nothing 26 minutes ago
Is it just me or does he sound like dream ?(the minecraft youtuber ) u can search him up his RUvid name is dream
Maximum Demon
Maximum Demon 27 minutes ago
I rate everyone the same as Steven even the 1.5
izaak ramirez
izaak ramirez 31 minute ago
First scenario 6 billion dollars in my pocket
The Bucket Head
The Bucket Head 33 minutes ago
Nuke the world so everything can be free
The Lean BusinessMan
The Lean BusinessMan 36 minutes ago
‘Tis quiz is one dimensional & not very well thought out as life is a bit more Multifaceted especially if the zombie apocalypse were to occur
Polar 38 minutes ago
Real question is are u talking out ur ass to defend yourself so u dont look like a piece of shit but w.e it is ur channel is dying dan and can blame u or Stephen but gotta do something bc wat im seeing from ur channel isn't enjoyable and im not the only one
aloe vera lover808
aloe vera lover808 39 minutes ago
Me: watch this video and responds questions with them to see if I can actually survire ME 10 mins later: Realize that I cannot survive it bc I'm too stupid
Jurassic Chicken
Jurassic Chicken 42 minutes ago
Little do they know this prank would become a reality.
random person
random person 45 minutes ago
Me when I noticed he has actually left in November 2019
jnc4life22 47 minutes ago
I'm glad your sill doing these
JJ the destroyer Leader
Do another
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 51 minute ago
I have that zombie survival guide.👍
Erica tired
Erica tired 53 minutes ago
I saw this in my recommended and thought they made up but i looked at the date, now im sad qnq
some stale content
some stale content 57 minutes ago
Kermit The dog
Kermit The dog 59 minutes ago
Ok there is something wrong i Tried both the sociopath and psychopath test and i Got almost every single one right 😶😅😳😦 Okay stay Calm relax and remember no withnesses
Tristan-Tyler Irving
Tristan-Tyler Irving 59 minutes ago
1st fact; duct tape fixes everything 2nd fact; if duct tape can’t fix it, your not using enough.
cutepie ARMY girl 868
Hjaltram 2009
Hjaltram 2009 Hour ago
Raid got em
chxcxIate_ milk
-I’m going to his channel to see if there’s any tips-
Panda Hour ago
Oop it's Danplan, RIP animation and I don't see anyone from the animations as well, neat
Darlene Lovell-Parker
Rodrigo Leal
Rodrigo Leal Hour ago
Danplan before: I AM THE KING THE BEST OF THE BEST Danplan now: mister stark I don't feel to good
Black_ Joker
Black_ Joker Hour ago
If the creatures are sensitive to sounds why dont you BLAST A RADIO SUPER LOUD
lavendew Hour ago
have you guys ever just looked at a frog and felt the urge to pop his throat with a needle when he breathes anyways have a good day
Rodrigo Leal
Rodrigo Leal Hour ago
Rip danplan
upsidedown Hour ago
A hitman
Wise Ravenclaw
7:45 you guys are telling this gruesome riddle while Christmas music is playing in the back that is Carol of the bells
Nikki Motamed Go
I would probably push the man in front of it after the trolley killed the five people. *HEHEHEHEH*
Bangtan_ OtukUwU
I cant wall bare foot.... when i walk i always like crack mah foot or hit somwhere or trip😂😂😂
I am the 1
I am the 1 Hour ago
Let’s hope James doesn’t find this video 💀
Assassin Duck
Assassin Duck Hour ago
With the knife question just by the 5 dollar knife because it’s cheaper and I’m broke
Amy Plunkett
Amy Plunkett Hour ago
World war z ones are fast
Yousef Plays
Yousef Plays Hour ago
How to kill all humans: Step 1: get that button Step 2: Go to google and download a free auto clicker from a sketchy website
Snow Hour ago
Imagine going to prison and going for life you literally will just be there forever and ever and ever
Dan_Universe Hour ago
Dan may i ask if you respond or not its fine but where is Jay ann and hosuh its ok if you dont want to answer im just asking :P
some stale content
jack harkness noises intensifys
Dark boi
Dark boi Hour ago
Everyone dies when the titans attack except for that one guy who build a life size version of ba sing se
tyler Billman
tyler Billman Hour ago
I've always wanted to wipe my ass with money so I would do that
Zoria Hour ago
The thumbnail is Sammy batim
The Gameing Fox
No I’ll let my family die
meowZers Meow
meowZers Meow Hour ago
Question , Not goin lie I like when y’all draw it so can you?Please and thank you
Savanna190 Hour ago
Stephen is acting like an ass. He sounds like he’s being petty and weaponising the viewers. Everything dans said adds up and his screenshots dispute what Stephens said, If anything the money changed Stephen. Even though dan was reading off a script I get it, when talking about things you do want to get all your points across without forgetting anything, he sounds hurt and sincere. Stephen ruined everything, good riddance. Hosuh also deservers better wish him the best.
Sans The Skeleton
That’s not a question, it’s me.
Elarson Hour ago
By the way fuck you dan, you handled this situation like a child
Tay Ande
Tay Ande Hour ago
It's not the same without stephan or hosah. :(
xxblack rosexx
xxblack rosexx 2 hours ago
I think Dan is not being fare to let Stephen to chop his legs
chxcxIate_ milk
chxcxIate_ milk 2 hours ago
The answer for me: “Y e s” The reason: “I’m a class d going to the bunker with my friends and my friends with guns”
Baby Kookie
Baby Kookie 2 hours ago
10:52 lol a protective boyfriend at work *Hosuh*
British Malaya Mapping
"He never considered me a friend for the past 9 months" Then, there was silence for straight 19 seconds I could really tell he was hurt after all the effort he put into trying to maintain the relationship. I just found out this channel just yesterday until I found out about this, I really don't know what to think, their videos were to humorous and I could just keep watching and let time pass, this really a knife stab straight to my chat, I hope this situation can clear up.
Aaliyah Mervilus
Aaliyah Mervilus 2 hours ago
I wish I could send fan stuff D:
Avian Starchaser
Avian Starchaser 2 hours ago
alternate title: Theo and Nelly killing their children
ree ree
ree ree 2 hours ago
Jay looked like Katsuki Bakugou from BNHA
that dum kid
that dum kid 2 hours ago
Easy way to get the money if u r imortal. Rob a bank
Random Stuff Now_productions
If I was in the quiet place I would have rocks with me so if their is one the monsters I’ll throw a rock to the side
FRO Plyer
FRO Plyer 2 hours ago
I whuld not like this Shit i am the musqito bitten like no matter What i whuld die by the musqito emidietly like thats my worst nightmare i cant Do that
Ricardo Cedeno
Ricardo Cedeno 2 hours ago
Your horrible Dan
Ricardo Cedeno
Ricardo Cedeno 2 hours ago
Dan your a greedy human I can't police you didn't value Stephen as a help for your chanle I won't be able watch your videos the same
Teddy Morrison
Teddy Morrison 2 hours ago
I prefer the slow zombies that are called walkers
Tyler Brierty-heidt
gusse i a psychopath and a sociopath
Lucy Edwards
Lucy Edwards 2 hours ago
What about Hosuh
Heri Lopez
Heri Lopez 2 hours ago
Bandits are roaming every where looting stuff surviving, And soldiers saving people handing mask making them get put of radiation area.
Gåçhä SâTàñ
Gåçhä SâTàñ 2 hours ago
A lot like immortal weakling.
Lucy Edwards
Lucy Edwards 2 hours ago
Heri Lopez
Heri Lopez 2 hours ago
Me being racist or not:We are dumbest people who made those weapons for war i literally wanted peace for life or else we hate eachother we die lost our souls every death!
InfernalUncrowned 2 hours ago
the first story I thought the little girl was kidnapped and didnt know It untill her wish came true and that Her real parents died- I feel like thats worse then being adopted , but i have a *creative* mind :> Anyone else endded up having a more twisted answer then the real answer.
Beat saber red-saber Fox
I'm 8 and 7 Mounth
Adam Xei
Adam Xei 2 hours ago
There's five states of matter actually. Solid liquid gas plasma and bosen Einstein condensate.
Bl4z3 Hydr4
Bl4z3 Hydr4 2 hours ago
WAIIIIIT.....I just realised what if you got the immortality when you were inside your mother's womb will she be pegranent forever
Hudson Truitt
Hudson Truitt 2 hours ago
2020 Nooooooooo
Kekoa Wake
Kekoa Wake 2 hours ago
It’s sad they both regret doing youtube 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kekoa Wake
Kekoa Wake 2 hours ago
It’s sad they both regret doing youtube 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shyføøx Does things
“What is in a lab” Doctor stuff
felonyz FN
felonyz FN 2 hours ago
I would go CRAZYYYYY!
Peter Giovanny
Peter Giovanny 2 hours ago
Possessed UwUz
Possessed UwUz 2 hours ago
Ey. I saw that background poster when Dan runned away it Said birbman wanted thats hawk from my hero academia!!
Beat saber red-saber Fox
But I'm 8 and 7 month old
greenfredbearanimations ,
Oh the irony
the red ita
the red ita 2 hours ago
.. ..-. ..- .-. .- ... .-.. .- - . - .... .. .----
Jokercullen 2 hours ago
i see jay is a scp nerd (like me) :O
The meme Master
The meme Master 2 hours ago
Mountain Beaver
Mountain Beaver 2 hours ago
bad vid
Chaotic Karma
Chaotic Karma 2 hours ago
Eating crisps quietly is easy if u were one of the kids who snuck food into class 😂
Nicolas Flores Moya
What if you snore
Ivy Williams
Ivy Williams 2 hours ago
"The dad cept messing up the frenqensy to make a high pitch sound" That aint messed up ALL hearanaids to that, my sissters blue tooth hearanaids SCREAM if u move or adjust it at all
nadia lovindra
nadia lovindra 2 hours ago
If you find SCP 096 you dont look at him
hancend diamond
hancend diamond 2 hours ago
Everyone: *something* Me: danplan smart fridge