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Collins Key posts funny comedy videos where you'll learn how to make DIY gummy food out of candy, pancake art challenge, pranks, life hacks and more!
Kitty Cat Creations
Kitty Cat Creations 48 minutes ago
R.I.P. Taste buds
Chris Maul
Chris Maul 48 minutes ago
he out yeeted you
Adrian Lalor
Adrian Lalor 49 minutes ago
Hi omg😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥞🥞🥞🍞🍟🥗🥗🥗🥓🥜🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🐎🐎🐎🐎🦊
Lexie Beckett
Lexie Beckett 49 minutes ago
Keeper squad
The rockstar Squad
The rockstar Squad 50 minutes ago
Malinda Koopsen
Malinda Koopsen 50 minutes ago
keyper squad
Average Peeps
Average Peeps 50 minutes ago
When devan did the red pepper he was secretly sing in to the unknown
Chris Maul
Chris Maul 51 minute ago
yeh deven won the first round sorry collins
Hij Bezerra
Hij Bezerra 51 minute ago
Keepers squad autocorrect
Brooklynn Boyd
Brooklynn Boyd 51 minute ago
Rip tastebuds
Marilyn Stubbert
Marilyn Stubbert 51 minute ago
Who like college keys and deven keys give a thumbs up
MAC Stop Motion
MAC Stop Motion 52 minutes ago
I love Candy 🍭
Anna Tran
Anna Tran 52 minutes ago
Deven wins
Fertility Consultants
Fertility Consultants 53 minutes ago
Keyper squad
Jurie Pretorius
Jurie Pretorius 54 minutes ago
hiii when u guys postet the vid we were in a car accident i wil always remember this vid now
Aidan Mccoy
Aidan Mccoy 55 minutes ago
R.I.P taste buds
Kiila Martinez
Kiila Martinez 55 minutes ago
Jennifer Evans
Jennifer Evans 55 minutes ago
I think deivn wins
Traci Silva
Traci Silva 56 minutes ago
Devin whi is your brother so weird
Micah Gatlin
Micah Gatlin 57 minutes ago
R.I.P. Tastbuds
Orlando Ramos
Orlando Ramos 57 minutes ago
Keepers squad.
Rachelle Johnson
Rachelle Johnson 57 minutes ago
Part 2
Thu Nder
Thu Nder 57 minutes ago
Spider gummies and real spiders
Vicky Lau Moon Lin
Vicky Lau Moon Lin 57 minutes ago
i love tiny deven😂
Gerald Urib
Gerald Urib 58 minutes ago
I just want say thank you for liking my comment
Elisha Kalule
Elisha Kalule 58 minutes ago
I'm late
erikcampbell1 59 minutes ago
Keeper squad
China world
China world 59 minutes ago
China world
China world 59 minutes ago
Deadly Anchondo
Deadly Anchondo 59 minutes ago
Devin : thats big Me :thats what she sead
Monica Aguirre
I did out one second1
Saffry M
Saffry M Hour ago
My sister said your brother is "HandSome" Collins!
JASMINE sopon Hour ago
Nahla Mulrain
Nahla Mulrain Hour ago
Deven: are you qualified to be making play dough Collins: maybe not Me: *dance in Covid-19* I am insane~🎵
Brad Richards
Brad Richards Hour ago
Colin domp 1010 of melted gummy bears
iplayroblox yaido
Aaaaaaaaaa big Kit Kat
Paul Dixon
Paul Dixon Hour ago
Keyper Squad
Gregorio Rendon
Don't eat it.
George Hall
George Hall Hour ago
Yes that is right
Subbing to everyone dat subs to plz Sub
Roses are red Devan is neat Everything goes flying when Collin says YEET!
Brook Lister
Brook Lister Hour ago
Drum gun
fluf puffd
fluf puffd Hour ago
I dare u and your bro to mack scar from the lion king
alli morgan
alli morgan Hour ago
The slime needs to be the color sea foam green
LadiLeena Hour ago
Emma Malik
Emma Malik Hour ago
eat the wos
Journey Boyce
Journey Boyce Hour ago
How u guys do this it’s so cool!
Mohammed Alasady
Keeper squad
Brook Lister
Brook Lister Hour ago
Devon in the he won the battle bus 1
takreem meerkat
collin : they actually taste like carrots me in my head : or do carrots taste like those
Major world
Major world Hour ago
Major. Word
Rainbow Girl
Rainbow Girl Hour ago
I didnt get Devins pun
iplayroblox yaido
Loved it
Temi's & Emi's Vlog
Keyper squad
Rasha Abou Hichme
I don't like colin's idea
Zakiyah Rehman
Major world
Major world Hour ago
MAC Stop Motion
Deven always WIN👑
Sandra Tuigamala
Rip tastebuds
Amelia Stewart
Gerald Urib
Gerald Urib Hour ago
Rip taste buds
Maribel Gonzalez
i want real food
Eilan Mandrake
I did it
daniel Trejo
daniel Trejo Hour ago
L2 spam yuyis *_*
8:24 killed me
Nicolle Cauffman
I did it
The Cat Squad - Roblox
Lol 4:10
Christina C
Christina C Hour ago
Colin looks like little debby
Kassidy Hay
Kassidy Hay Hour ago
You are crazy collen
Vivian Ruiz
Vivian Ruiz Hour ago
Ryan Monsuland
15:14 That “Eh”
Kate Imrie
Kate Imrie Hour ago
Gucci Gang
Caleb Budden
Caleb Budden Hour ago
Rip taste buds
The Gamer
The Gamer Hour ago
Deian Gwyn
Deian Gwyn Hour ago
Deven,a pizza
Julie Kong
Julie Kong Hour ago
Mr. fun
Mr. fun Hour ago
Collins: calls the balloon lifehack useless Also collins: uses an axe to open a bottle
Demi Pichon
Demi Pichon Hour ago
Me:devin no how to cook 👨‍🍳
I did it
Evan Crummy
Evan Crummy Hour ago
Who like my contact
Tikos friend Dpec
Bless you deven
Marina Trad
Marina Trad Hour ago
devin was correct
Evan Jelinek
Evan Jelinek Hour ago
100,000 orbeez
ruth orellana
ruth orellana Hour ago
Guys you are so funny
Evan Crummy
Evan Crummy Hour ago
I love all candy
Daniela Cavallina
Lobster squad
Xue Moua
Xue Moua Hour ago
Avery Gene
Avery Gene Hour ago
Watermelon🍉🍉love your channel ❤️❤️
dante pitts
dante pitts Hour ago
Can we play Fortnite together
Mr. fun
Mr. fun Hour ago
What is all this. Im scared
Safia Wright
Safia Wright Hour ago
No one : Absolutely no one: Devan:I thought about that one, I thought about that one right there, I don’t even know 😂
Mini Monie BTS!
*_aHem i have a bunny and he h a t e s carrots but for some reason loves the sides of BRED_*
Nicole Frost
Nicole Frost Hour ago
Redd Nish
Redd Nish Hour ago
10:59 Collin : **HEAVY BREATHING** Jacob : iT’s PaRts oF fiSh!
Paula Watson
Paula Watson Hour ago
I can smell Camerons throw up through the screen
LIU JINA Hour ago
Same Eri
Nickeya Levick
Devin: pours cereal and says I think I spilled just a little bit Me: sees a lot of cereal on the table😂😂😂😂
Amy Meng
Amy Meng Hour ago
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Hour ago
Bless you
Caitlin Stroh
Caitlin Stroh Hour ago
Bless you