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Roberts Štrauss
Roberts Štrauss 2 hours ago
Mc made me quit the show, big yikes from me.
SkyleRx 2 hours ago
Kazuya: I WANT YOU... Me: YES YES YES Kazuya:... I mean... as a rental Me: *NO NO NO*
OpticalFilms 2 hours ago
He loves her long black hair.... But, that's brown. What.
David Vilatuña
David Vilatuña 2 hours ago
ohhhh me vengoo
TAZIII CR 2 hours ago
Amo a ruka qwq
CrownedKing 2 hours ago
who is here after the finale?
Daniel Rea
Daniel Rea 2 hours ago
Onto season 2 hopefully more of sumi and less of mami!
Positive Productions
Can someone please tell me the name of this opening in English? Thanks
tv ocio
tv ocio 2 hours ago
El opening representa a la perfección la saga, no tiene casi ningún chiste visual es totalmente serio, a partir de acá el anime paso de ser algo bueno a poco poco una obra maestra
Luis Azanza
Luis Azanza 2 hours ago
Thank You Rent-a-Girlfriend See You In Season 2!!!!!!!!!
Nick Bacchus
Nick Bacchus 2 hours ago
1:03 I love her walk
Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller 2 hours ago
Mizuhara has now firmly taken hold of the title of "Best Girl 2020" so far (we still got the Fall Season left to go).
David Gildardo Carranza Pérez
The second opening of season 3 was my favorite.
Baka Milky
Baka Milky 2 hours ago
So did they put out the date?
Random Trainer X.
Random Trainer X. 2 hours ago
A nice, strong declaration from you Kazuya.
Kermit Rosè
Kermit Rosè 2 hours ago
This would have been the only season of Kazuya actually explained what he mean by “want” her
jakee tebble
jakee tebble 2 hours ago
the music slunds like a darksouls boss
acee 2 hours ago
This guy couldn’t confess all the way to the end. Instead he did a confession which was ruined by trying to avoid his own feelings
uG_- Native
uG_- Native 2 hours ago
Kazuya: You're the one I want... as a rental girlfriend Me: We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close
Gustavo William
Gustavo William 2 hours ago
FullPower88 2 hours ago
Best girl
Nao .-.
Nao .-. 2 hours ago
Myles James
Myles James 2 hours ago
was waiting for this and he blew it where u at season 2😃
Chaos_Vortex 2 hours ago
This moment is all null and void for what he said afterward.
Zero-Two 2 hours ago
He's such an awkward idiot... JUST ASK THE GIRL OUT BRO, LIKE FKIN COME ON!
Ashley plays
Ashley plays 2 hours ago
I am happy I guess but I wanted ruka to finish with but I am ok with mizuhara HYPE for season 2
jekyll 2 hours ago
inarizaki supremacy
Edward Mulero Bolaños
Nick Bacchus
Nick Bacchus 2 hours ago
And then he got shot down
Sameer 2 hours ago
Todoroki has entered the chat
Benjamin Victor Xiong
I wanna cry lol
Phoniex heart
Phoniex heart 2 hours ago
MinusSoup 918
MinusSoup 918 2 hours ago
Oh god it’s happening, OH GOD ITS HAPPENING. Everyone stay calm, I SAID STAY F**NG CALM!
Mariana Gomes Evangelista Cabral
abb21a 2 hours ago
Man he got us in the first half
JusticeKneeman 2 hours ago
*Mission Failed !* *we'll get em next time* See you everyone next season with our favourite character: Kazuya, the hard working simp Mizuara , waifu of the year most likely Mami, uhhh... the trash ? Ruka the eternal second Sumi the one that must be protected But deep down we all know who we going to miss most *THE GRANDMA*
führer reicht
führer reicht 2 hours ago
I am extremely sad Jaesan died without taking Mandeok with him.
matrix201 2 hours ago
It's been a great journey and I'll miss seeing reactions to Soma's disgusting experiments... LOL
ALI ROBLOX 2 hours ago
subaru: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.
jair ballard
jair ballard 2 hours ago
I was actually happy minerva was the first to jump in she knows how to make an entrance.
Anish Joshi
Anish Joshi 2 hours ago
got to give to the guys who actually made the music bts
danganronpa blowback continued
Grandma best girl!!!!!!
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha 2 hours ago
Gentlemen we left Kanojo Okarashimasu :(
Random Conservative
Still feels like the most dangerous bad guy even behind bars
sushi 2 hours ago
it releases december 7th just after midnight ya fools
Hit The Time Assassin
This is surprisingly catchy
Antwon 2 hours ago
If I had to be honest, Kazuya’s reaction of retracting his statement with “rental girlfriend” instead is quite realistic to real life. The safest route of ever confessing is to back out and avoid getting rejected. At this point, my body is itching for a season two😁.
Kimberley Jaime
Kimberley Jaime 2 hours ago
Ido Nahari
Ido Nahari 2 hours ago
He loves her long legs
Saul Magana
Saul Magana 2 hours ago
Last rent a girlfriend video here for a while 😖
SlyM013 2 hours ago
This series rocks. I mean Kazuya really needs to grow a pair, but other than that it's such an enjoyable show. I dont think anybody is worthy of Mizuhara 😍❤
For the spade kingdom defeat, theyre gonna need the full version of all 12 ops
Rene Barrera
Rene Barrera 2 hours ago
I’m still rooting for Ruka.
filevinstras j
filevinstras j 2 hours ago
Im ready for S2 xD
Howling Fang32
Howling Fang32 2 hours ago
Ichinose really is an amazing girl, heck I wish i had that kind of girlfriend
Hi hi
Hi hi 2 hours ago
I’m still wondering if Annie is still alive
Yep, just chillin in a crystal. We don’t know if the curse of Ymir is on pause when she’s in the crystal or not, I’d assume so since she hasn’t needed to eat during that time
Virasman 2 hours ago
It's a good thing 2nd season is announced cuz the ending was meh
XxWallzxX 2 hours ago
It was a great thing. But I also feel like he is everywhere atm. He needs to stop for a second as he is liking everyone and gaining feelings for them too. I can tell she has a soft side for him. Maybe in time they will realize they really do like each other and go for it. Or it may go into just being friends and liking them that way instead. It still can go either way.
Shutout Videos
Shutout Videos 2 hours ago
I think naruto is a better anime
Diego Lopez Lagos
Diego Lopez Lagos 2 hours ago
Semi human so cute
Sanju 2 hours ago
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson 2 hours ago
This is basically naruto=kakashi vs obito=saskue
Sai Xiong
Sai Xiong 2 hours ago
When you find a girl like Mizuhara, you make sure to keep her at all costs 🙌
Kwistopha 2 hours ago
Such a missed opportunity 😔
Nintendo Sony anime Collector 876
I’m early and this is a good episode
unknown seizure
unknown seizure 2 hours ago
I hope Mami isn't in season 2.
Brian Singh
Brian Singh 2 hours ago
All in all this was a great series I was sad when it ended definetly one of my top 3 animes
The best grandpa Ever
from zero
from zero 2 hours ago
When kazuya was sitting hearing chizuru and mani arguing and mami saw kazuya leg i got embarrassed idky
Mateo Colegial
Mateo Colegial 2 hours ago
Tshim Muaj
Tshim Muaj 2 hours ago
I LITERALLY JUST GOT DONE WITH THAT SCENE!!!! But the afterward I was like BRUAHHHHH and now I’m at the last 40 seconds of the episode so sad 😭 but 2nd season is going to be released soon LETSSS GOOOO!!!!!!!!