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Jaclyn Hill
Jaclyn Hill
Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on RUvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.
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Cheyenne Taylor
Cheyenne Taylor 8 hours ago
Feel better honey so glad you're back doing make up and spreading positivity
laurne wasmuth
laurne wasmuth 8 hours ago
You look beautiful and I’ve been struggling just like you for the last several months , I’m proud of you for having the courage to speak your truth . Just know that the people who actually matter will always be there to support you . Sending lots of love and lots of good vibes your way.❤️
Aurora Garcia
Aurora Garcia 9 hours ago
I’m new watching you ,this is my first video and I think you are such a beautiful girl my son has been dealing with depression for 6 years since he was 14 and I have been to numerous therapies for him and you can improve mental health without medication and just therapy. If people can give you a moment for your mental any disconnecting from social media you don’t meet followers like that.. keep creating and do you first!
Alexa Camille
Alexa Camille 9 hours ago
Proud of you for going out of your comfort zone and being vulnerable bc that’s so hard & also for working to better yourself!!!
some body
some body 9 hours ago
i LOVE the wet n wild fotofocus concealer u need to try it !!
MirandaZ2000 9 hours ago
Okay so I was skeptical, but I tried the the hourglass and Born This Way combo today and it looked amazing. Thank you for the tip! I am also dry and don’t use powder... didn’t need it with this combo. Have you tried leaving it out of your routine to help with dryness?
Tempest Sexton
Tempest Sexton 9 hours ago
I just bought this and can not wait!!!!!!! I usually like neutral shades (and you have beautiful neutrals in this palette) but this is the first palette I have seen where the bright colors just stop me in my tracks. I can’t stop looking at this palette and can’t stop watching this video. Okay, obsession over lol
Morgan Immel
Morgan Immel 9 hours ago
You have no idea how much I needed to see this video... thank you 💜
Morgan Immel
Morgan Immel 9 hours ago
Antonia Bell
Antonia Bell 9 hours ago
Also have to commend you on getting the therapy you felt like you needed. I just recently went and got myself help to deal with my depression after feeling like I've hit rock bottom. You're amazing, please keeping being you and being a light for people like me who sometimes lose sight of it.You and your story is enough inspiration and hope to keep going at least one more day
Ana Paula Andrade Mora
You are an AMAZING woman, and you really need to stop been so rude with your self, let the shitty nasty people talk whatever the fuck they want and keep growing i love your brand tho...
theverticalgiraffe 9 hours ago
Wow. What happened to her?
Here for Tea
Here for Tea 9 hours ago
Whats she trying to sell this time?
Oriana Marie
Oriana Marie 9 hours ago
Jaclyn, you’re amazing, beautiful, and killing it! ♥️😊
Antonia Bell
Antonia Bell 9 hours ago
I LOVE YOU! Scew the people who are going to hate and talk shit about you they most likely have their own issues they haven't resolved. I know it must suck ass that they are taking it out on you but it is because you offer up something they don't have; strength. People love to tare others down who have what they want. Keep your head up and don't let that tiara fall.
Nic M
Nic M 9 hours ago
Nic M
Nic M 9 hours ago
This iss insane it feels like just last week this wAs uploaded and I watched it
Nans Santi
Nans Santi 10 hours ago
LA Is that bad?? I’ve never been there
Jillian Lazzara
Jillian Lazzara 10 hours ago
Love you forever jaclyn 💜💜
Brenda Slechter
Brenda Slechter 10 hours ago
Is this palette coming to Ulta?
Lauren Burton
Lauren Burton 10 hours ago
Can we pretty please have a video about the brushes!!! I want to know what you designed them for and how you use them!!! Mine just came and GIRL- I need to know.
Tiana Rivera
Tiana Rivera 10 hours ago
I’m so happy and proud of you ❤️
Ms. Weiss
Ms. Weiss 10 hours ago
Not gonna lie..I have not been a Jacklyn fan, but this palette and the ad campaign...she might as well call it REDEMPTION, because it is all ON POINT! Subscribed & will buy this palette.
Boba's Girl
Boba's Girl 10 hours ago
I'm not even a person that regularly watches her channel (nothing personal). However, my heart broke when she said she watched 100 palettes. I remember the launch in the past with some palettes being good and others not. My heart breaks for how insecure she is and how scared she is of the beauty community. She over corrects herself and comes off paranoid and no person deserves the treatment she got over makeup. Love yourself girl and get that thick skin
Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen 10 hours ago
I lovedddddd those eyeshadow ❤️❤️❤️No offense ! But m watching JH after quite a while but what happened to the weight ?
Salty Sag
Salty Sag 11 hours ago
Weight issues aside, the problem is she always craves the drama and the complaining. She can’t ever just talk about happy things or be grateful for her life. It’s always something. If you’re having all these problems, just don’t do this anymore. There are people who are happier than you with their crappy jobs and no money. It seems like you want to be a victim all the damn time. Listen to the stuff you talk about...idk what positivity you’re asking for from others when you’re a huge negative energy.
Arielle Vu
Arielle Vu 11 hours ago
Jaclyn, you are so strong and so beautiful. I appreciate your transparency and your ability to never give up. There will always be hate but there is so so so much more love. ❤️
Arielle Vu
Arielle Vu 11 hours ago
Also stop apologizing for who you are. You’re a queen.
Alexandra H
Alexandra H 11 hours ago
Your makeup looks so great your have such gorgeous eyes and a great smile. So glad your feeling better and I hope 2020 is year best year yet girl stay strong. 👑💜💁🏻💫
Serena Ledesma
Serena Ledesma 11 hours ago
Ok. Thought I was being dramatic, you got a lot of things done to your face. It’s big lol holy fuck. Your face is so small and normal now it’s a lot of face on a small head
christa wilson
christa wilson 11 hours ago
Amy Pelletier
Amy Pelletier 11 hours ago
Gangue de menteurs je suis aller sur tes choses je suis aller acheter 6en double rouge a lèvres il ont rien mes creuse non 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋🖤🖤🖤🖤🎂💙💙💙❤️👩‍🔬👩‍🔬
Amy Pelletier
Amy Pelletier 11 hours ago
Stop le monde dit à tes rouge à lèvre ont des poils est.. mes ses pas vrais j'ai acheter 3et son directeur gangue de menteurs et continue tes jolie tes bonne ne arête pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🎈💙❤️❤️😘😘😘
halerazr :
halerazr : 11 hours ago
I always like every video that I watch just as a courtesy. I hope one day RUvid will remove the dislike button. Let’s focus on the good. #likersgonnalike 😏
denise marie
denise marie 11 hours ago
Uggghhh the Chanel stuff everywhere.... books, pillow, etc. sooo pretentious.
laur hall
laur hall 11 hours ago
I miss you jaclyn! That energy. That rawness. Love you always but this 1-2-5 videos a year is crazy 😣
Emily Dussel
Emily Dussel 12 hours ago
I’m so excited to see so many looks with this!!!
Lisa May
Lisa May 12 hours ago
It makes me sad that she needs to justify to any one why she gained weight, her depression her life...
Tiffany Phan
Tiffany Phan 12 hours ago
I love how talkative you are. Your video brought me light
Samantha Parrish
Samantha Parrish 12 hours ago
Breaks my heart people tear her down, she is such an icon and I feel like people forget that there's an actual person behind the screen, I just wish the most support on her and I hope everyone does the same
Cindy Watson
Cindy Watson 12 hours ago
I love the look
OnlyLittleSpoon 12 hours ago
Jaclyn I think you are amazing and I can not wait until I have saved enough to try your new palette. I don't care you have made mistakes. You are human. I too am a big girl and find you inspiring regardless of size or mistakes. Struggling with depression and more is hard and I send my blessings to you. Thank you for all you do and keep it up girl you will reach all you dream of. You will always have my support.
Tenille Mcwatters
Tenille Mcwatters 13 hours ago
I use that face wash
SteelMAGnolia11 ___
SteelMAGnolia11 ___ 13 hours ago
Aw, I didn't know you are a Cancer! I love that sign, some of the most loyal people out there, they will try to save you even if you dont feel like you deserve it. Much love to you.
Bonnie T
Bonnie T 13 hours ago
I can’t believe people even think it’s okay to comment on your weight. That is so awful. I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like. That’s no ones business but yours. You’re so beautiful ❤️ I hope things turn around for you 💕
Rhea Coffin
Rhea Coffin 13 hours ago
I don't understand why people make fun of people when they're overweighted but really they're body was really skinny at first you never know people can be going through something and gain weight and people take food for comfort
Tamara Cira Mendaña Redondo
I think it's the first time I watch one of your videos and I honestly feel so sorry for you... everybody makes mistakes, you are a human and I feel like it is extremely unfair that anyone has to feel that way and have so much pressure about everything. You will get through this!!
Mickey Gutierrez
Mickey Gutierrez 14 hours ago
Forever Adrii
Forever Adrii 14 hours ago
People always talk shit ! You will always be my favorite youtuber ❤️❤️ I love you so much Jaclyn 💕 you inspired me so much after all you been through your still here not giving up 💗
Maddie McCrory
Maddie McCrory 14 hours ago
You look beautiful Jaclyn!! ❤️💄
akumi sensei
akumi sensei 14 hours ago
Jaclyn stop being so cute like- 😭😭💖💖💖
Chrissy Mua
Chrissy Mua 14 hours ago
We love you! I mean shit happens. We get depressed and have to stay in bed until our heart feel like we can face the world again. All these little bitches crying about you wanting to sell stuff and about your weight and about your past can just let karma handle their cry baby asses. Let me tell you I’m gonna be waiting on every platform to see what your beautiful self created! Biggest fan for the last 7 years and supported everything you have done.❤️🙌
Cindy Watson
Cindy Watson 14 hours ago
kellyann noble
kellyann noble 14 hours ago
RUvid recommendations took me here
Linda Kinney
Linda Kinney 15 hours ago
Mine JUST came in the mail and I can't wait to play with it and film my video! <3 Beautiful products!
Emma Morgan
Emma Morgan 15 hours ago
your makeup looks so soft and pretty! <3 I'm glad you are seeking professional help. You deserve to be happy and healthy!
Keri 15 hours ago
lots of love to you jaclyn! so excited to try the new palette💗
larltm23 15 hours ago
She should react to herself reacting to herself.... what would that Jaclyn say to the recent Jaclyn now,,,hmmmm
Kathy Koh
Kathy Koh 15 hours ago
It makes me so sad about what you went through! You are so strong! ❤️ and I wish you the best on this healing journey ❤️
Micaela Johnson
Micaela Johnson 15 hours ago
It’s only the people that come to LA it’s not the natives. I am from LA in I am honest and loyal...
Jaden Casey
Jaden Casey 15 hours ago
It's literally not even her fault 😂 She doesn't make the lipsticks. Obviously it's the labs fault.
Amy Davidson
Amy Davidson 15 hours ago
Why is this not at Ulta?
Kathy Koh
Kathy Koh 16 hours ago
Her contour is too high up which makes her face look big on the bottom
aaokayy 16 hours ago
3 looks 1 pallet video please m’am 🙌
gloria Sofia
gloria Sofia 16 hours ago
Oh hello 😂 so cute... also its a beautiful palette 🎨 ❤️ at your image.. your so sweet.. hope the best for u
Mars Hart
Mars Hart 16 hours ago
I’m so proud of you as a person, and as a woman!! 😍😍You’re amazing, I deal with on and off weight gain and loss. It sucks at times! But you’re so strong, with everything you have been going through. You could get through anything I know it. Ive missed you! I’ve been a huge fan since before you and ur ex. So Great to see you flourishing again, forget the haters! 🤪
Shirley Lo
Shirley Lo 16 hours ago
You remind me of my best friend and I always feel so chill and comfortable talking to her ❤️
Jewels Dacus
Jewels Dacus 16 hours ago
To the iconic Jaclyn Hill, that brought me to the “baking” method. I will forever love you! Your weight “gain” has just showed us that you are REAL! You have struggles like everyone else, and if anything I just love you even more! Here’s to compliments in the real world.💕
CreamyCrybaby 16 hours ago
Hate when I get to her videos too late and she’s deleted all the good comments 😭
Helen Cheek
Helen Cheek 16 hours ago
So much respect for this video. Love the thing about commenting if you have something nice to say ❤️
Mikelle F
Mikelle F 16 hours ago
This is a look. It’s very soft
Jessica Davis
Jessica Davis 16 hours ago
Honestly I've not said an unkind thing about your weight gain but I have been concerned. I knew something unhealthy had to be going on with you and its heart breaking knowing how horribly dark you have become over the past 8 months. I'm struggling similar as you and in the past 2 years I have gained over 100lbs. I dont self medicate but I'm very unhealthy and unhappy and mentally not great. Maybe I can use your story to help me and inspire me to get out of my head and make the changes I need too.💖 I'm so glad you are getting help. I love watching your videos because of just how bubbly a person you are! I'm happy you are finally in a place to open up and heal and start to move on
Alexa Garcia
Alexa Garcia 17 hours ago
Love you girl! ❤️❤️
Sierra Shannon
Sierra Shannon 17 hours ago
I think you are such a beautiful person inside and out !!!
Stephanie 17 hours ago
You (JH) look beautiful. Makeup finish is divine and perfect. Not looking for anything in return. Just my first thoughts watching video.
bria 17 hours ago
so i wear too faced too, i noticed she used the hour glass foundation stick before she applied the too faced foundation.. was she just mixing two colors together or does that help with a better type of coverage? i really wanna try what she did but i don’t want to waste my money if there’s no reason she did that
nanakyu96 17 hours ago
I'm sorry to hear that jaclyn... I love you
Michelle Mickey Abrahams
Your so Gorg❤️
Lucia Portillo
Lucia Portillo 17 hours ago
Love this palette is so sad in giatemala shiping is so expencive 😢 love you jaclyn 💜
GlitchMob Beauty
GlitchMob Beauty 18 hours ago
Girl, if you didn't pin point everything that was wrong no one would of noticed ♡♡, you so cute.
Kayla Carroll
Kayla Carroll 18 hours ago
I miss this Jacyln 😭😭
Sandra LeDuc
Sandra LeDuc 18 hours ago
Yeah 20 to 30 pounds doesn’t change a person that much! She looks like a totally different person!!
Liz Simon
Liz Simon 18 hours ago
Jacklyn I'm glad your coming back strong. Your doing great. I really hope people stop attacking you for everything possible. Anyways I'm proud of you. Keep it up girl 💚
Myobeez wax
Myobeez wax 18 hours ago
What happened to her face ?? She looking like a balloon 🎈
Justjessie_glam 18 hours ago
I am here to say, I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!! Spread positivity and love not hate and negativity!!! You go jack, I am happy you are being brave and coming on RUvid and to make a difference even if you feel it’s small it makes a change!! 🤍 that’s beautiful, you’re beautiful!
V H 18 hours ago
-Some people don’t want to change cus they love the ATTENTION 💁🏻‍♀️
Edward Bekker
Edward Bekker 19 hours ago
I just want to say, thank you for your content and I always love watching your videos. It makes me feel better after a long day and inspire me to do makeup🥺
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins 19 hours ago
I have to give her some credit because I think that she was honest when she was telling us about how she summons her minions to bring her drinks on demand by snapping her fingers and waving them into her direction. Thank you for the honesty in your body language at least thats something Jaclyn.
Nida 19 hours ago
"when i was younger flying to africa and all around the world"...on food stamps?
Olivia DeMuro
Olivia DeMuro 19 hours ago
Your jewelry is stunning just like you beauty!
Stone~Diva *Perfectly*Imperfect*
You're a good soul and you are beautiful! Don't give the haters a platform. You do you!! ❤❤❤
photolove250 19 hours ago
Girl! your palette is BOMB. com
Uli dieHeldin
Uli dieHeldin 19 hours ago
Thats really strange. You look much more better without make up. Fresh and young. Make up makes you older 🤔
Sarah_danen D
Sarah_danen D 20 hours ago
She used to be so pretty!!!
Angie Vanessa
Angie Vanessa 20 hours ago
Honestly I appreciate your honesty, and know that some of us are not judging you when you open up. You’re beautiful and your weight does not define you.
Gloria Little
Gloria Little 20 hours ago
Once getting this palette I realize why she was double swatching so not impressed
Rosemary Love
Rosemary Love 20 hours ago
Omgggg i been following this long 🤣🤣🤣 7 years
DoughyGirlFitness 20 hours ago
I wish I could just give you a hug. You look and sound like you could use one.
maria G
maria G 20 hours ago
Please don’t get dogs from breeders! There are too many unwanted dogs already and millions are killed every year in shelters because they cannot be cared for/adopted. New puppies/ kittens are a lot of work and some people aren’t ready for the responsibility. I hope your puppy is a happy part of your family all these years later.
Judith M
Judith M 20 hours ago
I miss these videos and tutorials!
Neander Doe
Neander Doe 20 hours ago
Y’all still buying this garbage?
Jamie Marie
Jamie Marie 20 hours ago
Damn, Homegirl gained a few pounds.