Hello Everybody! I'm TheRubber.
I will bring you interesting animation videos like Funny, Silly, SCP Foundation or Horror stories in Animated style!

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Grim reaper Gaming YT
Grim reaper Gaming YT 4 minutes ago
Me seing dicky : A R N O L D 8:27
MalBoard 5 minutes ago
"The store is now closed, please exit the building" Ight then where's the exit?
Marilu Martínez
Marilu Martínez 5 minutes ago
If scp where real Me be like I'm dead When I go to the toilet finds a scp shiiiii
Thomas 9 minutes ago
What happen if you ask for lava?
Nitisha 10 minutes ago
This is a roblox game 😳
Zdogplayz 10 minutes ago
Dickie went deeper.
WICK 14 minutes ago
Dickie dies of suffocation… Me: So he died in a Forest…full of trees…..
Sonic is Chronic
Sonic is Chronic 16 minutes ago
As a christian I don't know how to feel about this.
RLee2510_Gaming 25 minutes ago
Thuc toan Nguyen
Thuc toan Nguyen 26 minutes ago
Cross test her with a sentient robot SCP
ADTROBLOX5136 28 minutes ago
Me: *watches video* Video: she was found in Pennsylvania Me: O_O
𒐫kurt 𒐫
𒐫kurt 𒐫 32 minutes ago
Hmmm yes The floor is made out of floor
He's not dangerous he just want dog and frend
Ayden boi Godzilla fan
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres 42 minutes ago
2010 was when I was born
Jarow 45 minutes ago
I have a question about the SCP what would happen if you gave it some sort of skin suit not a real human skin but something that looks awfully close would it still use it
Gio Corrado
Gio Corrado 49 minutes ago
therealroblox 53 minutes ago
Bro why the heck did u post this on your scp channel
Garou 57 minutes ago
Why does 05-8 look like a Fire Emblem character and SCP 055 look like a Final Fantasy boss?
Thomas 58 minutes ago
Ngl,he actually look like the type of guy to give his sit for another dude just because the guy looks tired
carron Vicente
carron Vicente 59 minutes ago
This is so Frikin weird
purple_wolf Hour ago
"Sink The Bismarck!" TheRubber: lets change that since i work at the foundation "Contain The Bismarck!" TheRubber: now thats better
Thomas Hour ago
Just give him a blue sweater and a fluffy shoe
Markus Antonius
This would be an amazing movie
Delta Hour ago
Chill out Chilly.
Acosta Torres
Acosta Torres Hour ago
what if the scp was a woman who got killed by a murderer and its skeleton was still intact and alive so she killed the murderer and wore his skin
Nine Tailed fox
Vicente Vera
Vicente Vera Hour ago
Me:yeeet todo the pokemon universe!
Michael MAnville
Flood the tomb.
Nicole Fatcheric
P-p-pokémon 💫oreos💫
Michael MAnville
Living mummy.
PRchris13 Hour ago
His message should not be “not to gamble” but to not spite death Like he would be fine if he just gave away they objects His curse is not him gambling with them But humiliating them
Heron Alexandria
Heron Alexandria 2 hours ago
Thats not a machine gun dipshit.
Charles-Ingvar Jönsson
What cute😊
Watcher 2 hours ago
"the lunar-tic"
Heron Alexandria
Heron Alexandria 2 hours ago
Ok, let me go slow since someone here is very retarded. You just bastard together three different things. A mortar is a tube that a human slides a shell into vertically. A bomb is something that is dropped from a plan. Artillery is fired from a cannon. SPEND TWO MINUTES ON GOOGLE.
ElectricErger 2 hours ago
I like how the skeleton model was treated like a bear
MultiDimensional Centurion
He's just a cold skelly boy. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
Marlon 2 hours ago
This one is spooky. You can never know who secretly has a skeleton underneath their skin!
Nash Medina
Nash Medina 2 hours ago
So you saying a scp is protecting another scp?
Mohammed Islam
Mohammed Islam 2 hours ago
T.a.d Lantain
T.a.d Lantain 2 hours ago
Can you please do a SCP 2786 now!
ZamuelH 2 hours ago
Bro I really wanted to see the victims turn into one
Joshua Meyers
Joshua Meyers 2 hours ago
Xavier Bean
Xavier Bean 3 hours ago
Normal dude on YouTube 2 the seaqual
Spooky scary skeletons taking your spine
Evedoeswarcrimes 3 hours ago
runawaypixie89 3 hours ago
I am your biggest fan
john dumpling
john dumpling 3 hours ago
Nice username
Jacob Granstrom
Jacob Granstrom 3 hours ago
There’s a new SCP 100264 he’s a tall man with tentacles
kaido 3 hours ago
why the boy that appears at the beginning is Naruto!?
Natalia Selkov
Natalia Selkov 3 hours ago
next video cthulhu
TheClassCalico 3 hours ago
Spooky scary skeleton is adorable.
Perhaps a Hedgehog
Perhaps a Hedgehog 3 hours ago
Very nice of 3114 to kill the subject before tearing them apart.
Sebbe 3 hours ago
Ricky rat be like
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 4 hours ago
I don’t like him
Andy's Real life
Andy's Real life 4 hours ago
Wait wat the nerther update relese in 2019-2020 and it breach in 2010 wat da thud
Pyro The Pyromaniac
“when communicating, must speak or write in any language but not english or french” me who is turkish: HAHA! I CAN COMMUNICATE
Quatro Bajeena
Quatro Bajeena 4 hours ago
I love all the horror movie references. Carpenter, Loomis, 5733-1 is basically an amalgam of Jason and Myers.
connor perkins
connor perkins 4 hours ago
3114 when they take the dog: *cocks gun*
Floofy Gargoyle
Floofy Gargoyle 5 hours ago
i wanna give it a hug and a jumper now even if im made of latex
Ragnarok Oblivion
Ragnarok Oblivion 5 hours ago
Sabaton won’t be happy about this…
Ko Snow
Ko Snow 5 hours ago
*I remember the first upload of this channel back in my deleted channel-* It's great to see that he reached over 1 million subs
roeder unit
roeder unit 5 hours ago
scp 049 and 096
roeder unit
roeder unit 5 hours ago
Duplexlamp 5 hours ago
Damn Jenny had friends dipped the fuck out
The famous egg
The famous egg 5 hours ago
now i know why his friends hate him, or why he died first….. because his name is the thing he almost doesn’t have
Fidget Toys
Fidget Toys 5 hours ago
Epic Guy
Epic Guy 5 hours ago
What if they brought "God" to the Gate Guardian
r3tar3D Animations
r3tar3D Animations 5 hours ago
Man master roshi
Ethan McAlexander
Ethan McAlexander 5 hours ago
siren head
Iasiah Harrison
Iasiah Harrison 6 hours ago
Iv never heard of this yokai
Smitten Werbenjagermanjensen
I'm something of a skeleton myself guys
Prem Jason x
Prem Jason x 6 hours ago
Must gave to a dummy hair Wigs
Ovi Khan
Ovi Khan 6 hours ago
Plz do scp 5617🥺🥺🥺
Ovi Khan
Ovi Khan 6 hours ago
I mean 5167
SuperBlockPlayerz 6 hours ago
imagine a normal obese guy randomly gets kidnapped because they think he is 1788 but they realize that he is a normal guy who is just really obese
DestroidHak 6 hours ago
Yeah but did they try to simply give him a lot of flesh or skin?
Vault Ceeper
Vault Ceeper 6 hours ago
Do SCP 5045 Goat VR
Cheliodas 7 hours ago
William Breaux
William Breaux 7 hours ago
Why is all the blood black?