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frankie w
frankie w Hour ago
the bridesmaid was awful for offering a dress 1k above the budget but why did the bride feel so entitled to her mom spending extra because she’s the only child??
K Dressage
K Dressage Hour ago
It’s really sad to watch this because I was in a similar relationship and thankfully ended it before it carried on too long. His comment of “she always agrees with me” is a huge red flag of this being an overbearing and controlling relationship. She doesn’t even feel comfortable enough voicing her opinion to him. I wish I could reach out and help her…..too many women end up in relationships like this.
Laura McInerney
I absolutely HATE when someone tries to take away from the bride. It is NOT necessary for that stupid mom to say her daughter is on Broadway. Let the bride have her moments.
Pam BB
Pam BB Hour ago
I think she is beautiful. The mother is an uncouth clown!
lucy Hour ago
cimogm Hour ago
Why is the grooms X GIRLFRIEND even in the picture at this point let alone at the wedding gown "search party"? Some people just don't use good sense.
Marie Nance
Marie Nance Hour ago
She looked beautiful 😍
Donna Okoniewski
OMG!!! RED FLAG! 🟥🟥🟥 This marriage is over before it's begun. He's an opinionated bully! Don't do it!
Amelia Froehlich
Why bother putting shoulder straps on if they're like that? I've never understand the attraction for them.
Dru Franks
Dru Franks Hour ago
He's not wearing it
Dru Franks
Dru Franks Hour ago
Her husband to be ,needs to take .hike
KJ Hour ago
Mercy😌 these are the people who love her???🤔Elope!!!
Ave Haddon
Ave Haddon Hour ago
Too expensive
MaddoxHall Vlogs
I love this momma!!!
Lrla Hour ago
These are friends? Wow!
Julia L
Julia L Hour ago
I don't get why the veil makes such a big difference to them. LOL
Vickie Zierlein
The bride seems angry with her mom for leaving her dad. I really hope they work through things. Moms are precious. I miss mine so much even after almost 8 years.
Dru Franks
Dru Franks Hour ago
Stop listening to your mom
Danielle King
Danielle King 2 hours ago
They shouldn't have even shown her the dress, of course she's going to want to try it on. *NEVER.* 👏 *TRY.* 👏 *ON.* 👏 *A.* 👏 *DRESS.* 👏 *OVER.* 👏 *BUDGET.* 👏
Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 hours ago
Why did they basically have them wearing the same dress yes Jade was covered up too and in the back and her dress flared more or something like that at the bottom Mollys wasn't covered up and everything like that either if this was me and my bff and we were getting married around the same time I wouldn't want us trying on the same damn dress at all
Andrea Cortez Romero
If my mom wanted to buy me a $4,000 dress Id fell bad for her spending so much 😅
Caroline Grossman
Caroline Grossman 2 hours ago
All the gowns were incredible...stunning! I love Gok.
Dru Franks
Dru Franks 2 hours ago
The quilt trip, works everytime
Ruby Blue
Ruby Blue 2 hours ago
This bride is in for a very rough marriage if she doesn't learn to put her foot down and set some boundaries for those kids.
Carolyn C
Carolyn C 2 hours ago
Where was dress 1?
Priscillia Carter
Priscillia Carter 2 hours ago
Dress two was awful just because the dress cost more does not make it better dress one showed her figure and the final dress was the winner
Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 hours ago
The first dressed the bride is wearing is very similar to what another bride ended up getting from the bride who wants to look like bella swan in her dress episode it's pretty close to that exact dress I love the one she did choose though so lovely
Jennifer Castellanos
Terminator glasses 😅🤣her dad is really sweet
Meso Salem
Meso Salem 2 hours ago
And we wonder where our body issues come from
Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 hours ago
So she didn't get the red dress after all she said something on her Instagram about it not being right for south Africa or something like that and to heavy she wore like a white with gold beading up top so gorgeous really
Judy Mahabir
Judy Mahabir 2 hours ago
That first dress was beautiful on her
Shani Blake
Shani Blake 2 hours ago
I think Sean forced her to have his ex there. No woman would choose to invite her fiance's ex to anything they are going to.
girl friday
girl friday 2 hours ago
You can tell she’s only sorta nice to her daughter when she thinks she is on camera. Like, when she thinks the cameras gone, she just drops her face.
Izzie RH
Izzie RH 2 hours ago
Hunt deer? You've lost me - cruel witch.
Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 hours ago
Lauren dress was just absolutely gorgeous I loved it
Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 2 hours ago
If I have my way if I ever get married in the near future I'd definitely wear an all red dress or all white with some red in it for sure is what I want to do and I loved the dress on her she looked so gorgeous red isn't bridal my ass lol said no indian bride ever I didn't like the gold one no way Jose
Julie Fleming
Julie Fleming 2 hours ago
I think the little one just wanted to see more dresses lol
Veá Q
Veá Q 2 hours ago
Low key reminds me of my mom years ago
Brenda Harp
Brenda Harp 2 hours ago
What a B otch - Shame on the mother because everyone deserves to be happy in what makes them feel good. WOW WOW WOW = remember where you came from mom
Wanda Brenot
Wanda Brenot 2 hours ago
Oh, wow. That mom has some serious issues.
Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska
Why is Lori's face golden???
Chloe R
Chloe R 2 hours ago
Michelle is so immature yikes
Katelyn Elms
Katelyn Elms 2 hours ago
Omg, that undereye joke was so mean!
Christine Edmondson
I so love Lori, three hours over the closing time is taking liberties. Stephanie needs to make a decision and stop worrying about what other people think. She is the one that has to wear it for ONE day!
Chloe R
Chloe R 3 hours ago
The “trendy” girls are so cheugy lmfao
Shawna Lee
Shawna Lee 3 hours ago
Who needs enemies with family and friends like that? Except for the dad, everyone was horrible.
Gina Petolicchio
Gina Petolicchio 3 hours ago
I did not like the dress she chose it really looked like shredded tissue paper or something like that but whatever makes you happy I guess Kylie the second bride she kinda looks like lacey Sturm a little bit the ex lead singer of flyleaf
tesneem ahmed
tesneem ahmed 3 hours ago
what else? You gonna strap a dead deer head to the hood of your limo? ended me lolll
Joyce Baker
Joyce Baker 3 hours ago
Gok has such a beautiful heart! He goes the extra mile to make his brides happy❤
collinsfriend1 3 hours ago
What a nasty family.
kitty62862 3 hours ago
Very few could carry that off. She looks fabulous. Wait till her hubby to be sees that. Wow.
alineM 3 hours ago
If my mother ever threatened me about not coming to my wedding just because of a dress I would pick the dress and tell her not to come😁not because of the dress but because she should've said her opinion in a more decent way without hurting my feelings
wildsnowwolf 3 hours ago
I support ya ll even tho I'm straight
Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska
Why is the shop assist. wearing white lace blouse??!!
Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska
Oh, wait until that little girl grows up....
Omika Tiwari
Omika Tiwari 3 hours ago
She's best friend, godmother of your kid, fiance of your HTB's Bestfriend...why is she not the MOH again?
FallenCorpse900323 3 hours ago
3:24 This gorgeous wedding, and the groom has a yellow patched t-shirt. I can't belive he's don't have a fricking new shirt for the candy day -.-
Omika Tiwari
Omika Tiwari 3 hours ago
I still cannot believe the gown was under £2000
kelly gough
kelly gough 3 hours ago
How is Gok SO BLOODY GOOD AT THIS?!?!??!!??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Furiafelina 3 hours ago
Wow! For once the bride went to the appointment with real supportive friends. Take note gals, chose your friends wisely 😉 🙂
Justice InAlaska
Justice InAlaska 3 hours ago
That money is a down payment on land or a house. Foolish woman...
Shadow S
Shadow S 3 hours ago
OMG this woman is gorgeous and she is looking beautiful in that dress , what mean people , I think they’re all jealous , even the mom. I just feel like giving her a big hug and telling her how beautiful she is.
Jess 3 hours ago
This is almost as ugly as some Big Fat Gypsy wedding dresses I've seen
D. P.
D. P. 3 hours ago
Not sure why anyone would take the advice of someone of Chews Gum on TV!!
ummu omama
ummu omama 3 hours ago
she looks stunning in this campaign dress 😍😍😍😍😍😍
ummu omama
ummu omama 3 hours ago
she looks stunning in this campaign dress 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Christine Edmondson
I cannot understand why the whole family have to be there. It's the brides day, she needs to find something she loves without everyone seeing it before the day!
D BS 4 hours ago
Is this Americans behave with their family?
Ariel Klay
Ariel Klay 4 hours ago
I'm plus size, too, so I *really* enjoy watching these videos!
Marie Fish
Marie Fish 4 hours ago
Is this what’s happening now EXs invited to dress shopping 😳 I don’t think so that’s is insane no woman in there right mind is going to stand for that the ex sitting there saying Shaun won’t like it well ex a hate to burst your bubble but its yasmin that’s wearing it not YOU why would she even sit there have some self respect ex is ex for a reason she shouldn’t even be there
twain103 4 hours ago
Ms. Harrison
Ms. Harrison 4 hours ago
Its always the mom with the body image issues that always has something to say about their daughters choice in wedding dresses
Arpita Halder
Arpita Halder 4 hours ago
I can't see any pink ....where is pink?????????🧐🧐🧐🧐
Arleen Anderson
Arleen Anderson 4 hours ago
Love that floral dress. Wish something like that would have been available when I got married over 20 years ago!
Nondo Mary
Nondo Mary 4 hours ago
The mom didn't have to be that aggressive and rude,there are better ways to communicate, nonsense.
Mom Mom
Mom Mom 4 hours ago
Your extremely beautiful inside and out I was crying right from the beginning but the Dress you said Yes to is gorgeous
Danelle Gray
Danelle Gray 4 hours ago
I love a supportive mother