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Meya C
Meya C Minute ago
I don’t understand how it was funny
IlovemyCountry 2 minutes ago
Love the one shoulder dress
Kayla Hoffman
Kayla Hoffman 2 minutes ago
I think her friends just sabotaged her 😳
Gracie Noonkester
Gracie Noonkester 6 minutes ago
He's like Luke Bryan's weird drunk twin no one likes.
Liz Hellsing
Liz Hellsing 6 minutes ago
"You better get some tape" 😂
Meya C
Meya C 8 minutes ago
I love Bridget she seems so nice
GiraffesLikeDonuts 21
GiraffesLikeDonuts 21 8 minutes ago
The sister just kinda looked like a duh half the time
Gracie Noonkester
Gracie Noonkester 9 minutes ago
I've watched enough of these to have my own wedding dress shop...
Kayla Hoffman
Kayla Hoffman 18 minutes ago
Her: “I can see us getting married” ......uhm. To a man currently in prison? For how long sis? 🤣🤣🙈
Meya C
Meya C 22 minutes ago
Raven is so cute, she was the only one not complaining
Tajhauna's world with TD1
She pretty much a daddy's brat
Cristina Navarro
Cristina Navarro 26 minutes ago
Love this episode
Ally Geonzon
Ally Geonzon 34 minutes ago
Jaye’s so sweet omygoodness
Meya C
Meya C 35 minutes ago
Her sister is annoying
Diana McCaskill
Diana McCaskill 59 minutes ago
Did anyone notice that at 5:39 the mother-in-law said oh my god partially before even turning around to look at the dress?
kobee singz
kobee singz Hour ago
The mom remind me of my grandma 😂😂but for real
La’Nyah Varns
Man they don’t talk right .. 😭 they short in the words and that says a lot coming from me ..
Err Michael its not your dress!
Mr Michael is trying to choose his own dress!
Sophie Speek
Sophie Speek Hour ago
I love her mom's outfit her sister don't really like the blue dress
Selby Davis
Selby Davis Hour ago
She looks like a Greek goddess in the beige dress
Kristin Craig
Kristin Craig Hour ago
I think I lost my appetite after seeing those nails
Laurel Flint
Laurel Flint Hour ago
What a gorgeous lady...She would look stunning in any gown! I loved the first gown on her & so did she!! However, she was pressured to forgo that & went with her sisters choice. Ugh...Please people, be respectful of the brides desire & dream, it's HER WEDDING!! I thought that even though she looked gorgeous in the last gown, I thought, that the gown looked cheap. Best Wishes & Blessings~ 💞
Lisa Chen
Lisa Chen Hour ago
The first dress looked amazing on her! Showed off her curves perfectly. The dress she went with is pretty too but I absolutely love love love her in the first dress! 🥰
earlene wallace
I love the dress that she chose but the mother was getting on my last nerve. Just because you may control the purse strings means it's all about you.
Ampa Perez
Ampa Perez Hour ago
OMG she looks beautiful in the dress
Afreen Hasan
Afreen Hasan Hour ago
Veronica Lucia
iM gOiNg tO HaVe tO sTeP iN aS tHe MaId oF HonOr
Caroline Ullrich
brids motjer- what a hateful thing to say. agree too. who needs a sister like that. these are some mentally ill people
amy allen
amy allen Hour ago
That Marilyn dress is probably one of the most stunning dress I've seen. What is the right word for it? Oh! Fierce! Fiercely elegant. I thought the first one was beautiful, but man that second dress was hitting it.
Caroline Ullrich
bitch's both saying one daughter is more favorite then the other if I heard that right. daughter with black dress. yes thatewould make a good burial dress. black heart, black dress. black casket, tainted- unholy ground. perfect. 2 rows available. lol
eye reese
eye reese Hour ago
Shes gorgeous and so vibrant
Anna Catherine
4:10 “she’s not going to a disco ball.” 😂
Maria Hour ago
its sad how he has given her everything without knowing the value of dollar
Ferb Hour ago
I’d love to pay 16000$ to one punch this bitch.
Fahad AlFahad
Fahad AlFahad Hour ago
Mika Tsunami
Mika Tsunami 2 hours ago
“What are you wanting?” “I want a black dress.” “I love her.” SAME LORI
Hannah Phillips
Hannah Phillips 2 hours ago
When her mom started adjusting the neckline I died
IlovemyCountry 2 hours ago
First dress was perfect!
IlovemyCountry 2 hours ago
Too much tit in the second dress! Sleasy.
Cierra Vinson
Cierra Vinson 2 hours ago
Caroline Ullrich
Caroline Ullrich 2 hours ago
Shame on you! your poor father! your selfish. you dont have to pay for it, so thats okay. You just Take advantage of your father and his love for you by slapping him the face wuth the cist of this dress. Top it all off with that attitude people probably see divorce down thw road because you are only thinking of yourself.
GachaLily 2 hours ago
The bride:3:45 LATER The bride:I can relate to leah more. THEN WHY DID YOU MAKE FUN OF HER IN THE FIRST PLACE.
IlovemyCountry 2 hours ago
Zettie Spagetti
Zettie Spagetti 2 hours ago
That dress is U-G-L-Y sorry but it's true
livelovenerd 2 hours ago
Ok a trans marrying a trans is amoz!!!!! 💛
Mastr Ji
Mastr Ji 2 hours ago
She has an old english beauty vibe about her
lucy n
lucy n 2 hours ago
she blush one really suits her. it’s gorgeous on her
love cute
love cute 2 hours ago
The sister just mad bc she look like the bratz doll and her sister (the bride) looks like a queen
Zettie Spagetti
Zettie Spagetti 2 hours ago
I live how supportive her mom is of her... That just made my day💛
Aidan Chantel
Aidan Chantel 3 hours ago
Amber shut the fuck up . 💀
Ariel X
Ariel X 3 hours ago
I seriously dislike this sister. And the fact that her family just dipped on her because the sister wanted something is so disrespectful. They were there for JAYE not the other sister. Which btw, She was stunning in that mermaid gown. Jaye is naturally beautiful😊
Crystal Sherman
Crystal Sherman 3 hours ago
Messy heffa(s)!
Hana J
Hana J 3 hours ago
Trashy dress.
rachel rose diary
rachel rose diary 3 hours ago
I almost wanted to cry when they started laughing, it's just so unthinkably RUDE 😡
Justice Kings
Justice Kings 3 hours ago
I just want to burn her sister alive. So annoying. She act like that because her sister is prettier than her.
maya walton
maya walton 3 hours ago
i feel for her i do but...i hate how she refers to herself in the third person
Moya Malcolm
Moya Malcolm 3 hours ago
There so bitchy
Kainoa 3 hours ago
I've seen at least 5 other brides on this show say yes to the dress at the end.
megalopolis2015 3 hours ago
I adore how personalized Gok and team make each bridal experience. It's so special.
Phoebe Brandon
Phoebe Brandon 3 hours ago
get over it. ur tits dont have to be all over the place constantly have some modesty
Marina Momenzai (604marmome)
She so cute, she already looks like a bride, like it’s her wedding day that’s day or something.
Natalia Pedraza
Natalia Pedraza 4 hours ago
This wedding is going to be a mess
Aye Myint
Aye Myint 4 hours ago
I swear if her youngest son is not a world wide famous fashion expert I would so disappointed that I would shut myself in my room for life. (Jk)
Mana k
Mana k 4 hours ago
$20 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😫😖😟😱😱😱😱😱
Caroline Ullrich
Caroline Ullrich 4 hours ago
why cant they both werar the same dress???? they are such best friends. they can both wear it.
Stephanie Powierski
What an absolute bitch. Rude. Arrogant. She needs a smack!
_Unicornicorn 4 hours ago
0:39 what is that horrendous yellow blast from the past in the back
furry weenXD
furry weenXD 4 hours ago
*laughs in indian*
Blazn Rayln
Blazn Rayln 4 hours ago
Well that's just straight with a few extra steps
Shenna Carter
Shenna Carter 4 hours ago
Does anyone else wish they lived in Lancashire all of a sudden? :P
Emma Roses
Emma Roses 4 hours ago
Mom please, its her day ok? Let herself being what she want on her day and dont shut her down, its just make me want to cry IF my mom does like this towards me on my wedding day. Also mom, having a long nails is not good ok? Please act and show that you are A MOM. Your children is successful women and you have to show how good you are as a mom that always respect, love, support to your own children. You need to know that MOM also can be a FRIENDS. So please be nice and mature🙏🏽
pitsaria poueskise
pitsaria poueskise 4 hours ago
Short stupid girl.
Laurel’s Tarantula Nook
Celebrity status sure does pay off! Any one of us wouldn’t get that honor! She is so pretty!
Angel Velar
Angel Velar 4 hours ago
The 12k dress is good to her just quite expensive
Caroline Ullrich
Caroline Ullrich 5 hours ago
these girls S. douchbag. hope this wedding fails bigtime. I'm being nice. said with the utmost love. lol
K Peffercorn
K Peffercorn 5 hours ago
Love the dress with sleeves!!
Judith Boltz
Judith Boltz 5 hours ago
You should have left mom home
Big Peen
Big Peen 5 hours ago
I swear she ain't even that big Dont laugh at her u bitch
Candace Gardner
Candace Gardner 5 hours ago
Is it just me or does the dress consultant look like the dragon chick from game of thrones?
JussBlaze 5 hours ago
The mom has missing brown teeth... how can we listen to her opinion?
Jimi MaGee
Jimi MaGee 5 hours ago
I think we all need Gok
Farah Echelon
Farah Echelon 5 hours ago
Gok is the best 😍
Steph boond
Steph boond 5 hours ago
No no no that last dress is nice but does not suit her the 2nd dress was better
FRANCIS YEBOAH 5 hours ago
Yeah I don't get it every brides maids dress are horrible we need something tight or sexy for them not flairy
Nelly Hernandez
Nelly Hernandez 5 hours ago
Who is the designer of the dress she fell in love with?
Steph boond
Steph boond 5 hours ago
It's great that she can still be friends with her ex husband,I think there's quite enough hate in this world & it's nice to see. They get on great together.i hope the wedding day goes alright.& Hope her new hubby also says YES to that Beautiful dress. X
Brandy B
Brandy B 5 hours ago
She loves it, that's what counts, I think her daughter is right, once they shape that corset to fit her curves right, its gonna look great.
Karen Acton
Karen Acton 6 hours ago
Helen.....you are a beautiful young woman!!! You look absolutely stunning in that dress!
Life's Journey
Life's Journey 6 hours ago
She certainly brought a truck load of people to the appointment to only leave everyone behind.....
mylife 23
mylife 23 6 hours ago
Nobody else has a right to tell you what to wear accept yourself.
livelovenerd 6 hours ago
I can't do this with my best friend. Hes a boy. 😥 On the bright side,I'm friends with his girlfriend so.... 😁
mylife 23
mylife 23 6 hours ago
I luv her OMG she's soooo meeee. I'm not gonna have a white dress I made my own design for if i ever get married.
Life's Journey
Life's Journey 6 hours ago
I'm just not sure how someone goes from "awful" to "a vision" just because a piece of tulle goes on top of their head......Can you imagine if the daughter did not have the courage and self confidence to stand her ground and get the dress SHE wanted
lina *
lina * 6 hours ago
Augiegrl12 6 hours ago
I've never gone above a 16, but I totally related with her. I wished to be the skinny girl I used to, but struggled to actually go and exercise to do it. Took me a long while to accept I looked fabulous, no matter my weight. Still have issues making myself go to the gym, but with my current job, I am moving more so that's helped. It's not easy, but I hope the women who struggle with body image issues find peace with it someday.
MooMama 6 hours ago
Sure lady. You wanted to cover the girls. That's why you picked a dress that is going to make them fall oit.
ms.marvelous 815
ms.marvelous 815 6 hours ago
“What are you going to do if I don’t like it?” What are you going to do if you don’t like it? This isn’t your wedding
Omar Miller
Omar Miller 6 hours ago
Did anyone else hear the bride say "cleavlage"