Ingrid Nilsen
Ingrid Nilsen
Ingrid Nilsen
Hi I’m Ingrid, my channel is a starting point for deeper conversations through the lens of beauty and intentional living.
I make videos about my life including makeup, skincare, styling outfits, vlogs, periods, coming out, lesbian and LGBTQ+ issues, wellness, lifestyle videos such as intentional living, changing habits, and mindfulness.
I'm figuring out life with a teen heart in a 30 year old body.
Jenny Lyn Belleza
Jenny Lyn Belleza 4 hours ago
I have grown up with you, I was hooked on NARS because you liked it. I love you always and thank you Ingrid
Kaley Were Beauty
Kaley Were Beauty 4 hours ago
Ingrid, I hope you know that your presence on RUvid is so sorely missed. I often go back and watch your old content because it's so comforting, especially in these turbulent times. This video was the therapy session I needed - after years and years of contemplating, I've finally started making beauty videos and I get overwhelmed sometimes by how saturated the market is and how amazing and professional everyone else's content seems to be. But this reminded me to continue creating simply for the joy of it. Miss you, Ingrid. <3
VOLAIRE'S MINION 7 hours ago
Every single comment here is basically "I don't want to share a bathroom with men." As if crossdressing men didn't already have the option to slip into a women's bathroom. It's a stupid argument, a strawman, fuelled by transphobia. Nothing is stopping a sexual predator. You think criminals follow the law? The mental gymnastics done here are exhausting. You're creating a hypothetical pervert in response to your aversion to trans people, then pretending not to throw those trans people into the same group. Also, why are all of this woman's followers a bunch of immoral assholes, attacking her for her opinion?
joyce gabriel
joyce gabriel 8 hours ago
Nice to meet you,, I'm from California 29 yrs old single lesbian,, are you???
The Rhino
The Rhino 8 hours ago
That’s kinda gay bro
Hiyoko Saionji
Great now I gotta tell my homophobic Christian parents 🥰 I told my language arts teacher I was gay in my story for homework so idk what the heck he’s gonna say abt that. I kinda want to tell my science teacher since I trust her a lotttttttt
MissGlam19 Day ago
Too lazy to watch it all clearly not a hardcore fan. Summary one? Why is she leaving?
TM HS Day ago
this really helped me.. thanks :) now ive just gotta figure out how to come out lol...
TM HS Day ago
shykitty25 2 days ago
Ingrid you are my OG youtube queen, that "I <3 fall tag" video of 2012 will always be in my heart and missglamorazzi as well. The best is coming sweet girl. I wish you the best of luck and always give yourself the best chance, you deserve it. Love you forever!!
Eva May
Eva May 2 days ago
I loved watching your packing videos
Vexciiy 2 days ago
JungKooks toenails
Yk when your on your period and you sit on the edge of the seat at school because you don’t wanna get blood on it.. Cause yh same
Sean Patrick
Sean Patrick 2 days ago
Please ladies, don't be envious. My wife is large and the backache and discomfort is awful. She'd love to be smaller. In addition, there's plenty of men and women out there that really appreciate and, in some cases, prefer smaller breasts.
E.S.X 55
E.S.X 55 2 days ago
I’m gay
Better Now
Better Now 2 days ago
Simple- you look at a girl and think shes hot. I blame Nicki Minaj and Ariel.
Renee Collin
Renee Collin 2 days ago
Well said! I've traveled alone as a Airline Flight Attendant and as a passenger, and your tips are spot on! Good job🌸
Parshant Khambra Official
You are true fasion
SN_Galaxy 3 days ago
If you want to be gay are you gay?
ochako- 3 days ago
Ugh I sadly have to watch this
Ben Warren
Ben Warren 4 days ago
Im a guy and i love women with small boobs i think they are very sexy.
clara blossom
clara blossom 4 days ago
sounds like you are allergic to some fragrance...
Khatib Pineda
Khatib Pineda 4 days ago
I’m very sad you’re leaving 😭
•Boba Rose•
•Boba Rose• 4 days ago
2020 anyone?
Tamara Pavlović
Tamara Pavlović 4 days ago
I always love to come back to this video whenever I feel stressed and like I need a break and some inspiration. Thank you so much, Ingrid!
Aj Khan
Aj Khan 4 days ago
किसी ने सचा प्यार किया है 😍😍😍 जिसने सचा प्यार किया है 😘😘😘 वही हमारे विडियो को 😍😍😍 देखे और comment kare 👇 ruvid.net/video/video---eF4f89nrE.html
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 4 days ago
Good i love it. Bush it out. It drive me crazy💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾😜😜😜
CG STAR 5 days ago
• Midari •
• Midari • 5 days ago
someone please tell me is it normal to get a lot of headaches before getting your period and how long until you get your period when you start getting headaches?
Jessica Cleary
Jessica Cleary 6 days ago
I have my period due on Monday and umm I have school and mine is eregular I could legit get it in the middle of PE so idk what to do 👀
Art Chick
Art Chick 6 days ago
Let's get this straight, I'm not
PHAT Aguilar
PHAT Aguilar 6 days ago
Chicks with small boobs are tha best
amanda grace
amanda grace 6 days ago
Bruh I needed this in middle school about 6 years ago would have been great I wish I saw this soon lmfao
Summer Kim
Summer Kim 6 days ago
Ingrid I was a somewhat lonely highschool junior when I first came across you on RUvid. Now I am a grown woman and you are still a great inspiration to me!
Joleen Poletti
Joleen Poletti 6 days ago
I just saw 12 sec of your video and I am totally the same. I love packing. It is so crazy. It is kind of a hobby. :-P
Hortencia Starks
Hortencia Starks 7 days ago
Is Nugget still alive?
Javiera Herrera
Javiera Herrera 7 days ago
m s
m s 7 days ago
this brand is overpriced when compared to other brands with the same quality collagen
Odelia Ish
Odelia Ish 8 days ago
you are so inspiring, thank you so much
teomate14 s
teomate14 s 8 days ago
I wanna hug you right now
JAYCOB shea 9 days ago
FUCK, think I m might be gay
tankispelanki 9 days ago
Such a classy bow out. 👏👏👏
mikah ong
mikah ong 9 days ago
I'm having one of those nights where I just scrawl the internet and look up things I used to be into. So to find this 2 months after you posted really surprised me. I remember a few of your videos from years ago and liking them. Thank you for the fun you gave me. Good luck and stay safe on your next step
Jackie Kym
Jackie Kym 9 days ago
I always come back to watch this video when I’m lost in life
Gamerkiller Gamerxx
Idk why im watching this i still am attracted to women
DreiGalaxy 9 days ago
i was just wondering what you were up to nowadays
Shadow of Marten
Shadow of Marten 9 days ago
I am an LGBT person, unfortunately, what we are going through is not easy, my parents do not know and if they find out about this, they will kill me or will marry me to the opposite sex.
H. DiSalvatore
H. DiSalvatore 10 days ago
Her last video has like 40 ads. Lol gotta get that dollar on the way out, jesus.
Luna 10 days ago
Thank you for this. While I am not mixed race, our family is mixed-status and I too struggled and continue to struggle with my cultural identity. I feel as though I'm not Mexican enough to be considered "full" Mexican but not American enough to be considered JUST "American." I also remember trying to erase the Mexican side of my when I was younger to try and fit it with the other kids at school since I already felt different enough because of my darker skin. I'm still finding myself and learning how to express myself in every way possible. Thank you for all these years and for telling us your story.
Cool Cookies 08
Cool Cookies 08 10 days ago
Saying I’m gay doesn’t feel right, but neither does saying I’m bi or even straight. I think I am an individual with attraction and emotions for people who have been women or men. A label doesn’t feel right. I am me and that’s all I feel there has to be.
nancy aerosmith
nancy aerosmith 10 days ago
Hi great video I’m trying to decide on color for my away luggage. Do you find the Navy color to be quite common? Also medium vs large?
abby jones
abby jones 10 days ago
bruh i sit down in class for like an hour and when i stand up i have to try and keep a straight face when its litterally a tsunami down there
Drusilla Pair
Drusilla Pair 11 days ago
Very helpful tips. I just began a job last week working from home.
Nicole L
Nicole L 11 days ago
Quarantine: Stay inside! Me: I guess I can start.... tomorrow.
Pris Kruger
Pris Kruger 11 days ago
Your business is it on etsy #damncurious lol
A Fool's Persona
A Fool's Persona 11 days ago
Love you Ingrid! be well!
Jitu Mehar
Jitu Mehar 11 days ago
Michka K
Michka K 12 days ago
Good luck to you, you're such a great person <3
Emily Samoliuk
Emily Samoliuk 12 days ago
Glossier is not for oily skin also you're allergic to rose . You just spread negativity on brand cuz it doesn't work for you
Verena Satriani
Verena Satriani 12 days ago
Ingrid, you have inspired million people in this world. When I watched this video, my heart was crying. You deserve all the best this life has to over.
kelon mio
kelon mio 12 days ago
i was once reading a comment so like it said we don't say tampons its teabags for vamps
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 13 days ago
The hardest question, why are straight people so weird
Better Now
Better Now 2 days ago
Harder question- why do gay people love to belittle straight people then complain when straight people don't support them.....? Lesbian asking!
Don King
Don King 13 days ago
I love the hirsute look, thought and idea of enjoying the hirsute lifestyle and having her hairy pits and legs exposed and proudly displayed when wearing a sleeveless top or summer dress that allows her to be seen and showing off her braless piercings and nothing underneath without any thoughts or issues about being a total exhibitionist and enjoying the lifestyle
bushbabygames123 bernal
I have a feeling I'm trans or bi I have a little crush on a boy
MicheallikeMJ 13 days ago
The only youtuber Stewie mentioned on Family Guy that still makes videos (kind of) is Bethany Mota. I guess RWJ too but ehhhh.
Little Sphinx
Little Sphinx 13 days ago
I feel like I’m gay, but I kinda like a girl, but I also feel gay, I’m just gonna take the time to know, since my school starts in less then a week
Fabluewho 13 days ago
I can delete instagram... but not wordscapes!
Maulan Wong
Maulan Wong 13 days ago
Wow after over 10 whole years!
Viggo Perez
Viggo Perez 13 days ago
Tiene pinta de que estar diciendo algo súper emotivo pero no tengo ni puta idea de inglés
Julie Oulton
Julie Oulton 13 days ago
Wow. Thank you for sharing. Wow. You are more than special. <3
Whod unnit
Whod unnit 13 days ago
Also, for your personal problems like grieving you should have sought help. Help wouldn’t come to you without you seeking it. Schools here in California support mental health of students, they want them to succeed. I somehow cannot believe this. Counselors are there for a reason too, they always have activities that involve participation of students, I go to school so I know. Also, you could’ve expanded your network like church (prior to Covid), they do help and give you that sense of family and belonging. And other organizations that will help keep you engage in school through hobbies or activities or organizations. Yes, you lied about your college too I remembered. We can all talk about changing but change has to come from within and you don’t even need to tell your viewers. Well, like other you tubers who left, maybe it’s a good thing. I am hoping for more educational videos, it will help inspire and foster literacy (volunteer regardless of your emotional struggles). You get the discipline too from school so yay for education and moms who encourage their kids to seek higher education.
Whod unnit
Whod unnit 13 days ago
Not every opportunity is in America alone. I never understood the need to conform and the American dream. I didn’t dream of America, everything was circumstantial. And I’m Asian and never tried to change or hide who I am or speak the language of my white friends. I did experience racism but they never prospered. If there is a person who you can be best, it’s you-who you are and no one can change that or take that away from you. Also, education is key in life. You won’t get the respect if you don’t do something to improve your life. I watched you before and I did notice you are not proud of your heritage and tried to conform and please your friends, I don’t know. I just had that impression of you. Anyway, good luck and much respect to your mom. She deserved love.
Hatoon 13 days ago
Jehan Wadiwalla
Jehan Wadiwalla 14 days ago
I'm here from my company's link
Edgar Mayorga
Edgar Mayorga 14 days ago
This is the first coming out video I saw on RUvid,
Potato Head
Potato Head 14 days ago
Ingrid, listen honey. When we Stan a queen we’re like pansexuals expect the love, like-like part.. we Stan you! Your awesome!
the_beatlez_girl 14 days ago
I am gay but I don't know how to tell my parents :/
Zelda Mailland
Zelda Mailland 14 days ago
I can relate to your story so much. I wish you the best pretty!
Sky Ffrench
Sky Ffrench 14 days ago
You were the first person I followed on RUvid I'm literally crying
Bel C
Bel C 14 days ago
thank you for sharing your story. you're so inspiring & incredibly well spoken. love you Ingrid!