Electric cars, giant batteries and solar
Tesla Ventilator
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Tesla Crash Lab
8 months ago
Smart Summon
9 months ago
Track Mode
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Tesla 2018
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Sweet Ride
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Tesla in China
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The 8 Keg SUV
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A Clean Future
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Samantha Adventure crew
Friends:how powerful is your gaming setup? Me:it's all electric and is from Elon with a 13 inch touch screen
Samantha Adventure crew
Pls make that a feature I wanna see that happen
Maikel Sauceda
Maikel Sauceda 2 hours ago
Coming soon: Mark II Unveil
Winnie Pukh
Winnie Pukh 3 hours ago
Я один тут Русский ?
BigJT 5 hours ago
Imagine a fucking semi blasting past you on the motor way i would fucking shit myself
brachios squill
brachios squill 5 hours ago
"paige drives a lot we never know where she's going" mhmmmm..... about that...... you might wanna talk to her.....
Puta madre
Puta madre 5 hours ago
If you think he talks weird it’s because he’s thinking of sentences the average human would understand
Hasan Alz
Hasan Alz 5 hours ago
He should hire a person can speak better than him..
STRIKING THUNDER55 6 hours ago
Make it work on Indian roads and then I will buy one for sure.100 % sure
Arata0 6 hours ago
So scary
Infernofelix 19
Infernofelix 19 6 hours ago
wow the future is comming guys!!
Audrey Zoesch
Audrey Zoesch 6 hours ago
Wait what if the battery dies though?!!!!
GalaxyPug_YT 7 hours ago
Driving schools in the future- -Teacher-hey welcome to your first driving lesson -car-we don’t care bout school bitch
TheNoobWith_Mr. Holly blue
Is this for real"?
Gutter 7 hours ago
Sheldon Hull
Sheldon Hull 7 hours ago
Is the main audience consisting of members of the truck industry? If not, it feels weird, like people cheering programming language changes that have no programming experience.
1XP Gaming
1XP Gaming 8 hours ago
who got this recommended??.
aadi patel
aadi patel 9 hours ago
Such an electric truck
Ilija Novak
Ilija Novak 9 hours ago
*Someone says somethig funny* Elon: *human_laugh.mp3*
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz 10 hours ago
*Toyota Prius left the chat*
Shadow_ Works
Shadow_ Works 11 hours ago
This came out a year ago.. When is this gonna be in the market?.. Its not like I can even think of affording this bruv
ralphielaurence 12 hours ago
so religious all sudden
look_at_cubix _
look_at_cubix _ 12 hours ago
Se sei italiano metti like
nasherrii a
nasherrii a 12 hours ago
Elon Mask ❤❤❤❤
Thenglishgamer 13 hours ago
People: "hAvE fUn hAvIng To cHarGe yOur Car eVerY 100 mIles" Tesla: With a range up to 600 km (372 miles)
Jackson Milano Art
Jackson Milano Art 14 hours ago
And then the cop shot the car 82 times
King Fitness22
King Fitness22 14 hours ago
elon and richard branson should get together on a project
King Fitness22
King Fitness22 14 hours ago
don't forget that most trucking companies have a governor on their trucks which limit the top speed to 65 mph on average.
King Fitness22
King Fitness22 14 hours ago
one large windshield wiper that probably cost 5000 bucks
Vova Hordiienko
Vova Hordiienko 15 hours ago
Tesla logo kinda looks like a cat nose
Flynn Cook
Flynn Cook 16 hours ago
she gone fuck with the wooooooo
Ilija Novak
Ilija Novak 16 hours ago
3:38 reference to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, what a legend
FR3NCHFRY JR 16 hours ago
Elon Add a nose to it To make it look nice
Another Google Account
Tesla was the best thing ever to come out of the 2008 subprime crisis.
Genesis Archer Rivera
im okay with selfdriving cars but please.......... dont take the manual driving away its the thrill of driving a car and pls dont make flying cars...
Veronica Tamas
Veronica Tamas 17 hours ago
The mom i am a sucker
jismon jose
jismon jose 19 hours ago
Come to indian cities and tesla will confuse the shit out
Tluqies 19 hours ago
Bitchmade car
Gilligon 08
Gilligon 08 20 hours ago
Elon wearing a suit Elon wearing air jordans as shoes
Andreicarl Fernandez
can you give us tesla for free pls im in pilipins
Kristofer Schirmacher
Other cars: vrooooommmm Tesla roadster: oohhh shit, ohh fuck
jukijunk 22 hours ago
If Steve Jobs were still here, Tesla would be battling against the ICar.
OLDman BOB123
OLDman BOB123 22 hours ago
song at the start?
It doesnt MATTer
It doesnt MATTer 23 hours ago
Im not a hater but why modernized a damn TRUCK!?!?!. ITS A TRUCK! The military didnt even buy them.
Stuttering Cris
Stuttering Cris 23 hours ago
What if you're parked between cars?
MR.DAB_YT Day ago
you should make a tesla RV :like if u agree
F H W Day ago
😆 God I wish that was a thing for our Tesla! Great Video XD
Luke Reds06
Luke Reds06 Day ago
Elon musk is the best, but just rewatching unveiling’s show how much he expects claps and celebrations every time he says something good about the product
Trucker’s Hammock
Hammock for Tesla self driving truck.ruvid.net/show-UCmHMRNnKiyBiQ49M8frVakQ
eric shyaka
eric shyaka Day ago
The crowd is boring
Xp Reflex
Xp Reflex Day ago
Now Tesla is number 1 the most valuable car company in the whole. World
Xp Reflex
Xp Reflex Day ago
Now they are moving to Texas 🤣 good bye CA
racguy1183 Day ago
This would indeed get Indiana Jones to say "Truck? (spits) What Truck?"
zon00b Day ago
yet some idiot on the sidewalk gets a brick and tries to ''save'' the dogs by smashing the car window and everyone thinks they're a hero.
mingyi you
mingyi you Day ago
tesla ill say your car is a lot of money so sorry i will not buy your cars
GG Cartoons
GG Cartoons Day ago
Other car ceo s are more serious but Elon is more laid back
Omar Umar
Omar Umar Day ago
Its drive better than my wife.
Lenny Smith
Lenny Smith Day ago
What a pile of shit, elon mud is an idiot, criminal , and lair!
Boxy Head
Boxy Head Day ago
Elon is like that smart kid who is akward but gives a really good presentation
curt Day ago
I'm hyped asf for Tesla mars buggy
Imagine pulling up to a driving test in this lol that’s an automatic pass 😂
LolzChannel Day ago
Scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7.
ur story
ur story Day ago
Bhai gadi nhi leni chahiye fr agr khud chlani ni h to😂😂😂
Boy wolf ice ICE wolf
Omar Q
Omar Q Day ago
How many truck drivers are going to lose their jobs because of Elon Musk?
Tesla has some funny memes, when I grow up I wanna buy a tesla
Momo 15
Momo 15 Day ago
Who needs this shit? Right nobody!!!
Nicolò Udugampalage
This is my future car
millzi matt
millzi matt Day ago
So im buying a tesla and I want this, does the self driving thing come with the car or not ??
Yahia Sayed
Yahia Sayed 6 hours ago
@millzi matt the autopilot itsnt included. 6000$ or 8000$ for that, Google says.
millzi matt
millzi matt 6 hours ago
@Yahia Sayed So what is represented in the video my model 3 will be able to that without any additional payment. I'm getting the model 3 long range, it isn't clear on the website what's included and what's not.
Yahia Sayed
Yahia Sayed 7 hours ago
Its not made by apple so its not sold separately
N Satheesan
N Satheesan Day ago
Modern problems require modern solutions
Dr. edemar
Dr. edemar Day ago
Tesla queremos elétricos no Brasil por favor
Daniel Patricio
Who"s iron man?
Fourteenth Amendment
Next up... speeding ticket avoidance mode aka OJ Simpson Bronco mode
Rupaom namah shibay Kumari
Is the Elon Musk driving the car
rishabh sagar
Self driving was so smooth that I didn't even hear the audio.
random -B-I
random -B-I 3 hours ago
@FNM_-Rolzy30hzz #Teampointless people who use "to" instead of "too" is two annoying (;
FNM_-Rolzy30hzz #Teampointless
@n o n o n o me to
n o n o n o
n o n o n o 9 hours ago
I can’t tell if your joking
Reddylion Day ago
ekin exists
ekin exists Day ago
If you crash you will destrot the other car
ekin exists
ekin exists Day ago
Read the desk thank me later
Re3less Day ago
In sweden you will end up in prison
Magic Vent
Magic Vent Day ago
Thanks for inspiring me Tesla! I built own myself. What you think of it? magicventilator.com/
delmas ingram
stranger things
huh huh
huh huh Day ago
what if you added wind turbine-like fans for both decor and energy on the Tesla, so not only are you using solar power but also charging it up as you fight against the wind
Simon Rafferty
I love it! Straight out of a SiFi Movie! Can't wait to get mine!
huh huh
huh huh Day ago
20:00: survives a nuclear explosion or you get a full refund Me: *intense thinking*
Erick storm
Erick storm Day ago
Que putas dices?
Giorgos Kiriakakis
Erestester:the car which takes energy from the ground with its wheels
Truth Day ago
it looks so fake it must be real.
jay Jordan
jay Jordan Day ago
I'm such a big fan of teslas
Ambara Kashikar
Tell Elon musk to add a Tesla toy in a special Tesla model x
Silentsneak Day ago
8-BitPixel 2 days ago
If only my Tesla could do that.
Cptn. Viridian
Cptn. Viridian 2 days ago
Free Forever... :/
Brownboy Kush
Brownboy Kush 2 days ago
Yeah but you have to nudge the wheel ever 2 seconds
Morgan Germani
Morgan Germani 2 days ago
I wish I could afford this shit. I’d have SO much extra time to do shit in my life. I’d literally get an extra hour and a half every day to work on other stuff while this thing is driving.
Tesla Cam NZ
Tesla Cam NZ 2 days ago
Should I reserve one?
Mr PUG 15 hours ago
TimeLapseCarGuy Bruno
ruvid.net/video/video-YajsuTDtxp8.html what are your thoughts on Scotty's views on electric cars?
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho 2 days ago
So far all videos of the inside the Semi Truck does not show a sleeper area. No detail on sleeper area and thousands of trucks need this to do their job properly.
Inachu Ikimasho
@Erick storm You tried Jodete already wow.
Erick storm
Erick storm Day ago
Newton PODCAST 2 days ago
Why not make a wireless charger pad, to place on the ground, and you just park on top of?
Onyx 2 days ago
Read the description
Is that a SURPA!
Is that a SURPA! 2 days ago
Oh shi- they live near me Least I got Supra
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 2 days ago
Fuck Tesla