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29 days ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
Destiny Lucas
Hiw the oldest person going the fastes
LayLay n Kali Playhouse World
Can I have the slime please
Tazheer Henderson
Dad and biannca
Kyler Castillo
Damien getting lit up or losing
Aaden Cottrell
Team Damien all day don’t forget that
Tazheer Henderson
One of y'all should do a peeing on the bed prank
ghostrider Day ago
there videos is getting real lame now
Cara Adkerson
Watch when your mouth get on fire
germaine sanchez
Your wastfull
Kymani Hughes
love ❤️ you guys ❤️❤️❤️
Jaylin Castro
done i just subscribed!!!!!!!! andd the bell to
Kimberly Lawson
A 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000/10
Life As Nene
Life As Nene Day ago
damien mood turned upside down on 9:35
Dearly Beloved
And I know someone shaped just like y'all looked with all those shirts on😂 I couldn't stop laughing at the end result!!!
Christina Saali
Bianca def knows what she doin . I know its hard to learn this shit n why didnt von gf not do anything literally
Zechariah Allen
I have a sister who loves frozen
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie Day ago
who else started craving hot chips 😂
Ms. Davis
Ms. Davis Day ago
Outfit 1 is a 100 . Outfit 2 is a 100. Outfit 3 is a 100
Maggie 4 life
Love y'all 😘❤️
Nevaeh Washington
Dad and Bianca
Val Day ago
This was the funniest challenge!! 🤣😂🤣 I never saw this challenge done before.
Indira harvey
"you sweating like crazy man"😂😂😂😂
Chevel Tucker
My bestest
Riyah squad 99
Crystal Lucero
The counter at the bottom is way off, especially for the guy on the left. Made it not as fun in my opinion 😕🤷‍♀️
Memphis Mullin
Cute selfs
Bianca Day ago
Bianca and Damien win
True & zayzay Whitted
Me and my husband wants to do the challenge Damien and Bianca
Serenity Cullins
B and dad won
Lisa Sunde
Lisa Sunde Day ago
Dad & Biannnnnca!💕💕💕💕
Mylee Conrad
Mylee Conrad Day ago
Bianca and damiens dad won bc Damien didn’t have his shirt on all the way his head wasn’t even theough
Christina Saali
Y does von remind me of a ballerina and that instructer is bad
kayla Lanzilli:*
I want a shot out my name is kayla lanzilli
Serenity Cullins
B and dad won
Nevaeh Nevins
I can
Me and You
Me and You Day ago
Team dad now
Cnemekia Brown
the boys
the boys Day ago
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Cuteperson 12
Why he do that to her he is just wrong🤭
Seymour Lewis
Damion and bianca
Rahmona Allen
Bianka and Damiens dad
davine hopkins
davine hopkins
davine hopkins
Tyrone Mclendon
Bianca !!!!!!!
Annalisa découvrir uusuh Francis
Baaaaaaaaaaaica get beter
Debra Destil
Debra Destil Day ago
Dad and Bianca
Yazmin Rahman
Love the challenges but miss the vlogs more!😩
Joseph Marshall
Biannca and Damien they were the winners Indeed congrats u guys I would definitely recommend this a big time challenge I can do it myself too easy
Andrea Elcock
This had me cracking up that race was funny
Bernice Jackson
I love you guys
Bernice Jackson
tutmillztv Day ago
Bianca:extra small Damien jr: medium Damien:large Von:xl
Eat feet
Sania I subscribed Charles
go team Bianca
Jay-Nathaniel Mitchell-Tribble
Is biannca pregnant????😱
red and blue cuz thats my favoraite colers
God Chose Me
God Chose Me Day ago
I love you guys
Eddie Allen
Eddie Allen Day ago
Tynasia Colson
Bianca and Damian dad won
Indira harvey
no offense but does the dad have to be in every video😬💀
Layla Williams
b and your dad
Cristina Evans
Team Bianca all day everyday!!!!!! And Bianca and damion totally WON period!!!😂❤️❤️🅿️💞😝
Evelyn Raya
Evelyn Raya Day ago
Do the bean boozled challenge for the next video
Me and You
Me and You Day ago
Team bianca
Hope Cromley
Hope Cromley Day ago
you need to do a slime and starbuck vid
Jayda Rodriguez
I love naked just never tried that flavor..... Love your vids new to the channel❤️✨❤️✨
Mary Guadalupe
Damien dad won & Biannca wow♥️💙
hxnestly miia
Brittany Smith
Yall had me dieing that was good lol!!
Jazzlin White
Happy Alan times
Marissah Morris
The cheese ball part
Jamar Davis
Jamar Davis Day ago
Those pranks are serious not funny at all no cap dude that's cruel ,very crucial to words the mother of ur children dude
Zianna Harrington
Happy Valentine’s Day Call Kyrie baby nova and do you Dj
tutmillztv Day ago
Morgan Nembhard reacts
Did anyone notice the layer counter at the bottom is way off
Ace Naraiki
Ace Naraiki Day ago
Oh No,Prince Family.
Desserts B4 Dinner Bakery Life
Damien needs to model for you...
junior cowboy
Flex on them haters
Shawntrise Toomer
this was too funny
Dyani Savage
Dyani Savage Day ago
Team damien
Bonita Cheena
I CANT WAIT TILL I BLOW AND ABLE TO COLLAB WITH YALL ONE DAY!!! ❤️ small RUvidr with BIG DREAMS !!! ✨✨✨ hitting 100 k subs this year !!!
Kendra Henry
Kendra Henry Day ago
Christian Henderson
Bianca Green
Bianca Green Day ago
I am glad my name is Bianca because bianca is my idol
Aniyah Barker
MiMi Doll
MiMi Doll Day ago
Whyyy am I just now seeing thissss 😭😭😭💖‼️
Bianca Green
Bianca Green Day ago
It is Bianca and Damien video and they barley did any thing
Chrishel Baby
I would have not been able to do this for sure. I love you guys. Been a subscriber thoo I would love the shout out
Amari Satchell
Team Biannca
Lovely B
Lovely B Day ago
We all know what they did when they said will be right back
Jaydensavannahsariya Pranks
Team biccan
Daleah Dixon
Daleah Dixon Day ago
Biannca and Dad won 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Englyn James
Englyn James Day ago
Comment if u like Damien smile (lildamien)
Ciarra Anderson
yall are crazy bitches
monique edwards
Prince family give me a iPhone 11
DeMonte Carter
I like how your saying cuh and your wearing red
Rose Harris
Rose Harris Day ago
They lieing to ya,ll boy and girl D and B
Boss Hand
Boss Hand Day ago
Lol y’all play too much man 😂🤣🤣
Yahir Loz
Yahir Loz Day ago
Wat IDK wat u r saying 1:48
Angel Henderson
It's team Biancaaaaaaaaa all day everyday and ya'll alr know Damien needs to work on having people switch to his side bc Woman run the world and that's on periodt and if you don't like it, you gon have to deal with it.
Roy Jetton
Roy Jetton Day ago
It was because of the person.