Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix has risen to global stardom in pop as well as electronic circles -and yet he’s far from being done. Dance music’s freshest talent has headlined festivals around the globe, founded a label and mentored other artists and won the #1 spot in DJ Mag’s Top 100 three times. His passion, ambition, drive and maturity remain unmatched in the world.
2 years ago
Abril Seijas
Abril Seijas 2 seconds ago
Noviembre?? 2019?
Rockylol 9 minutes ago
Tbh this song mix is so clean tht now when i listen to other songs all others sound bad
Xochilt Aguirre
Xochilt Aguirre 17 minutes ago
I love you +÷
Miorycr webksk
Miorycr webksk 33 minutes ago
Patrick Parth
Patrick Parth 37 minutes ago
Hi it’s Chris son Patrick remember when we saw each other at Ushuaia
Soulsearcher the Nightwing
Why is this song, like, the perfect song for every freAKING SHIP IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE-
ZomBie Z Mech
ZomBie Z Mech 57 minutes ago
This is The Best music of Martin Garrix Yeah Like
Rubo Garcia
Rubo Garcia Hour ago
Hahahahaha area 21 !! That's amazing lmao
faigy vaysman
faigy vaysman Hour ago
please make more martin garrix
maximunlex Hour ago
Segundo 49 en este video, la ilusión viva de los sueños e inocencia, bravo Martín Garrix!!!!!
Jester Hour ago
da like se voce ta vendo em novembro de 2019
Ed Wood jr
Ed Wood jr Hour ago
This is Amazing!!!
Lali Lu
Lali Lu Hour ago
Piel de gallina quien escucha este temazo 😍😍💎❤❤
Dj Edgar Vasquez
Dj Edgar Vasquez 2 hours ago
Algún dia espero ser como tú, eres un genio Martin, gracias por ser mi inspiración.
BBCTwoFan 2008
BBCTwoFan 2008 2 hours ago
Best part was at 0:00-3:09
Baby wolf
Baby wolf 2 hours ago
0% regueton 100% perfect
Baby wolf
Baby wolf 2 hours ago
Martin x bebe Ship perfect ♥♥♥♥♥ In the Name of love♥
Jovanny Salazar
Jovanny Salazar 2 hours ago
Hoy estara Martín garrix en león gto en festival de globo
Sarah DZ
Sarah DZ 2 hours ago
*November* 2019 💖
Yasid Dávalos
Yasid Dávalos 2 hours ago
Me encanta♥️🥺
chuchu morel
chuchu morel 2 hours ago
Me encantaría conocerlo😍
jonny degnan
jonny degnan 2 hours ago
how did he injure himself
يوسف مومادين
Let's meet after 5 years starting from now 🌚 🎉
Sadiq Dalia
Sadiq Dalia 2 hours ago
Bebe is so iconic, she’s so talented 😍🖤
Yenny Garcia
Yenny Garcia 2 hours ago
Esta va hacer la intro para mi canal 😊i love you Martin garrix ❤️!!!!!
C J 2 hours ago
Take care of yourself. Wishing you speedy recovery.
Slavik Shennikov
Slavik Shennikov 3 hours ago
Charles Brandon Perez
The coolest set of 2019. Good job Martin garrix ➕✖️
Samuel GV
Samuel GV 3 hours ago
I will not be able to go to today's event, I swear that I will go next without fail,I look forward to your next event in León
Bosse Ursem
Bosse Ursem 3 hours ago
Rainbow Gamer
Rainbow Gamer 3 hours ago
Cadê os br em Novembro???
Marlene Guel
Marlene Guel 3 hours ago
¡Ahorita mismo estás en el festival del globo y que ganas de irte a ver pero yo vivo acá en San Luis Potosí, y pues lo único que queda es consolarme con las canciones aquí en ytb y no caer mood: DEPRESSIVE :( !
El Jonathan V
El Jonathan V 4 hours ago
Marcin Szalasz
Marcin Szalasz 4 hours ago
mega mega hit
Hirving Lozano
Hirving Lozano 4 hours ago
16/11/2019 LEON GUANAJUATO FESTIVAL DEL GLOBO 2019 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
MARYA LOPEZ 4 hours ago
algo bien me ase perder la noción del tiempo 😃😂😘😍😗😍😙😚
JgHaverty 4 hours ago
Take care of yourself. 6 months isn't that long dude. Recover now or pay for it with interest later when you're older. Those that grudge you for not performing after surgery aren't real fans anyway. Good time for song writing.
Rebeka Kołodziej
Rebeka Kołodziej 4 hours ago
Martin Garrix ft. Dua Lipa - Scared to be lonely Marty, you made a nice soundtrack to this song! Dua, your voice is cool, that's why I love you (I'm not a lesbian)! You both are one of the bests!
Bishal Chetri
Bishal Chetri 4 hours ago
Love you man ❤️ Hope you recover soon .
ezequiel de la rosa juarez
Le gana a usa
ezequiel de la rosa juarez
México es el mejor país del mundo
Sky 4 hours ago
16.11.2019 ???
Ionela GHEORGHE 5 hours ago
Superba melodia,clipul,versurile! De cate ori o ascult imi dau lacrimile si imi rasuna in cap cuvintele tale,,Vino acasa pasă!"😞Nu înțelegeam cat de tare iti lipseam si cata nevoie aveai de mine..chiar de lipseam o zi..nu stiam ce simti tu..Nimeni nu m-a iubit atat de mult ,iubirea mea frumoasa si unica! Melodia noastra pasi!🤗 Of,of ,cate amintiri si emotii frumoase avem ,ascult aceasta melodie si parca retraiesc totul cu aceeasi intensitate! Te iubesc pasi meu frumos!
Giovanna Campos
Giovanna Campos 5 hours ago
Mano essa música é maravilhosa e a pessoa q me mandou é mais ainda
Dainelys Elias
Dainelys Elias 5 hours ago
Amo está canción .😍😘
virendra oxide
virendra oxide 5 hours ago
Listing after drinking so nice
NAME ! 6 hours ago
shanik yaret may hernandez
Nicole Hurtado
Nicole Hurtado 6 hours ago
hello martin good
Cristian Flores
Cristian Flores 6 hours ago
Fucking love this guy ❤🇸🇻🙌
M Toegersen
M Toegersen 6 hours ago
My girlfriend legitimately thought I was high after listening to this in the car for 1.5 hours straight, and I mean straight.
Cayetano Lerma
Cayetano Lerma 6 hours ago
Alguien español por fa like si eres de león 😎😎😎😎 puro barrio
eric mendez
eric mendez 6 hours ago
Buena canción
Aisha Corrales
Aisha Corrales 6 hours ago
No la puedo dejar de escuchar,like si estas así
Alex6 Nicolet
Alex6 Nicolet 6 hours ago
Now i see differently "Used To Love ". I like it much better than before.
SpiriXFan 7 hours ago
Wenn du dir den Song anhörst ohne jemals eine Freundin gehabt zu haben KEINE SCHWÄCHE ZEIGEN
Rosa Maria Toxtle
Rosa Maria Toxtle 7 hours ago
Félix Tichadou Munkhammar
What's happening with Dean's voice @1.46???
jennifer amaro
jennifer amaro 7 hours ago
Lilla Grisen
Lilla Grisen 7 hours ago
I don't know how to love someone else ...I don't know how to forget your face...😭😢😭😭
Sam Kovacova
Sam Kovacova 7 hours ago
15:30 as bayrakları 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Kieran Klaassen
Kieran Klaassen 7 hours ago
maaz khan
maaz khan 8 hours ago
Model name?
Zafar Mehmood
Zafar Mehmood 8 hours ago
Still fav ❤️
# SORRYBRO 8 hours ago
jared perez
jared perez 8 hours ago
like si eres de los afortunados que ira al festival del globo en leon GTO
Галина Эсова
Галина Эсова
Галина Эсова
Галина Эсова
Обожаю эту песьню
Mukesh makkar
Mukesh makkar 9 hours ago
Get well soon martin garrix
Diego Zambrano
Diego Zambrano 9 hours ago
Like si lo esperas en el festival de el globo
Unsurger 9 hours ago
En kom nu met mij in de studio! "Dag 1"
Ali BC
Ali BC 9 hours ago
Lailah Mushthofa
Lailah Mushthofa 9 hours ago
lovemysw 9 hours ago
i love this song!!!!
Striker Mimi
Striker Mimi 9 hours ago
That guy reminds me of a younger Charlie Sheen for some reason, but Sheen never refuses any girls in his life xD
Federico Villalba
Federico Villalba 9 hours ago
Martin Garrix troye sivan song similar
Vilalto Koso
Vilalto Koso 9 hours ago
We cant go back to the way we used to love 💔😭💔😭💔😭
Nathalie Mendoza
Nathalie Mendoza 9 hours ago
Renata Marcondes soares
sam hain
sam hain 10 hours ago
Galaxy A10s
Galaxy A10s 10 hours ago
16/11/19 Just to remember i was here😭
Chau Tran Hotel
Chau Tran Hotel 10 hours ago
cant stop listening to it
Dodo Lipet
Dodo Lipet 10 hours ago
This song won't be much perfect without Khalid
Narumon Semkam
Narumon Semkam 10 hours ago
Adrian NT
Adrian NT 11 hours ago
que chucha te va a hacer caso la flaca oh mongol :v
Indah Fatyka
Indah Fatyka 11 hours ago
Sasidhar G
Sasidhar G 11 hours ago
Ocean love ➕✖️❤️
Aifred Aloysius
Aifred Aloysius 11 hours ago
Bradley cooper
João Silva
João Silva 11 hours ago
o meu degejo era estar com ele o Martin Garrix
João Silva
João Silva 11 hours ago
E o meu dj favorito esta no meu coração
DJ Ceddy
DJ Ceddy 11 hours ago
Sorry to hear what happened to you DJ Marty, but your choice was a great one to have the op. You listened to your doctor. Its a good excuse to have a good break now. I broke my left arm about 2 years ago as well. Also my first operation in a lifetime, but I still have a metal plate in my arm. I feel like a real Wolverine some days or nights!! Did you have to have metal plate too in your ankle? But yep, making music in a hospital bed or not, is the best remedy to sad times. And remember, we dont want you to go down the same road as our epic dance brother Tim. Its not the end of the world yet :) Today, the sun comes down and tomorrow the sun comes up. You want to see more of those sunsets and sunrises ;)
TS*JaKe* 11 hours ago
1.4m (like) they know the felling 29k ( disliked) they are ?? In 2019 lovers??
João Silva
João Silva 11 hours ago
Sou de Portugal mas gosto das musicas do Martin Garrix
Alejandro Alivar Villamagua Rey
Mi dj favorito .....la mejor musica electronica..
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 11 hours ago
Clem Bert
Clem Bert 11 hours ago
Leggo Your Eggo
Leggo Your Eggo 11 hours ago
I tought she fell for the towel boy but ok