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Angelyssa Gutierrez
Niklas Lindsay
Niklas Lindsay 6 hours ago
Nice video
Arlene Martínez
Arlene Martínez 6 hours ago
Done I love ur vids I have never missed one🙂🙂
becky Crippen
becky Crippen 6 hours ago
You can subscribe and hit the like button at the same time
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Iwumezie Mary jane 6 hours ago
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Lauren Soine 6 hours ago
Omg I just tried liking and subscribing it’s possible 😂😂😂 done ✅
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Anil Kumar 6 hours ago
Oof I liked but I had to unsubscribe cause you said to do that the same time but I was already subscriber so But I subscribed back 😊😊😊🙂
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Sultan Yaskiran
Sultan Yaskiran 6 hours ago
Done, and love your vids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Berlin Mutapcic
Berlin Mutapcic 6 hours ago
Who’s watching during Quarantine! 🤔🤗😧😫😩😔
Evy Wedmore
Evy Wedmore 6 hours ago
Drew Carson
Drew Carson 6 hours ago
Molly Olson
Molly Olson 6 hours ago
For me it is not because I am already subscribed
Brad Kitchen
Brad Kitchen 6 hours ago
If Brent was your triplet his name would be Alec
Jonathan Ambrose
Jonathan Ambrose 6 hours ago
I am uor bogus fan
Samiya Khurana
Samiya Khurana 6 hours ago
And done I love you video and thank you Brent not tef 😂
Felicia Lopez
Felicia Lopez 6 hours ago
Will wanka Brent is soo funny
Damaris Villamarin
Damaris Villamarin 6 hours ago
Erika Sianez
Erika Sianez 6 hours ago
Lexi won
Marn Saeteurn
Marn Saeteurn 6 hours ago
Jonathan Ambrose
Jonathan Ambrose 6 hours ago
Hang in there baby
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Valerie Jones 6 hours ago
Done ❤️
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Khalil Nasir 6 hours ago
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Jazlynn Rodriguez 6 hours ago
It is possible
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Sony Lyngdoh 6 hours ago
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Done ✅
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Yes it is
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Done!! Love your videos brent!! ❤️❤️❤️
Bryce Craig
Bryce Craig 6 hours ago
PN - 06GA - Ross Drive PS (1419)
Shadow keeper 1 Ty
Shadow keeper 1 Ty 6 hours ago
Done and what’s your favorite video game
ichynell morrison
ichynell morrison 6 hours ago
She switched team😂😂😬
May mays adventures
Please let Lexie have a boyfriend like Ben don’t hate him
Mason Belmore
Mason Belmore 6 hours ago
my little sister always steals my friends
Julianna Manley 2025
Awsome Asia
Awsome Asia 6 hours ago
Everyone in the comments are like Peirson: There is no such thing as a boy and girl that are best friend The reason why she said that is because once they were best friend now there boyfriend and girlfriend
Natalie Medina
Natalie Medina 6 hours ago
Done!! I love u please a shoutout💕
lamp the entertainer
I was literally cringing so hard during this. Stopped the vid million times 😅😨
Roman_Empire ZXZ
Roman_Empire ZXZ 6 hours ago
Ajshioughn Cooke
Ajshioughn Cooke 6 hours ago
Done I subscribe like and turn on notifications ❤
Mark Guyton
Mark Guyton 6 hours ago
The fact that Jeremy has a lot of tik tok crushes
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Emma Sofiecz 6 hours ago
Pls look my tik tok 🥺🥺🥺 emmasofie26 pls
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Yes it is
Liam Harms
Liam Harms 6 hours ago
Junior Joseph
Junior Joseph 6 hours ago
Crispin Cruz
Crispin Cruz 6 hours ago
Jorja Hill
Jorja Hill 6 hours ago
I loved it when Lexi told the guys mason was gonna help her it was so funny!
Junior Joseph
Junior Joseph 6 hours ago
It's not totally Abigail Joseph I love you so much
Maxd 1163
Maxd 1163 6 hours ago
It is plssible
anusha azam
anusha azam 6 hours ago
Love you guys so much💓 done notifications are on
Junior Joseph
Junior Joseph 6 hours ago
I want Jeremy to date your sister
Emma sofie Føleide
I am a kid
Laura Sandoval
Laura Sandoval 6 hours ago
Brent can you do a shout out
Arvin Monfaredi
Arvin Monfaredi 6 hours ago
Done. time17 lol
November Queen
November Queen 6 hours ago
Norjha Mitchell
Norjha Mitchell 6 hours ago
Did you see lexi's face when she saw Taylor Swift I liked and subscribed I love your intro and outro
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IsraelPlayz Pro
IsraelPlayz Pro 6 hours ago
done i love your vids
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Kayley Camilleri 6 hours ago
Done i love your vids and your friends vids
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Done! Love u ❤
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Alondra Luviano 6 hours ago
Vireen Brooks
Vireen Brooks 6 hours ago
Yes u can do it the same time
Rachel Ho
Rachel Ho 6 hours ago
What do u know Ellie copy chali dameilo
Sheel Prakhar
Sheel Prakhar 6 hours ago
You spent 130 dollars on snacks so....... How is it cheap???
Rebecca Murray
Rebecca Murray 6 hours ago
de Sue gwal
de Sue gwal 6 hours ago
How did he do dat "Andy" am also confused n shocked...
Emma Sofiecz
Emma Sofiecz 6 hours ago
Omgg best song 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
Brindyn Priddy
Brindyn Priddy 7 hours ago
Done, loved the video
Aubree Hamlen
Aubree Hamlen 7 hours ago
Hello the dog is to cute🥺🥺
Beth Anne van Voorhis
Done ✅ (This is probably your best video!)
MYG_ Melted41
MYG_ Melted41 7 hours ago
I thought Lexi was gonna pull out a shotgun on dem clowns 😂
Malaq luck
Malaq luck 7 hours ago
Andy is too scary if I see I see him I'm gonna freak out nice video and Pierson you really performed it well
ahanti patowary
ahanti patowary 7 hours ago
Savannah Fryhoff
Savannah Fryhoff 7 hours ago
RekZ TerexZ
RekZ TerexZ 7 hours ago
I wish it was still Christmas 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Maria Inês Barreira
Midnight Gamer
Midnight Gamer 7 hours ago
omg I did it
Jhnana Souza
Jhnana Souza 7 hours ago
You stink
Tracy Pariat
Tracy Pariat 7 hours ago
Olivia Peneyra
Olivia Peneyra 7 hours ago
Damn no one's talking about how ripped mason is?? Like the others are strong but dayuuummmm mason.
Marshmallow Kidd
Marshmallow Kidd 7 hours ago
gacha _tae tae cookie
•BananaQueen• 7 hours ago
Done I’ve watched your videos for a long time and they are so funny.Can I have a shoutout please?
Cassidy Karsten
Cassidy Karsten 7 hours ago
I love Brent ...you should do a date video which Mason ✌️✌️✌️✌️
Zeeshan Amin
Zeeshan Amin 7 hours ago
Brent ur luckythat you get to meet him.
saneem s
saneem s 7 hours ago
Who ships brieson
Phazing Gamer
Phazing Gamer 7 hours ago
Alduaij GOAT
Alduaij GOAT 7 hours ago
Why was pierson's impression of brent better than brent himself?
Tala Farah
Tala Farah 7 hours ago
I’m a kearatay master 🤣
Killer Beast 44
Killer Beast 44 7 hours ago
Lexi :😮 this is mine!! Lexi’s head: OMG he is the best Me: Lexi !!! No not for you
Belly Boom Boom
Belly Boom Boom 7 hours ago
Omg hi huge fan