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Ice Cream Man
2 months ago
Full Force
Year ago
3 years ago
4 years ago
JessTheMess 4 hours ago
cranial contusion. cringe
Isshiki _
Isshiki _ 4 hours ago
Titius Bode
Titius Bode 4 hours ago
kimstar is the charlie zelonoff of yboob
Dustin Allen
Dustin Allen 5 hours ago
sisqo and eeber lmao what a moron
gold touch
gold touch 5 hours ago
This is a year old?
Nancy Burton
Nancy Burton 5 hours ago
You 2 do you, who cares about what you do with your body's there retarded to think they have a say in any of it.
Nancy Burton
Nancy Burton 5 hours ago
420k like rt here wooooohoooo
Chefweave 5 hours ago
Yooo i just had to do this for college lmao
Crash Webb
Crash Webb 5 hours ago
Just adding to that point at the end. Joseph Stalin could have publicly stated that he was against racism. That does not make him a good person. The same applies to this
MachfifftySixx 5 hours ago
virus_roshi 6 hours ago
i love how idubbz dosent give a shit
N O 6 hours ago
I just don’t understand the appeal, this is extremely boring
Random Outsider
Random Outsider 6 hours ago
remember when people were mad at idubbz for existing?
Br Mo
Br Mo 6 hours ago
What is the thing in the back of his house? Was this dude filming MXC..?
get off of my acount
anyone here in 2020?
Justus Conroy
Justus Conroy 6 hours ago
Why was this drama, I don’t get the problem with him letting his gf post nudes on a site for money
Masaharu Morimoto
Masaharu Morimoto 5 hours ago
Because he spent a lot of time dunking on basic people, It's kinda like if you found out the Priest at your church is a drunk.
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 6 hours ago
7:48 pure drama
I am Shampoo
I am Shampoo 6 hours ago
When come back pink guy?
Rikky Donnelly
Rikky Donnelly 7 hours ago
why is his pee so light?
DR DANKNESS 7 hours ago
Luca Rosato
Luca Rosato 7 hours ago
I work at a Shopper's Drug Mart, and whenever a customer's total comes to an even amount, most of the time they say "I need to buy a lottery ticket now" 😕
Jrezky 7 hours ago
I wonder if anyone who bought one of these has felt it gone off yet. I hope it never does.
Nugsutuksis 7 hours ago
hey, thats pretty magical lmao
Gordichini Alfredo
Gordichini Alfredo 7 hours ago
Cristina zamfir
Cristina zamfir 7 hours ago
Why Truman is ranked so low?
StrykerHero 7 hours ago
Who thinks there should be a content cop on fouseytube??
kinggorillaYT _
kinggorillaYT _ 7 hours ago
Make more content cop
grey's death
grey's death 7 hours ago
beajak 7 hours ago
the intro is and forever will be the best intro in youtube history
Dave 3rdEyeart Wood
Women are the ones who buy their own lingerie...they made them lacey in the first place! No guys give a crap What underwear you have on.
Rodrigo García
Rodrigo García 7 hours ago
This is the equivalent of dressing up as a furry, filming videos for years, and then taking off your fursuit and saying "Fuck furries, they're degenerates!" -Andrei Terbea
Bruno R Fontana
Bruno R Fontana 7 hours ago
1:52 anyone know the song in the background?
pyroco101 7 hours ago
If Joaquin Phoenix came out and said this guy was his main inspiration for Joker, I'd believe it.
Heath Arnholt
Heath Arnholt 8 hours ago
All content cops are masterpieces they are an art form
felony man
felony man 8 hours ago
why are 124k people dumb
JustStalkerThings En
Well this is content too i guess
Tyler Bivins9
Tyler Bivins9 8 hours ago
Why'd you just spray painting it you just hear a echo that says here kitty kitty kitty keemstar
O Al-Mousa
O Al-Mousa 8 hours ago
So glad the channel is dying you S.I.M.P
Tomash Głowacki
Tomash Głowacki 8 hours ago
Anybody else see Charlie Manson looking at Robert?? Fuck... he’s so Charles Manson
O Al-Mousa
O Al-Mousa 8 hours ago
I'm glad your channel is dying you S.I.M.P And I hope she leave you after being broke af
Tyhmä Pää
Tyhmä Pää 9 hours ago
Can somebody tell me what is the outro song??
O Al-Mousa
O Al-Mousa 9 hours ago
Fiks Anzo™
Fiks Anzo™ 9 hours ago
Idubbbz's content sure made a turn once his therapist changed the prescription. I certainly see some progress.
millio miller
millio miller 9 hours ago
2:13 finally found it
Jake Apple Shomolomadingdong
Dominick Ruiz
Dominick Ruiz 9 hours ago
Imagine being that guy and seeing two dudes carrieng crow bars and walking on the side of a school
Lazor Wulf
Lazor Wulf 9 hours ago
he sounds like Herbert the pervert at the end 😂
Muhammad Zaid Muckba
Came here after watching dank rishu. ( Indian idubbz)
Memes. Many Such Cases!
wonder if dax was impressed meeting a real life simp
StressConsumer 10 hours ago
U can tell he behaves different in this vid
Walters step sister
Walters step sister 10 hours ago
*✨Content cop is the earlier version of cancell culture✨*
NoPaynee 10 hours ago
Please make more documentaries
Taiga's Tunes
Taiga's Tunes 10 hours ago
i think you can create a decent music video/song about domestic violence but it's done very poorly. because it fails to understand...pretty much everything about domestic violence. and the tone is all wrong for a song like this too. which is why it gives a parody feel more than anything.
Rugrat_ Juan
Rugrat_ Juan 10 hours ago
Y'all really don't care for him saying the n word wtf is wrong with y'all
enzo 10 hours ago
you didnt even care to watch the video? you fucking idiot
TheAntiOrder PSN
TheAntiOrder PSN 10 hours ago
Fuck she’s so dumb, this is like the 4th I’ve watched this before but holy fuck she makes me wanna break both my legs and kill my self
Chris Cavuoto
Chris Cavuoto 10 hours ago
Goes from shitting on terrible people with a popular following to digging into the live's of the misunderstood
Tyes world
Tyes world 10 hours ago
This needs to be a Netflix original
Silas Burbank
Silas Burbank 10 hours ago
"Thanks for turning into Smoothie Madness. Next week we hope to see you next week."
Till All Are Fun
Till All Are Fun 11 hours ago
Are those actual words
Lani Cat
Lani Cat 11 hours ago
bruh there was a 5 dollar bill... you passed up on that?
Bruh Laser
Bruh Laser 11 hours ago
I liked the design for the swastika but now I sadly cant use it because of hitler
Your mum Is a fat bitch
Watching this 4 years ago was hilarious and cool. But nowadays it’s just depressing and scary
Karl Liebknecht
Karl Liebknecht 11 hours ago
It is funny precisely because it's not a parody.
PeloThePup 11 hours ago
Wasn’t it around this time idubbz was actually funny
Meme 11 hours ago
Whats that song at 8:55 and 13:00
skeater skeee
skeater skeee 12 hours ago
This man just watched too much air gear lmao
sofia volpi
sofia volpi 12 hours ago
the disstrack at the end still gives me chills
PotheadPig 12 hours ago
it does not feel like it’s been 3 years
Jeffwey 12 hours ago
POV watching during zoom
Jagger Plasters
Jagger Plasters 12 hours ago
He Is smarter than most
Kobe Jan Vicente
Kobe Jan Vicente 13 hours ago
Joey Delgado could've used that Captain America Funko Pop...
Fleafy 13 hours ago
8:05 song?
Raj 13 hours ago
me not even 1 minute into the video: SO DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT HAVE LE CANCER also I know I'm 5 years too late to this
Jeffwey 13 hours ago
I’m late but my favorite is a ps4 :)
Atte Gröhn
Atte Gröhn 13 hours ago
is idubbbz dead?
Craig Donnelly
Craig Donnelly 13 hours ago
I don't think Robert is any kind of "Pathy" but what he is, is a grown man with severe ASD Who's parent didn't know what it was, so instead of guiding they spoiled him and the problem was what he became because of that.
Heavy10mm _
Heavy10mm _ 13 hours ago
Ah, back when RUvid was free...
William Rouse
William Rouse 13 hours ago
who's here from 2020
flesh blob
flesh blob 13 hours ago
Idubbbz is the best youtuber change my mind.
Hachi Riko
Hachi Riko 13 hours ago
this is like the opposite of chris chan