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Jeremiah Goff
Jeremiah Goff 4 hours ago
max heath
max heath 4 hours ago
How do you eat this much
Trawpical Chica
Trawpical Chica 4 hours ago
The best one has to be the original glazed.. calling it now
Wendy Gutierrez
Wendy Gutierrez 4 hours ago
I think we need a rule that Link always votes first because sometimes I think he goes lower to compensate for Rhett's higher score so he can get what he wants.
Kyle 4 hours ago
Whoever thought giving Link a 0-100 scale, wasn’t thinking. His ranking process makes absolutely no sense lol.
megan !
megan ! 4 hours ago
stevie is actually so sweet
WeWeng 4 hours ago
7:14 "theres an emptiness I'm feeling inside...." Yeah I feel u
Coolio Star Stache
Coolio Star Stache 4 hours ago
This was surprisingly boomer
Jennifer Watt
Jennifer Watt 4 hours ago
Rhett looks damn good 👌
saraheerie 4 hours ago
Glazed chocolate cake is obviously the best.
Curtis Eisemann
Curtis Eisemann 4 hours ago
Agustín Rodriguez
Agustín Rodriguez 4 hours ago
When Link deepthroated that chocolate bar uuu chile I- 💀
Katayah lane
Katayah lane 4 hours ago
michigan didnt make it lol
Xzaram 4 hours ago
Alternate title: “Rhett and Link taste donuts while saying random numbers”
Defiant XPinguin
Defiant XPinguin 4 hours ago
Rhett looks better with his hair down and not that tiny “bun”
Zach Connolly
Zach Connolly 4 hours ago
The words “Panama City Beach” gave me PTSD
FOTO Productions
FOTO Productions 4 hours ago
There’s just something about your videos that helps my anxiety . I have panic attacks often but I just lay in bed and watch these and I calm down
Marshal Fischer
Marshal Fischer 4 hours ago
I respect Links scoring system more than Rhetts. He tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to give a low score to something he dislikes.
Jesse Rinzel
Jesse Rinzel 4 hours ago
btw oct 11 is my birthday.
CallOfPundy1192 4 hours ago
*that moment when link eats salsa that consists of raw tomatoes without vomiting*
David Garcia
David Garcia 4 hours ago
I didn't even know Krispy Kreme had other flavors. I always thought the original was good enough to support the whole company.
Jessie Bullock
Jessie Bullock 4 hours ago
No surprise that original glazed wins. It's the only good thing from KK (which is scarily close to having 3 of those K's)...
Jude Franco
Jude Franco 4 hours ago
Pfttt I do this every time I go there 🤣
Vee 4 hours ago
5:25 Lmao I thought he was chugging down some salt
Shadewe 4 hours ago
Not a big fan of Krispy Kreme. They have a too much to dough and sugar ratio. that would be too much sugar. The best donut place is in Lakewood, Wa. The Original House of Donuts.
Anna Simpson
Anna Simpson 4 hours ago
The best donuts for me are the raspberry jam ones covered in sugar (granulated). Which they didn’t have here.....strange but there’s only 1 Krispy Kreme here (Ireland) so usually get these in the supermarket and they are usually really fresh and warm! Yum!
•N X M J O O N•
1:20 wow link actually liked a food :0
RadicalDan4 4 hours ago
Now that things have cooled down, how many people are you in the studio with??
Roukaa98 4 hours ago
Stevie is hella cute
Chase Gregory
Chase Gregory 4 hours ago
They need to experience Bill's Donuts from Centerville, Ohio
Brandon Pearce
Brandon Pearce 4 hours ago
Link is being stingy with his bites, how can he get to any of the fillings and give it a proper score?
landon06 4 hours ago
"i just had to calibrate-" 10:06
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 4 hours ago
Custard and raspberry would be a great idea. Good TOP 3 choice. :)
Jesse Rinzel
Jesse Rinzel 4 hours ago
the peice the cellist played was super basic
ZABUMASTER 4 hours ago
I knew these two were raging soy boys.
carniveron 4 hours ago
Their top 4 is also my top 4. The classic and the core chocolates, definitely their best.
Long Beach Comedy
Long Beach Comedy 4 hours ago
What the heck Rhett, a Man Bun??
Jordan Callaghan
Jordan Callaghan 4 hours ago
Only Link could give a donut a 2/10
Brayden 4 hours ago
Rhetts elbows are weird
Mariah Pleake
Mariah Pleake 4 hours ago
My top 3 favorites are the same as theirs! My other favorite is the raspberry filled!
Michael M
Michael M 4 hours ago
You picked my top 3 in order as well. Nice job
Alijah Perez
Alijah Perez 4 hours ago
10:06 😂
Bernardo Garcia
Bernardo Garcia 4 hours ago
Thats disrespectful , cake donuts are better than regular donuts
Morgan Halls
Morgan Halls 4 hours ago
if its not from Tim Hortons its not a Boston Cream i'm just saying
Crazy Bridget
Crazy Bridget 4 hours ago
i knew before i watched that there would be lots of “i don’t like...” from link
Katelyn Maness
Katelyn Maness 4 hours ago
Raspberry or lemon filled are my absolute favorites
Jon Williams
Jon Williams 4 hours ago
all maple donuts deserve a score of 200
Sean Tanski
Sean Tanski 4 hours ago
Custard is nowhere NEAR cream filled
Blixzard202 4 hours ago
Link just bothers me wit his ratings now
karizm edm gaming
karizm edm gaming 4 hours ago
Rhett is look so cool like aqua man
MandyMonett 4 hours ago
HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO CAKE BATTER?? Thats my favorite one!!
calvin mattoo
calvin mattoo 4 hours ago
wait thats all the flavours you have, krispy kreme UK for the win, we even got peanut butter
Ricardo Mendez
Ricardo Mendez 4 hours ago
12:18 nope
Crystal Rose
Crystal Rose 4 hours ago
man, i love maple bars
Cody Brown
Cody Brown 4 hours ago
There's something so compelling about the way Rhett enjoys food.
Jeremy Grier
Jeremy Grier 4 hours ago
Me: In training and on a strict diet *watches video* cravings: *”sup bud”*
King Show
King Show 4 hours ago
Jana B.
Jana B. 4 hours ago
Oooh, I like the Cotton Candy Randy shirt!
LocalMess AtYourDoorstep
Use this comment to appreciate how gosh darn it adorable Rhett's bunny was
Derek 4 hours ago
no old fashioned?
Hari Sharma
Hari Sharma 4 hours ago
“ There’s an emptiness that I’m feeling inside”... I feel ya bruh. 🦦
Hannah, Just Hannah
This needs a round 2, with Zax's sauce, Braums Sauce, and Whataburger gravy
Chris Grimes
Chris Grimes 4 hours ago
Rhett bit every doughnut in half with one bite how is he still alive 😂😂😂😂
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions 4 hours ago
How dare you do Cheesecake Factory like this
Clarissa 4 hours ago
Glazed chocolate cake donut is impossible to find
Caden Dye
Caden Dye 4 hours ago
Uhh, link? 10:06
Magma Fang
Magma Fang 4 hours ago
Tough I've already done it
Bethany Duber
Bethany Duber 4 hours ago
I love that Link said "Sprinkles are the food of glitter." And nobody corrected him. Lol
Jess Lyn
Jess Lyn 4 hours ago
14:20 did i miss when the heck link put that in his milk
Jess Lyn
Jess Lyn 4 hours ago
he talked about it before but he said he couldn’t dip it and all the sudden there was a donut in there LOL
Marigen Beltran
Marigen Beltran 4 hours ago
Just curious, Why are staff feeding them the donuts? I thought that was done before because they couldn't touch them when they needed to guess....
TheGreatBillyMays 4 hours ago
lordsyphil 4 hours ago
There wasnt any peanutbutter link.
Lonely Friends.
Lonely Friends. 4 hours ago
New haven pizza doesn’t look like that. I should know I live here.
Madison Vance
Madison Vance 4 hours ago
Sprinkles are the food of glitter according to link
itssLivvy 4 hours ago
Am I the only one who thought the rice kinda looked like feta? 😂
Kryštof 4 hours ago
I like how it immediatly turned into hating donuts
AnaxErik4ever 4 hours ago
Nom nom nom, I can't remember the last time I had a doughnut. And Rhett and Link are trying EVERY core flavor of Krispy Kreme doughnuts today... a bit envious, I won't deny.
Hayden Bright
Hayden Bright 4 hours ago
link got that glizzy gobbler
Sam Simons
Sam Simons 4 hours ago
Next round is sugar and cinnamon donuts That’s just a bagel with sugar on it 😂
Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis 4 hours ago
Chocolate cake glazed would be 2 you didn’t have a blueberry cake glazed donuts which are by far the best cake donut ever for 1 and the original glaze would be third
CJDGoof Cook
CJDGoof Cook 4 hours ago
Hey, I’m not disagreeing, if I ever see you, I’ll have some glazed donuts
SucculentMike 4 hours ago
the chipotle one is just a mollete with syrup
Eric Gross
Eric Gross 4 hours ago
"Don't forget, things are better with holes" needs to be on a t-shirt.
Danielle Kaup
Danielle Kaup 4 hours ago
2020 is wierd but this always cheers me up KEEP IT UP YALL
Kid Tye
Kid Tye 4 hours ago
Why are they being handfed bro
Eric Madill
Eric Madill 4 hours ago
These are their best types of videos. So ducking funny
Owen Barth
Owen Barth 4 hours ago
I can’t stand links eating
Nikki M
Nikki M 4 hours ago
Minis the onion, PB and J with cheese yummm
- Fetch -
- Fetch - 4 hours ago
My favorite part of these is Rhett trying not to get upset over Link's weird scoring system.
Mike Easton
Mike Easton 4 hours ago
Link's brain🤦‍♂️
Peyton 4 hours ago
Link's scores are so nonsensical lmao
Marie-louise Hansen
sugar shock hit link hard.
Allison in youtubeland
All doughnuts are just nasty 🤢
MAN 4 hours ago
Kaia H
Kaia H 4 hours ago
Why did they put the maple bar and chocolate bar in with the filled doughnuts??
Zayne Arbogast
Zayne Arbogast 4 hours ago
Please tell me why I’m in Panama City on vacay and link has to bring that up for a random fact
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 4 hours ago
6:41 7:12 7:31 (57+10=69?) 8:37 9:25 9:39 10:06 10:49 13:06 ...you boys have anything you want to confess?