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INcogNiTo 13 hours ago
Me? I'm just passing through.
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin 13 hours ago
0:48 Best PG 13 movie Ever.
Bonnie Breton
Bonnie Breton 13 hours ago
That thing is so ugly I would not be his friend
George Horner
George Horner 13 hours ago
Anas K
Anas K 13 hours ago
007coleyfoley 13 hours ago
palex starks
palex starks 13 hours ago
Just watched this again today. It seems to hold up pretty well. Sorta forgot Josh Brolin and Charles Dutton were in this, decent cast and good special effects.
Siyaknimacmac2 13 hours ago
0:33 Jeez! I have a headset on and then BAM the loudest scream arrived
dugg dimidome
dugg dimidome 13 hours ago
This scene was so tense
Christian Zimm
Christian Zimm 13 hours ago
I think Halloween II is my favorite sequel in the franchise <3 even though they pumped up the gore, it's the only one I feel captured the same overall feel and atmosphere as the original, and is a pretty believable continuation from where we left off. Mainly because it has that same, dragged-out "waiting for something to happen" suspension and intensity throughout the movie. The newer sequels have always felt too fast paced and complex in the writing in comparison to the original, whereas Halloween II is very simple and slow building, relying only on atmosphere, alot like the original <3 It's like if Halloween and Halloween II was edited as one movie, it would be seamless.
Chris Kayman
Chris Kayman 13 hours ago
I always thought Barnes May have been a Korean War veteran. Joined at 18 in 1951 to serve his country, and here in Vietnam, in this scene it’s 1968, so he would be 35...just a guess.
Romeo Ho
Romeo Ho 13 hours ago
Allen Bonus
Allen Bonus 13 hours ago
Best line ever.. This is brasil ! 💪😬
xPurplesimx 13 hours ago
I loved this scene so much, I disliked this movie but this scene touched me, I know it was in the book too and it touched me more, it's beautiful tbh ❤️
Roderick Lee
Roderick Lee 13 hours ago
he says this used to be a nice part of town. That location is on the corner of St Mary and Sophie wright and is a good part of town for the most part. At that time about a third of a mile away was the st thomas housing projects, not a very nice part of town, but those housing projects were tore down after hurricane katrina and most of the bad element left, although there is still some shootings and such right there and Will smith, the football player was shot and killed one block down the street in 2017.
Ben Lim
Ben Lim 13 hours ago
This is exactly what satanist do. Kill and sacrifice animals and babies for demonic rituals. This stuff is very real. May you seek and believe in the lord Jesus Christ
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan 13 hours ago
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Vinny Tartz
Vinny Tartz 13 hours ago
Vr is not for fhones I think
KrispyKris 13 hours ago
Ronny is that annoying little brother than complains why he has no gifts for christmas.
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan 13 hours ago
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Wei Ken
Wei Ken 13 hours ago
0:41 Oh wow! This man is Handsome! He just cut the shark into two peace!
YourNatureBoy27 13 hours ago
Kate Blanchette is such a great actress
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson 13 hours ago
now i think nick jonas is cool. wtf 2020
Rizky Arifin
Rizky Arifin 13 hours ago
Tanooki Boy
Tanooki Boy 13 hours ago
Man that guy really needed to get a head in life
Alexfreakin McIntyre
Mop head
Mop head 13 hours ago
I hope there aren't people like these living.
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan 13 hours ago
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Chris Kayman
Chris Kayman 13 hours ago
And a couple years later, they both played for the cleaveland Indians
Marco Verduzco
Marco Verduzco 13 hours ago
"We are venom"
JPZ16974 13 hours ago
The stare Jesus gave to the soldier was filled with authority yet overflowing with love, it was incomprehensible for the soldier. Brilliant acting!
Miles Allison
Miles Allison 13 hours ago
The Matrix is breaking down.
Nicole Truran
Nicole Truran 13 hours ago
Hill come back
DARVIS DONES 13 hours ago
0:19 they really thought that was blood 🩸
Alex Schmidt
Alex Schmidt 13 hours ago
1:52 300 Ping
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 13 hours ago
"Don't call me a coward"
TheGuitarded1 13 hours ago
Baby Yoda: "Haha, yes. Die Trash."
Jeremy Bennett
Jeremy Bennett 13 hours ago
TK 4174
TK 4174 13 hours ago
Ray mak where you at?
Marc GUNARSO 13 hours ago
RuN! It’S a StAmPeDe!
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan 13 hours ago
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Aidan Atkinson
Aidan Atkinson 13 hours ago
lmao the dude brushed off a 12 gauge like nothin, at the same time though we do know that bruce willis is like indestructible so the idea of a gun not having the same affect on another person is possible
TheSixteen60 13 hours ago
I guess that wafer thin had a lot of carbonation and the waiter didnt know but still was gonna hide
Edu Aguayo
Edu Aguayo 13 hours ago
Like when you meet the dark side of RUvid
Only Angel
Only Angel 13 hours ago
I watched this last night and I fucken cried in this l seen
Габит Джайшибеков
i cri everytim
i cri everytim 13 hours ago
so it was all that fat guy's fault
streamix 13 hours ago
professor x meets captain fury
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores 13 hours ago
How would've Rocky from 2 have done against Clubber?
Adrian Bowen
Adrian Bowen 13 hours ago
Thank you for this chalice
Lazarus Blackwell
Lazarus Blackwell 13 hours ago
So this movie was based on a book series? Were the books any good? I kind of like the movie I see it as becoming one of the Vampire classics
Nikol S. Ervant
Nikol S. Ervant 13 hours ago
Child abuse.
The Nguyễn
The Nguyễn 13 hours ago
Adam Malkovich
Adam Malkovich 13 hours ago
Forza Horizon anyone?
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan 13 hours ago
Few minutes away fromm homework I'mma go back in Leavenworth Google maps for all your name is Kyle is in your
Anupma Mishra
Anupma Mishra 13 hours ago
Marco Verduzco
Marco Verduzco 13 hours ago
1:32 his reaction 🤣
Ari Muthohar
Ari Muthohar 13 hours ago
Aku pengen jadi nya😁😁😁😁
Tyler Whitney
Tyler Whitney 13 hours ago
What a total babe that brunette gal was.
Kutta Potta
Kutta Potta 13 hours ago
"Enter sandman"
Nikol S. Ervant
Nikol S. Ervant 13 hours ago
Dillinger fell quite hard.
orlando gutierrez
orlando gutierrez 13 hours ago
skyblue Garza
skyblue Garza 13 hours ago
I love this scene
Devon Morgan
Devon Morgan 13 hours ago
Czech Republican you are so we don't get a chance of getting a ride in a little while
SCP:SL Scientist
SCP:SL Scientist 13 hours ago
sweatshop cgi 101
RENZEENO 13 hours ago
"you shoot me the animal dies"..... Erm.... Why point your gun at him in the first place then? Lol this girl was dying to hand herself the bad card in that situation :/
Daris Arsyad Abu Sufian
2:15 Watch Out!