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Dark Death
Dark Death Hour ago
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Omar Abdelgawad
John just sold more PS5s then any other spokesperson for sony
Gaston4.7.8.0 Hour ago
🇩🇰stumbled across this channel it's funny as hell 👍🏻👍🏻
greekfun26 Hour ago
John, I know you were off this weekend, because the colonials had to celebrate treason day, but I was expecting a short clip on Liverpool regardless!
Carla Vidal
Carla Vidal Hour ago
Glad to live in a state where the lottery doesn't exist.
Brassman87 Hour ago
Just wanted to drop in and say Rest in Piss, Jonathan Sackler.
James Boulger
James Boulger Hour ago
Dang, trolled. Thought I would guess which one was Antarctica correctly.
M H Hour ago
He literally cannot be reelected, he's single handedly ruining and dividing Americans..
Teguki Hour ago
Lol, I literally held my pencil sharpener up just as he asked "where is it?" Artists and tabletop gamers UNITE! (Although I can't seem to find my pocket-knife, which is usually my preferred way to sharpen pencils...)
arquilli1 Hour ago
Secoriea Turner: Say her name!
honestly the jokes on this rarely land, i'd rather just the substance of the episode
y’all sum hoes
the jokes are so weird without the crowd
Chris Winter
Chris Winter Hour ago
The bag pattern is quite usable. It's funny that they're cracking jokes about one of the few movies that actually didn't cock up what pattern recognition can indeed do. The software my employer makes can spot car brands, colours, look for particular elements in a frame or even do crowd sentiment analysis. But hey. Aside from that goof, pretty good episode. :)
A History Nut
A History Nut Hour ago
5:25 *Curb Your Enthusiasm Begins Playing*
Chantal Cahill
This is so depressing.. why are we like this...money above human life? Wtf...
Guard Duty
Guard Duty Hour ago
Imagine worshipping marx oh wait democrats don’t need to fuck
My name Is nobody
Without being a dick or wanting to be chastised- COVID-19 is the best thing ever to have happen for people that are more hermit crab than human- Like me- I hate large crowds and get super anxious. Since VA opened back up (sort of) Ive been to my local amusement park and Zoo- You have to set up an arrival time and they only let in a set number of people at a time and made masks mandatory- But i have not been in several years due to the crowds- So i for one welcome "social distancing" its great. My heart does go out to all the people who lost family members due to COVID 19.
Daniel Lawson
Daniel Lawson Hour ago
I don't think men should be allowed to vote on this issue. It's the woman's body that has to do everything. So women should make the decision. By the way, I'm a 42 year old man with kids.
What happens when people become dependent on government and not themselves
Tino J
Tino J Hour ago
watching them with some time lapsed this is kinda like a telenovela. dumbasses you where sure where dead and buried show up regularly. roy moor? wtf? how the hell did he get in office? other than an probation officers.
Mark Leech
Mark Leech Hour ago
I completely support John Olivers opinion on Horses.
Lynda Mackrous
New media cnn. Msnbc. NBC. Abc NBC. It’s an immediate anti trump networks criticize attacks negativity’ Here a cnn stupid question Why the president not wear a mask Chinese virus IS NOT racist it’s simply is A virus from Wuhan China CNN hbo lsnbc nbc etc are CCP $$$$ And voice
I needed the audience reactions to remember what interaction was.
caglar ozdemir
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An Drew
An Drew 2 hours ago
So, John Oliver had a live studio audience for this show during the middle of a pandemic? Or are these audience cuts just sound bites from past shows? Either way, you are being manipulated into groupthink...
Thomas Buchovecky
Thomas Buchovecky 2 hours ago
Shame this man will never be president but he has done so much good for the future of America I would say his career has been an objective success.
Allison Bauch
Allison Bauch 2 hours ago
Human nature is astonishingly stupid and in denial.
Uchiha Sasuke
Uchiha Sasuke 2 hours ago
You don't know shit about anything you're talking, man. Believe me. Or Rather, you're just a pawn of so-called "LIBERALS". Read TWO NATION THEORY. You better fucking do
z0h 2 hours ago
When i say im an Objectivist, these are the kinds of ignorant videos someone looks up so they can come at me like they know anything about it. Problem is this video has almost everything wrong or taken out of context, so i need to ospend an hour trying to explain to the person what it all means exactly.
Hope Carr
Hope Carr 2 hours ago
Medicare 4 all is the answer to this country's problem with healthcare . Plain and simple! J
Quanya Sanders
Quanya Sanders 2 hours ago
Satan witches out of order will die first Ephesians 6 for the disrespect, I'm not Jesus Christ EXODUS 22:18-19 carry your own load Galatians 6:5 westside connection rapper dub c and his entourage Ms-13 the illuminati individually PSALM 101:7 John 14:6 Psalm 105:15 Deuteronomy 28 John 13:7 Matthew 5:37
Lawrence Lorenzo
Lawrence Lorenzo 2 hours ago
I will permanently use the Hitler- Hanks spectrum
Sinthetic God
Sinthetic God 2 hours ago
Just look at how beautiful the world looks after the apocalypse in Horizon forbidden west.
ArisCarroll 2 hours ago
as a time traveler form july 2020 i have to say.... this is hilarious
Bob Sacamano
Bob Sacamano 2 hours ago
Wait. Who took that painting? Sounds like it fell, but you didn't exactly throw it. Or is it just so worthless it has literally zero weight?
David Carter
David Carter 2 hours ago
Why doesn't the government of this country enforce the laws of this country? If something doesn't belong to you then leave it alone. Protesters going to people's houses should be arrested. Protesting is a legal right for Americans but harassing people at their homes should be illegal. Now many cops are afraid to do their jobs. Do people think that without police, we are all somehow just going to get along? That ain't happening.
SpookeyR 2 hours ago
This might be the single best Last Week Tonight with John Oliver video on YT. Awesome!
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 2 hours ago
MeltedPearls 2 hours ago
We also must object often and loudly to the ridiculous "remorse" question at parole hearings, for the love of sanity. That is a pointless exercise and an obstacle for those wrongfully convicted. Absurd. Time served with good behavior is enough already.
Hope Carr
Hope Carr 2 hours ago
Isn't it amazing that Obamacare was the Republican healthcare plan. These guys are nut. J
Lawrence Lorenzo
Lawrence Lorenzo 2 hours ago
Charles Michael
Charles Michael 2 hours ago
Liz Wheeler looks like that one baby who got dropped on her head after she was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, as if she grew up and wanted so badly to look like Joe McCarthy but she fucked up her makeup and her fetal alcohol syndrome still shows.
rcbutler31 2 hours ago
Don't look forward to the year 2020 past John, just don't
blackbird163 2 hours ago
I was in the audience for this episode. It was great. John Oliver is such a nice guy to.
Jennifer 2 hours ago
Who's here in 2020 because we're still having this conversation?
DreamComa 2 hours ago
Everyday it becomes more apparent how naive and reductive it is to base opinions on politics or culture on a British comedian's 20 minute bit...I still respect his wit, but he should understand that these complex issues can't be reduced down to a weekly segment. To think otherwise would be simplistic and juvenile.
Alt Fit
Alt Fit 2 hours ago
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 2 hours ago
I don't like her paintings.. but as a fellow artists it hurt deep inside my heart when John Olliver threw the painting away and you even can hear the sound, when it hits the ground..
GXM Pyette91
GXM Pyette91 2 hours ago
John Oliver looks like Steve Mnuchin, but he is not as funny.
David Carter
David Carter 2 hours ago
Nobody seems to remember that the Bible promoted slavery, and still does except that most Christians no longer believe that part of the Bible is God's word. So southerners were believing what the Bible said. It is interesting that many black people are very strong Christians, and the Bible is the book that says slavery is OK. The USA has already been punished enough for the Civil War. Are we gonna have another civil war because of a civil war that we have already had? Martin Luther King was a great man that died for civil rights. He would turn over in his grave if he saw what is going on now. We can't make up for all the atrocities that ever happened in this world and in the past.
Snacks256 2 hours ago
Martin Luther King Jr. didn't die for Civil Rights, he was murdered.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 2 hours ago
You don't speak for Dr. King.
Alt Fit
Alt Fit 2 hours ago
John Oliver wins "The creepiest ANTI WHITE Jew on RUvid Award"
AJ Deadshow
AJ Deadshow 2 hours ago
16:10 his joke at the end of this piece is hilarious
David Lamb
David Lamb 2 hours ago
Don't make them a state. States have a level of sovereignty that is inappropriate for the federal district. What SHOULD happen is an amendment to the Constitution to give DC seats in the House on par with the states and perhaps a single Senator.
DerToasti 2 hours ago
the US just sounds terrifying to go to even as a tourist. you may get shot or robbed either by criminals or by the police.
Tovarisch Urrraaa
Tovarisch Urrraaa 2 hours ago
Fun Fact: Do you know who is the Mafia's greatest ally in Italy? Yes, you got it right! It's the Democrazia Cristiana.
karun mathews
karun mathews 2 hours ago
Whoa. Some of these people I had thought were authentic people.. This is really shitty.
Julian Kleene
Julian Kleene 2 hours ago
So how many Refugees will John Oliver (Net Worth $10 million dollars) take and support in his home or financially? Let me guess: Non.
Mr.Pixel 2 hours ago
11:31 Diese kommentarsektion ist nun offizelles eigentum der BRD.
Micheal Angelo
Micheal Angelo 2 hours ago
Over Father's day weekend there were over 100 people shot 15 of them fatally and on the fourth of July 87 shot 17 fatally. When are people gunna open their eyes that there is a bigger problem that minorities face right now. abc7chicago.com/chicago-shooting-shootings-this-weekend-violence-how-many-shot-in/6301523/ chicago.suntimes.com/crime/2020/6/20/21297470/chicago-fathers-day-weekend-shootings-homicide-gun-violence-june-19-22-104-shot
PinguPair 3 hours ago
Watching from Germany. John well articulated and well said. Best choice was to let Kimberly speak the closing words. I am beyond in awe how she explained it so maticuluously!
nazsmith 3 hours ago
Coronavirus doesn't equal Evictions. Coronavirus + Government Overreach = Evictions. More deaths and misery will result from politicians than a virus. It won't get better until they've transferred enough wealth to their friends, while the masses are too afraid of going outside to notice the con at work.
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 3 hours ago
I'm freaking out every time i see an american prison.. You will never get people to stop doing crimes that way.. And now you're even killing them in there ..
TheEmet124 3 hours ago
Government regulating people's lives going wrong?? Who would have thought
Mike Baxter
Mike Baxter 3 hours ago
Stephanie Maxwell
Stephanie Maxwell 3 hours ago
Thank you for mentioning trans folks and particularly violence against trans women of color. It's important and not enough people, especially people with your platform size, talk about it.
XFerginatorX 3 hours ago
Ya if you commit crimes at BLM movements like vandalism then ya I have no sympathy for you if they track you down. Film it all for Memology 101. Imagine somehow making this problem a black female problem when it's actually easier to target and track white males.
M H 3 hours ago
Mutually Assured Destruction is the only thing that's saved us so far..
Carter Reid
Carter Reid 3 hours ago
Back when you could trust what the White House said
David Stevens
David Stevens 3 hours ago
I was a paralegal for a public defender in Minnesota. There is much truth to this. We barely had time to plea deal for each client.
nagaking07 3 hours ago
4:43 Tell like it is Mr. Oliver.
Carol Gannon
Carol Gannon 3 hours ago
So great to see Monica. And just for the record I always thought she was beautiful & was treated horrifically. Bravo Monica for the incredible work you’re doing today!!
Tunusree Roy
Tunusree Roy 3 hours ago
he even mentioned the issues in Bangladesh John, I'm from Bangladesh but currently residing in United Arab Emirates!! I love you and your show please keep informing us about important things which we are supposed to know!! god bless you John!!!
DroneXFun 3 hours ago
Obama is so last term.
thehermanli 3 hours ago
National Multifamily Housing Council(NMHC) rent tracker has left the chat. 15:00 - first round of 349 billion in ppp loans gone in 14 days.
James Moore
James Moore 3 hours ago
Yes...a 16 year old kid could have very easily thrown rocks at the agents from down below....im not saying the shooting was justified but here's an idea...how about NOT throwing rocks at border Patrol agents....
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 3 hours ago
Yea, there is no way to write a parody musical for topics like this current situation
James Thomas
James Thomas 3 hours ago
I thought Tucker a comedy figure.
Tall Satan
Tall Satan 3 hours ago
An eye for an eye. But sometimes you are so caught up in the pain of loosing an eye that you hit the wrong person. And then the world still goes blind.
Xander Anderson
Xander Anderson 3 hours ago
John: the modern senate is a giant no functioning road block. UK house of commons: hi, we should hang out more often.
GERWolf 3 hours ago
One of the most deadly wars of the 19th century.... "Friendly rivalry" riiiiight. Not buying that :-D
Andrew Hedstrom
Andrew Hedstrom 3 hours ago
Ali Arafat
Ali Arafat 3 hours ago
Bernie Sanders has been going crazy on police militarization since the day he got into senate but we preferred Clinton, Obama, Hillary and Biden.
Bro's No Hoe's
Bro's No Hoe's 3 hours ago
Since Trump violent crimes has rocketed. get rid of the clooooown orange coloured turd
The Original BearBear
The littlest drummer is so friggin cute!
TJay Holmey
TJay Holmey 3 hours ago
True Americans follow the US Constitution. Hiding behind a flag means nothing.
C White
C White 3 hours ago
We don't erase history in this country. We learn from it. Those that want to erase history have plenty of company.. Mao, Stalin, ISIS all erased history and destroyed monuments they didn't like. My ancestor fought in the army of Virginia and was wounded in Gettysburg. He signed up because everyone in his county (friends, family, etc.) did so. He was poor from a poor area and didn't own slaves. He fought for his state and the belief that the federal government was encroaching on their local laws. It was a different time but we don't strive to erase it . Learn from it instead and don't push your own idealism on others. Communists do that . Not a democratic republic.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 hours ago
@C White What's the name of your distant ancestor?
C White
C White 3 hours ago
@RonPaulHatesBlacks Hitler? Come on. False equivalence.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 3 hours ago
Removing a statue of Hitler doesn't "erase history" LOLOLOL. It just removes a statue of Hitler. www.teachushistory.org/american-revolution/resources/pulling-down-statue-george-iii
Tovarisch Urrraaa
Tovarisch Urrraaa 3 hours ago
Idiots voted for an idiot like them. Sorry for all the good Brazilian people who didn't vote for that idiot.
ray 3 hours ago
G how do you make the governor's do their jobsit's time our government meaning the governor's that are causing the issues stand up get off your butt do what you're being paid to do you can't even protect your own people from the quack owes them killing people in the street and you allow it why haven't you called the militia and the take out these radicals is it because you are a radical
Ashish Shah
Ashish Shah 3 hours ago
I just want to know what those people were thinking when they disliked this video
J. Seldin Scarfo
J. Seldin Scarfo 3 hours ago
And yet we revere celebritie's opinions as if they have more significance than an historian or activist. Hollywood is just as bad as Washington. More about money and power than equity and inclusion.
TinyBabAnnie 3 hours ago
According to Fox: Protests against stay at home orders where they legit brought guns just bc they wanted their hair cut: Fed up folks :( Protests against centuries of racism, police brutality, stolen land, and missing indigenous women: thugs who are tearing our country apart!
claire 3 hours ago
i just watched a video from 3 years ago making fun of my country. i love it.
Saul Sutcliffe
Saul Sutcliffe 3 hours ago
Ahh. I miss when Trump was a joke.
Ismail Gomaa
Ismail Gomaa 3 hours ago
Please watch what you say about Magikarp. You just lost a fan.
Aniruddha Chatterjee
I really want to point out that repeatedly giving Nehru as an example of a great personality and naming him besides Gandhi is very misleading. He wasn't a fan of Hindu Muslim unity as he ,with Md. Jinnah were those chiefly responsible for the communal disparities that ultimately led to the split into India and Pakistan.
Go Trump
Go Trump 3 hours ago
Was he gay?
SirNapkin1334 3 hours ago
Stamps no longer available for purchase...D:
Jarhead SGT
Jarhead SGT 4 hours ago
Can you *please* do a report on this QAnon insanity? More people need to know about this absurdity...along with the deep state and other far-right wing conspiracy theories. It's terrifying more and more people are honestly believing this stuff.
WildWilly BroCro
WildWilly BroCro 4 hours ago
Wait. You liked that Trump deems 9/11 as ... “SPECIAL” ⁉️ 🥺🥺🥺 #WTF 🥴
The dumb Geniuses.
The dumb Geniuses. 4 hours ago
People: why are we throwing away so much food? Me: Capitalism. People: Man, it makes no sense. Me: Capitalism. People: The world will never know.