Baron Clashing
Baron Clashing
Baron Clashing
Eastern Spy
Eastern Spy 16 minutes ago
SAMI ZAYN?? His tornado ddt outside the corner ring is the best man!
BAngelZ 09
BAngelZ 09 58 minutes ago
Wolfgang, bobby lashley, big e, roman reigns , Goldberg
BAngelZ 09
BAngelZ 09 56 minutes ago
Edge made the move great too
tremell reid
tremell reid Hour ago
I say 10:48 was the best spear
Xx_YAcHiNo69xxyt :/
And ciampa is discount orton
Xx_YAcHiNo69xxyt :/
Mick foley is a discount ambrose (in terms of ddt)
Subrato Sen
Subrato Sen Hour ago
Roman reigns and edge are my favourite
tremell reid
tremell reid Hour ago
Roman reigns is the spear king
o0nepeacho Hour ago
Without a doubt Roman’s and Glodberg ‘s are the most powerful but Edge’s spear is more practical and beautiful.
Drew Mcintyre is the king of DDT Dean Ambrose have stolen of him
Agustin Tellez
Agustin Tellez 2 hours ago
I dont give a fuck what anyone says pro wrestling is classy 🤣
Mega edge
Mega edge 2 hours ago
Trompeth A1
Trompeth A1 2 hours ago
Yon Paul
Yon Paul 2 hours ago
The king of spear is the edge
Henry Pitts
Henry Pitts 3 hours ago
Dean ambrose and the rock and Drew McIntyre
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee 4 hours ago
And roman reings
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee 4 hours ago
Goldberg 100 percent
Milton Pilpud
Milton Pilpud 4 hours ago
Edge and Goldberg kings of the spears
Julian Tejada III
Julian Tejada III 5 hours ago
wwe universe wanna see a matche between 4(B)east... -Bobby -Brock -Batista -Bill
TheUndisputed Rocks
I Miss This Guy💔
GruntCannon 7 hours ago
should just call it The Leg Slapper
GruntCannon 7 hours ago
Rhyno’s Spear/Gore 💯
Captain Red
Captain Red 7 hours ago
Rhyno and Goldberg
Danial Asad
Danial Asad 8 hours ago
A better title : Jinder Mahal and Rusev getting beaten up
DeJay Meyer
DeJay Meyer 9 hours ago
Jeeze... 2:09 I thought he was wearing a red mask... no that's just blood.
Mistaker 9 hours ago
Roman: ''Superman punch to corbin'' Again Roman: *UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAH* Roman: ''SPEAR'' Corbin: oof Roman: winning
Abin Rai
Abin Rai 10 hours ago
Trust me or not but dean is best in ddt buisness😎
Fif Baab
Fif Baab 10 hours ago
8:05 why was that ref counting 1 2 3? 8:22 this is probably the best one in the entire video. 3:14 This one with the Giant is up there as being real good too. Man WCW was kinda trash. Do any wrestling fans go around and talk about WCW like it was good wrestling? Other than Goldberg, Do they talk about the NWO, Lex Luger or any other WCW wrestler and WCW storyline that stuck with them and they foundly remember? No wonder WCW failed. WCW was just a bunch of roided up idiots who moved too slow, didn’t know how to wrestle or move or hit the ropes. They just “had the look”, showed up to the ring, did a song and dance or 2, say stupid shit promo and then perform a finisher before almost passing out said finisher. The “rejects” from WWF just jumped ship to WCW for big paychecks while they buried and destroyed legit talented guys like Rey Mysterio, Eddie, Beniot, Booker T while Hogan, Scott, Nash and all these others who didn’t know shit about how to wrestle were the main guys.
Kane blood
Kane blood 10 hours ago
Bruh Austin is trash at selling chokeslams.
Khỉ Đít Đỏ ViệtNam
No one: Paul Heyman : GORE ! GORE ! GORE !
Jayden Nguyen
Jayden Nguyen 12 hours ago
6:24 he looks so surprised :O
tom Jerry
tom Jerry 12 hours ago
who like Roman Reings and Goldberg spear like here👇🏻
Fif Baab
Fif Baab 16 hours ago
WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL that wasn’t supposed to happen. Poor giant.
ART.TV 16 hours ago
Rene yaung reaction when every time drew claymore kick her husband 😂😂
hentai master
hentai master 16 hours ago
my favorite part was when he did rko
Harsh Gharlute
Harsh Gharlute 16 hours ago
Dean Ambrose Edge's Impaler The Miz Jake the Snakes Robert Roode The Undertaker Randy Orton Gangrel
Harsh Gharlute
Harsh Gharlute 16 hours ago
It's Jake the Snakes because back then there were no restrictions and they didn't have to hold back their moves
Mow Koli
Mow Koli 20 hours ago
aga matha kisoi valo lage na
遊戲頻道HGF 21 hour ago
noman 22 hours ago
Roman's and Goldberg
Tahir Abraham
Tahir Abraham 22 hours ago
Cheeseboss NFL
I think it’s Gargano or Dean
Official _Gomes
Make no joke lashley Spears can cut you in half
Kevin The Hole Seeker Lee
These guys should be in the NFL instead of the WWE
SkinBoy04 Day ago
Kevin The Hole Seeker Lee Goldberg was, Reigns played in college, not sure if he was in NFL.
McBiff Day ago
Wolfgang has literally the first worst spear ever and Edge comes second. Only Goldberg and Reigns have good spear, maybe christian
Tyler Boyd
Tyler Boyd 5 hours ago
Bruh edge definitely has the most legendary spears
Xavier S
Xavier S Day ago
Undertaker and Bobby Roode had the best DDTs
Jordan Dill
Jordan Dill Day ago
which member of La Resistance was that?
farrukh KHAN
farrukh KHAN Day ago
Gold berg real lion and roman is smart and hard work
Maria Robinson
It is between Batista and Roman reigns
the harvey family 451
Roman reigns is the king of spears
joca TV
joca TV Day ago
Goldberg or Roman Reigens
Jayant Kulkarni
Vickie Guerrero is the queen of spears
Sabil Bojgar
Sabil Bojgar Day ago
Roman reings
Goldberg, Lashley and Rhino are the king of the spear. Lashley is so underrated as he literally innovated it and added an extra spin to it. Edge's spear is vastly overrated and actually sucks, its more like a running bearhug than anything
RYU STAR Day ago
Lashley spear is better than roman 🤔
Dixon മാളിയേക്കല്
only 90's legends knows about edge..and his era of wwe
awiixo Day ago
Edge makes his spear looks good
THP _ JOSEPH Day ago
Roman reigns
Kusum Devi
Kusum Devi Day ago
Rhino !Rhino! Gor! Gor! Gor!
Mohsen Alassadi
Roman rings
Spencer Rensburg
Jericho at 30 seconds the good old Smackdown 3-8 Kane Chokeslam
Ismaeel Naveed
Intro music??
張子恩 Day ago
0:30like Attitude Adjustment
thida lengruthai
Alayan zaheen Alayan zaheen
Roman is best
Alayan zaheen Alayan zaheen
Roman and gold barg is best
Ubaid Ullah
Ubaid Ullah Day ago
I think Roman
Zahra Gachpazan
TeLpong KadAL
King of the chokeslam
Vinzz Day ago
Rhyno and His Gore Is the best Fix hahahha
XtraSpicy Day ago
edge’s is the most satisfying while goldberg’s is the most devastating
Soniya's Kitchen
roman rings is the king of the spear
Azmi Zaen
Azmi Zaen Day ago
funny memes 102
Kitt 2000
Kitt 2000 Day ago
It's like Jericho took most of the choke slams. His head was like a basketball hitting the mat 😂🤣
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma Day ago
Make dolph's superkick compilation
Sanikommu Siva
Roman and gold berg
Ayush Nagda
Ayush Nagda Day ago
First is Goldberg and second is Roman and third is edge and fourth is Bobby and fifth is rhino👍👍👍😍
Ami Harger
Ami Harger 2 days ago
Who ever likes Bobbys and reings like here
Angelosky a
Angelosky a 2 days ago
Only edge and Goldberg , Roman sucks
King Thanos
King Thanos 2 days ago
Goldberg Rhino Edge
Javier Ray McCallum
W.A.R.P 2 days ago
Pobre cofee se la hicieron como 20 veces jajaja
Kitt 2000
Kitt 2000 2 days ago
Man that power bomb to Rey at 12:38 😱
gill kamal
gill kamal 2 days ago
Anubis Dark
Anubis Dark 2 days ago
Best way to counter that move is to stay at home
NM Whitely
NM Whitely 2 days ago
Roman,edge and Goldberg most best and popular of all time
NM Whitely
NM Whitely 2 days ago
Bobby Lashley spear is better than in his early days
Alex Sinscere
Alex Sinscere 2 days ago
Goldberg stands alone
LooneyToons#PG13 2 days ago
Edge signal handedly made the spear the shit fr fr😂
Younes Sabbani
Younes Sabbani 2 days ago
Eadge and Goldberg
Noob Gaming
Noob Gaming 2 days ago
As much as I hate to admit, Roman Reigns' Spear is the best right beside Goldberg's.
Adnan Qureshi
Adnan Qureshi 2 days ago
Qu Ho
Qu Ho 2 days ago
I love all the spears
Balaji Ananth
Balaji Ananth 2 days ago
Marcel Mcdanielsthebeast
Do mandy rose knee attack compilation
Elijah Clinton
Elijah Clinton 2 days ago
And randy
Elijah Clinton
Elijah Clinton 2 days ago
And the rock
Elijah Clinton
Elijah Clinton 2 days ago
Dean, Dolph, drew
Webby Belfield
Webby Belfield 2 days ago
Goldberg, Rhyno, Reigns