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Shaik Arshad
Shaik Arshad 11 hours ago
simon 2439
simon 2439 12 hours ago
Watching this on A51😀
Ali Waseem
Ali Waseem 12 hours ago
A51 vs s10 plus ➕ please 🙏
Manju Rao
Manju Rao 13 hours ago
price kya h dono k
Audi 13 hours ago
wanna be friends?
Vinitha vaidhiyalingam S
Charging 2.0
Vinitha vaidhiyalingam S
Realme xt mettal frame
Ali Waseem
Ali Waseem 16 hours ago
Dream Pets
Dream Pets 18 hours ago
No price vs price
Anand Nandhu
Anand Nandhu 18 hours ago
U forget too say price of this mobiles
Yahya Shokri
Yahya Shokri 18 hours ago
Hey. Not bad but some of your information is wrong.
Aranya Sikdar
Aranya Sikdar 23 hours ago
No water resistant but spalsh proof..
Priyanka Kar Majumder
M21 is best
jakeer pasha
jakeer pasha Day ago
Media tek G90T processor is faster than Exynos processor
рашид мангутов
Главные достоинства у самсунга:батарея и экран.И это все перекрывает.А телефон все равно в чехле
zahir chadli
zahir chadli Day ago
Top like it sw match HUAWEI smartphone
adr1án barra
Si no jajajaj no tiene NFC jajajaa que chaval y si que tiene también carga inalámbrica
Danny Villar
Danny Villar Day ago
Hola! Gracias por atenderme, estoy dubitativo sobre comprarme un telefono ya que tengo 300€ de presupuesto había pensado en el Samsung M31 ya que a mi me gusta esa marca y los teléfonos con mucha batería. El uso que le doy es más bien poco Juegos ninguno y aplicaciones las justas Whatsapp, instagram, Twitter y resultados de fútbol nada más, 0 edición de fotos. El uso que le daría sería poco, tengo actualmente un iphone 6 y de media me da como mucho 3h al día. ¿Me recomiendas este terminal en base a mis circustancias? PD: ya me he visto todas las reviews JAJAJA un saludo!!! y Gracias
Aehm DaaS
Aehm DaaS Day ago
a31ايمت يتوفر في سوريا
Bruno Kopeć
Bruno Kopeć Day ago
Bad compassion
Rock Tech
Rock Tech Day ago
henkero1 Day ago
The redmi note 9 pro has NFC. Careful this video is WRONG!!!
Byron Chumbley
02:37 0:18 02:01
Christian Ocampo
The iPhone SE has the fastest chip in a smartphones which is the A13 Bionic Chip. I recommend it 😊
Ali Rehan
Ali Rehan Day ago
Bro redmi has the nfc i am using it
soundar arrjun
A70 snapdragon super
Ranier Garcia
Your saying is not true men
Albert Patiung
M21 NFC?
Lol it's gorilla Glass 3 not normal glass
Shadow Ghost
Shadow Ghost Day ago
Most important price?
Shadow Ghost
Shadow Ghost Day ago
I thing phones with width is more comfortable to use in hand than the tallness with p40 pro it's make it hard to use with one hand
Khadangban Umakanta
redmi very good
Xx Ninja xX official
A51 5g hai ??
aga han
aga han Day ago
128gb < 128gb how in the world make a 128gb is larger than an 128gb hmmm
Nallapothula Venkataswami
Waste comparison wrong comparion like camera,battery
Nallapothula Venkataswami
Camera comarision wrong
ilyass laachir
you are intellingent
Fikry Kelate
Fikry Kelate Day ago
Yani Ahmad
Yani Ahmad Day ago
Galaxy a51 ram 6GB
Suraj Mahua
Suraj Mahua 2 days ago
Poco x2 ka front camera bhut kharab hai isme improve aana chahiye
Riyaz Mujavar
Riyaz Mujavar 2 days ago
Wrong inf.
fellipgo999 2 days ago
Abu huraira
Abu huraira 2 days ago
Maga Sayf
Maga Sayf 2 days ago
Спасибо за видео очень понравилось 😁 мне классно сравнил у мне А 30с января купил еже мозг не нормально не советую А 30с 🤦‍♂️
Luan Abner
Luan Abner 2 days ago
Respeita a linha Da Samsung 👏🏻👏🏻❤️
Антон Горохъ
Shit review, it looks like the owners of open plus are in hysterics that's what they do such reviews.
kevin condo Villa
Al red mi le core el fortnite
Ramakrishna Bolli
Two full specifications no waste my time
Yusuf Bayraktar
Yusuf Bayraktar 2 days ago
Salih Sali
Salih Sali 2 days ago
I love honor.... 🤩😍😍
the ironman
the ironman 2 days ago
can we use back cover of a51 for m21
Android 9 IS ONE UI 1
JaBeast 2 days ago
Performance and camera nova 5t, overall p40 lite
Maulana Indy
Maulana Indy 2 days ago
Semoga kebeli 5i
yoyu 77
yoyu 77 2 days ago
are you sure a31 not with NFC?
Raptor Cora
Raptor Cora 2 days ago
I'm guessing OnePlus 8 Pro wins. But both phones has its advantages and disadvantages.
YouTubeGamee 2 days ago
RedmiNot8pr0/Realme6pro Plissz
SunilMangC2 2 days ago
The wrong information samsung has 6.5 display.. Must be redmi win.. Pls dont provide wrong information to public ok..
Rupam kumari
Rupam kumari 2 days ago
What about the sound quality of Samsung galaxy m21? Is its sound is better than Samsung galaxy a20 or a50?
Hello It's me
Hello It's me 2 days ago
Bonjour, j'avais question. Je suis quelqu'un qui fait toutes ses photos avec son téléphone, mais je tremble 😅, est ce que avec ce téléphone mes photos seront flous? Il y a un stabilisateur ? Actuellement j'ai un Samsung Galaxy j5 2017.
Mohamad Sammy Ulla Ansari
If both are not waterproof then WTF to use them
Eduardo Romero
Eduardo Romero 3 days ago
60 fps a s10 lite
Duong Nguyen
Duong Nguyen 3 days ago
I have 8 plus and loving it, won't change it for some new same phone.
Bartos Budai
Bartos Budai 3 days ago
weight is NOT correct!!!!
Virginia vieira Vieira
Queria muito um smart fone com 128 gigas e bateria de 5000 MP mais está muito caro 😭
Ali Waseem
Ali Waseem 3 days ago
A51 vs s10 plus ➕ please 🙏
Przemyslaw Mlynarz
This is not redmi note 9 pro, only redmi note 9 s
papu mangal
papu mangal 3 days ago
Realme xt
Lucky techh
Lucky techh 3 days ago
It will not launch in india technical channel had fool all....😄😄😄
Monster Rijish
Monster Rijish 3 days ago
That'S nat correct answer
sreejith Sree
sreejith Sree 3 days ago
Bro this is wrong m21 front camera is 20 mp also front is gorilla glass 3 🙄😂
1:50 Why did Rog Phone 2 win?
دلتا أكس سكووير
Anonymous 3 days ago
I'm sry but there are so many mistakes in the Video.... :/ I can say some but there are too many guys look other Videos.
po shaharu
po shaharu 3 days ago
Ну ты и продажный..не все возможности Виво расписал..
Adis Intonan
Adis Intonan 3 days ago
Charles Pataueg
Charles Pataueg 3 days ago
redmi note 9s has no NFC and redmi 10x has miui11 not realme ui in accurate information
Lê Trọng Hậu
F1,9 F2,2 a71 > Nokia 8.3?
Kukhanya Fudumele
The Google services thing also put me off
UVNXX I 4 days ago
6s has not nfc?
fellipgo999 4 days ago
si quisiera lo demandaria POR MAL CONTENIDO
fellipgo999 4 days ago
el vivo x50 pro plus es mejor en todos los aspectos informese bien primero y hay si suba un video no se tan baboso y no diga cosas como lo ancho lo largo el thickness no se asi hay personas que se quieren informar bien y ud llenándolos de basura
fellipgo999 4 days ago
que le pasa estupido
Роман Кривдин
Vettas 4
Vettas 4 4 days ago
They have plastic frame not a metal
Eric Liu
Eric Liu 4 days ago
single front camera vs dual front camera, flat screen vs curved screen.
Asif Ashraf
Asif Ashraf 4 days ago
Nizam Tam
Nizam Tam 4 days ago
phitar tech phitar
Jan Holguin
Jan Holguin 4 days ago
Te falto la comparación de precio 😆
Tech Hub
Tech Hub 4 days ago
u give lot fake info about nokia
Guddu Chandan
Guddu Chandan 4 days ago
Bhaai...m31 ka 64 aperture 1.8 ....not 2.0
Red Fox
Red Fox 4 days ago
if you don’t understand, it’s better not to make such stupid comparisons, where the difference in the percentage share decides who defeated ahaha
Red Fox
Red Fox 4 days ago
Screen to body ratio: vivo 85.5 (winner) vs redmi 84.8 XD OMG
stephen puruolte
stephen puruolte 4 days ago
33w fast charging lol
D_D 3 days ago
Atleast for another year bro 😂 but I know ...
suresh kumar verma
K30 pro is better
suresh kumar verma
Fake comparison
suresh kumar verma
Non sense
yash thakur
yash thakur 5 days ago
Its have girilla glass 6
Ruben Alcaraz
Ruben Alcaraz 5 days ago
Guys in conclution , what devide must i choose?, I want a good balance of gaming, camera and price.
Kapil Pandit
Kapil Pandit 5 days ago
Very very nice 😘😘😘😘⚽⚽⚽🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘☺️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘☺️😘☺️☺️