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Shauvik Ghosh
Shauvik Ghosh 10 hours ago
Heath ledger's obviously
Kai Stewart
Kai Stewart 10 hours ago
Or the fact that she forgot he existed due to the crash
MegaGug 95
MegaGug 95 10 hours ago
I saw Apocalypse Now in IMAX
Patrik Macek
Patrik Macek 10 hours ago
I still can not imagine how bending will be made in cgi, okay fire and air is not so hard, but water and earth is entirely other league to make.
Lord Revan 104
Lord Revan 104 10 hours ago
I can’t watch the original LotR cuts, extended adds too much good stuff!
David Jett
David Jett 10 hours ago
I'm pretty sure I'm the only person on the planet that enjoyed this movie. People cried because of OMGALIENSININDIANAJONESISBULLSHIT but they were OK with a box melting people's faces and a guy that could stick his hand in your chest removing your still-beating heart and you live through it, and let's not forget the cup that would give you eternal life if you drank from it but you couldn't leave a cave. Yeah, I was OK with the aliens...
Nick P
Nick P 10 hours ago
Just remember, Jack warned ‘em
Krispen Wah
Krispen Wah 10 hours ago
There’s no such thing as “going too far” in family guy
Борис 10 hours ago
Ah, racism... It never gets old!
Laci Hawkins
Laci Hawkins 10 hours ago
Bro... you know this wasn't an actual documentary right? Also, Pam was feeling insecure because she was pregnant... how dare she be emotional while pregnant! Shame on you for being so tacky. She's upset because she's a working mother of two that is doing it all by herself, when Pam left they didn't have kids and they weren't married. I really don't get your views and as a woman I'm offended.
Ratna Hirani
Ratna Hirani 10 hours ago
Hi How are you!?
Marcel Zwiegelaar
Marcel Zwiegelaar 11 hours ago
So... This is basically a game of thrones stan video?
Will H
Will H 11 hours ago
Best movie of its decade by a mile
Sonicboom44 11 hours ago
The Rock revived interest in the franchise? Really? I thought his character was kinda hamfisted in and was an unneeded trivial addition to the franchise
Dan Porter
Dan Porter 11 hours ago
Dude the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates joke got me so hard I rewatched it like 5 times great video my man!
holden green
holden green 11 hours ago
Can you do a pitch meeting for Passengers (2016) ? I just watched that last night, and there were multiple plot points in that film where I turned to my mom and said, "Actually it's gonna be super easy, barely an inconvenience!" and she had no idea what I was talking about.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 11 hours ago
I dont like him. Bale was the best Batman ever. He will never be a good Batman
Rei 3155
Rei 3155 11 hours ago
Omg we could have almost had the bride and john wick cross over!!!!!! Wtf
Robjohn Aducal
Robjohn Aducal 11 hours ago
Most likely they did this to make it more relatable. I mean majority of people dont have an Aunt that is the age of an grandma.
Abhiram Biju
Abhiram Biju 11 hours ago
This is killer
xXgetbodiedXx XD
xXgetbodiedXx XD 11 hours ago
“Super Cyan” Smh
Angelo Miguel Lacsamana
Groot: I am Groot Groot combined w/venom: WE ARE VENOM!!!!!
Dalton james
Dalton james 11 hours ago
Screen rant posted a article saying how legend of korrra is better
Endo The One
Endo The One 11 hours ago
Yea wonder why it was the highest grossing super hero film of all time 😅
Kyle Schmutz
Kyle Schmutz 11 hours ago
disenchanted is Matt grainings 4th series. The Simpson's, the Critic, and Futurama. Plus all thoes shorts with that one eared rabbit.
李凡 11 hours ago
The avengers has captain marvel The avengers will win
Alejandro Benitez
Alejandro Benitez 11 hours ago
Ttg isn't a bad show it just the animators who designed to make fun of Robin and Starfire . Still either in tt or ttg they are still dating
Von Matthews
Von Matthews 11 hours ago
not by spitting or touching you face etc, you touch your phone etc you should wash your hands anyway
MrMagee78 11 hours ago
So basically the writing on this show is horrific got it!
Asya Weasley
Asya Weasley 11 hours ago
Wow it was unbilivable
sarang is cool gaming
Voldemort can take Harry’s glasses away then he can’t see then just do avada kedevra but he is a horcrux so just do it again he will come back a live do it again Voldemort
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Lachlan Parker
Lachlan Parker 11 hours ago
Is anyone else really butt hurt he called the anti monitor, anti matter? No just me... oh...