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The Official channel of the WINDIES international cricket teams and all things cricket in the West Indies. View and enjoy the flamboyance and passion that is WINDIES Cricket.
nitin sharma
nitin sharma Day ago
Legendary WI players of Golden era of cricket. Respect from India 🙏🏻💓
Mony Mony
Mony Mony Day ago
Holder very nice 202
Random moments
Russel blast. ruvid.net/video/video-z_8Nj0hlhOM.html
Meena Devi
Meena Devi 2 days ago
का बिजनेस बेस्ट
Welux 2 days ago
Nice video keepgoing
Sharmin Lina
Sharmin Lina 2 days ago
Bangladesh you play very well but they don’t know what ball to hit what
roger ashar
roger ashar 2 days ago
Best captain innings for a windies
Paulette Davy
Paulette Davy 2 days ago
West Indies won
Elvin Chand
Elvin Chand 2 days ago
Best performance by Windies Team in awhile in Test Cricket... Hope to see Windies perform like this day in day out...
JD 2 days ago
Elvin Chand check this channel out ruvid.net/video/video-9-zFPN_G3Ww.html
Sugah Kane
Sugah Kane 2 days ago
That thumb down probably belongs to Ben Stokes or some disgruntled England fan.
stanell giddings
stanell giddings 2 days ago
Lool true..
JD 2 days ago
Sugah Kane check this channel out ruvid.net/video/video-9-zFPN_G3Ww.html
Sugah Kane
Sugah Kane 2 days ago
Have this feeling that Jason would have hit a triple century had he decided to carry on and Dowrich would have probably done even better. They were unstoppable on the day.
The golden gaming legend TGGL
Yep I'm positive he would have as well
Munna Kha
Munna Kha 2 days ago
Denver Ragavan
Denver Ragavan 2 days ago
Highest run chase....? Did this guy not watch SA destroy the aussies on their way to chasing 434 runs...as well as poor Mickie Lewis conceding the highest runs per 10 overs in the history of the game. England will never match South Africa even when they take all our players through some stupid law
dhana sekar
dhana sekar 2 days ago
Sema bowling 🏏🏏👏👌👍
Rx Robin
Rx Robin 2 days ago
She is a very talantat Player
Rx Robin
Rx Robin 2 days ago
i love Hetmayer batting
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 2 days ago
I fancy some horror. Do you, by any chance, have on file, the 1986 England tour of the West Indies?
Khan MD Abdullah
Khan MD Abdullah 2 days ago
Tamim are also biggest
Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor 2 days ago
Imagine for a minute that this England team was up against any of the West Indian bowling line ups of the 1980's. They would have been but a smear on the back walls.
Khan MD Abdullah
Khan MD Abdullah 2 days ago
tamim shakib are also biggest 😍
Varun Sharma VS
Varun Sharma VS 2 days ago
England blows in windies
Omkar Kamble
Omkar Kamble 2 days ago
41:20 Campbell playing T20 I guess look at broad reaction 😂😂😂
joebob2311 2 days ago
You guys just did a full match replay and have full highlights of this match already on RUvid. Why this of all things are you showing again?
JD 2 days ago
joebob2311 check this channel out ruvid.net/video/video-9-zFPN_G3Ww.html
To Be Continued
To Be Continued 2 days ago
*watch my today's vdeo Trust me got something rare*
K.k. Mishra
K.k. Mishra 2 days ago
Windies is not a good team for t20
Farida Begum
Farida Begum 2 days ago
Hi root
Farida Begum
Farida Begum 2 days ago
Corana viras cricket mana
Umar Irshad Rather
Hetmyer number 1 player for me.
Robert Donald
Robert Donald 3 days ago
Why doesn't the women cricket have reviews this is total bull, shouvanizm for all to see !!! If its now accepted and common in mens cricket it should also be used for the women's game as well !! Its the 21 century!!! Get your shouvanistic heads out of ur asse's !!!!
Tim 3 days ago
great video keep it up dude
Fahad Ch
Fahad Ch 3 days ago
Afridi ky fan like kary
Zubair Baloch
Zubair Baloch 3 days ago
ICC world Twenty20
uzair khan
uzair khan 3 days ago
good faiting mech
Rahman Khan
Rahman Khan 3 days ago
Masha Allah kiya batting Kohli and iyer
Umesh chaturanga
Umesh chaturanga 3 days ago
West indies ❤️❤️
Nauman Khan
Nauman Khan 3 days ago
What about shahid afridi