5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
Fun diy-projects, crafts, experience the joy of doing it yourself!

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Moose 22 minutes ago
19:07 the parrot looks like it has scoliosis
Emily’s Time To Shine !
They should be known as the most environment friendly channel, they recycle content in almost all videos, NO HATE JUST A JOKE
Emily’s Time To Shine !
Ya ya it’s nice to know how to prevent things but who else wants to know how to fix them??
Anna Ruzga
Anna Ruzga 24 minutes ago
guys imagine how hard it is to come up with new ideas for EVERY VIDEO
Jam Simmons
Jam Simmons 25 minutes ago
Let's just keep note a lot is fake
Genevieve Votava
Genevieve Votava 28 minutes ago
How does that work you have a glue gun in the world are Ness that has no plugins in the world are Ness and you also have like five hundred bottles and tape
Taki Brahim
Taki Brahim 28 minutes ago
Williams Walker
Williams Walker 29 minutes ago
He retrieved back my acct within an hour he's 💯guaranteed 💯fast 💯trusted ☑️
Williams Walker
Williams Walker 29 minutes ago
He retrieved back my acct within an hour he's 💯guaranteed 💯fast 💯trusted ☑️
Chris Sanchez
Chris Sanchez 30 minutes ago
I am so happy to watch all of your videos
Becky Clarke
Becky Clarke 31 minute ago
Chocolate Candy
Chocolate Candy 31 minute ago
Who else noticed it said yougatime instead of yoga time comment if yes like if no
Daneeka Faulkner
Daneeka Faulkner 32 minutes ago
Not good
Mübarek Kaplan
Mübarek Kaplan 33 minutes ago
04:37 birincisi 2058 ikincisi 1980
Malia Valdez
Malia Valdez 33 minutes ago
What time are seriously so I could get the iPhone XS called Mac’s meat size even if I might not like that serious I still want the surprise is that you guys got
mayah Pattos
mayah Pattos 33 minutes ago
Cool hacks lma try rhem
Barbra Cottrell
Barbra Cottrell 34 minutes ago
Wow they actually used SOME new ideas
Pesky Poultry
Pesky Poultry 28 minutes ago
L. B
L. B 29 minutes ago
Yes finally
K Elizzabeth
K Elizzabeth 35 minutes ago
How do you make a shoe from scratch diy at home? 🤷
K Elizzabeth
K Elizzabeth 35 minutes ago
In five minutes
ToFFi 37 minutes ago
it hurts too much
blue blobby
blue blobby 38 minutes ago
Ok, good job on the bathtub one but how does it get that dirty!!?
Zakiya Turpin
Zakiya Turpin 38 minutes ago
Nice cake
Hailey Gaskins
Hailey Gaskins 39 minutes ago
3:34 have you ever heard of a spork
Marrilyn Ochade
Marrilyn Ochade 40 minutes ago
Just watching this knowing I can’t do it
Abde Liuha
Abde Liuha 40 minutes ago
O engraçado é que só com eles funciona com ninguém mais
NiteCore 40 minutes ago
this channel is just r/diwhy
Daulena Livoreka
Daulena Livoreka 42 minutes ago
I love you 5 minute craft😘😘😘
Lux Breen
Lux Breen 42 minutes ago
7:00-7:11 hahaha its sayin watch fortnite..lol
Mila Mila Rebic
Mila Mila Rebic 43 minutes ago
jedite smece kad ste odatle dosli
NiteCore 46 minutes ago
01:05 you wil burn for this
fanisa mpofu
fanisa mpofu 46 minutes ago
these are funny
basauer00 49 minutes ago
PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie PewDiePie
PRO KILLER 50 minutes ago
Any trade subscribes here???
Pius Foon
Pius Foon 50 minutes ago
0:12 it sounds like the music is saying *b r u h* to me
matthew villa
matthew villa 51 minute ago
R.i.p to all the toys that died in this video
Victoria Wesemeyer
Victoria Wesemeyer 51 minute ago
10:25 who buys a half empty bottle of oil 🤨😂
Alina Grace
Alina Grace 51 minute ago
1:20 what is that???
blue blobby
blue blobby 52 minutes ago
Ok the popcorn one is fake only that many skittles dont make it THAT bright I see what you do there
Abbey Beadle
Abbey Beadle 52 minutes ago
Someone please tell me the song in this one that says “ you are the one that we need, I am the one to struggle”??!
Trinity Richards
Trinity Richards 57 minutes ago
10:04 shouldn't the raspberry be longer then the leaf!!?????
Donna Fields
Donna Fields Hour ago
Ok I'm 12 and I don't have condoms in my purse
Sophie Miller
Sophie Miller Hour ago
RUvid is fun, 5 min crafts are boring who got click-baited after the morning
Random Human On The Internet
1:45 I see what u did there🏳️‍🌈
mel nag
mel nag Hour ago
Finally, new videos. I have been waiting so long for this
Nightmare Hour ago
Hmm, 17 minutes? Illegal.
Suzanna Ihouirne
I've seen all of this before :I
Kemoya Lewis
Kemoya Lewis Hour ago
Whosoever is reading this you will make it out in 💕 life god bless u have a wonderful ⌛( time) and stay safe
Maouz Khan
Maouz Khan Hour ago
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Little Miss Sunshine
Why anyone would water while the sun is shining is beyond me. Most of the water will evaporate and the little that does land will scorch the plants but apart from that the fan idea was great. Though you can get sprinklers that require no electricity so far more energy efficient but I guess if you can't afford one of them and already have a fan then yes, maybe use that (but please not during a sunny day).
Kemoya Lewis
Kemoya Lewis Hour ago
I would totally do the black and blue one with the blue 💐 and all the other cute ones 💗💗👅
Tonia lifestyle
Your lipstick is beautiful nice one
jobcy asha
jobcy asha Hour ago
Mouth watering food odor as that you’ve already tried
jobcy asha
jobcy asha Hour ago
I mean ,ideas that you already tried
Sydney Inman
Sydney Inman Hour ago
Don't lie Who else has been a fan of 5-Minute Crafts before 2020? ❤ Stay safe everyone!
Gg Ggh
Gg Ggh Hour ago
I use to be a fan of 5 minutes craft but now I'm a fan of blossom sorry it's because you guys keep repeating everything
Jesus December.
The first hack was kinda dumb.lol
Anna Maria McKee
I use both halves of my brain
کوڕێکی خراپ
Yakman Hour ago
Big trash
Rylei Gantt
Rylei Gantt Hour ago
I love your videos
Hunter Henderson
5 min crafts wait 4 days you liar
Chocolate Candy
Like=wanna try Comment=will try
Alice Hour ago
Imagine walking into this person's house
Vivienne Zacapa Mejía
I love this
*hotslut.ru?v=cZI3Krk59T4* 4:31
Sarah asare
Sarah asare Hour ago
17:30. nice hack thank me later
Ana Belen Urrea Hernandez
Like. Si. Tegusta. Estos. Videos. 👍👍👍👍 y. Comenta
Ali RaZa
Ali RaZa Hour ago
Your channel is NOT growing, make a different content OR do your Level best in the Future, Love you ❤
Dusty Whistler
You are Amazing guys keep making more video please
Josephine detmer
Hope y’all are staying safe and having fun with 5-minute crafts
Ghiiiya Bina
Ghiiiya Bina Hour ago
Riley Schultze
0:09 the eye on the phone is lucky
Bandari Suresh
ItzmehAine xD
ItzmehAine xD Hour ago
This is how many ppl watch these vids but never actually do them lol 👇🏿👇🏻
*hotslut.ru?v=pCumddo0IdY* 5:59
Aaliyah Vaughn
4:44 that looks like Vicky from 123go
Melinda Naziel
I saw my dogs name candy I love her she so cute
Honey Ackroyd
Honey Ackroyd Hour ago
I like how it stays on there but for ages like we get it u have a big but
Milk & Cookies
Hi! U r Sooo good at Arts and Crafts and my fave part was the One with the Minature Scissors! :)
Milk & Cookies
Also the one with the CUTE ADORABLE Cookie
rose __Star
rose __Star Hour ago
In the slime fanta hack you Forget the Borax 😑
Gemma How
Gemma How Hour ago
11:51 I tried and it was chunky, instead of using Vaseline use oil it only works if u use oil
Jensine Canales
Me: ooh 5 MINUTE CRAFTS 5 minute crafts: wait 24 hours. Me: it said 5 minute crafts
Melyssa Pereira rabelo
*hotslut.ru?v=L3ZkecMWLtY* 1:31
Zsombor Németh
Lisa Hansen
Lisa Hansen Hour ago
Are you all 12?' Just a lot of doodeling and mess. Nothing Nice at all.
maia penalva
maia penalva Hour ago
hola soy maia
snowflake Hour ago
Yaw kesmeyin güzelim kazakları yazık yaw
Dominique Dowdell
Me: Watching this to fall asleep 5 Minute Crafts Music: Not todayyy
Maha Khan
Maha Khan Hour ago
Dominique Dowdell loll I was watching it to sleep too.
Vaijanti Singh
11:01 Mom: I have to clean my feet. Me: just use the cleaning brush duh Mom: That's how you get a slap
Virgin_Mary _In_Islam
Denying your purpose in this Life is the most awful thing !