5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts
Fun diy-projects, crafts, experience the joy of doing it yourself!

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Shayne Salas
Shayne Salas 24 seconds ago
0:27 is that a paint? can somebody tell me what is that?
Anora Olivia
Anora Olivia 35 seconds ago
I like the naile hacks
Judith Sabangand
Judith Sabangand 56 seconds ago
I am a hip girl
9:13 its a DORITOS
Black Panther
Black Panther 2 minutes ago
Rose's are red sky is blue 5 minute craft god will bless you😊
Gamer Girl Star
Gamer Girl Star 2 minutes ago
This was not only 14 facts
Ke'Aaliyah Russell
Ke'Aaliyah Russell 3 minutes ago
@ Girl: tries this hack Girl: mom I can’t close my eyes
4eva gaming
4eva gaming 4 minutes ago
Jiyeon park
Jiyeon park 4 minutes ago
Adam saaks inspiration has gone to 5mins crafts 😂
Cristina Lexy Hobbies
Cristina Lexy Hobbies 4 minutes ago
Aya sajdd
Aya sajdd 4 minutes ago
مين عربي الي عربي يحط لايك 👍👍👍
Jhamel Wade
Jhamel Wade 4 minutes ago
Like the video!
Dennis Kibler
Dennis Kibler 5 minutes ago
Ja wer hat den kein föhn in der schule?
Alvin Brato
Alvin Brato 6 minutes ago
*cuts cloths* The people who worked day and night for them: 🤔
Suman Bhattarai
Suman Bhattarai 7 minutes ago
How much you have hot glue
ღTheGamerFazeღ 9 minutes ago
Todo es lo mismo me siento estafado🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
cosmiclights 10 minutes ago
Who else is watching but isn’t a parent? 👇🏻
BABITA KUMARI 10 minutes ago
I didn't knew that girls also shave😅
yana ismaz
yana ismaz 12 minutes ago
Macam black hand
Alexandra Calapareanu
Alexandra Calapareanu 12 minutes ago
Mise. par. ciudate
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 13 minutes ago
This is how many times they used this song
Silvie Hensler
Silvie Hensler 13 minutes ago
When you look often to rhis hacks you can see they are realy fake !!!
Anora Olivia
Anora Olivia 13 minutes ago
Your videos sucks
Breezy Raptor_XD
Breezy Raptor_XD 13 minutes ago
5:17 Ok what is wrong with those mnms
Saba noor Noor
Saba noor Noor 14 minutes ago
Boring😂 🥵😕😟
__mee__ 7721__
__mee__ 7721__ 14 minutes ago
I love lemon😅🥰🥰
Arham super gamer
Arham super gamer 14 minutes ago
Nice 👍
TikTok Compilation
TikTok Compilation 15 minutes ago
The NEW video is crazy ruvid.net/video/video-Ip6zKIdlhZU.html 🤣🤣🤣
Shaheel Khandelwal
Shaheel Khandelwal 15 minutes ago
Though its time wasting hacks... But it relieves our boreat while watching it... So guys please don't show any hate to it... Cuz 90% comments are hateful.
TikTok Compilation
TikTok Compilation 15 minutes ago
The NEW video is crazy ruvid.net/video/video-Ip6zKIdlhZU.html 🤣🤣🤣
TikTok Compilation
TikTok Compilation 16 minutes ago
The NEW video is Crazy ruvid.net/video/video-Ip6zKIdlhZU.html 🤣🤣
Navin Navin
Navin Navin 16 minutes ago
Ginger coc like here 😂
MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 16 minutes ago
I’m looking at the comments while watching the video
Kalyani Thota
Kalyani Thota 17 minutes ago
Ibrahim Zahid
Ibrahim Zahid 17 minutes ago
6:04 What About The Camera?
Alessandra Barboza
Alessandra Barboza 17 minutes ago
Algum BR?
MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 17 minutes ago
SILENT DEVIL 17 minutes ago
1:33 there's someone behind her wth
Τασος Ζεπης
Τασος Ζεπης 17 minutes ago
Chicken leg bits 😂😂😂
Silvie Hensler
Silvie Hensler 18 minutes ago
I think you shuold do your hacks better they are always the same!
MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 18 minutes ago
Because you cut your clothes
Ridmi De Silva
Ridmi De Silva 18 minutes ago
Ayydubs bg music
MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 19 minutes ago
I never thought I would say this but this video is not nice
NXT々 RÈÑÓT 19 minutes ago
Who bring lighter at airport?!
my dream world
my dream world 19 minutes ago
You always faker😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
Naomi Nolan
Naomi Nolan 19 minutes ago
The only expectable one is the flip flop the cooling rack just makes it look like you fell on a grill 5 minute crafts * wait 13 minutes and let dry* SORRY WHAT?!
Niharika yadav
Niharika yadav 19 minutes ago
Wasting thing for just a video
Millie Sze
Millie Sze 20 minutes ago
Boo hoo hoo!
Shaydee Luna
Shaydee Luna 20 minutes ago
Parecen doritos 😹😋 9:11
MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 20 minutes ago
Who would want to cut there clothes No me
Sonya Thakur
Sonya Thakur 20 minutes ago
Do you tried? I have not😜
Janne Logghe
Janne Logghe 21 minute ago
11:00 That chicken died just for this video😟 They waste so much...
MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 22 minutes ago
Seriously no one
EZIE YT 22 minutes ago
Seyret TV
Seyret TV 22 minutes ago
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MaHmouD yEhia
MaHmouD yEhia 23 minutes ago
No one
TINNA WiZ 23 minutes ago
Like si usas brakets :v
Echo The Silent Fox
Echo The Silent Fox 24 minutes ago
No one Absolutely No one Not a single soul Thumbnail: Oh look I have a mosquito bite on my toe, well time to suffocate it so that I can amputate it later I mean seriously that would happen if you did that to your toe for too long
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo 25 minutes ago
0:10 That's why we call it noodles language😂
Gashtar Slow!
Gashtar Slow! 26 minutes ago
Ali GCEL 27 minutes ago
Salma mohamed Kamal
Salma mohamed Kamal 27 minutes ago
My mom left the house
manish joshi
manish joshi 28 minutes ago
Your drawing video are really good. .. thankyou so much 5 min crafts It improve my drawing
Ananya Choudhary
Ananya Choudhary 28 minutes ago
13:36 Very nice magic
Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh 29 minutes ago
Bhai me
Flame Draggies
Flame Draggies 30 minutes ago
1:18 wait that's illegal that's a man's hand
Book Worm
Book Worm 31 minute ago
Love the music 🎶🎵🎸🎧
ROL- DECOR 31 minute ago
That was for idiot
James Keefe
James Keefe 32 minutes ago
That little kid is so good
Liticia Benekhelouf
Liticia Benekhelouf 32 minutes ago
العرب لايك
LAYY UPNEXT 33 minutes ago
people out here starving and yall wasting food
Aishath Mamdhooha
Aishath Mamdhooha 34 minutes ago
Now I want to cry because I miss my best friend...
Bethan gibson RP fun
Bethan gibson RP fun 35 minutes ago
Firstly who would even have these things and like if u will like just get told off lol
Crystal God
Crystal God 36 minutes ago
You are coping 123 Go
Huza's Gaming
Huza's Gaming 38 minutes ago
I can do like almost all of them😘
Yussof wahba
Yussof wahba 38 minutes ago
wow cool
kgf mahim
kgf mahim 38 minutes ago
Gaming Life
Gaming Life 39 minutes ago
I don't think makeup brushes are "delicious"
Ödön Makai
Ödön Makai 39 minutes ago
Now a serious set of nail clippers
DarlGirl stream
DarlGirl stream 41 minute ago
nothing is for vegetariaan
ROMAN FAN CLUBS 41 minute ago
Who is reading my comment and giving me subcribe I wish there parents live 100 years ♥️ Can I reach 4.5k subs today 🤧🤧
Abdurrahman bak Khan
Abdurrahman bak Khan 41 minute ago
Hello your chor lotara pagal mentel