Joe Budden TV
Joe Budden TV
Joe Budden TV
the wonderful world of jumpoff Joe Budden, welcome
Jam Bar
Jam Bar 5 hours ago
#1 on the Industry list Joe Hollywood lets go homie court and getting his nails done
Roger Hogan
Roger Hogan 5 hours ago
Mal always look n sound like he bout to walk out the room n slap shit outta some body.. this man fr look like he bout box ak himself
Jam Bar
Jam Bar 5 hours ago
Corey Gunns talk in 08
Wax Groove
Wax Groove 5 hours ago
Akademiks doesn’t know hip hop
Jam Bar
Jam Bar 5 hours ago
Kiss winning that question of who's better in the verses 2020 baby let's go 👌🏾
Thizlamic 5 hours ago
"HAhsssSSSSssssssss...." -Joe Budden
Devonté Duff-McKree
I love you i miss you....come home😭😭😭joe is sick
718 bkflow
718 bkflow 5 hours ago
Fab didnt get his haircut until the day off. Automatic L right there he aint prepare.
Jam Bar
Jam Bar 5 hours ago
Whats up 2020 baby Fab still Dancin lol
Jam Bar
Jam Bar 5 hours ago
K W 5 hours ago
Never heard of Freddie Gibbs before now. He’s irrelevant for sure.
Adrian Odle
Adrian Odle 5 hours ago
DJ Ak is absolutely disgusting, from the war in chiraq to whatever bs he does now. Loved Joe’s input.
Jam Bar
Jam Bar 5 hours ago
Better hope Tahiry don't see this now 😬
K W 5 hours ago
170 dislikes? That’s like a whole small town in Nebraska. You got a lot of haters I can see why. your show is pretty cringy
David Klein
David Klein 5 hours ago
Somebody from RocNation mustve talked to Mal about Kanye. He was very dismissive this week
Frostbite 5 hours ago
Dude on the left looked offended....lmao
Terrell Frasier
Terrell Frasier 5 hours ago
Soooooo we gonna act like that dog ain't being annoying lol
Xzifer 5 hours ago
put them old man toes away .
Youngdrey south Memphis
11:37 i agree , ak been wanting to say that shit he just didn’t have a opportunity to say it, he couldn’t say it to meek cause meek has more money so he say it to Gibbs since he’s a smaller rapper
kenna Marek
kenna Marek 5 hours ago
if a rapper flex and say he got more money than someone it’s okay but when ack do it he trynna he cool cause he got money ?
THE JRO 5 hours ago
Can we please, for the love of GOD Get some new artwork already
Code _V_83
Code _V_83 5 hours ago
The only thing AK has had on his chest is a Bra...perfect example of a clout chasing cornball...
Charles Stevenson
Charles Stevenson 5 hours ago
The Pontiac Fiero lol
Onrico Nightingale
Onrico Nightingale 5 hours ago
This show is boring. 🥱💤
Capital Murder
Capital Murder 5 hours ago
Watch this and then the video where they talk about the battle...so much excitiment and energy here and on the reaction there just dead like really disappointed
Duane 6 hours ago
Update: Kanye says he’s running for president aka the rollout
Wavy Esco
Wavy Esco 6 hours ago
Ak literally invited Gibbs onto the show lol he would definitely say it to his face
Kareem Chapman
Kareem Chapman 6 hours ago
Mal hurt
Powderr 6 hours ago
Like you were on the toilet 52:12
Ric Ric
Ric Ric 6 hours ago
That migos diss song for joe fits him perfect !
Leaf Buck
Leaf Buck 6 hours ago
If Freddie Gibbs smack the shit out AK he’ll get cool points from me he runs his mouth like a man he can get dealt with like a man he throws that disclaimer in there that he’s not a tough but he talks tough naw keep the same energy Duke
Francisco Ortiz
Francisco Ortiz 6 hours ago
No respect to Brockhampton, even though their putting out some of the best content and they started less than 5 years ago
Mussels Marinara
Mussels Marinara 6 hours ago
Fab got embarrassed he should of know better than to take that battle
Chaz Dejesus
Chaz Dejesus 6 hours ago
Say what you want about Joe budden but he has a keen eye for hip hop he predicted the whole versus battle
Vaughn Benjamin
Vaughn Benjamin 6 hours ago
"Am I contractually obligated to do it" lmao I swear Joe wanna hit Rory sometimes
Kendrick G
Kendrick G 6 hours ago
Mal put him in his place like a gentleman.
spiros botos
spiros botos 6 hours ago
I would love to never hear akademics voice again
MsFears 6 hours ago
I can’t wait for Snoh and Summer. I need some of this for this 2020 .
James Hargreaves
James Hargreaves 6 hours ago
Mal mad swag game
harrisb1994 harris
harrisb1994 harris 6 hours ago
Better give wayne props...
Joel Diaz
Joel Diaz 6 hours ago
Glad most of the comments section disagree with the three musketeers.
IAMKOLTEN 6 hours ago
I agree joe don’t like it!
Michael Wills
Michael Wills 6 hours ago
The difference between FG and AK (at least financially) is FG actually has a skill and AK just covers, interviews and talk shit about people with skills (or just popularity)....
Trap323a 6 hours ago
How the hell yall gonna say this was the best awards show ever? FOH LMFAO!! Just because all the artists said something about police brutality and racism it was good? 😂 yall funny... VMA'S WITH Kanye runaway performance was better, swagger like us performance was better... Chris brown breakdown performance of MJ was better... So just because this was about black people made it the best ever? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽
The G
The G 6 hours ago
I'm gonna buy a T shirt😎
Lord Bowser
Lord Bowser 6 hours ago
1:27:32 The Parks Drop Origin lol
Jason Babilonia
Jason Babilonia 6 hours ago
Jadakiss r and b records beat fabs, u trippen joe
IMAWYNN 6 hours ago
5 with a possible!!!!!!😭😭😭
Coach Steele training session
Rory tried it🤣🤣🤣 at the end but Joe shut him down real easy...rory going home depressed...someone check on him🤣🤣 taxes..gf...joe...smh
Jay901 7 hours ago
I’s it me or Ak sounded like 69
Krucial Thirteen
Krucial Thirteen 7 hours ago
how tf does 'we gone make it' beat 'Breathe'? lmaooo yall breathing in some toxic shyt
Yo Low
Yo Low 7 hours ago
Dr Dre is not fw Kanye yall sound like haters
george rodriguez
george rodriguez 7 hours ago
honestly joe didnt even quote the song right lol When you think of me you think of a problem Who? What? When? and how you gonna solve em Automatic or Revolver
Fuck FeaSt
Fuck FeaSt 7 hours ago
How Joe Budden feels about this situation is exactly how I feel about this situation. 🤣
Damn they should have said Mal and Wal
wolfshield x
wolfshield x 7 hours ago
Ak was waiting for the one black dude to come out and say "you got the juice now" lol
Jiren 7 hours ago
Kanye is an artist. No two projects sound the same.
Augusto Williams
Augusto Williams 7 hours ago
Y’all sleep on Rory comments “Making it land on the lamp” found me 😂😂😂😂
Iceman Supreme
Iceman Supreme 7 hours ago
Pusha T bullied Drake into being a father and seeing his child more than the one time that was reported
Adrean 7 hours ago
Talk about something going over heads
Cryptic Raps
Cryptic Raps 7 hours ago
"Imma do it" beats "All for the Love" any day, in my book
Tuesdays Child
Tuesdays Child 7 hours ago
Can tell the money is flowing, graphics, best of, screen man, loving how they are making small improvements.
Will Evans
Will Evans 7 hours ago
Snoh is beautiful tho 💯 inside and out
Ricardo Roman
Ricardo Roman 7 hours ago
I mean to offend u/ if u dropped an album in the last 10 years/ then my DNA is in u
Sonder 7 hours ago
Steve Oneill
Steve Oneill 7 hours ago
Freddy Gibbs is Tay Roc
Alderman D
Alderman D 8 hours ago
Ok so they can talk all shit they want to Ak but when he responds talking shit he wrong foh..🤔
Al Jazzi
Al Jazzi 8 hours ago
There so scared to say that song is trash
Truth Lives
Truth Lives 8 hours ago
Joe will do anything to diminish or devalue Ye and G.O.O.D music. Even when he’s trying to compliment them, hella salty.
Bria Bush
Bria Bush 8 hours ago
Whose dog is that??? And what is their name?
Tee Bai
Tee Bai 6 hours ago
It’s Rory’s dog. I think her name is Baisley or something like that
992 Porter
992 Porter 8 hours ago
One day ppl gonna learn that you can not like something and it not be hating. I have heard these same ppl big up Ye for some of his music and cds. Everything not for everybody
GdUpFrm DaFeetUp
GdUpFrm DaFeetUp 8 hours ago
First off Joe is biased he stay hatin on AK because AK is more informed.. second I never heard of freddie gibbs
gravitatingaway 8 hours ago
So his subscribers are lames and kids???..the hyprocrisy in hip hop is annoying..I like freddie..but if ak is so lame, than why not call out Freddie and meek forngiving him energy???...foh...his platform is waaay informative than yals....honestly yal sound like yal hating on his success...what grown man worries about whose a "cornball""...damn this episode finally push me away
Coach Steele training session
1:52:30 joe went next level
Corey Denis
Corey Denis 8 hours ago
Ak need to stop acting hard cause when he get pressed 🤣 he going to do the same thing 69 did tell like the bicth he is
Jason Okome
Jason Okome 8 hours ago
Men this Mel is a hater who is he 🤣🤣
Jason Okome
Jason Okome 8 hours ago
What you going to do Mel MR Ak is not cool 😂 do you think you are cool?😂😅 this is the only place you can be heard and it’s only bcos of Joe. Ak came up from nothing with no handouts let the brother be and stop hating mate fucking waste man
TheyCallMeFhaze 8 hours ago
Joe just admitted he’s an internet kid and he knows it’s wack
Justin Faircloth
Justin Faircloth 8 hours ago
Performances were dope and well put together; I really liked the music video/visual feel of the performances but as far as the hosting, Amanda Seales was horrible and god awful. I really wish some of these media personalities would stop referring to themselves as comedians because they suck and are not funny. It’s just cringeworthy
Logan Ryan
Logan Ryan 8 hours ago
Why was e-40 not even mentioned in artist of the decade??
Donavan McDabb
Donavan McDabb 8 hours ago
We not gunna act like jim ain’t a rat
Jason Okome
Jason Okome 8 hours ago
Ak is more relevant than u mo or whatever your name is 🤣
DropTopWop JesusIsKing
That Snoh and Vic Mensa jawn "You Keep Me Waiting" my nigga 🔥
Black Jay
Black Jay 8 hours ago
It’s hard for corporate slaves to understand the moves of a boss. I’m just saying.
Notebook. 8 hours ago
I would love to know what they were censoring. 😂
999a0s 8 hours ago
*north korea launches nukes at japan* Mal: this is all part of Kanye's plan
Ron BurleyOakRon
Ron BurleyOakRon 8 hours ago
“2nd degree nasty” 😂😂😂
Travis Freeman
Travis Freeman 8 hours ago
A lot of these so called "pro black" people are so arrogant and so uppity. J Cole is a true lyricist and emcee he did what a true emcee/lyricist does put his feelings into a song....Heterosexual black men are just on the chopping block we can't disagree with a black woman without being attacked or criticized for being misogynistic or just hating women in general...
SCP-939 8 hours ago
Dating today is just using each other for social media its fake
TrendSettDrew88 8 hours ago
Hanging around 69 too much have u like that
Logan Ryan
Logan Ryan 8 hours ago
Wow they predicted 69 come back...
William Spencer
William Spencer 8 hours ago
4 dude slaps one dude. Ransom a goofy
Jamale Adris
Jamale Adris 8 hours ago
Qtip told yall about Busta on the Low End Theory. If you even dream about Busta he will pop up at studio.
laupnaes 9 hours ago
I could make it passed the first 0:58... The first dude, whoever he is, is a true fuccin busta!
bxlegend Deemoney
bxlegend Deemoney 9 hours ago
Mal is capping heavily for Fab damn he's burning inside
bklyn zoo boriqua718
ok verses battle....for a sec i thought they actually had beef😂😂😂😂
LA BoutaBagDoe
LA BoutaBagDoe 9 hours ago
Reem Look just like Eazy E, She even got Eazy E voice ....and the other sister Ebie seems like she’s Jealous because Eazy E had other kids, Ebie acting like she’s the One and Only kid of Eazy ...Lol 🤦🏾‍♂️
Rell ARTwork Beatz
Rell ARTwork Beatz 9 hours ago
freddie STARTED with akademiks, I watched it from the beginning
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 9 hours ago
Gibbs probably paid Ak to start this beef. Gibbs got more popular now
Ardavon N
Ardavon N 9 hours ago
black guy
black guy 9 hours ago
AK going to let 69 get him beat tf up