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D. Foxx
D. Foxx 4 minutes ago
Can't wait to see this!
ansh arora
ansh arora 18 minutes ago
This movie opened the great horizon of cinema for me. Had me shocked for days. Perfection. What else can I say?
PojkarFrånVallhov 30 minutes ago
Best movie ever made!
Alpesh Pancholi
Alpesh Pancholi 41 minute ago
when it is coming to da sceen??????
Tahles Tavares
Tahles Tavares 47 minutes ago
Funny when they use the word limbo to describe the movies' current stage.
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi 57 minutes ago
Michael Rosenfeld
Movie magic, Damon now same height as Bale. Back to the America he hates to make money
FILM Scene
FILM Scene Hour ago
Best ever dialogue : MANNERS MAKETH MAN
FILM Scene
FILM Scene Hour ago
Me: where is the real kingsman ? Trailer: this is behind ur imagination it’s king’s man .... Trailer : my friend added (‘s) oops sorry .. Me : wtf ...where is ( manner maketh man )
Elliot Perkins
One of the Best movies ever
Vegan Holly
Vegan Holly Hour ago
I watched the film and now I’m in love
서경현 Hour ago
0:28 Walter Beckett (CV: Tom Holland): "Boom!"
FLAREMC14 2 hours ago
It’s cuz we let them win
Pyro person
Pyro person 2 hours ago
Lambo v bugati
nika gogua
nika gogua 2 hours ago
Tell me the name of the movie
MEGAN 2 hours ago
Am I in it?
Sadd 2 hours ago
*wHO pUts a rOOF in A scOotEr? wHO arE you thE poPe!?*
Kawhi's Plans
Kawhi's Plans 2 hours ago
I can't get over how much Brad Pitt was so hoooooot in this movie
Josip Maglica
Josip Maglica 3 hours ago
_-Unknown -_
_-Unknown -_ 3 hours ago
Me a Ford Fan: So basically this is the movie of how they made the Ford GT. The supercar that surpassed everyone
Akhenaton Isis
Akhenaton Isis 3 hours ago
alita is my best movie i've watched so far !! Please make Alita 2
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 3 hours ago
Bellatrix looks hot.
Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman 3 hours ago
Watched them B2B on a plane. Both good films. I prefer Queen's music and remember the Live Aid concert that cemented Freddie's legendary frontman status, but Elton is probably the more complex character to play.
Jim Hopper
Jim Hopper 3 hours ago
Fuckin birds
Vijay Singh
Vijay Singh 4 hours ago
Full movie
Yashovardhan Roy
Yashovardhan Roy 4 hours ago
Logan never died.
A7x is life
A7x is life 4 hours ago
;) yeagg
"you're only problem is, you have a soul" I just saw this movie, but I don't remember him saying that. Am I wrong?
Muhammad Kamran
Muhammad Kamran 5 hours ago
Wait...a..second is that Tony stark 1:59
Will Smith
Will Smith 5 hours ago
Wait for us in this wonderful show "Spies In Disguise" 🔥🔥🔥🔥
D. Foxx
D. Foxx 13 minutes ago
It's THE Will Smith, guys!!
Cyberverse Grimlock
Of course We will count every moment until then Mr. Smith
Afiq Amir
Afiq Amir 5 hours ago
Pin this man
All Tech with hk
All Tech with hk 5 hours ago
Nice #mruntamable
Abhi Abhi
Abhi Abhi 5 hours ago
Suzuki vs Hyundai next please.. 😀😀
joseph fernandes
joseph fernandes 6 hours ago
Rosa shouldn't have gone after trump because of the Wall, should have given a universal appeal to the character of alita... Sure this movie will have a sequel, soon
MR. Milan magar
MR. Milan magar 6 hours ago
War pigs made the trailer even better
Edmund Awesome
Edmund Awesome 6 hours ago
1:31 hey where is your peter tingle?
Cyberverse Grimlock
0:23 I laughed so hard here AND good luck for paying this back
Ethan Bosworth
Ethan Bosworth 7 hours ago
Already bored and I’m not even there yet
Zee Balosch
Zee Balosch 7 hours ago
Maya Bay was forbidden by Thai government this year and We just couldn’t enter 🥺
IM YOU SAD 7 hours ago
M p
M p 8 hours ago
In Tyler we trust !
Angel Barrera
Angel Barrera 8 hours ago
😨 👍🏻
Elv Creatize
Elv Creatize 8 hours ago
3 years..i can't beleive
BoBo 8 hours ago
McSuperfly 8 hours ago
0:16 Who’s Eugene?
caveman Versace
caveman Versace 8 hours ago
Finally get a film about America breaking the Europeans race market. The Ford GT will always be the car that made the European elites heads turn. If it wasn't for Ford we wouldn't the great rare cars of the GT era here in Australia. I just hope to the gods that they used replica GT's for this.
Hennnsey Xo
Hennnsey Xo 8 hours ago
Y’all tripping this movie wus awesom
McRodexx 9 hours ago
I was expecting it to be kingsman 3 but either way I’m fine with a prequel
N J 9 hours ago
Kenzo Toledo
Kenzo Toledo 9 hours ago
Next film: “ Toyota vs Volkswagen”
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 9 hours ago
Walter trying to fist bump Sterling at the end and missing is the cutest thing 😂😭
Jim Hopper
Jim Hopper 3 hours ago
Sheldon Hartstein
Sheldon Hartstein 9 hours ago
Disney is going to keep Blue Sky going as a third animation division. This is good news.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco Hour ago
Martyn McMurray I won’t complain
Martyn McMurray
Martyn McMurray 4 hours ago
More like a curse. Disney has become crazy with money and power, they now think they can just OWN Blue Sky because of their distributing rights. It's their fault we won't see any Blue Sky films into 2021. Disney's a *Fascist.*
THEFIRE360 9 hours ago
oh i cant wait
P25 ANI 10 hours ago
Ford Vs Ferrari: Dawn Of Gasoline
Jimin's Whitening Soap
SpookyPool01 10 hours ago
How?!? 0:23 How did Vespa Explode?!?
Cyberverse Grimlock
Let's not forget that is a movie and everything can happen in movies
KEVIN PRAKASH 10 hours ago
Anyone here after watching tiktok
John Houlgate
John Houlgate 11 hours ago
I think Matt Damon was miscast a Carroll Shelby. Should have been Matthew McConaughey. Looks-wise, background-wise and personality-wise, McConaughey is much closer to the real-life Carroll Shelby than Damon. Oh well, the movie's in the can.
90’s Nick
90’s Nick 11 hours ago
Lmao at the end *chuckles* imma hurt this boy
Sagar Sarkar
Sagar Sarkar 11 hours ago
When JASON BOURNE and BATMAN retires and decided to make a MOVIE, this happens.
MovieWorldTour SherinaPSFanatics
Did Lance have girlfriend
Francisco Soto
Francisco Soto 11 hours ago
So cute alita
red ranger 1994
red ranger 1994 11 hours ago
0:16-0:20 just 3 oz of pressure in the vagus nerve and look at your boy sleepy night night 😂🤣😂
OmerTheGreatOne 11 hours ago
man, Christian Bale just keep gettin uglier and uglier. He looks like he could use a sandwich or two. He is permanently stuck in his Machinist state.
Athear Nasery
Athear Nasery 12 hours ago
This is my favorite movie.
JacobyProductionz 12 hours ago
This is one of the best trailers ive ever seen..
lucas lobos
lucas lobos 12 hours ago
The pigeon killed the movie for me, but I may give it a chance
Kerry Dustin
Kerry Dustin 12 hours ago
How did Fox allow this franchise to crash and burn after Days of Future Past? Like seriously, after watching this I haven’t even attempted to watch Dark Phoenix yet.
Chris Corley
Chris Corley 12 hours ago
The New Mutants rock! 2020 release.
Edward Best
Edward Best 12 hours ago
estos hipocritas....cuando no tienen familiares con ningun problema fisico o de salud les vale mierda con los demas pero cuando las suerte no les abraza del todo empiezan a gastarse todos sus millones inspirandose en cosas como crear un intro y hablando sobre el porque de una historia como el de esta pelicula.
Ricardo Mejia
Ricardo Mejia 12 hours ago
Mordy S
Mordy S 12 hours ago
i dont like the overly played out drama
97VobraOwner 12 hours ago
Yep - I’m down for this.
Diego Rodriguez
Diego Rodriguez 13 hours ago
The book is so good
*GOD DOESN'T EXIST* 13 hours ago
Jesus doesn't look like that, Jesus is an Arab!
Corey Million
Corey Million 13 hours ago
Bas Waaijer
Bas Waaijer 13 hours ago
Jennifer Lawrence as a Russian just didn't do it for me. She must've crazily practiced that accent and yet her entire being resonates being 200% American, I just can't help it. The thing she has going for her is that she has that rebellious authenticity that's natural to her, but may not require as much acting to express. The movies I've seen with her, that was pretty much her character. The movie itself had some interesting things going on, viewing thing from a Russian perspective, but in my opinion they should not have cast Jennifer Lawrence to play the role - rather someone a little closer to home.
Jrc Rbcn
Jrc Rbcn 13 hours ago
very underrated film.
Jason S
Jason S 13 hours ago
Great story, hopefully the movie does it justice. F Ferrari
Martha Vargas
Martha Vargas 14 hours ago
Linda pelicula donde se ve la manobdel todopoderoso actuar,preciosa vos la de la chica.
Melanie Celeste
Melanie Celeste 14 hours ago
0:15 and 0:22 gave me fast and furious vibes
jcolem55 14 hours ago
I'm sorry Matt Damon, while a great actor, was NOT the right choice for Carroll Shelby. I would have cast Josh Lucas as Shelby.
JrVtec 14 hours ago
Honestly better than newer F&F movies, This one's 100% about the cars, Can't wait to see it!
Christian Manoukian
Christian Manoukian 14 hours ago
I got chills when he says "we're gonna bury Ferrari at Le Mans." Man, this movie is going to be epic.
cyrus kuria
cyrus kuria 14 hours ago
#fuckfrozen 2
JB Thrills
JB Thrills 14 hours ago
0:23 a deleted scene before spider man fought the lava monster
platinum mexican
platinum mexican 15 hours ago
Idk if I want to watch it the trailer is basically the full movie lol
MRN 15 hours ago
This is your life and its ending one minute at a time.
Shaq Deisel
Shaq Deisel 15 hours ago
Ford Mustang Uhhhhgggg!!!
•Bruno• 15 hours ago
This were days not todays Science fiction....
Victor Ojeda
Victor Ojeda 15 hours ago
I love this movie, it's the best! happy 20th Anniversary to Fight Club!
I am Nobody
I am Nobody 15 hours ago
It's crazy to see this "trailer". This book was supposedly in such high demand, so I can't help but wonder how much of that money John Steinbeck actually saw. What he made in book royalties and later with selling the film rights if he still owned them. It said 20th Century paid 70K but how much of that did Steinbeck see, or did his publishing house keep it all? They also made such a big deal with the actors when actors back in those days all had mid-Atlantic accents and they were all pretty much the same actor! Sure, I love old films, I even own this one, but you could take Bogart and put him in a Cagney role and vice-versa, you'd still have the same bloody film! You could have probably taken the entire cast of "The Wizard of Oz" put them in this film and no one would be able to tell the difference!
El Grime
El Grime 16 hours ago
She is a lil annoying but is sweet
Johnathon Barker
Johnathon Barker 16 hours ago
Looks Awesome So Far :)
Dante Allen-Toomer
Dante Allen-Toomer 16 hours ago
I'm still sitting on the fence whether this will be good or not.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco 16 hours ago
Going to be another awesome movie from Blue Sky! I have seen Ice Age 1&2, Rio 1&2, Peanuts Movie, Robots, Epic and Ferdinand.
Manuel Orozco
Manuel Orozco Hour ago
Cyberverse Grimlock Awesome
Cyberverse Grimlock
Same here
Joseph Gallegos II
Joseph Gallegos II 16 hours ago
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang 16 hours ago
Wow this looks bad
Peter 16 hours ago
A cartoon Will Smith smh okay I'm done lol
cyrus kuria
cyrus kuria 14 hours ago
Don't say nothing shark tale was in the past