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Ronald Marcano
Ronald Marcano 19 hours ago
It had its ups and downs.
snow demon
snow demon 19 hours ago
the book was really good
xeracorocks 20 hours ago
If you actually speak spanish, it's not that good of an audition. Just little child babbling.
Shikite Kusanagi
Shikite Kusanagi 20 hours ago
Хью Джекману следовало бы ещё немного поиграть Росомаху просто чтобы лучше раскрыть в девчонке актрису. Ибо что-то как-то, она вроде взлетела, и шмякнулась обратно.
LeoneX Official
LeoneX Official 20 hours ago
For those of you that is gonna see this 10 years from now The movie is lit asf 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hank Campbell
Hank Campbell 20 hours ago
JackSepticteye is in this movie. OMG!
Jenny Adkins
Jenny Adkins 20 hours ago
I watched this film and by the end tears were streaming my cheeks and blubbering,This film deserved an Oscar. Everyone in this film was phenomenal. If you haven’t yet watch this. Especially with what’s going on it’s so fitting
KT W 21 hour ago
I'm not sure if anyone cares, but the book is better than the movie imo. The movie missed some of the points and part of the story that gave you a better look at the characters in the book. They didn't even include DeVante, which kind of disappointed me. Either way, both are powerful, real, and incredible. ✊🏾
KT W 21 hour ago
Same story, different name. #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor #JusticeforTonyMcdade
Cao Sơn Nguyễn
Cao Sơn Nguyễn 21 hour ago
Thanks. I wanted to go grab the movie but now I don't
Zurko Da Wolf
Zurko Da Wolf 21 hour ago
Ok this is one of the best live action of anime adaption, If you don't know that this is actually an anime your in for a treat
Ok Boomer
Ok Boomer 21 hour ago
Piccolo literally looks like a pickle.
Aaaaaaaaa I'm melting. What the hell did I just saw
Vitaliy Fesko
Vitaliy Fesko 21 hour ago
He’s kills people to find his dad. Why the flip would there be life so faraway from the Sun? Idiotic script if was mars that would be better
Roel 22 hours ago
“Same story just a different name”....😔
Cmps Nt
Cmps Nt 22 hours ago
Another Hollywood movie that continues to brainwash people
Tony kimbraley
Tony kimbraley 22 hours ago
First super power movie to make me this scared but I want to watch
Zarits11 Mode
Zarits11 Mode 22 hours ago
Whats the background music ?
Dez Route
Dez Route 22 hours ago
just released JID's track at the end......
ikonk kon
ikonk kon 22 hours ago
This is not the real Dragon ball z
valeria Yanez
valeria Yanez 23 hours ago
why does the worl have to be so cruel why cant we all live in peace
Tiff Apis
Tiff Apis 23 hours ago
Song that started at :21??
Dxsty_ Vixlets
Dxsty_ Vixlets 23 hours ago
Ha Will Smith looks like Lance when he was in Men in Black and Tom Holland looks like Beck when he was in Spider-Man: Homecoming
Stuart Murray
Stuart Murray 23 hours ago
Words can not describe how bad this film is.
MajMacMarVio PalmoreOceanFL
I love him 😍
Ron Thompson
Ron Thompson 23 hours ago
She amazing young lady ,I hope Hollywood is smart enough to use someone so creative In many other movie,she not to be underestimated.
MajMacMarVio PalmoreOceanFL
Jesus is good looking 😊😘❤️
Tyson Ouellette
is anyone else wondering when the movie will actually be released because of Covid 19
It izz what it izzz
And this. This is what 2020 is
Limerence Day ago
How did I not know that this movie existed till now?
Nata Canal presente
Vai ao cinema ou foi?
Jordan Taylor
who here in 2020
Chicken Code
Chicken Code Day ago
What if the movie is so bad that the world just doesn’t want it to be released. So when it finally got a due date corona virus started to delay it
NOOR Day ago
where can i find this movie ?
Joker Day ago
nelson sunico
its just me. but their character is both annoying. makes me dislike the movie. the story is fine. but i think its more satisfying if they win lotto or something and become rich as couple. because its more on debt and gamble. rather than love story., theres no chemistry on both. ooh.. its just me.
Fidel Mutuma
Fidel Mutuma Day ago
Panbot Bot
Panbot Bot Day ago
Stellarspace Day ago
At least they made them less pale with makeup.
londyn kitto-lee
This reminds me of Fortnite + GTA Online😂
Naruto uzumak
We commento but no liko I'm good in Spanish
NJ RJ Day ago
Now she is 15 , grown up so quick
Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar Day ago
Outstanding movie 😲😲😲😲
Hyper Saiyan
Hyper Saiyan Day ago
Shake E mi si e
It’s so sad to realise that it happened right now and there isn’t justice
Madura Hamdam
I love you Kristen 💋
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Day ago
The New Mutants looks freak'n excellent! This totally deserves a SEQUEL...
Paula Rodriguez
Twizzlxrs Day ago
R.I.P George ❤️🕊✊🏽
Sophia N
Sophia N Day ago
Who’s here in 2020?? Just me? Ok :)
Daniil Rudakov
Gta online in movie. This what we wait!
Jay- J
Jay- J Day ago
0:07 I almost cried that song is the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard
steman2801 Day ago
I think it’s sad that the critics gave this film negative reviews. This film was amazing
Public Interest
Looks like really horror science fiction..
Spec Agent 6
Spec Agent 6 Day ago
RIP George floyd😭😭
Movie Scenes
Movie Scenes Day ago
Logan was snubbed at the oscars. An another reason why The Academy is a joke
Harsh gaming
Harsh gaming Day ago
Wtf I suddenly realised that"Bang bang" movie is copied from this
Şahzadə Həsənzadə
I came here again after George's murder😔💔
The Red Tree
The Red Tree Day ago
This movie really happen in real life
Zyzz Brah
Zyzz Brah Day ago
someone was paid to write this
مهند عبد الناصر
is jean love scott
Baghail Singh
Always Remember #WIKED is good Nah: WICKED IS A BIT#H
Baghail Singh
#So yesterday i watch it and come to the trailer for Comment. I miss whole trilogy that time but yesterday i watch it all. I will say Most Underrated Film Series. And the ASIAN Girl Is So Gorgeous 😊☺
Baghail Singh
#So yesterday i watch it and come to the trailer for write comment. Movie is so amazing and underrated. I regret how i miss this Trilogy but today i watch all 3 Parts. FEEL GREAT.
Nirajan Nk
Nirajan Nk Day ago
Leonardo DiCaprio deserves Oscar's many time he should get the Oscar from Basketball Diaries and titanic too he is the greatest actor in the world
Esteban Salazar
She is incredible!!!
Dilkas adil
Dilkas adil Day ago
Avatar : Boys we are second Endgame : You can't defeat me . . . . Avatar 2 : Are you sure
Kyla Phillips
It’s sad that this is happening in real life still after slavery stopped
Sky Scorpio
Sky Scorpio Day ago
Seems interesting. When it's gonna release?
I love my Lord Jesus
vampire wannabe
I fear to watch the movie in case it's totally different from the book.
Rittik Sharma
Ken Miles=Legend
Sena Aydın
Sena Aydın Day ago
Choosing a black sabbath song... approved.
Justin Perry
Justin Perry Day ago
Buck is so expressive he has more facial expressions than the 2019 remake of The Lion King.
Eliya JD
Eliya JD Day ago
So everything was happening in this movie is what is happening in the world
Goku Black
Goku Black Day ago
Crazy how this movie matches the current situation
Raikantopeni Day ago
I'll forever have a crush on Nick Robinson
Alex Gremlin
Alex Gremlin Day ago
Hey, Jacksepticeye is literally in this film I'M NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK ON WIKIPEDIA!
Karla Gomez
Karla Gomez Day ago
Am I the only one who cried while watching this movie?
Jean-Pierre DIAZ
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atta nyarko
atta nyarko Day ago
Daniel Zarate
Jay Wei
Jay Wei Day ago
To be honest, I think Donald Trump is WCKD and the whole intire country is like Thomas and the others. If I'm crazy....just..comment down below😝
Jay Wei
Jay Wei Day ago
Just because of this COVID-19 VIRUS
Case Kirby
Case Kirby Day ago
Harry’s character was such crap in this movie, hope he’s better in 3
Jeongwon Lim
Jeongwon Lim Day ago
When I first saw this I thought she used her middle finger to push up her glasses, I had to check again. Lol.
Majed Day ago
Looks boring affffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
Amol Jadhav
Amol Jadhav Day ago
This movie telling reality
Honey Boba
Honey Boba Day ago
I saw it and it was sad and touching the old man was killed by the bad person and I cried the old man did not live
kj kokljima
kj kokljima Day ago
They are always lying, they always say they are not wrong, but nothing has changed, people are always suffering, people need to realize what is true freedom
The Dragon Killer
Jeryn Hogarth becomes the cheating, lying lesbian Jeri Hogarth. Raven says the X-Men should be called the X-Women. Sarah Connor says "I'll be back" instead of the Terminator. John Connor is killed off and replaced with Daniella Ramos. Seriously, Ezra Edelman, the genius who did "OJ: Made in America", should make his next project "Hollywood: How Harvey Weinstein Brought Down an Empire".
Jasmina Estelle
„It‘s the same story just a different name“ #justiceforgeorgefloyd
joas soliva
joas soliva Day ago
It's completely off the bible
natalie davison
*Sees this video* inner voice: don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it me: he's kinDA HOT THO
LZH Hang
LZH Hang Day ago
This movie is a future of reality
rupesh dey
rupesh dey Day ago
Availaible in Amazon prime...?
Nightcraver Day ago
*it's the same story just a different name*
Zara Servaes
Zara Servaes Day ago
Imagine a movie like this but from 1D
Rabekalle Day ago
Ich habe fast alle fantastischen/utopischen Filme gesehen - aber dieser Film - MADE in USA - ist der schlechteste Film aller Zeiten 👎 - da schau ich mir lieber nochmal ATTRACTION 1&2 an - Trailer ATTRACTION 2 - ruvid.net/video/video-oTtn4HErEao.html
Roberta Marceddu