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The King of Random
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Flavor Swap??
2 months ago
Thank you, Grant.
4 months ago
Squishyninja09 22 minutes ago
Put a marshmallow in liquid nitrogen then put it in the oven
StrongBoi21 Maskey
StrongBoi21 Maskey 27 minutes ago
try to make spiderman web fluid and shooters
Michael White
Michael White 28 minutes ago
what happens to a eggs in a vacuum chamber and boiled and unboiled eggs
Leonora Noblefranca
Leonora Noblefranca 30 minutes ago
Brillisnt idea
Aria Gacha
Aria Gacha 30 minutes ago
omer gul
omer gul 32 minutes ago
you are so cool
Jirexter11 33 minutes ago
Try to vacuum a vacuum chamber If its posible
Raged FLoGGzER
Raged FLoGGzER 34 minutes ago
You've really got some lava rock in your backyard ?? Awesome man
Jia Hong Tay Ng
Jia Hong Tay Ng 36 minutes ago
Soup, slime, cornstarch and water mixture
Amber M
Amber M 37 minutes ago
I live this without the bed 🤷
arul arul
arul arul 37 minutes ago
Can do experiment with Nitrogen triiodide
Mini kid Racer
Mini kid Racer 37 minutes ago
Put a battery in the microwave
Peppered Egg
Peppered Egg 38 minutes ago
Try freezdeying and crushing the honey then maybe you can make cotton candy
Shadow Wulf
Shadow Wulf 41 minute ago
Is there a way to make colored flames without chemicals?
いろは。iroha 42 minutes ago
私の知ってるmilky wayと違うパッケージや!!
Bijay uchiha
Bijay uchiha 42 minutes ago
Love you 3000
Sarah Blanchard
Sarah Blanchard 47 minutes ago
Make a quesadilla in a vacuum
Caspian Lee
Caspian Lee 47 minutes ago
Can you melt wood? You put the wood in a vacuum chamber and then heat it up.
Claire Brag
Claire Brag 47 minutes ago
how did i just find this out :'(
Nelson Calado
Nelson Calado 49 minutes ago
Boil saltwater in a vacuum to make salt, compare vs no vacuum
ehb82 51 minute ago
a pizza
theflyingnite 19
theflyingnite 19 51 minute ago
If you look near the begining you can see calli has a flite test jacket
David Kristandio
David Kristandio 53 minutes ago
How about make a rainbow fire in big scale :)
Lina Sinkeviciute
Lina Sinkeviciute 53 minutes ago
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit 53 minutes ago
amonium perchlorate in a vacuum...
zwarte spruit
zwarte spruit 55 minutes ago
Can you Smoke in The vacuum chamber
David wibben
David wibben 59 minutes ago
Kinda gross but interesting and very random.
Asher 445
Asher 445 Hour ago
It is so hard watching theses videos.😭😢😭
Quinlan Kylin
Quinlan Kylin Hour ago
I really want to know what happens to liquid nitrogen in a microwave oven?
Annelie Theron
put corn syrup in it'l be more stable
Jasmin Sarah Layachi
wait a sec... is it possible to make salty cotton candy??
MiniWolf 697
MiniWolf 697 Hour ago
Another one of Grants videos R.I.P.
Gracie Hewitson
Aadi Kothari
Aadi Kothari Hour ago
What if you put a water bottle in a vacuum chamber? Will it explode?
James Ewald
James Ewald Hour ago
What about lighting liquid oxygen on fire and sealing it shut?
Dylan Thurston
what if you put a human in a vacuum chamber, and more you dont need to use your fingers or anything you can use a hotdog
Zacharia Hour ago
Gabriel Henriquez
Is it true that turning on and off the lights the light get burned
mmhhjj34 Hour ago
Cali looks great in glasses
JJ 2010
JJ 2010 Hour ago
I have tried this in my bath and it is better on your hand slanted this is a tip Edit: please like if worked
IlikeUno Reversecards
Try mochi in the freeze dryer
SW33THD Hour ago
Who else got pissed off because youtube didnt put him in the youtube rewind 2019?!
Will Stansell
Will Stansell Hour ago
Road flare!! Find a way to lit one or atleast a lit piece in the vacuum chamber and see if it can put it out. May need to use the bricks you use in the fridge to insulate the heat. They can burn up to about 3000 degrees farenheit.
MPI 2020
MPI 2020 Hour ago
3:27 candle couldn’t handle it... OR Handle couldn’t candle it... 😂
Gameplay Focus
Please dont break that VACUUM CHAMBER its grants precious project
ibreathmemes Hour ago
Cali sounds a bit sick :(
Fuzzy Crafter
Fuzzy Crafter 2 hours ago
Mix resin and silicone together- I want to see what that makes! Part A resin + Part B silicone = ???
Daze Justin
Daze Justin 2 hours ago
Did anyone else notice the traxxas logos on the body of the truck at the beginning of the video were taped up
Sainyam Gupta
Sainyam Gupta 2 hours ago
Please create a build video for Assassin's Creed hidden blade.
hayden austin
hayden austin 2 hours ago
hi i'm a big pit bull lover can you do a test to see wich dog bread is the means plz
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith 2 hours ago
I wonder what would happen if you put a blowtorch that is burning in a vacuum chamber
Monster MM
Monster MM 2 hours ago
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago
vacuum pancake - is it a crepe? this video is oddly so satisfying...
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly 2 hours ago
Oh Calli you even like your bacon like me. I’m even more in love with you now
Steel Current
Steel Current 2 hours ago
Independent variable: The chemicals Dependent variable: How it turns out Controlled variable: The fire
how about filling your tub or a backyard pool with orbeez. Also how many orbeez dose it take?
Alyssa Preston
Alyssa Preston 2 hours ago
I know it was three weeks ago, but I was gonna say to try dry freezing it??
Marcus Rosado Danmark
Freeze dry and/or vacuum boil rice porridge and risalamande.
GlitchrZ 2 hours ago
Can you see what happens when you burn various tipe of batteries?
Alpha Teen
Alpha Teen 2 hours ago
Dry ice tornado?
Ricky107 2 hours ago
What if you filled it with 100% Oxygen? Would it burn better
Ronen M
Ronen M 2 hours ago
How about a chemical reaction combustion in the vacumm chamber?
You are SO COOL
You are SO COOL 2 hours ago
Dam it 6:46
Grey kitten
Grey kitten 2 hours ago
Lol I'm like 12 and I've seen who framed rodger rabbit xD
Bryson Glass
Bryson Glass 2 hours ago
Freeze tattoo ink or put it in the suction machine
Prab Han
Prab Han 2 hours ago
We have a de-capitated bottle 😂😂 you get it
Clinggy XŠ
Clinggy XŠ 2 hours ago
husen nasr
husen nasr 2 hours ago
Oou yay
zehnsechz 2 hours ago
When you said "very cool" with all the candles and no vacuum you sounded exactly like Cody
Erin S
Erin S 2 hours ago
10:36 Forest fires too. Just imagine.
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit 2 hours ago
10:35 it's called a "HALON system" works on the same principle.
Passing The week
Passing The week 2 hours ago
I know what happens cuz I have tried it before
s wyye
s wyye 2 hours ago
Can you turn gummy bear into cotton candy?
Aidan Clark
Aidan Clark 2 hours ago
What would happen if you put sodium metal into acids, liquid nitrogen, and mercury?
Emma Tolson
Emma Tolson 2 hours ago
VIP__2000 2 hours ago
Shouldn’t be calli doing this?
Mridul Joshi
Mridul Joshi 2 hours ago
What happened when you put sulphuric acid in negative x
Mridul Joshi
Mridul Joshi 2 hours ago
What happens when you put sulphuric acid in negative x
HRK Production
HRK Production 3 hours ago
Why dont u use HCl
isaiah Reed
isaiah Reed 3 hours ago
I like Nate
Dabunny Rabbit
Dabunny Rabbit 3 hours ago
how structurally sound is that container?
Zachplaez 3 hours ago
Im still crying because of Grant's death
Devilish Jester
Devilish Jester 3 hours ago
Try putting a magic eraser in a tumbler and some wet sponges on the freeze dryer and vaccum chamber
mxsteven 3 hours ago
Failed cameraman... So many important scenes failed to take
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 2 hours ago
Cook silly putty in the vacuum and see what that does. . .you guys still have some silly putty I imagine? I mean, that was a lot of silly putty.
Christopher Collins
Congratulations! You just made a corn pancake
pig water
pig water 3 hours ago
You guys should make an iodine clock
Devilish Jester
Devilish Jester 3 hours ago
Unfortunately Not my college debt
Michael Hanrahan
Michael Hanrahan 3 hours ago
Freeze dry the powder
R.J. Jones
R.J. Jones 3 hours ago
Try using Drexel Foaming Agent. it's strong enough to be used for aircrete to keep the bubble structure even when mixed with cement.
junqshooktt 3 hours ago
Ok using prisma colors for this experiment hurts me
Oreiller 3 hours ago
This is basically Nate and Kelly eating for 12 minutes straight
The doge boi
The doge boi 3 hours ago
Rules: do not do this do not do this Nate: lets do this
Candace Irwin
Candace Irwin 3 hours ago
I want u to put the fun dip in liquid nitrogen
Loida Rinehart
Loida Rinehart 3 hours ago
Cali: i love my fire Cali now : this is my new favourite thing
bob tootles
bob tootles 3 hours ago
doubles as a humidifier!
moon stonepanda
moon stonepanda 3 hours ago
try and freeze dry honeycomb
Saif Jalal
Saif Jalal 3 hours ago
Rest In Peace sir 😢😭😢❤️
?????? 3 hours ago
Sayonara body Hola diabetes
[FOXY__ DROWNED ] 3 hours ago
Eeeeeeeeeee! Legend of Zelda Sign!!! The Tri Force!!!
12345 54321
12345 54321 3 hours ago
cotton candy in liquid oxygen