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14 days ago
Ringersoll 8 hours ago
Bernie Sanders reveals his radical inclinations over and over again - Washington Times In 1980, he backed for president Socialist Workers Party candidate Andrew Pulley, a Marxist who called for a government takeover of America’s energy industry. According to Accuracy In Media, Mr. Sanders collaborated with Soviet and East German “peace committees” whose goal was “to stop President Reagan’s deployment of nuclear missiles in Europe.” In 1985, Mayor Sanders went to Nicaragua to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Daniel Ortega’s communist Sandinista regime and speak at an anti-American rally. He arranged for Burlington and Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, to be sister cities, and also visited communist Cuba. When Ortega orchestrated mass arrests of critics and shut down opposition media, Mr. Sanders refused to condemn him, later saying the crackdown “makes sense to me.” He now supports Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, who has turned that once-prosperous country into a communist nightmare. In 1989, Mr. Sanders addressed the U.S. Peace Council, a Communist Party USA front whose members were committed, according to the FBI, to advancing “the triumph of Soviet power in the U.S.” As an admirer of crackdowns on pesky opposition media, Sen. Sanders in 2007 co-sponsored the Media Ownership Reform Act, which, among other things, would have re-established the misnamed Fairness Doctrine in order to muzzle conservative talk radio. In 2011, Mr. Sanders was the first U.S. senator to support the violent Occupy Wall Street movement and opined: “These days, the American dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina, where incomes are actually more equal today than they are in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the banana republic now?” Lest we write all this off as earlier exuberance, here’s a short list of his current positions: Government takeover of health care and drug companies; “free” college tuition; “free” child care; confiscatory taxes on “the rich,” and much of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal. That hare-brained scheme calls for a massive government expansion to do away with airplanes, the internal combustion engine, “farting cows” (thus, hamburgers), and all fossil fuels within 11 years. Don’t laugh; they’re serious. It would take not only trillions of dollars but suspension of most basic liberties to do this. Karl Marx summarized communism as “abolition of private property,” which ultimately requires violence. Sen. Sanders also has a problem with religious liberty. In June 2017, he assailed the Christian faith of Russell Vought, President Trump’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget. There’s much more, but it should be clear that “Democratic Socialist” Bernie Sanders is a communist in sheep’s clothing. • Robert Knight is a contributor to The Washington Times.
K W 8 hours ago
well lets see what he has to say when he testifies... cant wait lol
Eric Nolan
Eric Nolan 8 hours ago
What is worse, TYT or chlamydia? 🤔
Twyla Olson
Twyla Olson 8 hours ago
Theses guys support trump very obviously because they down play evidence like it doesn't matter unsubscribe from this channel
justageneraluser 8 hours ago
"I support Bernie Sanders because he will be a leader for racists and homophobes." Yeah that's a pretty rough endorsement. I understand the anger. ...Wait... is that not what Rogan said?
My Dixie Wrecked
My Dixie Wrecked 8 hours ago
Excellent. Democrat cannibalism. I like it. I like it a lot.
cloudyskiesnow 8 hours ago
How's that neocon John Bolton doing?
tele tubby
tele tubby 8 hours ago
Barr is the ruin of American...fat shit!
Tyler Harrington
Tyler Harrington 8 hours ago
Fire the impeachment canons!
Kathy Williams
Kathy Williams 8 hours ago
WaPoop insisting Nancy Pelosi is absolutely BRILLIANT! By... doing nothing since the Bush2 Admininstration she's kinda... something something.
Krispitexture 8 hours ago
Very disappointed in my homestate 😭 Most Alaskans are super chill don't judge us all on the creeps!!!
Too Much
Too Much 8 hours ago
Another Bernie staffer caught on camera saying, “after we take away the landowners land, we may or may not have to kill them. But it’s not really good for the soul.” You people support mass murderers. And Bernie started all this. Evil.
James Oxford
James Oxford 8 hours ago
sure there was...
Progger_Frogger 8 hours ago
Remember last year when TYT treated Bolton like the father of lies who has no credibility? As Michael Scott would say, “oh how the turntables...”
audiotone 8 hours ago
All these bums got huge tax breaks from trump. All these people dems and repubs.
Kimberly 8 hours ago
The only thing here that's like slavery is forcing women to do things they don't want to with their own bodies.
deborah chinn
deborah chinn 8 hours ago
Donate to her opponent, Sara Gideon! You don’t have to live in Maine to help a decent Democrat oust this duplicitous, two-faced Kavanaugh appointer!
WiruSenpai 8 hours ago
But Nancy is a genius... 🤦‍♂️
kimberly cornelius
kimberly cornelius 8 hours ago
He will,testify in 2 yrs
audiotone 8 hours ago
A dog and pony show
james baxter
james baxter 8 hours ago
In the last hour a small group of alt right troll bots hit this video. It is painfully obvious and quite transparent. But whats amusing is that most of them cannot spell to save their lives....
J 8 hours ago
The con man is AKA unindicted co conspirator and the idiots are asking what crimes has he commited.
IDIOT BOX 8 hours ago
Vote this dead wood OUT.
Uri Nation
Uri Nation 8 hours ago
Not going to lie. Old Walrus-face gives me a stiffy
euphratessful 8 hours ago
Erdoğan and Kushner transports the isis petrol to Israel together
Michael Woodard
Michael Woodard 8 hours ago
They are all on the same page the talking heads will spin it for the sheep but nothing new or shocking no one with sense thinks trumps leaving office
mrbadguysan 8 hours ago
Feinstein had been a moron for decades. She helped Richard Ramirez get away with murder, and she'll do the same for Trump.
Darcy 8 hours ago
Cute trans girl here 🙋🏼‍♀️ with perky A cup b00bies and bubble butt😍🤤
audiotone 8 hours ago
Of course she will, donald was raised by a woman just like her.
MW 77
MW 77 8 hours ago
Let’s see if Bolton will testify to that under oath, I’m guessing he won’t
Ulfric Stormcloak
Ulfric Stormcloak 8 hours ago
Haven't we been here before? Frodo: *We're going in circles!*
Seth Britton
Seth Britton 8 hours ago
A bunch of corrupt misanthropic fools distracting people from a clear cut miscarriage of justice while they drain the US Treasury into their own pockets? We sure have, buddy. Course, last time we didn't have Twitter to document the incompetent patsy's descent into dementia, but you know... iterative improvements.
Micah Gelfand
Micah Gelfand 8 hours ago
Lol @ the Bloomberg 2020 ads
cloudyskiesnow 8 hours ago
Get rid of this hag. She belongs in jail for her corruption.
Monkey 8 hours ago
I hope Bernie actually drains the swamp 2020
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr 8 hours ago
He won't. The reason that the government is swampy is that it has too much power. Bernie will hand the bureaucrats even more power. His administration will make the Nomenklatura look like child's play.
Mephmt 8 hours ago
Anna hit the nail on the head. The Dems are shit as well.
C Garett
C Garett 8 hours ago
"My body my choice... it's not a real human it's a bundle of cells" My property my choice... It's not a real human it's 3/5 of one. Davos is right. But at least the left has been consistent all these years
Stargate 8 hours ago
Nothing is shocking anymore, its stuff we already knew trump would do.
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr 8 hours ago
Meanwhile, Trump is speaking to a sold out crowd of tens of thousands in one of the bluest districts in the country. You guys are going to cry like little bitches when he wins again in November.
Aaron Burr
Aaron Burr 8 hours ago
@John nie No, it actually doesn't imply that. You're inferring that because you're an idiot.
audiotone 8 hours ago
This is the face of white women, corrupt, deceitful, angry, and racist.
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
Some of these politicians have been in office so long they dont leave fingerprints any more!
Denis DeSapience
Denis DeSapience 8 hours ago
The republican criminals are not "shaken" by the revelations of John Bolton's revelations, they are shaken because the RAW FACTS continue to come out for the VOTERS TO SEE AND HEAR IT! These criminal republicans traitors already knew traitor trump was 100% guilty as sin..., but all they wanted to do is keep the truth away from being exposed to VOTERS!
equinox project
equinox project 8 hours ago
Thanks for saving me the time. 👍
Lumpy Dumper
Lumpy Dumper 8 hours ago
Here we go again... Another book that's going to take down Trump! How many times have we heard this crap. Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Micah Gelfand
Micah Gelfand 8 hours ago
I truly feel sorry for you 😢
Linda Stuart
Linda Stuart 8 hours ago
We all knew that from the beginning an they are sweeping all of this under thevrug an so is Jared Kushner doing the same thing. An what kind of secrets are they selling. An Ivanka trump an dam all of the insider trading that could be going on. An the Republicans are all involved with all of this robbing an stealing going on .
Anthony Sisinni
Anthony Sisinni 8 hours ago
HMMMMM.....Bolton saw what was going on and knew there was no defense in any of this. Strange how he left right when the Ukraine scandal was coming out. Bolton knew he was going to be sucked into it with Guliani by proxy and become one of the scapegoats in all this idiocy. He knew he might take the fall or be terminated for disagreeing with the president. To tell you the truth this Turkey and China thing might be the stuff Guliani is holding over Trump and now the cat is out of the bag Guliani might finally be kicked out of the White House. I believe this whole scandal messed up Boltons Iran war mongering and wanted to get back at Trump. More than likely this Iran attack was a contingency plan Bolton help create before he left the White House with intelligence(CIA). Trump only went through with it was out of half baked fear of impeachment and probably prove to Bolton he didn't need him. Then when impeachment was eminent Bolton used this book as a way to get back at Trump at the perfect time. Bolton knew he wouldn't testify because he's not stupid and incriminate himself. Plus if he was subpoenaed that would take longer than the trial. This book was perfect. Whether it did the damage Bolton wanted was another story , but this version of the truth is pretty well damning and chips away at the orange veneer of Donald Trump.
Eric Gayton
Eric Gayton 8 hours ago
Tell the people the truth Bolton Don't cover him, he'll slide you on your wallet.
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
Some of these politicians have been in office for so long they dont leave fingerprints any more!
juan gomez
juan gomez 8 hours ago
The moustache is fake, he can't grow hair actually.
Isaac Powell
Isaac Powell 8 hours ago
I am a drooling, incel, pathetic, bitch for my goddess ana.~
Patrick joseph
Patrick joseph 8 hours ago
I cant stand this woman
Charles Moore
Charles Moore 8 hours ago
Bullshit, who are these clowns on this site. You can't go to a foreign government and tell them to dig up dirt on a political rival. We have treaties with countries and the FBI to investigate criminality.
Lux Ferre
Lux Ferre 8 hours ago
Man Pelosi played it brilliantly giving bolton time to complete his book
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
These politicians have been in office for so long they dont leave fingerprints any more!
Gnomoleon 8 hours ago
Diner with TYT sounds great .... But not if I have to travel into the US .... Fck That!
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
These politicians have been in office for so long they dont leave fingerprints any more!
William Molock
William Molock 8 hours ago
Fran in them overalls yes
O'Neal Jones
O'Neal Jones 8 hours ago
What trump did to the Kurds is why he should be impeached.
The Truth
The Truth 8 hours ago
He's an idiot.
Weston Shortnacy
Weston Shortnacy 8 hours ago
What no talk about Trumps NJ rally🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
These politicians have been in office for so long they dont leave fingerprints any more!
Stargate 8 hours ago
People getting paid to attend a nazi rally🤣🤣🤣
crithon 8 hours ago
"speaker paloza"
Noir62 8 hours ago
The Democrats should start exiting bi-partisen meetings and speak to the press praising the great cooperation of the GOP. Rump would just implode! The mere thought that the republikkkans would break with him would be enough for him to go bullistic.
Ray Myers
Ray Myers 8 hours ago
Good work Chris!
Seat Bedzeti
Seat Bedzeti 8 hours ago
Democrats Will allow to trump to win again, its all a set up
Seat Bedzeti
Seat Bedzeti 8 hours ago
@TYT ARMY Just like Last election
TYT ARMY 8 hours ago
He's going to lose
Dan H
Dan H 8 hours ago
I must of missed all of the mass protests the patriotic Americans have held during this process where facts and witnesses are ignored. I guess it's just not that important, The Divided States of America, rigged elections and a useless Constitution. Mr. Putin , the top 10% and corporations win, everyone else just fall in line or risk harm or imprisonment.
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
These politicians have been in office for so long they dont leave fingerprints any more.
Brandon Kaercher
Brandon Kaercher 8 hours ago
Working for who oh that's right the rich only. The middle class will have to pay for the rich tax cut. The economy is about to explode with the defecit in the trillions and they keep adding to it. Minchin looks like a troll that lives under the bridge. There is no tremendous growth and by next year the growth will be gone.
Iris 8 hours ago
They could probably come up with over 100 crimes. Almost every week.
Seat Bedzeti
Seat Bedzeti 8 hours ago
This KURD is all about gossip, nothing to do with news
TYT ARMY 8 hours ago
You must be on drugs
Elizabeth G Enat-Hung
Pretty good. Burnie for President
Harry P. Ness
Harry P. Ness 8 hours ago
LOL, Bolton doesn't change anything! But, however Joe and Hunter needs to testify. Just remember Lefty's Rudy fkn Giuliani brought down Jon Gotti and Rudy has all the SMOKE!
Micah Gelfand
Micah Gelfand 8 hours ago
I truly feel sorry for you that you feel that way
Stargate 8 hours ago
🤣 AG BARR and the state department would have investigated the Bidens in a heart beat. Trump only wanted an announcement of investigations not actual investigations🤣
Marcus Clark
Marcus Clark 8 hours ago
LMAO you are such a dumbass. If Rudy truly had anything incriminating he would have exposed it by now..
Robert Murrell
Robert Murrell 8 hours ago
Harry P. Ness. Did crack help you type your mindlessly asinine comment comment. Or is it just blatant stupidity. ?
M D 8 hours ago
You dumb
Car U
Car U 8 hours ago
Thank God I am an atheist.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith 8 hours ago
Dianne Feinstein is a patriotic progressive. If you don't like her it's because of sexist antisemitism
audiotone 8 hours ago
No she is a old ass droob
MoppyPuppy 8 hours ago
Alvin Lozada
Alvin Lozada 8 hours ago
👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Well said
Wes Blood
Wes Blood 8 hours ago
Coronavirus is Spreading... Know u Stupid Republicans who don`t want free medical, u might drop dead if your company plan sucks. The Spanish Flu in early 1900`s took 15% of Americans. Now look at Canada, FREE medical throughout Canada, no better plans than another. Your free health care Number is on your ID or Driver's License. Good luck if your health plan SUCKS.
TheManSplainer Mansplaining
Its just another day of nothing but more bad news for you Lefties. huh? Oh well, carry on...Cheers! 😄
Cthulhu Cosmic Entity
You must have your maga hat real tight on that dome of Your's 😅
Phyllis Elliott
Phyllis Elliott 8 hours ago
I think probably Schumer was being ....politically correct . By that I mean he was being “nice” so as to not appear that he is pointing more fingers . Like he said the truth always comes out !
Crank Cranker
Crank Cranker 8 hours ago
Infertile horse face Ana Kasperian still can't grasp with the reality that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. That's why she's attacking another woman for having her own opinions.
Gin Denton
Gin Denton 8 hours ago
This is all just "rich man's tricks" and a 🎪 circus. It's what the Roman elite rulers did- bread & circus to distract the commoners and plebs
Ian Zoda
Ian Zoda 8 hours ago
golly! it's beggining to look like potus and company may be corrupt. could it be?
Mj Nelson
Mj Nelson 8 hours ago
Why is the Democratic Party doing this to Bernie again? And this time it’s so obvious what they’re doing. All of a sudden the attacks start coming all at once, all over the media and talk shows. It’s not a coincidence that it is done right when he starts leading the polls.
Count Zero
Count Zero 8 hours ago
I´m from Germany. Just to remind you the whole world is watching the impeachment.
Lee Kimberlin
Lee Kimberlin 8 hours ago
These politicians have been in office for so long they dont leave fingerprints any more.
GreenRuled 8 hours ago
I’m from the STATES... just to remind you no one cares about GERMANY....🙃
Tom Mayer
Tom Mayer 8 hours ago
Even in east Germany ?
Sean Whitford
Sean Whitford 8 hours ago
Now I get it folks... What was written was "make America great again", but what he meant was "MAKE TRUMP GREAT!!!". Not a shock...he is a narc and has apathetic people following him. He is not fit to be president of any country or business from the objective material given so far. His ethics and morals are lowbrow.
John Borges
John Borges 8 hours ago
Come on Bolton, throw the book at the Republican senators!!!!
LordFirekaze 8 hours ago
"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
Sandra Morales
Sandra Morales 8 hours ago
Come on’ Anna! This guy has to be exhausted... give him a break. Probably sounds super sarcastic- but I mean it.
Aivaras Kovaliukas
Aivaras Kovaliukas 8 hours ago
she know how to manipulate i subed her chanel only to see how problematic person start converastion you can lern mutch from that bs
Tyler Hackner
Tyler Hackner 8 hours ago
BOTH parties are corrupt. (And grass is green).
Robert Murrell
Robert Murrell 8 hours ago
🤣😂🤣😂. Did crack help you type your mindlessly asinine comment. Or is it just blatant stupidity.
Julie Anne
Julie Anne 8 hours ago
Feinstein is a shit. Any woman who can support the likes of Trump and Kavanaugh has issues.
geezzerboy 8 hours ago
Dementia is on the rise, everyone knows that. Famous people get it, powerful people get it, wealthy people get it. It's time we found a way of removing those people, before they become dangerous to themselves and others.
cmiller0116 8 hours ago
He is a bitter ex-Trump official. I'm sure this book has no motives.
Robert Murrell
Robert Murrell 8 hours ago
Did crack help you type your mindlessly asinine comment. Or is it just blatant stupidity.
Robert McLeod
Robert McLeod 8 hours ago
You socialists BUFFOONS are just riding for a fall;Bolton and trump are setting you idiots up for a huge disappointment. The Republicans are going to allow Bolton to testify and in return they are going get Hunter Biden on stand, Bolton will say that he did hear anything while the focus is going to shift Hunter's corrupt behavior and the rest will be history. Trump is going get a huge jump in the polls and he's going to win the general election by a landslide. Why? The Zionist puppet masters will give a second term.
Robert Murrell
Robert Murrell 8 hours ago
Congratulations your ignorance and lack of education has finally paid off. You’ve just won the most mindlessly asinine comment award 💩👈. extra brains for yah. But given your minute intellect I’m positive that you can achieve an even more amazingly asinine comment. I’m counting on yah. annnd go go go.
Harry P. Ness
Harry P. Ness 8 hours ago
Didn't Rudy say on fox "we have set a trap in Ukraine and the democrats fell for it." Anyway, yeah the Dems should never trust Bolton or Lev Parnas. Seems fishy that a guy would record the conversations with the president leak it to the press and it not be illegal, but Trump doesn't seem to care.🤔 maybe trump knew he's being recorded? Trump is more slick then what people give him credit for and he's got Rudy on his side. The same guy that brought down Jon Gotti! And the WH attorneys brought fourth just a fraction of evidence according to Giuliani.
Patrick joseph
Patrick joseph 8 hours ago
He is a better businessman than you cenk
Mauritius Dunfagel
Mauritius Dunfagel 8 hours ago
DF is a dumb biatch!
Pyro OneExSeven
Pyro OneExSeven 8 hours ago
Trump takes the job of President, and doesn't expect some sort of personal reimbursement ? ... on what day of the week ?
Cristobal Rodriguez
A few tRumpys Ass KISSERS around crying in this page
Julie Anne
Julie Anne 8 hours ago
Ooo... The bots are out today! Or just a bunch of losers getting their panties in a bunch. If you don't appreciate progressive news - don't watch.
Mike Kozerski
Mike Kozerski 9 hours ago
Limbaugh what a dispictable disgrace right right , yes he could not suck up to trump any other way than to disgrace Bolton but I bet Bolton was his hero in the past I bet he was !
Patrick joseph
Patrick joseph 9 hours ago
Are these people on Iran's side ?
James Smith
James Smith 9 hours ago
Lock the Dotard up 2020!!!
Ratt Pack
Ratt Pack 9 hours ago
of course they tie all of this to trump and just want to talk shit about him. i mean i get not liking him but damn.
H Mattson
H Mattson 9 hours ago
You are right apparently truth died in 2016 and we are just in the death throws of what is left
Alex Hess
Alex Hess 9 hours ago
"Damn. That's good!" I'm confused. We're talking about Burger King?
louis m1038
louis m1038 9 hours ago
Strange how the likes on this video dont match the comment section 🤔
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins 9 hours ago
The Dems dropped the ball again, as usual and unfortunately to be expected.
Lisa Skaggs
Lisa Skaggs 9 hours ago
Trump has sold this country out, Not to the highest bidder but to ANY bidder!!! And not one in this administration cares!!!
Andy Avila
Andy Avila 8 hours ago
👏 👏
Mark Gast
Mark Gast 9 hours ago
I am sure of 2 things. 1) Donald Trump is as corrupt as they come. 2) The Democrats can screw up a sure thing. Watch.
Ratt Pack
Ratt Pack 9 hours ago
i believe in climate change 100% but an autistic child is not the answer to climate change. it is crazy how they love it when Greta talks shit but when she gets it back they start bitching.