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FriedSpamable 14 hours ago
The descent into Civil War continues. I especially love listening to the black woman. RICH irony. RICH.
John Samsonite
John Samsonite 14 hours ago
I'm going to get popcorn to watch liberals jump off bridges all across the country on November 3rd 2020 through November 3rd 2024. Just stay away from the roads underneath the bridges! Liberals will be dropping like stones. Your "leaders" have made you unstable, unwell and unfixable. You will have no idea how to process yet another loss. Many of you will take your own lives. Your media and leaders are to blame. But whatever! I don't care about you anymore. I won't care if you do it either. I'm not a commie trying to control you. You're an adult. Do what you want.
Michael McNeil
Michael McNeil 14 hours ago
You learned a lot in your 8 short years about democracy. When are you going back?
W Ya
W Ya 14 hours ago
Enough war between Dem and Republics.
The Anti-zi
The Anti-zi 14 hours ago
Looolll... even the aides know his supporters are the worst shit cunts of America. At least they know..
fjf sjdnx
fjf sjdnx 15 hours ago
I kinda agree with Tomi on this one.
Tracy Turner
Tracy Turner 15 hours ago
Every American that still cares about the constitution "ALL HANDS ON DECK," The orange antichrist thinks he's going to baracade himself in the People's House after he loses bigly. Not going to happen. Can't wait to see him drug out on camera by our so-called law enforcement, hopefully, if not, get ready for the whole world turning away from America. White America hope you're ready for true isolation.
Dave 15 hours ago
If someone is so stupid that they are unable to comply with mail-in voting procedures, then maybe it's best that their vote isn't counted. I mean, come on.
bubbiesdad 15 hours ago
TYT was happy when Rand Paul contracted Covid.
Sandra Redmond
Sandra Redmond 15 hours ago
I told everyone that he was not going to go quietly. I hope the US Marshalls are on hand to handle the matter.
Alan Azargushasb
Alan Azargushasb 15 hours ago
Its time to start listening to takahshi 69. I feel his lyrics are very relevant to this conversation.
Reginald Mizer
Reginald Mizer 15 hours ago
All Trump supporters are authoritarian. ALL.
John Samsonite
John Samsonite 15 hours ago
Anchor babies out.
Alec Dwyer
Alec Dwyer 15 hours ago
Wow fake news. Trump doesn't have AIDS.
Kimberly Galanti
Kimberly Galanti 15 hours ago
You are a true idiot. His aides. Not AIDS. Dumbfck.
stache- 15 hours ago
how a lot of these republicans still can look at themselves in the mirror is beyond me!!, these people are guilty of causing so much needles death and suffering by doing nothing .....i hope there will be a reckoning after the elections . Condoning and supporting Trump's criminal negligence toward the american people in the name of politics ,just sickening.
Lud VanB
Lud VanB 15 hours ago
if you vote for anyone but Trump, you re a commie vermin traitor and the second amendment solution's coming your way
karen bunting
karen bunting 15 hours ago
Last week he said we would never see him again if he losses. Make up your mind ass!
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog 15 hours ago
ILHAN married her own brother
Mitchel Evans
Mitchel Evans 15 hours ago
This people are ignorant AF.
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog 15 hours ago
Omar’s brother is her husband......
John Samsonite
John Samsonite 15 hours ago
Leftist parasites out of the country please and thank you.
Paul Gallon
Paul Gallon 15 hours ago
Definitely unamerican if you practice bestiality
Young Black Conservative
This is ridiculous. The left is *literally* running on anti American ideology. Just wow.
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog 15 hours ago
Omar ILHAN married to her birth brother! Lol
mr white
mr white 15 hours ago
We screwed you liberal idiots on Merrick Garland thing, and then on Kavanaugh. Now we will screw you on the RBG replacement! 😂 Man, I love destroying libs and watching the meltdown!
3.r.d eye
3.r.d eye 15 hours ago
Its going to get ugly all im saying this country is going to implode in on itself.
no one's life matters period
They have no evidence
Marcus Gaunt
Marcus Gaunt 15 hours ago
Cenk, you don't know what the ideals this country was founded upon.
elPinguino 15 hours ago
Whatever happened to The Young Turds Academy?
Blargleman The Skeptic
I want to see Trump's fat arse carried out of the Whitehouse like Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy. 🤣😂🤣
E.C. Alexander
E.C. Alexander 15 hours ago
A house divided cannot stand. Don't self destruct for politicians who will not die for you. You're being used.
NotJustAnother Mother
Democracy is already compromised, that’s why the Dems are rolling over....they already know it’s too late.
Deanna Boetsma-Feringa
SOOOO, he is saying the dead were nobody’s?? Yea, that’s the kind of person you want as a Country leader..🤦🏼‍♀️
Jason Wayne
Jason Wayne 15 hours ago
Trump is not losing Florida. The Latino vote will carry him.
Paul Gallon
Paul Gallon 15 hours ago
Trumps political career won. Cenks political career lost. Joe Biden precedential campaign will be as successful as Hillary Clinton.. Even with looser segments
Eduardo Ribeiro
Eduardo Ribeiro 15 hours ago
It take a person of courage to admit was wrong (your expectation was understandable). Kudos to you. TYT still one of the most ethical channels in YT.
Thomas Ralabate
Thomas Ralabate 15 hours ago
OMG...Ignorant...Hoping they all leave the country.
bone skywalker
bone skywalker 15 hours ago
The media and trump hate each other, why would he give a straight answer
Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson 15 hours ago
What would happen, if trump loses and doesn`t want to leave the white house? Is the FBI gonna raid the white house? (serious question)
Irwin Wei
Irwin Wei 15 hours ago
Herd stupidity is spreading. Stay safe, America.
ACE torres
ACE torres 15 hours ago
Trump 2020 purple state
Lud VanB
Lud VanB 15 hours ago
Thanks you for that Keek....now i m voting for Trump full on
Civilian 33
Civilian 33 15 hours ago
What guarantee do i have that anybody other then trump wont F up this country more then he has(might of), What guarantee do i have that andbody else will be different for the greater good.....
Willy Win
Willy Win 15 hours ago
Aww the poor dears of the left already making their excuses for Biden losing... someone should tell them the ballot booth is confidential and not open to intimidation...unlike their preferred postal votes where people are open to real intimidation in their own homes to vote 'the right way' by the rabid left... not to mention those left wing postal union activists who believe in BAMN who might just loose the odd sack of votes from the occasional republican area... you like fixed elections go with Beijing Biden to China.
Jason Denny
Jason Denny 15 hours ago
Love to see the desperation in your eyes lol. This is so low.
Roy19120 15 hours ago
Preview of election night meltdown?
T H 15 hours ago
I love self correction and honesty.
Ami Talati
Ami Talati 15 hours ago
Wait I wasn’t calling Ana dumb. I was just quoting her. That was funny
Joe Krogan
Joe Krogan 15 hours ago
Amanda Stemp
Amanda Stemp 15 hours ago
We have so much winning Anna!! Rand Paul is so dumb 🤦
John Nemesh
John Nemesh 15 hours ago
Our democracy is over, guys. We are full on a fascist police state RIGHT NOW. Anyone still expecting a free and fair election needs to get their head checked out. Anyone still expecting ANY meaningful resistance from the Democrats should also go see a psychiatrist.
Samuel Figueroa
Samuel Figueroa 15 hours ago
Because they are all low lives
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog 15 hours ago
She is RIP in the big Z00 in the sky
Don H
Don H 15 hours ago
America will have its first Dictator..! I have defended Democracy, and always will... Heads-up Trump...
jar 15 hours ago
We already live under a corporate dictatorship. Try stating a politically incorrect opinion on social media , you'll lose your job
Mitchel Evans
Mitchel Evans 15 hours ago
Is one guy saying he can’t own a gun in this country? oy gevalt! These Trump supporters are truly ignorant AF. Our nation is in big trouble. These OrangeMan fans are the Dunning-Kruger Effect in motion. Speaking of the D-K Effect, I would bet: not one of those T supporters passed their Science class in high school.
derail14 15 hours ago
that woman has a brain the size of a pea 40- iq, stupid fuckin hicks.
dookdawg214 15 hours ago
Not just 200,000 deaths, but all these during lockdowns, mask-wearing and many other strict measures. If nothing had been done -- if everyone went about their lives like Trumpsters -- we could easily be in the millions right now.
BIGGB742002 15 hours ago
No Brains !
Carol 15 hours ago
Andrija Bago
Andrija Bago 15 hours ago
Wanna hear something funny and heartwarming? Supreme court 6:3.
Cynthric's Gaming Channel
You know what's actually funny? When you lose the court will be stacked until you're a minority again.
Karen Morrow
Karen Morrow 15 hours ago
TRUMP 2020!
Sargent Connor
Sargent Connor 15 hours ago
I’m left and everything but this guy is too much
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 15 hours ago
i don't think the Democrats will peacefully hand Trump a election victory either. it's a 2 way street. sadly this sort of language is troublesome. i have followed TYT for a long time and you hit a lot of good points, but lately it feels lately like you guys and the cable news networks will hand Trump the second term. there seem no conversation about why. its all just YELLING!!!!!!!!!! its 2016 all over again. Thanks TYT you dropped the ball on this one and giving Trump a second term. i hate to think about another 4 years of trump... but you guys made it possible
skylar18100 15 hours ago
White people!!! Figure out who you are...
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog 15 hours ago
The masters?
Ishaaq Burooj
Ishaaq Burooj 15 hours ago
Yess ofcourse he was the clown of the earth that's why he made a poor country in to the richest country in Africa. You people are just brainwashed to be mocking this great leader.
Vince Carter
Vince Carter 15 hours ago
Ilhan *"some people did something"* Omar is an evil radical jihadist!!!
مهند العبيدي
Michael Dunson
Michael Dunson 15 hours ago
Surrounding the WH won’t be enough we would have to shut down the entire country by doing a nation wide boycott!
John E. Kent
John E. Kent 15 hours ago
Wow this guy is a fool. Trump is concerned that the mail in ballots are going to be corrupted and if they not then there will not be a problem. Trump had a absentee ballot which means he applied for it and this type is ok because it’s accountable. Why are democrats so stupid? - don’t bother answering that
BonefishBoards 15 hours ago
Add up the IQ points in that group and maybe you bowl a perfect game.
XqZz 15 hours ago
All these fears that Trump won't leave make one big thing clear to me: The US are NOT a democracy. If the electoral process is THIS fragile, you really have a lot of work to do to achieve a democracy
Henry Coker
Henry Coker 15 hours ago
IDK about that because they're trying to get rid of some people who were born here just because they don't look like them
pkmcburroughs 15 hours ago
Seriously though--what is the point of asking Trump a question like this? What kind of answer was this reporter expecting? A sensible one? Trump will take any opportunity to stir shit up, create controversy, and be an all-around douche bag. It's what he friggin' lives for. Have any of these people been paying attention?
Hotshot JCB
Hotshot JCB 15 hours ago
These Trump supporters are so brainwashed.... Remember all the fears they had of Obama, none of which happened.
Mixsh devikel
Mixsh devikel 15 hours ago
So i take it therehas been a peaceful transition of power after the 2016 election. Ok whatever.
Ami Talati
Ami Talati 15 hours ago
Dang Ana “you’re dumb”
Pepe The frog
Pepe The frog 14 hours ago
And that nose is all over her face
rob360ize 15 hours ago
I bet both of you two have a secret crush for Trump 😂
Alan Azargushasb
Alan Azargushasb 15 hours ago
I love democracy- Emperor Trump
Kirara Kurokawa
Kirara Kurokawa 15 hours ago
Well half the country is cheering she is finally gone anyway
Cynthric's Gaming Channel
Correction: 30% of the country. You couldn't win the popular vote and 40% of the country didn't vote. You Trumptards will forever be a minority.
Honore 13
Honore 13 15 hours ago
Do you know how silly you seem to the rest of the world when a vast part of your population condemns words like "liberalism", "democratic" and "progress"?!